Tuesday, July 6, 2010

French Larkspur's 1st Anniversary Giveaway!

Hi everyone - from hot and steamy Michigan!

 Well, you won't find me laying in the sun today. No way, sister. It's way too hot out there.  Ninety-two degrees with a heat index at 98! 
But I certainly don't mind!

It's a great day to stay inside in the AC and visit some of my blog friends!

 If you're spending some time inside, too, be sure to pop in and say hi to Tracey from French Larkspur (http://frenchlarkspur.blogspot.com/).  

She's celebrating her one year blogaversary!
Congratulations, Tracey!

Her blog is full of inspiration, motivation, and wonderful vintage treasures.  
It's one of my favorite places to spend my day.

And.....she's giving away some incredibly awesome treasures this week!

Ok. Hurry over there!  
You don't want to miss out!

You can lay in the sun later.....


~ laurie


  1. Laurie-I am just popping in from work (don't tell) and wondered what you are READING there in your chair!?! Okay...and now because I am nosy (or is it nosey) and you know I am~ did you slipcover a chaise lounge? AND is it done with sheeting material OR is that painter's cloth? The reason I am asking is BECAUSE-I told MyHero the other day that I was going to make a slipcover for my old chaise (that was his Grammas) and he looked at me like I had grown a THIRD head. You did a great job and now I know I MUST-I MUST-I MUST create a DUST (cover)..okay-I know it's not for dust but I needed something that rhymed. Ooops-3:43pm gotta get back at it. I had my little smile for the afternoon now~ Diana ps..gonna pop by French Larkspurs blog too...yep...I'm really naughty today!

  2. Diana - you make me laugh every time I read your comments! You ARE a naughty goil today! lol! I am reading "Plantation" (again) by Dorothea Benton Frank. I'm reading it for the second time because I just bought her new one, "Lowcountry Summer" which is a sequel to it. Needed to refresh my old, creaky memory. DBF is my favorite author and she's such a sweetheart, too! I have all of her books.

    The chaise slipcover was purchased via a catalog many years ago. (My expertise at sewing is a button or two....lol!)It's made of cotton duck.

    Now get back to work, you slacker! lol!

    xoxo laurie@heavenswalk

  3. Hello sis! oh my goodness, it looks like you are sitting at the beach in your chair with the grass!! sigh....so pretty.
    LOVE this setting.

  4. Wellllll....are ya sitting down there, Laurie?? I have just about ALL of Dorthea Frank's books but I have NEVER read Plantation...and I don't have that one! Weird....AND...when we were in Hilton Head several years ago-she was doing a book signing and I met her in person. She is just a lovely lady! I can't believe that with all your other talents, you don't sew?!?! How can that be?! lol Go back to your book, my dear!

    Debbie-I think we should join her huh? Think it'd be any cooler there with a glass of MadDog...no that's not it...is it CatDog(?)-lol in hand?

  5. LOL! Fat Cat/Happy Dog, Diana! LOLOL! And lucky you for actually getting to meet DBF!! I'm so jealous. Now...go out and buy Plantation and Lowcountry Summer...

    And both you and Debbie can join me on the deck among the beach grass with a big, cold glass of wine in hand anytime! :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  6. You are just the SWEETEST thing-as pretty inside as you are out~I can see why you and Debbie are such good friends. You are both wonderful ladies! ohhh...just answered the phone-I have to go in to work AGAIN! DRAT! Blessings-Diana


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