Monday, July 22, 2013

Passion & Grace

“Every heart has its passion.  
Doing what you love gives your spirit wings.”

"When we say that making art is an act of faith and that as we make art we pursue a spiritual path, we are not talking loosely. 
There is a grace in our every artistic encounter. 
~Julia Cameron's Artist's Way Every Day book 

Dream catchers.
Large wooden faux rosaries.
Sacred Hope Hearts.

My passion.

The grace in the spiritual path I'm walking.

In my haven of peacefulness,
inspired by the beauty of God's world around me ~
I create.

The windswept prairie. Deep,cool forests. The midnight tide.
Galloping horses. Dancing gypsies. Graceful ballerinas.

Given names that magically plant themselves in my mind as my hands wrap, tie, and string.

The music plays.
I listen to the stars and the birds with an open heart,
I create.

Enjoy stillness and quiet.
Appreciate His created beauty.
There is loveliness all around.
Choose to see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it.
Open your eyes to wonder.
Then create.
Make your own kind of beauty.
~Susan (High Desert Home Blog)

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.
I share with you here, some of my creations that have captured my soul and sent my spirit soaring.
The descriptions are what I see in my mind while I'm creating them.

I share with you....
my heart,
my passion.


"Blue Jean Baby "
Faded blue jeans and leather flip flops
with rustic beads and white feathers in her hair.
Simple, earthy, and devoted.

"Lavender Fields"
Fields of lavender as far as the eyes can see
beneath a sky of turquoise blue.
Serene and peaceful.

"Playful Pink"
Light and delicate pink floral fabric intertwines with shells and wooden beads.
Feminine and playful.

"Petite Prairie Clover"
A little prairie flower easily overlooked, but oh so fragrant.
Beads of rose, purple, and silver.
Tiny and sweet.

"Snow Goose"
Feathered white wings soar over woods and water and land webbed feet in wet sand.
An elegant creation of natural white earthy beauty.

"Purple Rain"
Gypsies dance under a moon-filled sky.
Deep, rich, and magical.

Sunny summer days beside an ocean of turquoise.
Sandy shells and and leaping dolphins.
Bright, colorful, and whimsical.

Petite "Starlight"
A tiny twinkling star in the evening sky.

"Princess Bride"
A barefoot bride in her ruffled white gown dancing and twirling through a prairie meadow.
Her diamond wedding band sparkling in the summer sun.
Innocence and purity.

Horses galloping across the wide open prairie.
Leather bridles and worn saddles.
Rustic stones and tarnished silver.
Wild, abandoned freedom.

A ballerina dancing across the stage on pink satin toe shoes.
Pure, simple elegance.

"Summer Song"
Summer days spent in the garden.
Streamers of pink and aqua florals.
Enchantingly feminine and bohemian.

"Winter Willow"
An 8" natural willow ring frosted with white streamers, wooden beads, sparkling crystals, and snowy white stones.  A soft, natural beauty whispering of quiet winter days.

And....brand new to my collection....

A new original creation from Heaven's Walk!

"Chasing Fireflies"
Seemingly lit from within the numerous pretty floral streamers,
tiny Moroccan silver bells tinkle and twinkle as they catch the soft evening breeze.
Fabric strips create the star-like center.
Sweet and romantic.

"Petite Chasing Fireflies"
A small version of the "Chasing Fireflies" wind catcher.
A sparkling, whimsical little ring of sky blue
with a fabric star center and tiny silver Moroccan bells.
A fairy tale whisper.


"Prairie Song"
Feminine and fun
in shades of pink and turquoise.

"Prairie Dancer"
Gypsy inspired and earthy.
Full of happy color.

"Prairie Blue Skies"
Clear blue summer skies kiss a flower filled meadow.

"Prairie Rose"
An unexpected bit of sweetness in the midst of a windswept prairie.


Soft leather cording is hand strung with a mix of large and small wooden beads
and finished with a large wooden cross.
Perfect for draping over shutters or doorways,
or laying on a pretty tray.


The rustic heart is handcrafted from natural clay
and embellished with two tiny handmade clay rosebuds created petal by petal.
After curing, it is then painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in 'Old White' (creamy white)
or 'Antoinette' (pale lilac pink lightly distressed),
and  hung from a slender piece of natural jute.

Hearts painted in 'Antoinette'.

Heart painted in 'Old White'.

A portion of the proceeds from my Sacred Hope Hearts are donated to breast cancer research.

My passions make unique and beautiful gifts for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or a "just because you're special" surprise for someone you love.

Is there a song singing in your heart?

 ~  Blessings ~

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  1. So very pretty and artistic, Laurie. Chincoteague is my favourite. Love your pretty descriptions too. I would appreciate if you would email me the price and if you ship to Canada. Thanks!

  2. favorites are the wind catchers. Can't pick just one, though. All are dreamy--beautiful work!♥♫

  3. WOWZA !!!!

    Your gorgeous dreamcathchers make my heart sing my dear !!!!! They're all so lovely and I'm so happy your folllowing your hearts desire !!!! Couldn't be happier for you!!!! I must admit that I LOOOOVE my wooden rosaries I bought from you and I admire them and feel a sense of peace from them beacause you created them with TLC. Have a great week doll !

    XOXO ~ Steph

  4. I love all your beautiful Dream Catchers Laurie! Especially your new "Chasing Fireflies" <3 Such beautiful soft fabrics you used with it!! Hmmm, I'm thinking I might need to get one of those very soon!!

    xoxo ~Brenda~

  5. Oh sweetie, each one is more beautiful than the last, if that is possible... I am so blessed to own my two, my pink Prairie Girl and my sweet little Prairie Clover dreamcatchers... your new windcatchers are enchanting... I think one is calling to me... yes... I can hear it softly whispering... I love that you are doing what makes your heart and your soul happy... truly, you have found your peaceful and serene place in doing so... I can feel your spiritual connection to each of these as you describe what you have created... a feeling of bliss, contentment, happiness... and a closeness to God with each bead you string or fabric you tie... and yes, there is a song singing in my heart... the song of the Prairie... and a beautiful Prairie Girl named Laurie that dances with the wind... sending much love to you sweet friend... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Every one gorgeous, and funny thing, as I read them I can think of those women who would love them. Wonderful you are making something that makes your heart sing!

  7. I have to say the WindCatchers are my favorite.....but i think i would like them with the DreamCatcher center... They are all lovely! Hugs! deb

  8. Laurie,
    Amazing artistic talent!!!
    I adore your creativity!
    I know you feel lead by the Holy Spirit as you create. . .
    it shows in your creations and their appropriate names!!!
    My all time favorites are Petite Prairie Clover
    and Snow Goose. Each gives off such a calm, tranquil feeling.
    I don't think I'd ever seen a Wind Catcher before.
    Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with us,dear friend!!!

  9. My goodness you are talented! I love your creations.

  10. "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."
    I love that. I know that God gave me my passion for gardening and I know I shouldn't feel guilty for wanting to garden all the time instead of doing "useful things" or reading the Bible, but you're post really helped me to embrace it. Thanks!



  11. They are all so lovely, Laurie. " Seaside" took my breath away with its' enchanting beauty, and " chasing fireflies" &" petite chasing fireflies" are truly MAGICAL--the tiny bells are such a delightfully clever element of your design!

  12. Hi Laurie - wow, you make them by your one ? They are so beautiful, one more beautiful than the other ! I could not decide which one I prefer, they are just a dream ;-) I think I have to make one again...thanks for the super inspirations !
    Have a great week ! Hug, Barbara

  13. These are beautiful, Laurie! Each is so individual ... just like you.

  14. You are so talented, sweetie! Your dream cathers are amazing, love them all! Have a beautiful summer days, xoxo


  16. I love your faux rosaries. Do you sell them? If so how much would one cost to purchase?

  17. I very much love creation-your,my and all amazing bloggers!!!!Creation is my love,my life :-)And love your words,it's beautiful ♥♥♥
    Have a nice week dear and wish you more beautiful ideas for your create!!!

  18. Ok, this time my comment should go through, I visited you yesterday and google comment did not appear to have a link with my address to enable me to comment so I have returned.
    Laurie you have created yourself right into a one woman business here, with all that you have created it looks like you would have a work shop crew working right along with you.
    It's amazing over here with all the dreaming you have been doing!.... If I were to chose a favorite it would be difficult but, I think I would lean towards the Princess Bride!

    Laurie, I love all you little names for them, and the fact that they are not strong tribal names but, cottage romance names :))
    I have a name for for you that fits the Jeanne d Arc living ... Nordic Grey, you can add pewter zinc beads to it and a piece of galvanize something and all white and grey cloth, maybe even Nordic Star!
    You make me wish I were right up the road from you so I can drop in on you and sit and create right along with you, you look to be having so much fun her, adding a peace and calm to your days.

    Keep on dreaming, your making beautiful ones.



  19. Dear Laurie
    Your work is breathtaking and simply beautiful. My favorite was the "princess bride" Oh you have some true talented and gifted hands my sweet friend.

    Oh I just read that me and Dore have the same favorite :))

    Blessings to you always

  20. WOW! All of them are so beautiful!

  21. i'm loving the "chasing fireflies"-wind catcher, esp., laurie:) gorgeous work!

  22. Hi Laurie
    I love your creations and your wooden cross. Would you please message me re prices and your shipping to Canada.
    Thanks Laurie

  23. Everything looks so beautiful you have beens so busy and creative! I adore my rosary that I look at everyday and think of my creative blog/FB friend! Have a blessed rest of the week!!

  24. Wow have your photography skills gotten amazing! Loved these images and your header is soooo YOU!

  25. Your work is just amazing--everything keeps getting prettier and prettier! I agree with Amy--your photography is also looking beautiful :)

  26. So pretty Laurie.. I love your words, i can see the gentleness and beauty in each dream catcher... and your inspiration sings to me!!!
    I bet they must sell very well at your markets; they are just stunning!
    Hope you have had a very lovely week; as ever. sending love and blessings!
    laura xx

  27. Simply gorgeous! Adore them all!

  28. Laurie, your descriptions fit each one to a tee! I love how delicate yet whimsical they are. I am in the process of decorating the guest room in the basement. Going for pinks, aqua's, and a touch of red. I'm thinking I will want one of these. Got to get the bed in first and then see which one would work best.

  29. Such prettiness, the purple one and the pink ones are my favorites...doing what you love makes life a happy one.
    hugs, Lynnie

  30. To be creating or crafting anything is my passion. Your dream catchers are lovely, but I am really loving the wind catchers! I can just see them dancing on a front porch. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


  31. Laurie,

    I love all of them! So lovely. You are my feature this week on Transformed Tuesday.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  32. Wow you have been busy creating, photographing & naming! Love love love....all of them!

  33. Laurie, Love them all. Featuring you this week at Simple & Sweet Fridays.


  34. I always love seeing your beautiful creations Laurie.

  35. I adore the wind catcher - you are extremely creative with a touch of sparkle to your creations. How do we find out prices?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ollie! I didn't see your email address, so I'm responding to you here. Just drop me an email at and we'll chat!

      xoxo laurie

  36. Hermosos atrapasueños, me encantan.
    Lindo tu blog.

  37. Magical...simply magical Laurie! xoxo

  38. I love what you do, you are an artist who mix magic with reality

  39. how can i order one of your dreamcatchers

    1. Hi Aunt Linda! Just drop me an email at! I look forward to hearing from you! Laurie

  40. Laurie,long ago I pinned this to my Pinterest -- do you keep anything current on the blog ?

    1. Hi Patty ~ I stopped blogging and making dream catchers after my parents' passing in 2014. The desire just wasn't there any longer, and blogging was just too difficult for me and seemed to take up too much of my life. I still check in here once in a while and revisit sweet memories though. :) Maybe one day I'll start blogging again. I do miss all of my devoted blogging friends....You can still visit me on my FB page and IG feed, though! (bohemiansoul26)


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