Friday, August 6, 2010

Field Trip and Frizzy Hair

Good morning, lovies!

How would you like to take a trip with me and hubby?  

I knew it!  :)

 Well, grab your coffee and climb in the back seat. We're ready to go!

Obviously, Hubby was verrrry anxious to get there.  
If you remember, I mentioned in an earlier post how much hubby loves a barn sale?  
Well, flea markets are right up there on his priority list, too.

We arrived at Charlton Park County-Wide Yard Sale bright and early, though the day wasn't bright at all.  It was warm, humid, and drizzling. 

Great hair day, if you know what I mean...

(This is about the time when my heart starts going pitter-patter with excitement...)

 Charlton Park is a place of local history and boasts many unique and beautifully restored buildings. Various events are held here during the year that bring in visitors from all over.

We found a parking place, hopped out with our umbrellas and the hunting-retrieving began.

The first thing my eyes landed on was this little piece of history.
I immediately grabbed it, paid my $12, 

(my batting eyelashes and smile didn't work this time)

and rushed back to the SUV to load it inside.

I don't know how old it was, but this was on the underside of the table stating that it was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan which is about an hour away from here.

 Because the day was not conducive to a yard sale, many of the vendors weren't there, but we made our way through the ones that were brave and determined to make a few dollars that day.  

Hubby got right to work searching for his 'must-haves', while I wandered through the muddy isles with my "treasure-radar" going at full tilt.

I thought these lamps were pretty.

We did buy that red handled potato rake to dig up our Yukon Golds and Red-Skins.

There were even a couple adorable puppies for sale that everyone wanted to hold.

Hubby gave me the infamous "don't-you-even-think-about-it" hairy-eyeball-side-glance and silently shook his head when he saw his adoring wife fawning all over the sweet little things.

As he pried me away from the little bundles of fur, he tried to divert my attention by sharing with me that he used to use one of these pails to milk the cows with when he was a kid growing up on the farm.

Now, if that had been enamel, you know I would'ave had that in my paws hands.

Hmmm....these looked like complete torture to me.

We have one of these cool pumps in our backyard that hubby insisted on mounting a birdhouse on.  (You wanna do what?!) 
Lucky for him, we've had two sets of bluebirds bring up their babies in it.

I almost bought this beautiful crystal, but stopped myself when I tried to think of when I would actually use it...

There were lots of vintage plates for a couple bucks a piece.

And even baked goods lovingly made by an Amish family.

 Farmhouse freestyle art!

It was so funny.  While I was wandering around taking photos, people kept coming up to me and talking to me.  Maybe they thought I was with the local newspaper or something....but my evil twin took over and I played it to the hilt.
Meanwhile, while I was signing autographs,
(just kidding!)
hubby discovered a large vintage glass jug to make more of our
infamous  Fat Cat*Happy Dog in.  
He nabbed it for a buck!

While he waited for the guy to haul it out from the truck....he got an idea.

He gave the poor guy our big umbrella to stay dry.
The guy was surprised and very grateful.
What a thoughtful man I married! 

(Unfortunately however, very much unaware of the evil twin who lives inside of his adoring wife...)

So, all in all, we had a fun morning despite the downpours, soggy feet, and frizzy hair.  Hubby came home with a saw, potato rake, and glass jug and I was thrilled with my sweet little table, and a wire mesh scoop I plan on using for blanching green beans. 

Thanks for riding along with us, and we hope you had a good time!

{Hugs} and happy junking to you!

Until next time...

~ laurie


  1. Awww, Laurie~I felt like I was right there with you girl. Frizzy hair and all. I'm just kind of betting your hair is a lot like mine. Heavy, thick & longer than usual (for someone MY age)-lol with a tendency to wave and curl and then go all outer space frizzled when it gets humid or rainy. Am I close? Yeah...and even a straightening thingy only does so much. It's a blessing/curse-isn't it? lol

    You mean thing! You walked away and left those poor little orphans there that were looking for a home. What's the matter? You couldn't figure out a way to hide one in your shirt and smuggle it home?

    You know the only thing WRONG with the hubster going to the sales with you is: Number One-you won't really buy what you might want to because you will get "talked out of it"...AND...#2-You can't lie and say you only paid $10 for something when it was really $20. lol Yeh-that's what I'm thinkin'....Have a great day, my sweet friend. I am off to work soon ;<( Did you find my comment on your last post about the Mrs.Meyers Lavender soap? If not-pop over there and read it. Hugs to you, sweetie- Diana

  2. oooppps-ps...LOVE that little table! Thought at first it was a sewing stand but wouldn't be with the shelf on the bottom. Can't wait to see it painted! Hugs-D

  3. Hi sis! I thought the same thing about your table...that it was a sewing table, but noticed the shelf. Looks like a great time with your honey. I could feel the trees rushing by in your pic inside the car!!!
    I put in for the last weekend in August off for more shopping with you in Allegan.

  4. Thanks for the ride along! What a lovely day spent with the hubby! Lot's of cool stuff! Neat table you got! Now I wanna go junkin'
    Have a great day!

  5. I so would have braved the rain for that sale!

    Thank you for the tips on the hydrangeas, Laurie. I'm going to try everything as soon as I have another decent bloom! :)


  6. Whhaaaattt? You and Debbie are going without ME???? How could you? Wahhhh...Shhh...I'm working and checking "my" blogs too! shhhh-Diana

  7. :) :) :) You girls just make me smile...and laugh! I hope you all realize that I can barely stand being away from this crazy computer now because I don't want to miss any comments from you! I LUV HEARING FROM YOU!!!! Yes - each and every one of you. You are such a blessing in my life!!!

    Big Huuuuuug!!! xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  8. Oh, and Diana? You are more than welcome to trot over my way (well....swim would be more like it, I guess) and go with us!!! We'd LUV to have you!!! And on your way, pick up Rebecca and Elizabeth, and whoever else might want to go! lol! The more the crazier!! lol!

  9. Hi Laurie,
    Thanks for the drive! Looks like you & your hubby had a great time :)

    I would've been swooning over the puppies too AND my hubby would've reacted the same way!!


  10. Love your wee table but dang it, you didn't quite make it out of there with a puppy!

    Lisa@Suburban Retreat

  11. Hi Laurie,
    This looks like such a fun sale to me! Got a kick out of your posts title! My hair would have been Flat in that kind of weather :) Love your table, how cool that it still has the label on it! What is "fat cat happy dog" by the way??!

  12. What FUN!
    And how lucky are you, having a hubby that loves to go junkin' with you? :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. How fun. And the fact that your husband enjoys to go with you...that is pretty cool.

  14. Oh Oh, that table made my heart go thumpity thump. What a wonderful find. I bet you kept looking at it all the way home. Little glances while you hugged yourself inside. Oh yes, you deserve it! Just terrific. When I found my little antique side table/desk (it actually has a drawer), it took me 24 hours to get over the shock of paying $5 for it. Enjoy your treasure.

    Now I have a treasure of my own - maybe - and have done a posting with pictures that I am hoping that people will come give their two cents on. There are 3 items coming up for bid and I pictures of all 3. Mostly what caught my eye was the couch. If you have a moment, come on over to my blog and tell me what you would bid -- or if you would bid - on any of the items. Link: Items to Bid On I would be most appreciative.

  15. Gosh I wish I lived somewhere where they have things and events like this !

    Thank you for taking us with you !


  16. Hi Laurie,
    Yay... what great fun! Thanks for taking us along!! I love the old white farmhouse (drooling)! Glad to hear you came away with some great finds. The things us collectors have to go through for our passion (LOL)!! ;o)
    Have a wonderful day my friend!
    Hugs ~ Jo

  17. Looks like a great place to find some treasures. Love that little table. I would love to find some great flea markets close to where I live.

  18. Hi Laurie, this was just the diversion I needed this Sunday afternoon! Thanks for posting all the fun pictures...I love a good yard sale! xo

  19. Hi Laurie,You and your hubby sure had a fun day!! I just love looking for old treasures.I really don't want to buy anything new anymore.I love your table...Kathy

  20. that looks like my kind of day:)
    I love that table that you's perfect!
    You asked where I live....I live about 15 min. from Notre Dame in Granger, Indiana:)
    I can get to Lake Michigan in about 35-40 min!

  21. That table is ADORABLE!!! I just love it!! Great find :D I will have a link party every you'll have tons of times to post your fabulous stuff!! I can't wait! I hope you have a wonderful week sweet pea!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~


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