Friday, July 30, 2010

Pickled Teamwork

Hello, everyone!

Our lovely garden continues to bless us with bountiful crops of broccoli, zucchini, peas, green beans, crook neck squash, and pickles.

And I've been busily freezing broccoli, zucchini, peas, green beans, crook neck squash...
and canning the pickles.

 Actually, Hubby and I really enjoy canning pickles.  

We pick.
He chops.
I stir and stir and stir.
He stuffs.
I pour.
He bathes.

(The pickles, that is....not himself.
Well, he does bathe but just not while he's canning pickles.
That would just be too weird.)

 No, he's not bathing here - just washing up in preparation for bathing with those pickles!

He loves to add his own little touch to them with a sprig of dill, a tiny clove of garlic, 
and a small slice of purple pepper.

My hubby...
always the one-of-a-kind chef making his own statement.
Gotta love him for that.

Ok.  So I know that it looks like I'm not doing a darned thing here, right? 

(But please do keep in mind that I have done all the freezing of all the other veggies up to this point - remember?  

Do I sound like I'm justifying my menial stirring job....?)


I'm still stirring.....

Remember? That's my assigned job.

Still stirring............

Well, I do put the lids and rings on, too...

And 19 pints later

we have crunchy, dilly, garlicky-with-a-bite-of-heat perfect pickle heaven! work.

Nothin' like it.
{Hugs} to you and have a pickle of a day - a sweet one, that is!

~ laurie


  1. Okay, I lost the first comment?? where it went, we'll never know.
    Your pickles make my mouth water...hmmm..that sounds a bit peculiar.
    I think it's so cool that you and Rog work as a team, storing your harvest for the coming winter.
    We just ate the last of those you sent home with us...yum!
    What did your honey think of you snapping pics as he worked?LOL

  2. LOL! He's SO into this blogging thing now, I can't believe it, Debbie. Everything he does, we do, or I do, he says, "You should take some pictures of that for your blog." LOL! It's so funny! We've put up about 24 pints each of sweets and dills for the winter. Mmmmm! I want to try to can zucchini relish next....

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  3. Good Morning Dear Heart!

    Okay-After reading your blog about bathing the pickles I don't think I am going to eat pickles at your house. Hmmm...and then there are all those "stories" about Debbie in the bathtub-I'm starting to get just a little weirded out here.

    Now, if that was MY house...MyHero would be sitting on the couch asking, "Are those pickles ready to sample yet?" Oh...and, what do we have to go with them? Yep! That's my life in a nut shell...get it? NUT shell?

    Okay-Now I really have to get back to work here. Kinda slow here today-good thing after yesterday! A day to make you laugh AND cry!


  4. I want to can pickles! We don't have enough pickles though. I guess I could buy some from the Farmers Market. You make it look so pretty.

  5. Oh, now I'm going to have to go to Kroger's to buy some pickles. Dumb question - does a pickle start off being a cucumber, because it looks like your husband is washing cucumbers there?

  6. Diana - LOL! As usual, I burst out laughing when I read your comment! Oh my gosh! lolol! I guess imagining you and Debbie in my tub with eating pickles and drinking wine.....ummmm....I'm weirded out too! lol!

    Pam - We use Straight Eight pickles. They were a little large, but we used them anyway. Hubby says that you can use cukes, too, if you pick them (or buy them) small enough!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  7. Oh Laurie...I bet those are the greatest ever! I just wanted to thank you for your sweetest always make me smile! I hope you all enjoy all of the delisious bounties of your garden. You hard work looks like it certainly paid off! YUM! Have a great weekend and huge hugs to you!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

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  9. Everything looks so good!! It's so nice to see you and your husband work together.I would love to have a vegetable garden, but the deer will eat everything.

  10. looks yummy! i've always wanted to do this but afraid to try. my grandma's always canned lots of stuff. i guess i need a veggie garden to start... or you could just send me some...



  11. Reposting-Sorry about the delete
    What I wrote before didn't sound quite "right". It sounded "naughty" although that wasn't the intent. (although I am just a TAD bit naughty-imagine that)
    Anyway-to answer your question on my blog..yes-there are two of us- 1 brother+me= 2 crazy people. Throw my youngest son in and there are 3 loons in the room..we can hardly stop laughing long enough to come up for air. MyHero and TheSecretAgent do not think we are ALL.THAT.FUNNY. xxooDiana

  12. Wow - those look yummmy ! Lots of work I imagine, but oh so yummy must make it worth it !

  13. Aaah . . . the lost art of pickle making. My mom used to can pickles. I bet they taste amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Julie

  14. Yum...Yummy!! How about you secret recipe? Can you spill it?


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