Saturday, October 15, 2011

Crack in my bowl

What a difference a week makes here in Michigan.
Autumn has certainly arrived.
We went from two weeks of 80 degrees and perfectly clear blue skies
barely 50 degrees, cloudy, and hurricane force winds!
Knowing that I am completely OCD about having any leaf laying in my yard 
or floating in the water garden,
you should have seen me spastically trying to scoop leaves out of the pond as the wind pushed and pulled me every which way.  
It was a losing battle, I tell you.
Even after staking a net across the path in a feeble attempt to block the leaves 
from flying into the pond...
they found their way in.
Bubbler started for the winter months to keep the pond from freezing over.
I couldn't lay the net across the pond because of the frog residents hadn't taken their leave yet. 
 So, little old OCD-me kept scooping as the leaves whirled around me and pulled my hair into something out of a horror flick.

When will I ever learn.....?

On a happier note ~
remember this lovely thing I took home with me last month
from the antique market?

Wonderful, vintage chippiness....

Well, after some sweet-talkin' the sweet Hubby,
we finally lugged it out of the garage,
on a heavy-duty dollie of course,
and centered it in the backyard
in front of the rose arbor.
In the spring,
her pedestal will be embraced with a circle of fragrant catmint ~
my good old "lavender-stand-in".
As much as I adore lavender,
(and you know I do)
it just doesn't last more than a couple years around here
until it becomes woody and sparse.
So, I substitute my beloved catmint instead.
Catmint grows extremely well in our soil.
It blooms from spring through autumn -
big, full, and fluffy -
keeping the bees and butterflies busy,
and it smells so good.

Anyway, this poor girl had a few cracks in her bowl 
(something Hubby has informed me that I have... funny man...)
because of her age;
but nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little cement putty.
(I went nuts with the cement putty this year.
There's just something about having that caulking gun in my hand,
spying a crack in the sidewalk or garage floor 
and filling it with that wonderfully pliable gunk
that makes me happy.
I love caulking around windows, too.
maybe I DO have a crack in my bowl.)

The white butterfly bushes on each side of the arbor outdid themselves this year.

Yup...that's the newly weatherproofed deck...)

It only took two days for the first bather to arrive.

A robin sprucing himself up for his flight south
so that he looks handsome on his trip with his lady friends.
See ya in the Spring, buddy.
Have a safe flight.
Well, back to scooping.....

{  Hugs  }

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  1. what a beautiful old, chippy bird bath! I can just see it with the catmint growing around it.

    I live in up north near Lake Huron. The weather was so perfect last week. Now the cold, rain and wind have driven me inside and hubs started up the wood stove today. Sigh...I know winter is coming, but I so enjoyed our indian summer.

  2. Oh I LOVE that birdbath and it must have been so exciting when you laid eyes on your first visitor! I live in Maine and there is a farm nearby that grows lavender, it's the Munstead variety that is very hardy. I wouldn't have believed it until I saw it for myself too! Although I love the look of catmint too. ~Lili

  3. Your yard looks fab! I can imagine it can be a nice setting for a garden wedding!

    I love lavender too. Have you been to lavender farm? Looks absolutely amazing don't you think?

    You sure made that little robin happy and clean :)


  4. Keep up the good work with your pond...there's nothing worse than gooky leaves and dirt!! I am a little OCD like you!!

    The bird bath is SO cute and so is the little robin doing his thing!! What a great find!

    Thanks for the tip on cat mint. I saw some at our farm stand in Michigan but didn't know it bloomed. It will be one of the first plants I buy next spring!


  5. That bird bath is so cute and I love the 1st bathing guest! You have a lovely yard, you put a lot of hard work into it! Oh, by the way, Happy Sweetest Day! xo

  6. Love the birdbath! You'd go crazy in my tree filled yard this time of year.

  7. It looks beautiful! I love where you put it and I love the Robin in the bowl. Speaking of which is, by the way, a lot more beautiful for its flaws, which is also what your dear husband (I am convinced) is telling you when he says you have a "crack in your bowl". It means you're more beautiful with age. XoXo! ;)

  8. I always figured you had a cracked bowl...or sumthin'. One time I heard about someone that drank too much homemade wine and they had a couple of cracks in THEIR bowl after falling into a pond trying to get the leaves out. Now I know for a fact that you would NEVER be reaching into that pond when you were all wingy with wine...would you?.....

    I LOVE your old chippy bird bath..and it is perfect in front of the arbor. It will look great with catmint around it. You're right- it looks a lot like lavender..and performs better in our climate.

    I suppose you are snugging down for the weather that is coming. We are hoping it is not too cold for the Packer game tomorrow. Some of these boys are sissies when it comes to sitting out in the weather.

    Have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  9. Hi - so nice your old chippy and the little bird taking his bath, wonderful! He didn't miss any time to try it! The place in front of the rose arbor is perfect.
    You have a very big garden and so it is really not easy to do the work you describe, don't you have a machine for?
    On my side, I do love autumn - because every day the trees become more colourful and the light is so special!
    But winter is not far....let's see, whether we will have a lot of snow or not - last year we haven't....
    Hugs, Barbara

  10. Oh girly...precious post. I just love you and your timeless muse. Made me smile BIG!


  11. Gorgeous Laurie- love your charming bird bath and where you have placed it in your beautiful yard!!

  12. It looks lovely and so does your yard. I completely understand about the leaves. We only have one tree and it is dogwood and not much of a problem, but our neighbor has 2 oak trees and 1 pecan tree and wow do we get the leaves. Of course I don't mind getting the pecans in my yard. HA! HA!

  13. awww cute antique! and don't stress about all those leaves! haha :P Xx

  14. embrace the leaves! they will soon be replaced with the snow..

  15. Hi Laurie ~ Your backyard is so gorgeous and I love your birdbath in all its chippy, imperfect glory! The leaves are quickly falling here in Ohio also. Sometimes it looks like it's raining leaves in our backyard! Thanks for sharing ~ I really enjoy your blog!!

  16. You're so funny! I admit I used to have the same crazy need for neatness... I am reformed (only to a point - my boyfriend calls me Mrs Clean).

    Love your birdbath, it looks beautiful.


  17. love the bird do you manage to keep cat mint ??? mine gets totally flattened by my cats and others who wander through the tomcat especially likes it and has to have a mad half hour after rolling round in it. I've even tried hiding it amongst other plants but no gets sniffed out !

    Gail x

  18. I love your chippy bird bath!! Your yard is so pretty.Anything chippy is right up my alley.


  19. You are too funny Laurie!
    I love your cracked bowl and I can just see you trying to scoop all the leaves!
    Love the photo of the bird taking his bath..and the petals in your lovely cracked bowl!
    Have a great day!

    Deborah xoxo

  20. Laurie,

    First, thank you for your visit! Love your bird bath. I envy your ability to use a caulk gun. I can't figure it out for anything. I've tried and tried. Now that sounds like a cracked bowl!!! :)

    Have a fabulous week!

  21. Laurie, Love your yard with the roses and butterflys bushes. Good job on the birdbath. I have two in front and need one in the maybe next spring. We also had the most beautiful weather the last two weeks. Enjoy . Susie

  22. What a cute post Laurie!I know my hubby would say I have a crack in my bowl too! lol Boy did it EVER turn horribly windy and cold. brrr...I just let the leaves do their thing and I clean up in the Spring! ha!!
    Sandi@Wayside Treasures
    {this is the only way I can comment on some blogs now..grr}

  23. Seeing a Robin In-The-BirdBath, is my number one FaVoRiTe Joy... Thanks for capturing it...
    Jeanine Burkhardt


    i love this. and you already know how much i honor brokenness. lovely lovely lovely.


  25. Great find, love your bird bath...cracks and all! :)
    Sweet photographs, love that birdy pix!!!

  26. What a gorgeous chippy bird bath. What a smart robin choosing such an elegant place to bathe.

  27. Laurie, crack or no crack, that is one awesome birdbath! I love your beautiful photos of it too.

  28. Well,I will take great care of your little birdie as it flies south here to Orlando! I am originally ffomm Minnesota, so I remember your seasons well! We are still really warm down her and would love a little of your fall weather! Your chippy find is perfect and your back yard is gorgeous! I too wish we could grow lavender, if even for one season!


  29. The bird bath looks just perfect to me!
    I'm sure it is happy to have such a beautiful new home!
    Oh...and I'm glad I'm not the only one who is picky about leaves on the ground!

  30. You got me laughing when you said you went nuts with the cement putty! I've got to try it because we have plenty of cracks in the cement. I love seeing the little birdie bathing! Birds are so wonderful to watch!

  31. I looks like you are making at least one little birdie happy! Thanks goodness for the caulk gun!

  32. You do have a crack in your bowl!! LOL!! That is why I love you! You make me laugh! I can just see you going around with that caulk gun, hopefully you stayed away from the neighbors.!! LOL! I love the birdbath, so glad that you got her and she looks so pretty in your yard all fixed up to do what she loves to do. :) Can't wait to see it in the spring in all her glory!
    Hopefully you weren't sitting by the pond all day today scooping those leaves, it was pretty windy here!!! :)

  33. Beautiful old chippy birdbath, Laurie. BTW, it's OK to be a little cracked. lol

  34. I think oi have a crack in my bowl too LOL! Can I grow catmint in Georgia, it sounds like something that I need!

  35. I so love all your photos Laurie!
    what a treat to come here and see them...the robin in your new bird bath is just darling:)

  36. what a pretty bird bath...we have one in our back yard and I just love to see the birds come and bathe in it...they really look they are having fun...sometimes there is a line waiting to get in...and I have never seen more than one in the bird bathat a time but this summer there were 2 at once in it...I guess because it was so hot..

  37. What a pretty bird bath and it is in use I can see already.

  38. I love that chippy birdbath, wonderful! Laura, Cottage and Broome

  39. Your Shabby Chic bird bath is so cute.
    Joyce M

  40. Hey, funny girl! Love that great birdbath and it looks like that robin does too. That will be sooo pretty with catmint all around it. Catmint is my lavender stand-in too...I've got loads of it :)

  41. laurie, what a beautiful post. thanks for the lovely comment on mine. I would love to see a pic of your galvanized pitcher. I sure love mine! Have a great day!


  42. Well done! it looks fab, like its been there for years!

  43. we are still enjoying the 70 degree temps for awhile. I am waiting for the leaves to drop, I rake them up all over the neighborhood and use them as mulch in my gardens. Lovely bird bath find, the Catmint will be lovely around it.

  44. Well that birdie seems awfully happy with your new acquisition!!! and I wouldn't worry about the leaves.. [too much].

    We are supposed to be in spring here.. but it has been a slow start.. a couple of good weeks peppered with lots of bad weeks.. although this week is looking good so far.. fingers crossed..

    thanks for your kind comments my way.. and have a great day.. ciao xxx Julie

  45. Thanks for linking up to the Outdoor Decor party! so funny about your ocd with he leaves! (you do know they are good for the garden beds though right?)I have an urn i need to fix up here at my place - will definately be doing some cement putty next spring! Hugs! & stay warm! xoxo, tracie

  46. It just feels soooo cozy at your place. :) I could tell that the little robbin thought so too. I hope you will still have some beautiful Fall days before it gets too cold.

  47. Gorgeous bird bath and lovely pics too! Thanks so much for adding your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  48. Simply divine!!
    BTW you fighting a never ending battle there with the leaves sweety♥

  49. I'm stopping back by the say thank you for linking this lovely post to Potpourri Friday. You are appreciated, my friend!

  50. Lovely and that robin looks so happy!

  51. I am new to your site and still have to catch up on all of your blogs. Since I started reading the other week what you are doing is fantastic. I enjoyed lot in my first visit.

  52. I really admire this garden you have created. I love old bird baths too, and I used to have a lovely one like this one...I recently got an old metal one at a barn sale but have discovered it is too deep and the birds don't ever go in it~what a disappointment. I was told to put rocks in it so they can stand on the rocks...still none have come. So sad to me. I also have had the same experience with lavendar turning woody. Catmint is all over my yard~you should try Russian Sage if you like cat mint, it would look really nice in your garden with its tall silvery purple spikey growth. I am a new follower too.

  53. i have to say
    we're all getting a few
    cracks in our bowls

    but as you pointed out
    those imperfections
    add beauty and charm
    to things that would otherwise just be


    so thanks for sharing your beautiful
    new old find
    with us at fridays unfolded


  54. I love your Blog! I am adding you to my blog list. I just started my very first linky party, Please share your talent. Click on over to

  55. oh, its beautiful, and just perfect there!

  56. How did I miss this post? What a great bird bath you found at the market! I LOVE it!
    It was meant to live in your garden in front of the arbor.
    How did you and Michelle get that thing in your vehicle!!!!!!


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