Sunday, August 1, 2010

Inspiration and motivation on Met Monday!

Good morning, my fellow crafty sisters!

Lately, I've been having a slight hankering for some crafts. 

Like actually doing them instead of buying them already done?

Yeah.  I know.  It surprised me, too.

And what better day to think about this than on Metamorphosis Monday with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch! If you pop over to her blog here
you can see all sorts of befores and afters of incredibly re-purposed treasures. 

Ideas started bouncing around in my noggin when hubby and I were on vacation this spring visiting our favorite southern isle.  Our good friends took us out for a yummy, sweet, calorie-laden, specialty coffee at a quirky little shop in town.

I was not expecting to see what I did when I walked in to this shop.

Breathtaking vignettes of seaside treasures...

mantels full of things that needed a good home...

...and loads of really intriguing, creative crafts done by locals.

What was really unique about this place was that you could shop while you gulped sipped your fattening sweet treat. Tucked between all of these vignettes were brightly painted vintage tables and chairs to sit and chat while my your eyes darted from item item.   
(It was very difficult not to drool into my coffee....)

My mind was whirling with possibilities! I was having craft-overload!

I could do these at home!  
And so could you!

So, I thought I'd share a few of the really simple, but beautiful ideas that you could bounce around in your noggin.  
And isn't the summer the most perfect time to try one of these?
(but drink your coffee first before attempting...) 

Letters cut from wood, adorned with shells, and glued to a piece of vintage wood to hang on your fence, deck, or wall.

An elegant seashell wreath mirror.

A darling wash bucket stenciled with something befitting your home!
(Yup, they were actually using this to collect cups and saucers from customers.  
How cute is that?)

An exquisite lamp adorned with treasures from the sea.

How about actually using all of those shells you've collected over the years to make your ordinary cake tin an extraordinary one?

Simple, sweet Mason jars glittering with sea glass.

A shell encrusted food protector for your picnic at the beach.

Or just drape some crystals on your ironwork planter to really make it sparkle!

Now.....if you REALLY want to impress your neighbors, how about
a post with different signs pointing the way to your most favorite places in the world! 
(You could even add the number of miles to that special place!)

And if you're extremely creative and extremely gutsy and really bored talented....

you could surprise your hubby and paint his car!

Now, wouldn't he just be the most shocked proudest guy on the block?

Happy crafting -
and {hugs} to you all on this Met Monday! 

~ laurie


  1. Oh yes! Lots of good ideas. Thanks for posting. Love that car!lol

  2. you think we could rent that car when we go to Sanibel?! Wouldn't we look so cool riding around in that???!!!! I get to drive!!!!!

  3. Cute, beachy ideas! You cracked me up with the last photo. I laughed just picturing the look on my husband's face if I ever did something like that.

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my zinc nightstand. I'm not sure about the zinc countertop (by the way, I REALLY want one, too). You would have to seal it with something pretty tough in order for it to be durable and I'm not sure how a strong enough sealer will react with the paint. I sent my contact at DecoArt an email to see what she recommends and I'll let you know as soon as I hear back. Oh, I hope you can faux zinc a countertop! (If you haven't already, google "zinc countertops" will die.)

    Have a great week,

  4. What great photos, Laurie. Thanks for posting them. Great job! Susan

  5. What a great place to enjoy a good cup of coffee! I can see why you would be inspired to do some crafting while there. It inspires me, too! That mermaid car is over the top! How fun is that!!
    Oh... and how's your fireplace coming? LOL! Thanks for your sweet comment! ;o)

    Hugs! ~ Jo

  6. What great ideas!
    I just love any sort of craft or decor that incorporates shells. Which is funny, since I've never been a beachy gal, go figure!

    I just want to thank you for the lovely, unbelievably kind comment you left on my blog last night, it means so much to me! I think you are just an absolute doll and a wonderful person. YOU are the sort of person who makes blogging all worthwhile!

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Sweet ideas! I love the sea shell cake plate. Gotta find an old cake plate and get busy. Thanks for sharing.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  8. OMGosh! I would have loved to sit in that place and just absorb everything around me. Was the coffee any good? There are some things there a person COULD DO if they werre so inclined. Love the Dirty Dishes one. Think I will make one like that for MyHero and call it Dirty Things. I will set it right on top of the HAMPER and he can then throw things on the FLOOR instead of the top of the hamper.

    Just out of curiousity...did you POSE for that mermaid lamp to the left of the shell encrusted mirror? Hope you don't get your blog site shut down for displaying soft porn! just sayin....

    And, lastly, I can actually SEE you and Debbie riding around in that car! How about I drive and you two sit up on the back (just ahead of the tail) get it? Put your tails by the tail..
    and I will drive along and you can wave..kind of like a parade-only no prizes will be awarded....well...if you go topless you might be able to get the booby prize!

  9. Hi Laurie,
    That car is something else! I would go crazy in that wonderful shop! I love the blue shelf in your first photo, and the shell items are wonderful! I love shell crafting, and made a wreath similar to the one in the photo. Sounds like you had a great trip!

  10. Looks like a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee. Were all those items for sale? What a concept!

  11. Oh what a cute post today!! I love all things beachy, especially the cake carrier!

  12. Hey Laurie, I love that cake dome with the sea shells..I might just have to borrow that idea, we just came back from the beach with a bucket full of shells!
    I'm glad you like my board and batten, but you'll have to stay tuned to see the rest of my little boys room! I've been building him built-ins and I will be doing a reveal pretty soon, so stay tuned! :)
    Have a great week!

  13. Let's try this again, my last post didn't post :( Gorgeous blog and wonderful ideas! Thanks for your visit! I used medium grade sandpaper Have a wonderful day!

  14. Hi again, Laurie!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on our sunroom! In answer to your questions, we live in the Irish Hills area. And the pitcher came from Home Goods. Love that store!! Care to share what your favorite Southern island is? Well, it's not an island, but I fell in love with Savannah last fall when hubby & I went camping in our motor home. We ate a great lunch at Paula Deen's restaurant (to bad she wasn't there!), and even saw Robert Redford, who was in town filming a movie! He was my heart throb as a teenager, so I was quite starstruck! Have a great day!

  15. Wow - love this post...I am a seashell freak. I love shells - all kinds and love starfish too. Not sure what I like the most - maybe the lamp!!

  16. Oh, Love all the inspiration! That looks like such a cool place to have coffee!
    Have a lovely day!

  17. what a beautiful things!!!
    greetings from spain

  18. What a neat little shop -thanks for sharing all these!!


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