Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~ update ~

photo by Secret Garden Cottage

first of all i want to thank all of you for your prayers of
and encouragement
for debbie
you are awesome
 i know that debbie would want to wrap each and every one of you in a 
great big hug
and thank God for you...

i received a call from her hubby late Tuesday evening

debbie is doing well
she went in to surgery about 1:30pm on Tuesday afternoon
the doctors did a complete hysterectomy along with taking some lymph nodes
they also ended up taking a few inches of her small intestine
due to scarring from her crohn's disease
so surgery took a little longer than they expected
and she'll be in the hospital a few days longer than planned
she is in some pain ~ but is on some good pain meds
her wonderful husband is by her side 
along with her loving daughters
the prayers that she needs now is for
complete and pain free healing
and that the tests for the lymph nodes come back clear
heavenly Father

we lift debbie up to you today
we thank you that her surgery is safely past
let her now rest in your abiding presence
relaxing every tension
releasing every care and anxiety
receiving more and more of your healing life into every part of her being
you are the only source of health and healing
 the spirit of calm and peace in our hearts

Lord, you know how debbie is feeling today
her thoughts, her fears, and her pain
we pray for healing in whatever way you know will help her
look upon her with mercy
and rest your healing hand upon her
let the test results come back clean and clear
send your life-giving power flowing through every cell in her body
and into the depths of her soul
and restoring her 
to wholeness and strength for service in your kingdom
grant her a tremendous consciousness of your indwelling and surrounding presence
so she will permit you to give her complete healing and strength

in moments of pain help her turn to you for strength
in times of loneliness let her feel your loving nearness
in a very tangible way 
we trust completely and totally in your healing power, Father

in your name we pray


{ grateful hugs }


  1. praying along with you, Laurie!
    thank you for letting us all know how Debbie's doing after her surgery.

  2. I am so glad that surgery went well and she is recovering. Prayers are continued and will be until she is cancer free and then beyond that.

    Thank you for the update my sweets, your prayer was just beautiful!

  3. I'm so glad to hear Debbie made it through her surgery safely and is on the road to healing. We're all wishing her well and free of the cancer. Thanks for keeping us up to date on her progress, sweetie!
    Jo :)

  4. Yes! So thankful to see your post. Was watching for your feed to come through...I am so glad the surgery is behind her!!! First step taken. Thank you God. Next step healing and recovery...I am praying...have been everytime she crossed my mind. especially for the pain that I know comes after surgery. Will be praying for clean reports...God is sufficient, able, merciful, and faithful. Laurie, praying ..........Hugs to you all.

  5. Hi Laurie, I was so happy to see you posted an update today. I've been saying my prayers for your beautiful sister and her family. I'm so glad the surgery went well and pray for a speedy recovery and clean test results! Sending you hugs girl! xokathee

  6. This is such good news...I'm so glad Debbie is doing well. Best wishes to her ♥

  7. Thanks for sharing Laurie..
    Do you happen to know what hospital???
    Traverse City?? G.R.???

  8. So glad to have some news.... Will continue to Keep Debbie in My Thoughts & Prayers ~ Hugs

  9. Laurie, it's so good to hear Debbie has the surgery behind her. Joining you in lifting her up in prayer for healing. Your prayer is awesome. Julie

  10. Thanks for posting, Laurie. Debbie has been on my mind and heart. I'm happy to hear that her surgery went well and that the doctors took extra measures. Praying for her healing and recovery. May she be filled with an overwhelming sense of peace and God's love for her.

    Love & hugs to you and your family!

  11. Thank you for the update Laurie. Your prayer is so wonderfully written. I'm praying with you :-)

  12. What beautiful pictures. So glad for the good news.

  13. Miss L...trying to get Debbie's Button and I must be doing something wrong. HELP ME! :( Bah!

    Thinking of you and praying always...

    Love, Rebecca

  14. Thank you for the update! I've been waiting to hear something. Prayers coming from Canada! xox

  15. Thank you for letting us know how she is doing, Laurie. I will continue to think love-filled thoughts for her. xx

  16. Thank you for the update and please tell her that my thoughts are with her every day!
    I hope she will have a speedy recovery!!

    Suzann xoxoxo

  17. Thanks so much for this update. Please tell Debbie, Debbiedoos says hello, I miss her smiling face, and can't wait to hear she is doing better and back to her ole' self. In the meantime, I will be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. Debbie XXX000

  18. This is wonderful news. Thanks for keeping us updated. Praying for good test results and a speedy recovery!

  19. Continued prayers...
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  20. Amen !........i will continued pray for Ria....may i used your white door with heart on my blog ????...loev

  21. Thanks for posting this update. Tell Debbie the faster she can get up and walk, the less it will hurt. As soon as they will let her, have her walk the halls several times a day. Had mine done on Friday and by Sunday, I was off the pain meds and by the time I went home on Monday- I didn't even need tylenol.
    The first 6-8 hours after surgery were the worst ever!

  22. I'm so sorry to hear about Deb...but this very moment I stopped to say a special prayer for her...and will continue to have her in my prayers.

    xoxo, Andrea

  23. Thanks so much for posting-I've been thinking and praying for her and will continue to do so. Glad the surgery was successful-now to the recovery!!!

  24. I'm so glad Debbie's surgery went so well, that is certainly answer to Prayers... lets now Hope for a complete recovery!

    I love the Heart shaded escutcheon.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  25. Laurie,
    You are a beautiful intercessor. Thank you for leading us in this beautiful prayer. Thanks also for the update so we can continue to lift up Debbie in prayer!

  26. Hi Laurie~ Praying right along with you. Hugs, Courtney

  27. Hoping everything turns out well for Debbie:)

  28. You just brought a tear to my eye...I'm glad things are going in a positive direction. Thoughts are still with her.

    Take care,

  29. I am so relieved to hear that Debbie is doing ok. She has been on my mind alot, glad to hear the update. Give her a big hug from us all when you get a chance:)! She is in my prayers.

  30. I am so happy to hear that Debbie came out of surgery well. I sent her a card and hope to call her once she is all settled and feeling better. Thanks for the update, are a great friend!


  31. I'm glad to hear that Debbie is doing well. She is fortunate to have a friend in you. With so many others I send her my best wishes for a full recovery. You're a good friend for many of the rest of us too. Thanks for your visit and your good word.

  32. I'm so glad to hear that surgery went well. I've been thinking about Debbie alot and praying for her. Will be keeping her in my prayers for a quick recovery and for good test results.

  33. Hi Laurie, I just came over from reading about Debbie's health and your update at Cheryl's ZanyMade blog. Thanks for keeping us updated and for the beautiful prayer post. I'm praying right along with you.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  34. Laurie, so happy to hear that surgery went okay. She'll have tough days ahead I know, I'll be keeping her in my prayers that each day gets better and brighter!

  35. Thank you for the update, sweet Laurie. I was praying your beautiful prayer right along with you as I read. Love to you and your friend.


  36. amen. glad her surgery is behind her. now for the healing. praying for the best results and that she is back to great health shortly.



  37. Hugs to you sweet Laurie and prayers to Debbie!

  38. Amen to that beautiful prayer.

    I'm still praying.

    xoxo Natalie

  39. I'm praying for your beautiful sister.Love to you, and your sister.


  40. Glad to hear the update Laurie, keeping you all in my prayers..Love to you all-Erin

  41. I am soooo very happy to hear this Laurie. You are so sweet and gracious...a true friend indeed!

  42. What beautiful thoughts and prayers! Love that 'heart door'!

    C’est ravissant!

    Merci beaucoup pour vos aimables commentaires sur mon blog!

    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  43. Beautiful prayer! I'm glad her surgery is behind her and healing has begun with God and her family at her side. I feel the love here, and know Debbie is in the best possible place! As I leave, I take with me a new spirit of calm and peace in my heart! Thank YOU! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  44. Oh Laurie,
    That was a beautiful prayer and the pictures were just so pretty and unique.
    I am rejoicing that Debbie made it through surgery and she is now recovering.
    Thank you for updating us.
    I feel the presence of the Lord here on your blog and I go away relaxed and peaceful.
    Thank you
    Have a Sugar Sweet Day
    Simply Debbie

  45. Laurie,

    What a lovely friend you are. And what an eloquent prayer. You put my feelings into words so beautifully.

    I prayed along with you.


  46. I had no idea, I'm sorry! I'm glad to hear the surgery went well, you are in my thoughts and my prayers!!!

  47. Such a beautiful prayer for your friend.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my place and I so hope you will come again soon.
    You have a beautiful blog.
    xo bj


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