Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grainsacks and Florals

I mentioned before that
I've been reincorporating blues back into the decor 
here at Heaven's Walk.

Simply put....

I missed it.

I truly enjoyed having the soft, faded red touches here and there
during the past year -
it's such a warm, happy color.
But the softness and airiness of springtime and bright summer days ahead
left me pining for my pale aqua and smokey blues once again.

I pulled out my down-filled pillow from a favorite Etsy shop, Sassycat Creations,
and placed it in front of my favorite grain sack which I had draped over the back of the chaise in the living room.

Be sure to visit Jan at Sassycat Creations on Etsy.  Her pillows are beautiful!

The grays and pale blues are soft and summery looking.

Pale red is still making it's presence known though.
You'll find it in the piles of grain sacks on top of the armoire in the living room.

Yes...I'll be the first to admit that I have a grain sack addiction.
Can you blame me...?

I know I'm not alone, though.
Am I right Shellagh, Tracey, Maria, and Maria


The newly painted and distressed metal French bottle carrier was brought up
from the basement and placed on the coffee table.
Large, purpley blue hydrangeas were placed in Mason jars.

Fragrant peonies blossoms from my garden will soon replace the faux hydrangeas.

Oh, and I started up my waterfall in the pond yesterday.
Guess who showed up?

Nineteen bullfrogs.

While Hubby and I had our first happy hour of the season on the back deck last evening,
they were all croaking a chorus,
happy to be back home again.

Ok, back inside....

Hydrangeas also made an appearance in an ironstone sugar bowl in front of the French candelabra on the round wicker table in the corner of the living room.

(and that, friends, is what my English instructor used to call a "run-on" sentence.  lol!)

I love this vignette.

This silver candlestick was given to me by my mother.  She always used a pair of these on special occasions when we had guests for dinner.  One on each side of the holiday centerpiece like they used to do back in the day.

I've also been working on some recent ReStore finds.

They're close to be completed.

Oh, and just so you know,
after much deliberation, consideration, and hesitant fingers,
I deleted my Pinterest boards today.

I know...major bummer.

I had been reading too many scary scenerios lately from other bloggers,
and just didn't want the burden of "what if..." lurking constantly in the back of my mind.
If Pinterest decides to change their policy, I'll start pinning again.
But until then, if I see a photo I like, I'm just going to save it to my computer.
I'll miss pinning, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Ok, enough of my gabbing.

Time for me to get to work!

[ Blessings ]

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  1. You have a lovely home, just in my taste. I just love you pillow with the roses. I hope you are feeling better now.


  2. The blues are so refreshing -- your making me want to change my reds. LOL I know what you mean about Pinterest. I deleted some yesterday, but didn't have time to really go through everything I wanted to keep. I've got a lot to do, but I'm going to delete mine as well. Sad, but not worth the risk. Love your posts and always look forward to them. {HUGS} Clydia

  3. Hi Laurie~~
    I love that light blue grainsack. It is stunning. That whole room has such a peaceful and relaxing feel to it.Is that your garden with the peonies in it?? We cant grow them here and I am so jealous that you can. They are one of my favorites. Love this whole post:)
    Have a wonderful weekend

    The bullfrogs are too cute

  4. I'm loving those blues right along with you Laurie! And oh my, to have a grainsack collection like that. To die for!
    Everything looks heavenly here and sounds like exciting plans for spring. :)

  5. All your pictures are so beautiful!! I love all your grainsacks. Where do you find all of them? The picture of your garden flowers is gorgeous.


  6. Like your grainsacks from

  7. Oh yes....this is gorgeousness plus! So relaxing! Love those grain sacks....I MUST look for them when I go to France in May....if they haven't all been shipped to the States! LOL

  8. Your collection of grainsacks is to die for! And I gasped when I saw the images from your flower garden...I can imagine how much you're itching to get back to it too! For now just having your fountain going and your bullfrog visits must be a good way to tide you over. I had not heard about any Pinterest scariness...I must check into that...oh dear! As always, I really enjoyed my visit here pouring over all your beautiful images. xoxo ~Lili

  9. I ran into you over at Gina's Transformation Thursday and had to come take a look. Love the linens....and just about everything else. But, you gals have to share with me about what's going on with Pinterest. I haven't heard.
    I've just become your follower, so please come visit me at and maybe you'll follow back. THANKS.

  10. I just love the touches of blue, some of them as light as a whisper. Very pretty and serene. The hydrangeas are gorgeous. I love all the little frogs!What a fun scene to be a part of.

  11. What a lovely post! Love that bottle carrier. That pillow with the blue flowers is so sweet.

    The Pinterest thing is stressing me--has Pinterest responded about this subject at all?

  12. Hi Laurie, thank you again for your nice comment on my blog.

    Your blog is full of beautiful pictures!!!
    Yes, me too, I like grain sacks.
    I don't own any yet, but I wish I'll someday:)
    Right now, I'm going to use drop cloth instead to make a cover for a rocking chair.

    I'm your newest follower.
    Would be fantastic if you can join my blog too :D
    I just sold my furniture set for a movie set!!!

  13. Mmmmm, love the faded blues, Laurie. Your photos are dreamy. I'll be back to see what you're working on. Oh, is that the candelabra we talked about before?

  14. Such beautiful Hydrangeas in the mason jars :)

  15. Oh...the bullfrogs crack me up. That's definitely a sign of spring! Hasn't this been gorgeous weather for us?! :)

    Love all of your grain sacks...they look so pretty stacked up like that. I also love your pillows in the faded blue, it's such a pretty shade. I am trying to keep my family room in shades of white, gray and pops of lemon yellow, but it's hard when you see other pieces that you love!

    I can't wait to see what you have been working on!


  16. "beautimous" dear Laurie! Oh those little toadies are so cute! Love the peony photos, they're my fave, xo

  17. Very very beautiful! Grain sacks are so wonderful!

  18. What a lovely post!! I just love your flower garden and with this 81 degree weather we have been having I can't wait to garden!! Love the grain sacks to. Where do you find them?? Oh and the water pond and frogs my little ones would love that!!!!

  19. It looks great, Laurie, and I have to say that I really like the pop of color in the hydrangeas you are using. I also know that you can't wait for your garden to be abloom. I like your soft blues that you brought back. Glad your bull frogs are back- I do think you should invite them up for a drink. Kiss a couple cuz you just never know-you might get a REAL prince (apologies to the hubby!;>) xo Diana

  20. Love it all.Where do you find feedsacks?I never seem to find them.I love the colors and texture.That pillow looks lovely too.You have me concerned about pinterest.I read the news.Did not realize how serious it was.I may have to delete mine too.

  21. Love the grain sacks with the red running through them. Stunning pics.

  22. Oh Laurie, I am drooling all over my computer!!~ I have a big grain sack addiction as well!! Your home looks absolutely beautiful!!
    Hope you have a lovely night.

  23. Lovely additions for Spring, including the bullfrogs ;) I am a fan of blues so of course I especially love the photos with touches of blue.

  24. Like the blue grain sacks.
    We found a frog in the pond yesterday too. One all by his lonesome.
    The daffodils have bloomed but not much else.

  25. The blues are soft and pretty, but I'm a red gal.

  26. Laurie, I love blues... it is after all my favorite color. You did beautifully with the soft blue decor. It is very summery but also very delicate. Love it.

  27. I really enjoyed my visit , lovely post...Blessings Lori

  28. Hiya Laurie :) Oh so much eye-candy! Thankyou so much for your beautiful pictures. I really love a hint of smokey black and grey mixed with all my whites too. And wow, bullfrogs! I've never seen one before (being an Aussie gal), so thanks for that pic as well :)
    Cas x

  29. Everything is so very pretty, Laurie.

    Crazy to see that many frogs. My oldest daughter would just die.

    Have a great upcoming weekend.

  30. What a soothing, wonderful post full of signs of spring. Love the touches of pale blue with your whites.
    Mary Alice

  31. Everything looks so your stacks of grainsacks too! My husband was out playing with his pond yesterday and said he might start feeding the Koi already! I must be living under a rock because I haven't heard anything about the Pinterest scariness?!?!?!

  32. SO lovely! Like flipping through a pretty magazine... we have frogs too and they sure get to singing some days~Enjoy!

  33. I love the blues, Laurie! It looks so fresh and peaceful. Your photos are gorgeous. Lovely collection of grain sacks! That's quite a collection of bull frogs too. Whatcha puttin' in that water over there? hehe

  34. Hi - the colours of your interior! I love pale blue with white and in your house, it is beautiful! I could imagine it also for our weekend chalet in the mountains - our home appartment is more modern, as you see on my pics!
    Have a great weekend - Love, Barbara

  35. Everything is so beautiful!! Love the grain sacks. Great photos of the frogs.
    I deleted everything from my Pinterest boards a couple of weeks ago...except for recipes and free tutorials.
    Have a great weekend.

  36. Everything looks lovely. I'm especially partial to the vintage grain sacks. Oh, what will I do without you on Pinterest...I think I repin more of your things than anyone else I follow!

  37. Beautifu photos! Love the pale blues. Your home is lovely.

    My first visit here I've just recently jumped onto the Pinterest bandwagon. I am concerned about their policy. It's a shame really. So much easier to organize photos than anything I've tried on my computer. And I love the sharing.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely home!

    Cheers from a new follower!

  38. Hi
    Lovely photos you have taken and I also in love with grain sack.
    the table looks great...
    have a great weekend!

  39. Your pale blues are delightful and so are the frogs. I never thought I would compose that sentence!

  40. Laurie! A grainsack addiction is one problem that is ok to have!!! :) I had to laugh when I read your post! I agree, I can't help it either they are everywhere, but I LOVE it! Your's look fabulous stacked on your armoire! Don't you just love that look? A stack of old grainsacks is so full of character!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  41. Well, I miss Blue too and after reading your post, I may do a blue and white in my bedroom...thanks for your inspiration, beautiful!

  42. Just gorgeous sis! I love the blues and the greys, they are my favorite. :) Your home always look like a dream to me. The froggies are so cute and look so happy to be in the pond again, hopefully it doesn't freeze. Still not sure what to do about Pinterest, I guess I will most likely delete it. :(
    Enjoy today, it is really foggy here but the sun is trying really hard to come out.

  43. I love the soft blues too. Your garden is stunning. Peonies are my favorite flower. I have the same colors in my flower beds, but mine need a major overhaul. much to do, so little time. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for the inspiration.

  44. Beautiful! I really do love your milk bottle carrier. I've been looking for one of those but have yet to find one!! Enjoy seeing your beautiful home. I really do enjoy old homes. Maybe someday I can get one already restored.

  45. Love your blues and your reds! Gorgeous!

  46. Love the blues....that floral pillow is one of my favorites.
    Everything looks wonderful!!

  47. How did you get the frogs to stay by the pond? I have put new ones in my pond every year but they never stay. Or else they die but so far no bodies.....would love to know the secret.

  48. Hi Laurie! Glad to hear you got your pond up and running. I'm sure your froggy friends are happy too. I love those touches of blue. Such a pretty color.

  49. Hi Laurie, just love the blues that you've added especially since it's my favorite color. Your photos are just gorgeous and I'm envious of your garden, it is so beautiful.
    Marianne :)

  50. Beautiful post, as always! I'm loving the blues and grays by the way.


  51. Hi Laurie...I just love your beautiful!
    I have been struggling with the Pinterest thing to and think I am going to do the same. Just pin my own photos and anyone who specifically gives permission to like Anne did at Fiona and Twig.
    ...but I must pin your flowers in your carrier and enjoy them for a few days til I get to do it!
    Take care and wish I could join you one happy hour!!

  52. Hi Laurie, I just found your beautiful blog. Oh, your peonies are gorgeous! I hope (crossing fingers) that I can get some to grow down here where we moved to in the South. Your rooms are lovely and so calming. Thank you for sharing.

  53. Beautiful! Every thing looks so fresh. I'm a Linky Follower now!
    Thanks for your comments on my Pallet Clock.


  54. everything looks just beautiful, Laurie!!! i just love this time of year when things seem fresh and change is embraced....obviously the toads like this time as well!! i am lovin your new header too and it reminds me to change mine up (i still have a snowy picture and it has been in the 80's here, lol)
    happy weekend to you,

  55. Maybe I haven't been paying attention and I've only recently been on Pinterest. What is the big issue?

  56. Love the faded blues and reds on your grain sacks! I own one grain sack that I bought at a market in Amsterdam from a vendor that bought it at a French market - and I treasure it. :)

    I can't wait for things to start growing, that photo of your peonies is beautiful!

  57. Loving the infusion of blues and reds, makes the whole decorating sweeter. Just became your latest follower and I too live in MI.

  58. love your fabrics and grain sacks - gorgeous!! a fantastic table to restore.

  59. Wow! What a lovely post! Everything is so beautiful! I'm your newest Linky fan. God bless!!!

  60. Your home looks so wonderful! Everything is so pretty and festive! So nice to live in a place like that. :)

    condo in Philippines

  61. Laurie, your home looks like heaven! It makes me want to paint everything white with a touch of blue! Your garden is gorgeous! I love peonies and hydrangeas. They are 2 of my favorite flowers. Too bad the peonies don't last too long. What a wonderful symphony those frogs must create! At last, gardening season in Michigan. My husband scored points yesterday. When I came home from an event that I hosted, he had all the garden beds cleaned out!

  62. Hi sweetest Laurie!

    Lovely grainsacks! Really cosy and beautiful pictures <3

    Wishing you a great week

  63. You just commented on my blog-- pretty in Paint-- Im so glad you did because I just became a follower of yours!!

    Im gonna go dig through your archives!!

  64. I love your collection of grain sacks, where ever do you find them. your home is so beautiful cozy and inviting. If I came for a visit you would have to kick me out because I wouldn't want to leave. I would love the sound of frogs in my garden, too many wild animals out my way (racoons, possons). Your new header looks so pretty, wish I could change mine out, but to change out in wordpress I need to go through a designer. Your photos as always are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best.

  65. New follower.....your home is lovely! Looking forward to reading along!

  66. Your home has such a beautiful, peaceful look about it, Laurie. The little bits of color only make it more interesting in my things an even cozier look.

    I had to laugh at all the bullfrogs, that's quite a collection you have there. Late last night when I was on the computer, I could hear a noise outside...I got all worried wondering what the sound was so I quietly went to the door, peered out the window and saw that I big old frog was flingging himself against it :)

  67. Hi Laurie!
    What a nice house you have, and I love your little guests at your pond, I imagine you may have more lovely creatures during spring and summer time. I don't have a pond, but I hear the frogs every single night and I like it very much. I just came came to shay thanks for your help with the clay pots, and I already tried to make it in a smaller scale, maybe you would like to see my blog and I did mentioned your fantastic blog and your tutorial.
    The url is
    Take care.

    Laura =)

  68. You have a beautiful home. I love the pond too with the frogs.


  69. Love the pictures of your home. I agree - I love the light blue and aqua colors. They are so summery and calming. I love the color of shutters you have in the background of one of your photos!

    Thanks for sharing this at Romance on a Dime!!

  70. Oh, everything looks so soft and romantic! I can see getting a grain sack addiction, too! Your vignettes are lovely. I can hardly wait to see your gorgeous garden in bloom! Thanks for sharing!

  71. Oh my goodness....So much pretty in this post. I love your cute little bullfrogs in your pond. How wonderful! Your blog is lovely. I am a new follower. I'd love it if you would come and visit me and follow back if you like.


  72. Gorgeous post! I love the soft blue you used - definitely going to check out the store you mentioned, the decor of the room I am working on, has taken a turn to the blue side! Thank you for sharing this inspirational post! Xoxo, tracie

  73. I thought I commented on this post, but can't find it anywhere unless I just can't see! LOVELY photos Laurie!! I am putting back small touches of pink and aqua especially for the Spring/summer.

    Pinterest...oh what to do. ugh!!

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. That is so funny laurie because a i was posting this morning about another grain sack item, I thought the same thing, could this be an addiction? :) I love the blues and how special to have that piece from your mother.


  76. Love all your changes! I'm liking hints of blue too right now. Gotta be the warm weather making me crave it. Your pond with ALL those little frogs made me smile! How darling that they all come around like that. I don't think I've ever seen so many frogs in one place like that. My 10 yr old would love that and so would my dog! (That would be a problem with him around though. Ha!) I don't pin either. I never actually got started. Now, I'm hesitant since I've heard the same thing as you. I have tons of pics, saved to files on my computer, that I visit for inspiration though.

  77. Beautiful Laurie! I hate the thought of deleting Pinterest but, I have noticed it has slowed down a lot! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  78. So inspirational post, I like all, so beautiful:-))

  79. Hej Laurie, Är du säker på att du inte är Svenskt?
    Your style is breathtaking my dear! I always love taking in your lovely photos! Your carrier is gorgeous, you always are inspirational!
    Now what's this about pinterest? I do not have a board or facebook I just don't have the time.
    Lots of hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  80. WOW! You have a very beautiful home! Your blog is so gorgeous and inspiring. :)

    Philippine properties

  81. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous post Laurie!! Thank you for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  82. Every picture is stunning!!! Love the soft pops of color! Wishing you a gorgeous week.

  83. Wow. Your pictures are always beautiful. Love the pillows. Going to check her store out. Also, love your gardens. Absolutely beautiful! Did you just take these or are they from last year?
    One Chatty Chic

  84. Laurie,
    I love the tranquil feel of your return to blue hue! What a sweet post, dear friend! I, have that same set of silver candleholders. My MoMa's were given to another family member...but...I found a set, reasonably, at an Antique Shop here on the Prairie.Your defination of "happy hour" made me smile!

  85. So gorgeous! I would love if you link this to the French party on Monday!


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