Friday, May 13, 2011

Finding peace...

I don't know whether it's the nice, warm weather this week
that's been reminding us of our vacation in Florida,

or because we left our hearts on the beach down there
and they're calling to us to return....

return to the beauty,
the warm, salty scent,
the ocean whispering to us in our sleep ~

Debbie and I have been commiserating with each other
and are really yearning to return to our
beloved Sanibel.

We miss her so much.

We've been looking back over the photos we took
during our two weeks there with our hubbies a couple months ago.

Remembering each and every day we sat with our toes in the sand,
listening to the rolling waves,
the hot sun on our heads,
and feeling oh so close to God.

Even hubby and I have been discussing more and more
our shared dream of leaving the cold, dreary Michigan winters behind
and escaping to the warmth of Florida...


I looked back and re-read some of the entries I made in my journal.
I shared one with you a little while ago.
Here is another one...

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

I found peace.

I met God on the beach today
and heard his voice in the rolling waves.

His whisper called to my heart in the
tinkling of the shells as the waves pulled them back on the wet sand.

His sweet breath touched my face in the warm ocean breeze.

I lifted my face to the hot sun and felt his touch.

I found peace.

Ocean blue
sea green
creamy white sand
driftwood gray
clear azure blue sky

The crunching of tiny shells beneath my bare feet as I walk along the ocean's shore.
The warm sand shifting and sifting between my toes.


I found peace.

Yes, I met God on the beach today... 

and He was beautiful.

~excerpt from my "Sanibel Beach Journal" - March 2011

Needless to say
we are all counting the days
until we return
to claim our hearts

once again.

{ hugs }

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  1. Laurie- This post just puts a lump in my throat!
    Many years ago when I went through one of the most trying times of my life I spent every spare moment I had on Sanibel Island- all by myself..letting the ocean and the breeze and God calm and heal me. It has always been a place of respite and magic to me. It was the place I went on my first date with MyHero (I won't mention that he tipped us over in the sand on his motorcycle);>) However, I have hesitated to return there because I always felt I left a lot of pain on those shores. Odd, huh?

    I think one of the things I miss most about Florida is the sounds. Just the rustling of the palm fronds (which is hard to explain to anyone that has never listened to them), that tinkling sound of shells being pulled back to their home that you mentioned...the soft lap of the water on the shore...or the pounding surf on a windy day...the sound of the birds-much different than the ones we hear here. Here!Here!

    It is funny but I try not to think too much about going back because I don't know if that will be in the cards for us- our klds, our grandkids, our life is here...and yet...yet...there is that yearning...that pull to return to that place of peace.

    I hope your dream is realized. I hope she calls you to her shores. Go now..go before it is too late to ever make the move...go while you are young enough to truly enjoy every moment of it...go before you lose the courage to make that big of a jump.

    A beautiful post, Laurie, by a beautiful soul...and I am happy to call you friend-for you are truly a kindred spirit!! xxoo Diana

  2. I loved this post, Laurie. The beach is a healing place. The year after graduating from college, I moved to Florida for a year to escape a broken heart (with high school sweetheart). I spent every spare moment on the beach, toes in the sand, listening to those waves crash beneath the warmth of the sun. Just me and my God. Patched my lil' heart right up, I tell ya! Sometimes I wish I had a beach down the road still! Have a happy weekend!


  3. Oh what a lovely post, and I miss the shores of florida as well. I am back in my home state of New Jersey, and although our ocean is wonderful on the east coast, half my heart is out there on the gulf coast of Florida! I am hoping to get back there again in June. there is something so soothing and yet so invigorating in it's calming waters, and sun warmed sands.
    Take Care, Eileen ( maybe one day we will be shelling on the same beach)

  4. Oh Laurie, This looks so marvelously peaceful! I could see how it took your heart and imagination!

  5. You describe the wonder of the sea and sand beautifully. I feel so blessed to live here and Diana is right. Go now, whatever it takes. It obviously is in your soul and makes your heart sing. That's just the way I feel about it too. Blessings, Tia

  6. Beautiful Laurie. Sanibel Island sounds heavenly, I've never been to Florida. Maybe someday...

  7. What a beautiful post. I grew up by the beach, and it has always been a place of peace, healing and home for me, even after living here in the desert for so many years. It always makes me think of the awesomeness of God too :-)

  8. Beautiful thoughts, words, inspiration, hope, and truth that God shows up whenever and whereever we seek and let Him! Your photographs are lovely...I can almost feel the breeze on my face and the sand in my toes. You are a blessing Laurie!

  9. We feel the same whenever we go to the cabin.Thanks for sharing your bit of peace and taking me back to my own.~Meme

  10. There is nothing more calming, peaceful and serene than the beach. There is so much beauty there that He has created for us. I know how your heart feels when you are away from a place that calls to you everyday. Your writing is beautiful my dear friend, thank you for sharing. :)
    Enjoy this yucky dreary day and I will be dreaming right along with you. :)

  11. Such a beautiful place to recoup for sure. I just love the beach and am longing to visit it so. Such beautiful photos. Thanks for linking it up!

  12. This is such a beautiful post Laurie and how funny, after I opened my gorgeous gifts last night my husband and I had a long talk about moving to FL in a year. I went there for the first time right after my ex husband and I split up and I also left my heart there. My youngest son turns 18 in December and will have graduated next June so we feel it'll be good timing...not to mention my dad lives there.

    I think you should go for it, life is short! I put a post up of my gifts and I can't thank you enough...I just love everything and the candles smell sooooo good! Thank you so much!

  13. Beautiful, beautiful. Have a blessed weekend!

  14. Beautiful pictures,and beautiful words!!Have a wonderful weekend.


  15. Wow, your photos are stunning, Laurie! I especially love the sunset shots! And such beautiful words that you wrote, too! I remember when we were there a couple of years ago, it felt like I was in "shell heaven" with all of the wonderful sea shells everywhere you looked!! Have a great weekend:)

  16. It's hard to get the sand out of your shoes once it's there. Beautiful post, Laurie!

  17. i hear you, laurie. what a beautiful experience you preserved to return to when you need it.

    thanks for sharing so much lovely.


  18. amazing how the ocean makes you feel so close to the lord. your pics were just gorgeous!!!

  19. Laurie I think your photos of the seashore are the most beautiful I've ever seen. The colors, the views that you are an artist! And yes Oh yes we will keep each other accountable. I just got an upgrade on my phone to a Blackberry! I now have internet access like the rest of the world so I can email you more efficiently. Of course I am still learning how to use it. tee hee. And I think you look amazing. I do not see your fluff girl! Love you. ox Kerrie

  20. Hi lovely Laurie,

    What a wonderfully moving post. Your photos are incredible. I am so glad that your experience has left you feeling so peaceful and relaxed. Having a tanglible experience of God puts everything else into perspective, don't you think?

    Big hugs to you,


  21. Thank you Laurie...I have beautiful pictures to add in my mind when I dream of the ocean ~ especially when it is a rainy day like today!

  22. What a beautiful post. Love the great photos. Thanks for sharing this at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  23. Laurie your post is beautiful. I need to remind myself how lucky we are to live in FL. Maybe not on the beach but it is so close. We love Sanibel too. I think I told you that before...looking for a home to rent for a week there this summer. Have a blessed Sunday.

  24. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos and inspiring words. To me it is a reminder to enjoy the beauty which is all around. Blessings are everywhere.

  25. Hey Sanibel Sista! How perfectly you've expressed the feelings about Sanibel.
    The sun is shining, but it's cold...and we are expecting freezing temps. again tonight. I guess I'll be covering up all the flowers on my porch.
    Your post made my eyes cry...Just 11 more months, and we'll be back on the island...waaahaaaaa!
    Love ya,

  26. What a lovely post!!! and your photos...just made my dreary Sunday and little brighter:)

  27. I love this! I'd like to invite you to post it on Masterpiece Monday at Boogieboard Cottage. The link will be up all week, I hope you can join in. Have a nice week, Mary :O)

  28. Your photos are lovely! You're right, it's heavenly!

  29. Laurie, love this post, but it also troubled me. I think you forgot to pack that peace and bring it home with you. God and peace are not found on a beach...they are inside of us, within our souls and mirrored in our hearts. What you did do for 2 weeks this spring was leave your worries and troubles behind and you gave time to God, to healing, to peace. A sunrise, a breezing day in the shade and watching it rain do the same thing for me. Something that catches my attention- God saying- here I am. Quiet you can hear his voice.
    You can find it in Michigan, too. Keep His peace all year.
    Hugs- Tete

  30. Ha ha!..I just read Tete's comment and she put what I had thought, on reading your post, very eloquently. Holidays are wondeful be refreshed and have time to enjoy the most unspoilt places but that peace is available to us every day and there are people who need us to bring that peace to them who live where we perhaps not the most wonderful natural places. By the way I saw your blog title on Laura's comments and just thought I'd pop in and say 'hello'. I think I may follow you and get to know you a little more..please feel free to visit me any time you want to, too!

  31. Absolutely lovely photo's! I just adore your kittens and pup by the way! So gorgeous!

  32. Fabulous photos, Laurie! You should go back...Christine

  33. Oh, I'm so with you! I wouldn't want to live in FL year round, but I totally understand the whole Snow Bird phenomenon! Gorgeous pics. :)

  34. Lovely. So glad you came by my place. I am from Michigan...Birmingham. I know I spent many a moment in northern Michigan on Lake Michigan...finding me. Loved my time there.

  35. Hi Laurrie,
    Lovely, and it looks so so tempting!! I grew up in L.A. and loved the beach, here the beaches aren't as warm, but I still love to go. There is nothing more "grounding" than the sound and smell of the ocean!

  36. The pictures are just gorgeous!!! I have a better idea, come move to San Diego, the weather isn't as humid :)

    Thanks for your super sweet note today!!!

  37. Beautiful pictures. I've only been to the west coast but seeing your post tells me it's time to go back...soon!

  38. Laurie, the Ocean is the only place that I feel at home, and I plan on moving back as soon as I can. For now it's only a dream, but I'll get back one day. I am glad to meet people who appreciate God's creations as I do. xxx

  39. Hi Laurie, Such a beautiful is just so peaceful. I'm sitting here looking at the pictures and listening to the music. I just love the beach, spent most of my younger years down the Jersey shore, and no, it's nothing like that reality show..ha, ha! There is just something so comforting about watching the takes you to another place.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
    Marianne :)

  40. What a lovely post! Thank you for your dear visit to Girl in Pink. I am so happy you stopped by as it prompted me to come check out your beautiful blog! I can hardly wait to become a follower...I am so mesmerized by your gorgeous photos and eloquent words!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  41. Hi Laurie, Thank you for visiting my blog today.
    I'm now a follower of your wonderful blog! Your words are so incredibly beautiful and the photos just take my breath away...I live so close to the ocean and love it so much! I never seem to take the time to just stop for an hour to enjoy. I believe your words may take me there this weekend...

  42. Laurie,

    I have always lived on the shore and cannot imagine being far from "my" ocean. I understand well how you could "leave your hearts" behind. Your journal entry was beautifully written. Thank you for sharing. I hope you plan on returning to your island soon!

    Your Friend,

  43. Hi, friend! I'm admiring all your creative posts here so can you please share them with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)


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