Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Candlesticks and Crochet

The day was HOT and sunny.
Ninety-four degrees to be exact.
A day to spend inside with the AC turned on super high
and a glass of iced tea slapped to your forehead.

But Michelle and I are not wimps.
No siree.
We were bound and determined to meet up for our first flea market jaunt of the season
 in Allegan last month.
And despite the heat and humidity, 
we dragged our hot, sweaty bodies through that market three times,
taking a couple of ice cold lemonade breaks along the way
(and secretly dunking our toes in it).

At the end of the day, 
our very hot, sweaty hands clutched fabulous treasures -
some that needed a little TLC
and others that didn't.

 As we made our way through the rows of vendors at the beginning of the day,
the first thing our radar landed on was an incredibly gorgeous vintage bed
that was set up in the grass,
painted ASCP 'Graphite' and distressed to absolute perfection.
The price reflected it's perfection, too.


I would'ave given my eye-teeth for that bed
(that also had a matching dresser and side tables),
but it was waaay out of my budget.

(Sorry. No photos were taken because we were both too busy petting it...)

However, this sweet pink vintage crocheted throw was
tossed casually across the end of that beautiful bed.
It was in perfect condition
It was a perfect pink.
It would be perfect at Heaven's Walk.

And I paid a pretty perfect price for it.

Vintage pink chicness at it's very best
thrown over the overstuffed chair in my bedroom.

Another treasured discovery that day was a pair of very old candlesticks.
I spied them sitting on a table that boasted a "1/2 OFF!" sign on it.
After almost knocking Michelle down on my attempt to get to them,

(she's actually very used to me doing that to her and thought nothing of it)

I picked them up,
oohed and ahhed over them,
turned them over,
and imprinted on the bottom was

"Made in Italy".

Shut. the. front. door.

A pair of Italian candlesticks for six dollars....?????

Dollar bills were flying out of my wallet.
I couldn't pay the vendor quick enough.

But they needed some Rub-N-Buff magic.

In my studio, I pulled out the Rub-N-Buff in 'Patina'.
It's a beautiful verdigris color like weathered copper.

{You can see another one of my Rub-N-Buff projects here. }

I used a small foam brush this time and swished and dabbed.

After letting it dry for 1/2 hour or so,
I took a very wet brush
and my can of ASCP in 'Pure White'
and wet washed over the beautiful aqua patina.

I dabbed it lightly here and there with some terrycloth to pull back the aqua.

As it slowly dried,
it left behind an old world weathered finish that made my heart flutter.


The wax in this medium rejected some of the watery paint
which created this incredible patina...

which reminds me of the sea.

(See that sweet sign in the frantel?  Michelle gave it to me when we met up at the antique market. She made it from a vintage piece of wood.
The inscription says, "Les petits moments dans la vie" which means
"The small moments in life".

{I truly believe that God speaks volumes in the smallest moments in life...
like when friends surprises you with an unexpected gift made with their own hands.
Thank you, dear friend!}

I originally bought candelabras to sell over in my booth at the Emporium.

But...I'm rethinking that right now.
They're looking quite at home right here.

(I'm finding that that happens quite frequently for some reason
when treasures are transformed in my studio...)

So, for now,
they're gracing a mantel (or a table) at Heaven's Walk.

~ Blessings ~

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  1. Laurie, your treasures are beyond measure - awesome in every way!

    The throw it TDF gorgeous and I love that colour!!!

    Well done, hope you have cooled off now!

  2. Still loving that throw. The candlesticks turned out beautifully.

  3. Great finds! Love the transformation on the candlesticks!

  4. That blanket is gorgeous. LOVE your candlesticks. I've never seen patina rub n' buff. Awesome.

  5. Hi Laurie,
    I love your kind of peacefulness over here :)

    love the Crochet throw and I also love the linen one you were featured in over at Shellagh's ticking, it is just so nordic and a darker shade of white in the best shade of pale.

    keep inspire my heart is where yours is.

    stop by making sure you enter up to 3 times. Soulful giveaway


  6. I love the crochet piece.....the color is soooo soft. And, great job on the candlesticks.

  7. Your candlesticks literally took my breath away in the "after" look, Laurie! You did a great job on them ~ love 'em! I had no idea rub n buff had a patina color. Great throw, too. That pink so soft looking.

  8. I would have made a dive for the throw and candle sticks, too! How pretty. You did a fantastic job with the rub n' buff!

    I give you so much credit for handling the heat. It exhausts me! Hope it cools off soon!


  9. The throw is beautiful! Love what you did with the candlesticks, Laurie. I agree that they should stay right where they are, at Heaven's Walk.

  10. The throw is beautiful. The pink is so special.

  11. You got a great deal with that awesome old Italian candle holder!!! Why can't I find a great deal like that!


  12. I said it before and I'll say it again, you have hands of gold! Beautiful transformation. Love that they are made in Italy :-) xo

  13. how funny! lol...and that crochet.....I'm in a crochet part of my life it seems and can't get enough of it to wear, to hang as curtains, to throw, to sew, anything! Today I picked up some more. And those candlesticks are simply perfection! gorgeous....and with my peonies too LOL~

  14. Beautiful candlesticks and I'm a sucker for crocheted items as well. I have crocheted many an afghan and your pink one is femininely lovely! xo wendy

  15. Love your story of your day. Sounds so fun! Those candlesticks turned out beyond gorgeous. I totally want to do something like that. TFS!

  16. Love the throw! I have one in white, makes me want to try to dye it pink now!

  17. Hi sweet laurie,
    I am so in love with that crochet blanket!!!! just the most gorgeous pink colour!!! it looks delicious on your chair with the pretty floral pillow! you did a great job with the candlesticks too, love the colour! a great bargain that was!! I really love their shape and design! all my love to you! Laura xxxx

  18. WOW,
    I haven't been speechless in awhile...
    Blessings Lori ~

  19. Just delightful, Laurie...all of it! And the candlelabras are fabulous! Beautiful job! Thanks for always sharing your lovelies!!

  20. you are a fabulous shopper, laurie! i love that throw. want it! i just found a similar one (handmade) in ecru. it has some spots that won't come out so i may dye it grey. and i love this treatment you have done to the candlesticks. don't get rid of them yet!

    smiles and hugs to you.


  21. Hiya Laurie :)
    Love the crochet throw and love the candleabras! It's so funny to hear you talking about how hot it is, when I'm sitting here freezing my tootsies off :)
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful finds.
    Cas x

  22. Everything you do is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds:)
    have a great evening

  23. Laurie: You certainly found a treasure. The finish is absolutely beautiful. Good job..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  24. It's all beautiful Laurie. I know nothing about rub n buff...never heard of it. But you sure do your magic! The best part of this post is hearing the fun you had with Michelle! I can see you cute toes dipped in a big cup of lemonade. tee hee

  25. GORGEOUS, Laurie! What a find and the paint treatment is wonderful on there. Loving your pink crocheted throw, too. Perfect compliment to your sweet pillow. I am so glad Michelle could meet up with you, too.

    Hey...did you just get a ruffled throw AND a couple of ruffled pillow covers? Huh? Huh? Did you? Did you know that I saw them featured somewhere today? I got the scoop,baby! xo Diana

  26. The candle sticks are gorgeous, Laurie!!! and I love your pink throw! Glad you met up with Michelle at the market. Sounds like you had a great time.
    Big hugs.

  27. What a perfect day out Laurie. I adore what you've done with the candlesticks.

    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  28. The candelabra turned out beautifully! You always do an amazing job at your transformations. Love it!


  29. I'm in love with that crochet throw you found. it looks perfect on that chair with the floral pillow! You really got a great deal on that candleabra too. I love how you transformed it so easily. There's nothing more fun than shopping with friends!

  30. The Pink Crochet throw is gorgeous! The candlesticks? Shut. Every. Door. In. The. Entire. House! Holy cows and cats! $6??? Man, oh man ~ I'd have been a lawnmower, too!

    They look beautiful!


  31. Sono una nuova follower italiana,ho scoperto da poco il tuo blog.Complimenti è molto bello!Saluti,Rosetta

  32. Hi Laurie,
    What a fun day!
    I just saw someone on another blog talking about you, yep telling how you bleached an oatmael crochet piece to white perfection... you have me looking for pieces to bleach! Now this perfectly pink throw... too much!! it's gorgeous!! Love the candlestick too, very nice paint work...

  33. Wonderful catch - crocheted bedspread is really gentle , romantic and those candlesticks -perfection!Michelle

  34. Thanks for your words, always come up to my heart and make me very happy! Forgive me if I can not always follow everything that you do, but I am a mother separated, and I have always so much work to do, I can not comment on all and I'm sorry. What a coincidence that you show a photo of the little moments in life! I like the way you wrote, but how? I really like candle sticks, are beautiful in the color of your choice. But what I like even more is the pink blanket, beautiful in pink! Have a nice day, hugs, Barbara.

  35. Oh you did some good shopping !!! Love the throw, it's perfect... and like what you did with the candlesticks too..they look fab ! Happy midsummer ! Gail x

  36. Oh the pink blanket is wonderful. Have a nice day.


  37. Love your finds and glad you had a good time in spite of the heat. Its been nasty here, too, BUT!!!! we do have a chance of rain today. They say only a tenth, but we'll take it. Have a sweet day and enjoy playing in the ac.

  38. Laurie, these are stunning! I have a pair of Spanish antique candlesticks in brass..they are nice..not sure I could pull the trigger, but if I did, I would do this! I may try it out on another piece first...even a brass chandy would look great in this technique!

  39. laurie, you do have a way with candelabras! you inspire me.

    haven't yet tried the patina rub-n-buff, but it looks wonderful.

    and i might have to invest in a little pink RIT for my cream crocheted throw.

    keep creating dreamy beauty.


  40. I loved all the pics. I made a post about my bderoom check it out please, it's the same style =)

  41. Wow Laurie,
    I absolutely love it all!! Especially that gorgeous crocheted throw!! I have one similar to that in white that my mother-in-law crocheted and I truly adore it!!
    Your home is looking just beautiful!
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  42. These are gorgeous! Thanks for using AMACO's Rub 'n Buff. I rarely see anyone use Patina, so it's nice to see a project with this color, especially one that is so awesome.

    I'd like to post this on our Rub 'n Buff Facebook page if that's ok.

  43. love, love that sweet throw, laurie! the candelabras look so sweet the their new diggs:) i have to get some rub n' buff!

  44. It´s all so beutiful!!! Greetings Anna

  45. Absolutely gorg! My favorite color too! I'm your newest follower:) Jamie

  46. Oh Laurie, the throw, the candles sticks, the room, the look, the shabby chic-iness of it all, I love it! xo

  47. THAT IS the most perfect color pink crocheted throw in the world! Oh my goodness..., and you totally scored on the candelabras, i think you should keep those for sure!


  48. Oh Laurie, that throw is absolutely gorgeous! What a soft, beautiful color. Even though it may have been expensive, that is a great find! I love the candlesticks too. Your house is so pretty!

  49. hi laurie! you worked your magic on those candlesticks and i can see why it would be hard to let them go. so pretty! and that lovely pinklicious throw is divine and so feminine (sp?).
    happy summer to you!

  50. Laurie, I love these candlesticks! I can't believe you got them for $6! The new "old" finish you put on them is just perfect! I am your newest follower!

  51. I love the chair with the feminine pillow and snuggly pink shabby sweet! I have to say I LOVE YOUR HUMOR and writing style!! Reading your posts are like therapy for me...always feel lighter and happier after visiting here. And thank you for the kind comments regarding my grandchildren. :)
    Blessings & hugs,

  52. Those candlesticks are Gorgeous!!!! WOWWWWW!!! You were too funny. You got a great deal! $6!!!!! WOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!! I also think the pink throw is lovely too! Italian!!!!WWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW! :) Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  53. Love, love, love the candlesticks. What an awesome find!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing! Blessings ~ Judy

  54. OH, I am so going to get some rub and buff, I have heard people mention it, but never quite knew what it was, looked liked, worked, or where to buy it! Thank you so much, and the candlesticks....Fabulous!


  55. Laurie,
    It is always fun to shop with a girl friend.Sounds like a wonderful day!!!LOVE that candelabra is gorgeous!!!

  56. Laurie, they are all beautiful!

  57. Just adore your treasures Laurie!! Soo gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  58. Laurie - SCORE!! Wow, you found some gorgeous things! I think they should have discounted the bed for you, just for coming out on such a hot day. And after all, you did buy that gorgeous pink crocheted throw from them as well!! haha I can't believe the transformation of the candle holders! Yes, I think they belong at Heaven's Walk! I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!


  59. You are too funny Laurie! Love the story about your shopping trip and how you almost bowled your friend over nearly as much as I like you finds! Hehe!!!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  60. Wow, your candlesticks are gorgeous and I laughed out loud about you almost knocking your friend over to get to them:) Can't say I blame you, that's such a great price! I love your little pink throw also:)

  61. You did such a wonderful job ... they are beautiful:) Now I want to paint something in my house that color:)
    Ethereal PLUS what I Love

  62. Oh Laurie, that pink crochet throw is pure yumminess and I can't get over the magic you worked on the candlesticks - WOW!

  63. What a heavenly transformation! They are the color of ocean washed sea glass! Such a sweet pastel color crochet throw!!

  64. Hi Laurie, What a fun and wonderful day!! Wish I could see a pic of that bed :)!
    Your purchases are perfect and beautiful in your home! Hope you are doing well; I am very busy with work and getting things ready for the antique show in July. Have a blessed day!
    ~ Julie

  65. Hi Laurie,
    The candlesticks love amazing, that distressed coloring is perfection.Just like the pink throw, they are perfectly at home in Heavens Walk.

  66. Laurie,
    Adore your Italian candlesticks, dear friend!!!
    While on the journey to find a few "treasured items" for your booth, a precious find works into your heart and your home! Enjoy! I do believe they were made for Heaven's Walk!

  67. Sounds like such a fun time! I love your beautiful finds and you made your candlesticks look amazing. I love that color!

  68. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that gorgeous pinky throw Laurie!!! I'm so glad you got your sweaty little hands on that treasure.

  69. Good going, you scored. And from Italy no doubt, they turned out great. Sorry for your heat, I am down in the deep south and I thought those high temps so early in the summer were saved for us. Keep Cool. I am a first time visitor from a linky party. Drop by for a visit. Kathy

  70. Great find they are beautiful. What you did with them is amazing. I love it.


  71. Hello Laurie, I just adore your crocheted throw - it is exquisite! You've done a perfect job with your candlesticks! Love the transformation!
    I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  72. Love your beautiful finds and how your candlesticks turned out. They're fantastic! Thanks for sharing your creative post on Simple & Sweet Fridays.


  73. That is beautiful! I just love that commercial when the Mom says "shut the front door". That is just too funny! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  74. So, so lovely! Thanks for your sweet comment on my post about Philippians 4:8.

  75. New follower! I love all of your great ideas, I love the pictures and the flowers. I would love if you stopped by and followed me at

  76. So gorgeous, I so would of jump and pumped into Michelle to get them! What a lovely score, and now love how you transformed them! I could not part with them, sold they'd be mine. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday's Best!

  77. Wow - both the blanket and the candlesticks look perfect. great job.

    Thanks for linking at Romance on a dime!


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