Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sidetracked Reunion

Good morning, friends!

I'm joining Kathleen at  
Faded Charm for White Wednesday today.
I hope you'll join me there!

There's nothing more fun than going to a family reunion, is there?

 (Hmmmm...well, I do guess that it depends on whether you like your family or not.)

Hubby and I left early on a recent Saturday afternoon  
(which is highly unusual for us since Saturdays are usually 'working days' around here) 
and headed out for an hour's drive toward Lake Michigan for a family reunion.

Freshly showered in spanky new summer duds, we sailed along the countryside as I contemplated my committing a huge blogger's sin.

I forgot my camera...ugh!

I asked Hubby if we could stop somewhere so that I could purchase a camera.
 He looked at me like I had grown horns and did his infamous head shake.

(I guessed that meant 'Are you crazy?' - which in reality, he should actually know better....but that's a whole 'nother issue...)

The day was beautifully warm and sunny as we cruised by rolling hills of farmland, 
talking about who we were going to see that day and remembering his sweet mother who passed away last September.  She always loved these reunions...


(Cue brakes squealing)









"Look, hon! They saved me a parking place!"

Now, you must know that Hubby loves a barn sale.  I mean really loves a barn sale.
He will spend hours strolling, picking up, turning over, looking under and inside of things that I wouldn't throw a glance at.
Which, I daresay, is quite nice for me.
It gives me more time to look at real treasures and envision them painted white and finding a place at Heaven's Walk.

So, we did quick check for cops, performed a looey in the road, spitting gravel as we did a perfect 180, and pulled in to my goddess parking spot.

After spending some time picking through all the dusty, dirty, spider-webby items the guy had setting about in that gigantic barn,
we literally danced our way out of it.

Hubby holding a router saw like it was his firstborn child.

Me manhandling some very cool pieces of a vintage fireplace.

An hour late for the reunion...but oh, so very happy with our treasures!

 The price sticker on these old pieces had said $50.  I smiled, batted my eyes at the nice, old man (just kidding!) and asked if he would take less.

Thirty dollars (and a fun reunion) later they were propped up against our chimney at home while I swooned over them and imagined them in our bedroom in some manner.

Two days later the garage was turned in to a palace of painting frenzy much to hubby's chagrin.

I decided that since I had to get all the painting supplies out, I might as well complete a few tasks I had been procrastinating on.
(Yes, yes, I will share them with you later!).

After a little scraping and sanding, on went Benjamin Moore "Ivory Tusk", the soft white color that I've used all throughout our home.

I envision this mantel piece mounted above our bed
complete with some romantic candles, shells, and a black and white photo or two...

Mmmm! Glossy, soft, creamy white decadence ready to go up on the wall... 

"Hun?  Are you done drooling all over that new toy of yours? 
I need you to do something for me....."

Stay tuned for the unveiling (*wink).

{Hugs!} - and see you over at Kathleen's!

~ laurie


  1. Thanks for stopping by and all your sweet comments! I wish I had a pear tree!
    So far I've only read your last few posts but now I'm hooked..Love the "new" wicker chair color,the wire baskets,the delphniums...I'm now a follower! I'm off to check out the rest of your blog!Look forward in getting to know you! Have a great day!

  2. Now I know you're lying! You DID TOO bat your eyes at the old guy and smile...AND you probably called him HUN-LOL- Who could resist THAT from a cute little blond? My little SweetCheeks has a saying-she holds her hands up and says, "If yoahre talking yoahre lying!"

    Love the mantle piece. I can't wait to see it in place. You might not want to ask any of us what you should put on top of it cuz you know how we are! lol

    You are so lucky to have a guy that will go to a barn sale. MyHero would not want to dig around and get his hands dirty...although he loves the found treasures once they are done.
    Speaking of which-pop in today and see the old dresser I re-habbed for my daughter. Hugs-Diana

  3. Just found your blog and I love it!!! I am a Michigan girl too! And I love barn sales! What a great deal!

  4. I am also a barn sale fanatic, er, devotee. The Welding Man likes them if there are tools for sale and I love the random yippee! finds, like your mantel. I'm sure you'll make something fabulous out of it!

  5. Never even heard of a barn sale but it sure sounds fun!! Admire you ability to see the worth of something in advance.

  6. Thank goodness for that reunion, because otherwise you probably wouldn't have found that barn sale and that beautiful mantel for your bedroom! It's a real beauty!
    Happy White Wednesday!

  7. What a gorgeous piece!! I can surely appreciate it, living in an old Dutch Colonial Home!

  8. Wow, that was so worth being late for! Look forward to seeing the reveal!

  9. Hi Laurie, you sound like me. A car trip is not complete without at least one flea or antique mall stop, but a barn sale, even better!! Love your finds and can't wait to see what you do with that great molding!

  10. A little eye batting wouldn't have hurt! but ya done good. Can't wait to see the results.

  11. Hi Laurie!
    Came here from a comment you left. Boho Chic....:-)

    Love your blog. I grew up in Michigan...Hell, Michigan to be exact. I live in Asheville NC now.

    It has been fun reading through past posts. Love me a good barn sale btw...

  12. Hi Laurie, What a great find (I find a smile makes the price goes down also). I cannot wait for the unveiling. I love your blog (I can't wait until this weekend to explore more, with coffee in hand). BTW Thanks for stopping by and your wonderful comment.
    The Swedish Room

  13. I love getting side tracked at a good ole barn sale!!
    The firplace already looks wonderful! I will back to see what you do with it!
    Great blog!!

  14. Wooo hoooo! what a great find Laurie!!!! I can just imagine this above your bed all decorated in your wonderful style. I'm glad Rog found something to play with while at the barn sale too.
    Hurry up and get this hung so we can see it all put together!!!!

  15. So glad I found your lovely blog. I look forward to following along with you on all of life's many adventures!

  16. Hi. Found you from the garden party. Love your blog and your humor. Look forward to your shelf unveiling.
    ~ Julie

  17. Great finds! I'd never even heard of a barn sale before! haha. Love the fireplace.

  18. Oh girl, I would've stopped too! :-)

    Have a wonderful Friday!


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