Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Little Bit of French

Gosh!  I almost forgot about "White Wednesday" over at Faded Charm today.  
When did my life get so busy?
Or has it always been....?

I wanted to share with you my new love.

Yeah, another new love.  
I've got a lot of'em....

I think you've seen her before, but she was just perfect for WW!

My sweetly feminine French body pitcher stands elegantly on the kitchen table greeting me every time I walk into the house.

Even silhouetted against the sunshine outside the French doors, she's beautiful.
I love her shape.

Filled with purpley blue delphiniums in front of my 'other' new love - 
my "Wyeth blue" wicker chair, 
the contrast of the white, blue, and aqua lifts my spirit every time I pass by.

Tinged with age, rusty, worn, and used for many, many years somewhere in the French countryside...

...but I love her still.

Sandy wicker, cloud white furniture, soft gray driftwood, blue delphiniums, 
and an elegant white vintage French body pitcher.

God is good....life is good...and I am blessed.

Blessings to you on a wonderful White Wednesday!


~ laurie


  1. -Sigh-Oh so lovely-oh so peaceful looking-an escape from the sometimes harsh everyday world. It is beeeyooutiful, Laurie!

  2. Looks Beautiful! I also have a love for her as well.I only have 3 and would love to have more.Thanks for sharing.~Cheers Kim

  3. So pretty! I love so many things about this room!! The wicker chairs with the white table is fabulous. And the striped rug? Even more fabulous!

  4. I just got a post to be your new blog frog friend, yea! Love your pitcher. I have one almost like it that I just love. You're right, I can see why every time you walk into that beautiful room your love it. Bless your Wednesday too!

  5. it's all just beeeeautiful!! Hope your having a great week!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  6. I just love that pitcher. Like how the paint is worn off on the handle because it was used so much.

    I'm going to try to paint some wicker tonight. I already bought plain old boring white paint, but now I might have to go back to Home Depot for something a little more colorful. I'm loving that soft bluish paint on your chairs!

  7. mmmmmm....so beautiful Laurie. The whole room is lovely!!!! I like the side table white...and the basket on the bottom of it. YEPPERS...beautiful.

  8. Awww.... so pretty!! I love all things old and rusty! So much character:)

  9. Hi Laurie!
    Your bouquet is absolutely gorgeous.. love that pitcher! My eye is on the look out to find one like that. Thank you so very much for your sweet comments on my blog! :)

  10. What a lovely, light-filled dining room, Laurie! I love your bouquet...looks great in that enamelware pitcher!
    Thanks for stopping by and joining my giveaway. Good luck!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

  11. Gorgeous picutres Laurie! Just passing by to wish you a lovely weekend!
    hugs, Li :-)

  12. Hi Laurie! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment. I love your style and plan to spend lots of time exploring your pretty blog.




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