Monday, August 16, 2010

No Blue Feet

Happy Morning to you, friends!

My day today began with this...

(yes, I know you just want to stroke that lovely stainless steel)

and these...
(a definite must-have for the task unless you want Smurf hands....and btw, no feet are involved)

 and lots and lots of these
(plump, sweet, luscious blackberries).

It was time to make up some more Fat Cat*Happy Dog wine at Heaven's Walk Winery!

My job was to make blackberry juice.
And, no, I was not going to stomp'em.
My trusty Williams-Sonoma juicer was going to tackle the task for me.

1.  Wash and strain.

2.  Start the juicer.


 3.  Throw the berries in.


4.  Smell that incredibly delicious aroma of fresh berries as the thick, rich, sweet juice comes pouring out.


5.  Voila!  Freshly juiced blackberries.

6.  Now, down to the basement winery to fill hubby's new vintage jug. 
100% grape juice, sugar, and yeast will also be added to the scientific mix.

7. Check out the new wine jug we started a few days ago that's happily bubbling away.


8.  And the result three months from now will be this....

Another sweet bottle of Fat Cat*Happy Dog wine ready to share with friends and family...

I saved some for you.

Well...a little, anyway..... 


(And don't forget to pop over to Susan's at Between Naps on the Porch
for Metamorphosis Monday!)

Until next time...


~ laurie


  1. Mmmmm, Laurie. Bet that is good! Good for you for squeezing those blackberries! Have a great Monday. Susan

  2. Hi Laurie ~ that looks delicious! Nice way to start my week!! Have a great day ~ Sandi.

  3. laurie, that looks so yummy! i hopped over from VJ to say i love your pie safe and your whole dining area! you have fantastic style- your home is just lovely!!!

  4. Morning, Laurie- Headed out of town this morning for a couple of days but had to stop by here first to see what you were up to...I knew it!! Drinking again! As if I should be surprised! Well, you just have yourself a nice time with the FatCat and MadDog! I suppose the dear hubby went off this morning all tanked up too?

    I left a picture of you and Roger on my blog this morning...just so you know... >ducking and running away< Diana

  5. Hi Laurie,
    Ok, what time is happy hour?! I am a wine lover, but I have never attempted to make it myself. Sounds like lots of fun! Are those berries you grew? They look mouthwatering! I make berry cordial each fall and give as gifts at Christmas in pretty little bottles. I will have to blog about it sometime! Hope you have a great day!

  6. Yummy! That looks great, and I'm sure would taste yummy in a smoothie or over ice cream! ;)

  7. These blackberries look so refreshing...that's pretty cool - making your own wine. I am curious to hear how it tastes when it is ready!!

  8. Blackberries are truly a summer treat. I love picking them on long walks in the country. Lovely images.


  9. You seriously make your own wine? GET OUT!!! I would so be doing that if i had the time - right now renovations are calling - but those are fun too (Because i'm sick that way!) Love the blog - and i love the anniversary post re: your hubby. Vance and I are getting married in October - i love seeing years of successful wedded bless celebrated. CONGRATS to you.

  10. Thanks for stopping by & all your sweet comments!
    I can't believe you make your own wine! How cool is that!!!
    Looks so delicious!

  11. Do you think this will be ready by the end of the month? hhhhmmmmmm?
    If not, I'm bringing more Sangria and punch!
    Have some hollyhock seeds for you!
    Love ya sis.

  12. Oh gosh!!! I just can't get over how delish that must be!! How fun that you all made it yourselves!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~


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