Friday, December 9, 2011

The Joyeux Noel Tour Continues...

This sprawling mess in the living room 
was spillage from the
sprawling mess that was going on
in the kitchen last week.

(click here to take that tour)

But I was sure having fun.

not so much.)

More cedar and juniper boughs,
terra cotta pots,
white candles,
mercury candlesticks,
garden statuary,
grain sack stockings,
and paper whites
were placed on tables and along the mantel. 

Jeanne d'Arc.

See my JDA magazine there on the coffee table? I used it as a reference.

I nestled paper whites in my vintage French gathering basket
among white candles and pine cones,
The bare spots were filled with moss.

The gardenia topiary was embraced with service berry and juniper.

The TV armoire was topped with my favorite berried juniper bough
and treasures that usually reside out on the deck during the summer months.

I later added a vintage looking French clock face to the vignette.

French clock:  Wuslu

I love it's shabbiness.

Even the knob on the armoire was touched with a little wintery love.

I love my fireplace in the living room.
It used to be stained a golden oak color
until I painted it a couple years ago.

It made a huge difference in the whole atmosphere of the room.

Now it blends in with the creamy white walls
and looks much more French-Nordic.

Anything I dress it with just pops now.

I placed small LED tea lights in the mercury glass votives.

Mercury glass acorn:  Target; mercury glass votives:  Hobby Lobby

This angel statuary was nabbed at the Dollar Store.
She was originally gold colored.
After painting a base coat of ASCP in 'Charcoal'
and a sloppy top coat of 'Old White',
she now looks vintage and worn ~
and adds a calming presence in the room.

Mercury glass candlestick holder and glass snowflake:  Target

Beautiful Christmas stockings, who were handmade by
my sweet, talented friend, Sandi at Wayside Treasures
were hung with care from the mantel.

A tin heart hangs on the shutters behind the chaise.

Tin heart:  A Beautiful Life

This is the view out the front window.
The small tree is full of tiny white lights
that will sparkle into our living room
on the cold, snowy nights ahead.

Our living room is quite small cozy.
We tried squishing a regular sized Christmas tree in there a couple years.
Even though we could have a nice, tall 12' one
because our ceilings are so high ~
we had to move so much furniture out to accommodate the width of a tree,
we gave up on that idea.
It just felt cramped and the tree overwhelmed the room ~
even though the fragrance was intoxicatingly beautiful. 

So, we settled for a small one plunked in a vintage iron urn
outside of our window for us to enjoy
and to share the holiday spirit with passersby.

Little boxwood wreaths hang on the vintage trifold doors
from white gossamer ribbons...

Wreaths:  Farmhouse Wares

And a French cross sits among a juniper sprig on the end table
reminding all who visit here
what the true meaning of Christmas really is.

Unconditional Love

A peaceful, heavenly Christmas at Heaven's Walk...

photo taken from kitchen hallway doorway

photo taken from front doorway

photo taken from corner chaise

photo taken from study/studio

Muslin tag: Wayside Treasurers

Next week: The bedrooms!

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  1. Laurie it is all so beautiful...and very french nordic! I have never seen your living room. I love it...have your sofas always been white slipcovered, or is that new? I adore your tv armoir and sweet fireplace. Can't wait to see the bedrooms. ox

  2. Beautiful, peaceful, romantic... love your nordic style, so simple & cute. Can't wait to see more...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. The beauty continues. I love it all Laurie. You are definitely mastering the "look".

  4. very beautiful!! love your style.

  5. Everything looks very crisp with all the whites.
    The natural elements add the textures that give the Nordic feel to the room....very peaceful, and pretty for the holiday season....enjoy.

  6. Your farmhouse is so peaceful and beautiful! I live in an old farmhouse too...and yours has given me such inspiration

  7. What a serene room! So pretty and loving the simple touches and pops of greenery. {sigh}

  8. I love every single thing in your living room! It's so calm and peaceful. Beautiful.

  9. Simply stunning...sigh! Your Christmas home is magazine perfect. Diane

  10. Oh my's more beautiful than it was! Do I see a trace of "Villabarnes" in your statuary angel from the dollar store? Gorgeous!
    You rock Laurie! xo

  11. hi laurie!
    well it is very jeanne d'arc-ee!! so peaceful and simple and serene and i love the tree outside the window!! i would love to hang out there indeedy. it will be even more beautiful and nordic-like with the new fallen snow, which i know you will be getting soon!

  12. oh laurie, it looks amazingly serene and tranquil, and i can imagine spending lots of time in the space. juniper berries! they look incredible. and the texture of the old door--dreamy!


  13. It's so pretty Laurie, peaceful and calm. Love the greens and paperwhites! xoxo

  14. Che bella atmosfera sei riuscita a creare, sia dentro che fuori casa! Fantastica come sempre!!!

  15. So pretty! Love the dog sleeping on the couch. I'm sure they wonder what us crazy humans are always doing...and why? When we could just be taking a nap:)

  16. Everything is so beautiful, Laurie. I always love everything you do.

  17. Your house looks adorable.I absolutely love your folding screen with the chicken wire.Fabulous. Smiles to you,Susie

  18. Hi Laurie
    It's all so beautiful.. and calm!! the angel you 'dressed' yourself and the french cross are so sweet.. I'd love something just the same!! so pretty... and I'm a little envious of your mantle. Although xmas in australia is usually a heatwave.. this year it might come in handy.. our weather is stangely winter like...

    Have a wonderful week relaxing in your beautiful surroundings.. ciao xxx Julie

  19. Hi Laurie ,
    Your decorating style is so delicate and harmonious ; the room is serene and inviting .You do everything with such love and this is so inspiring .
    Thank you for you kind words .
    Enjoy a warm and gentle season !

  20. Hello Laurie....So lovely. I love all the white. Pure, simple, beautiful. Nice job! Susan

  21. It looks lovely, Laurie. You are looking very Jeanne d'Arc over there for sure. I hope you enjoy every moment in that setting-it is beautiful. xo Diana

  22. Everything is just gorgeous Laurie and those stockings were just MEANT for your fireplace. They look great on there!! lol

  23. I had to come back over here and comment because you made my day. You are a true blessing.

    Thank you.

  24. mouth wide open so so beautiful !! from

  25. Laura, it's so peaceful and serene. Love it.

  26. All your decor is absolutely wonderful. And that first call that a mess?!? Come on over and I'll show ya the true meaning! LOL!

  27. Just as stunning as any pages in the magazine. You are a quick learner. I mean that in a good way.


  28. So simple and pretty! I love all of the whites. I love the slipcover on your couch especially. Just beautiful, all of it.


  29. I can't get a tree in my living room either - 10' ceilings - but you are right - tree is too wide! love your improvision!
    and I think I need to get some Ann Sloan paint - that angel is amazing!

  30. Beautiful Laurie! Very warm, very pretty, and just the right touches! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  31. Oh, how beautiful! It looks so peaceful.. (and clean!)

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  32. Love what you have done, Laurie. Simple, natural and beautiful

  33. Oh, how pretty, Laurie! Everything feels so light, serene and natural. I love the room as a whole, but also all the little details that you added, like the key with the pine sprig and basket of paperwhites. Hope you're having a good weekend :)

  34. The tour is just wonderful! You have really created your goal, Laurie. It's all beautiful!

  35. Christmas looks so beautiful in your home Laurie!
    Love all your whites and the softness here.
    Christmas Joy to you!

    Deborah xo

  36. I love the elegance and serenity in your photographs of your beautiful home.

    I look forward to seeing your bedrooms next week.

    Blessings today!

  37. I need to start shopping at the dollar store more, I love how you transformed the angel. Everything looks beautiful! Laura

  38. Gorgeous! Laurie your decor is 'heavenly'!

  39. Awwww! Laurie it is all so peacefully beautiful and the door in the corner reminds me of my Grandpas door post I posted, I just love the look.

    I am getting ready for my tree post this week see you soon.

  40. This room is GORGEOUS!! I love your Christmas decor and especially the small tree in the urn..beautiful.

  41. So very ALL of the lovely details :) Laurel

  42. Perfect.

    there's nothing more to say ! except I am sitting sighing with pleasure now after looking at your photos....Gail x

  43. Wow Laurie! I am in awe of your gorgeous home! So beautifully decorated!

  44. Heavenly and peaceful, indeed! And SO JDL - very inspiring here, Laurie. I'm loving that juniper bough on the amazing armoire and how romantic is that lit tree outside in the urn? Swooning over it all....
    - Susan

  45. Hi Laurie~
    I came by to see your lovely decorations. I see my gardenia topiary has found the perfect spot! :)
    I just finished decorating my home for the holidays and posting my photos finally. I have a Victorian house from the 1800's and it's one of my passions to decorate "her" at the holidays...I hope you will stop by.
    Your home looks beautiful!
    Wishing you a wonderful, blessed Christmas~

  46. What a beautiful post and blog you have here just stunning. So lovely to meet you I'm now following you so I can come back often. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Always Wendy

  47. I am absolutely in love with Your home !
    I think, i have seen your home in my childhood dreams...It seems so...familiar
    Holiday Blessings to You too Dear !

  48. Oh my goodness, Laurie! Your home is just so, so, beautiful!!! I really do love everything about it! So peaceful, dreamy and oh so lovely!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs & Happy Holidays to you!!!


  49. Laurie all so beautiful!! I love the nighttime wondrous!

    Come to enter the latest Giveaway from Design du Monde! It is a Framed Antique Architectural Print!

    Art by Karena

  50. Laurie
    What a beautiful and lovely home tour. I love all of your special touches. Happy Holidays to you. Stop by for the holiday giveaway at my place.


  51. It's all so fabulous! I don't like snow, but you've got me dreaming of a white Christmas!!!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

  52. What a beautiful home you have and very nordic.

    Regards from Sweden

  53. It is so beautiful sis!!! I love the greens and whites and the lights are so pretty outside. Those stockings are so perfectly pretty, love them and I love everything about your home sweets.

  54. Beautiful decorating - elegant and restful! Linda

  55. Lovely home all filled with whites, browns and greens. Such a warm and comfortable feeling. Lovely blog. Thanks for posting. ~CJ

  56. this is just so beautiful...missing all of my white white white...but slowly accumulating it all again now! YES that was a vintage child's bathtub from an old orphanage in South Florida!
    Have a wonderful Christmas,

  57. love, Love, LOVE your style...beautifully done. I will enjoy coming back to see more and more! This would be similar to my style if I had it to do over again.

  58. You are so welcome to my show off so others can look at your beautiful home.


  59. Everything is so beautiful and calm and serene Laurie...just like I love it! It makes me want to sit here all night and take it all in again.
    hugs from here...

  60. Laurie...
    LoVe your display/vignette - "2-Door White Cabinet with planter on top"...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  61. Your home looks amazing - especially love the little details of the key hanging from the strip of burlap! The basket on the coffee table is fab too!

  62. Oh, Laurie, everything is just gorgeous!! Love all of the green and white. It looks lovely together!
    You've done a wonderful job redecorating your home.
    I can just imagine the smell of evergreens.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
    ~ Julie

  63. Laurie Laurie Laurie...Oh my goodness I got your pkg!!!! I don't know if I was supposed to open it, but I did! and I love love love it. I couldn't believe you remembered that I don't have that book. It really seems unheard of that I would not have it, right? Your gift touched my heart so. Oh, thank you for your sweet friendship. ox love, Kerrie

  64. Oh my gosh, How is it that I have never visited your blog before?? Thanks goodness you found me, your home is beautiful! Love that basket on your coffee table with the paperwhites and moss. I'm a follower now so I will not miss another beautiful post of yours :)
    Happy Holidays!

  65. Your home is simply dreamy from top to bottom - so white and peaceful!

  66. Your home is lovely and so peaceful! Thank your for taking us along on a tour, and thank you for linking to Potpourri Friday at 2905!

  67. ooh! love it! thanks for the comment... :) would you ever like to guest post? i'd love to have you!

  68. Oh my gosh, I truly feel like I've been transported to heaven--It's all so gorgeous-WOW!!!
    Wishing you a happy Christmas and ALL the blessings of the season, my friend.

  69. Beautiful Laurie!! So calm and peaceful and serene and breathtaking...

    I am a new follower and I will be back!!

    Lou Cinda ;)

  70. Hi Laurie . So many beutiful pictures on your blog Hugs Karina

  71. I so want to throw some green pillows on those couches!

    Merry Christmas.

  72. I am absolutely enjoying myself tonight, pouring over all these images of your amazing place. You, my dear have put together so much inspiration on here that is truly a pleasure to behold. Each capture is just incredible! xo ~Lili

  73. What a lovely home you have Laurie! Thank you for the beautiful tour!

  74. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! You did a great job. I love a natural Christmas. I would love you to share this at our {Home for the Holidays} party at The Corson Cottage going on now ~ Carrie

  75. Oh my goodness...I love your decorating's all so beautiful! ~Deb~

  76. Such a beautiful home. I love all the fresh greenery.

  77. Beautiful Laurie! I love the look you have here. Have a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  78. your home is just stunning!!!! love the white and the greenery!


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