Monday, July 12, 2010

Cumumdrum at Heaven's Walk...

Good morning, everyone! 

Ok.  Now do me a gigantic, blog-sister favor and stand up, walk over to your 'creativity closet', pick out your fav Decorating Diva cap, and pull it on, girls....


I need your help.

Big time.

I'm in a cumumdrum, as my grandmother always said.

These wire baskets have my head whirling.
They were another find during my recent antique market jaunt.
The large one I placed in my kitchen - and I'll share her with you in a later post (as well as my little vintage fan). But the smaller square industrial ones have me stumped.

A perfect project for Met Monday, don'tcha think?

As you know, I tend to decorate easily, simply, and sparingly. I'm not one to have a lot of 'stuff' laying about.

(But us beachy chics can never have too many sea shells, of course...!)

So, I ended up placing them on top of the bookcases in my study.

But there's just something missing.

I can not...for the life of me...put my finger on it.

Can you?

What in the world is it? Why can't my poor old brain working this one out?

An empty frame?  More flowers?  A picture?

Can you help this frustrated distraught sister in distress?

I would so relish any suggestions that you have.

Would you add something?
Remove something?

These poor Ball jars, who get dismissed to the basement now and then, always seem to find their way back upstairs to the main floor.  I just can't get enough of that aqua color. 
But, the question is -- should they live here on the bookcase?

Maybe it's the pink of the hydrangeas.....
I've recently stopped using so much pink and turned my eye toward blues.
Do I need a different colored flower?

Do I just need to find someplace else for the baskets? 

Or do you like them here just fine?

Like that Beach Boys song goes....
"Help me, Rhonda..." 
(or just insert your own name here). 

And I thank you kindly, up front and in advance for your thoughts,
your creative ideas,
and taking the time to rush to the aide of a blog-sister in her time of need!


I'll be looking forward to reading every single one of your suggestions, sweet friends!



(Oh, and don't forget to pop in to see Susan at 
Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday!  See you there!)


  1. How I love coming here and seeing what you are up to and willing to share with us.

    Well, I LOVE the baskets! They are absolutely wonderful. I like them on top of the bookcases. Personally, I think the jars that you have between them are just a tad to "low" to tie everything together..or maybe a bit "lightweight" when compared to the bulk size of the baskets. When you have a balanced setting like that I think you need the middle "thing" to be a bit taller so that it flows down and out to the sides. You have informal items in a "formal style" setting...which I LOVE to do. You have a very good eye for composition and color and blending though. I think anything tall that would take up some of the space between bookcase top and ceiling would old chippy with old leaded glass would be wonderful, wouldn't it..a big ole frame-empty or filled....maybe even some feather grass or something in your jars.

    Otherwise, it is not BAD the way it is..but I think maybe the height is what you feel is missing? Okay...are we still friends? lol Never ask me for an honest opinion or "what do YOU think" because I have a tendency to Hugs to you, sweet Laurie! Diana

  2. I think I have to agree with Diana. I think a bit more heigth in the middle would balance things out. I love the baskets. They are darling.

  3. What about using the baskets to contain some of those beautiful file folders that are way too pretty to be hidden away in a drawer. I know the likelihood of them fitting perfectly is slim, but I had to ask. I'd love to see them on a desk. Magazines are another option...but again not on top of the shelves.

    If you really want to keep them up there, maybe put some mossy balls inside to add some additional color. Lots of possibilities!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Hi Laurie! I have a ton of those same blue mason jars and just love them! What if you put the jars inside the basket and then put something else in the middle...the pretty blue would be seen thru the basket...just a thought :) Good luck! Your baskets are fabulous!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  5. thank you for your sweet comment my dear! I love these jar but here in italy we have only white :( ... I love your basket too!
    many kisses from firenze

  6. Laurie-Thanks for popping by my blog. You are a dear! And, yes...unfortunately I always tell it like it is---but, as you guessed, do it with a smile. lol MyHero has learned not to ask me anything that he doesn't want to hear the dead truth about. lol Sure we lived closer, gal...AND Debbie....ONE of these days the 3 of us are going to meet up-I can feel it in my bones (even if they are covered with a little more fat than I would like)-lol Diana ps...MUST see any post-play pictures of your shelves!>) ohhh..back to work for me...I am slacking off by being here instead of doing my work...

  7. Hi Laurie,
    What great treasures you found! Love the wire baskets and mason jars!!

    I agree with Tracey...that would look lovely. Or maybe offsetting the baskets to the left, side-by-side and then putting the bell jars to the right (w/o the cute caddy to vary the height a little more). Then fill the baskets with something pretty, such as large seashells for that beachy feeling. The mason jars would make a pretty collection all on their own. :)

    Keep tinkering with it...I'm sure you'll figure it out. I can't wait to see what you come up with! ;o)

    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs ~ Jo

  8. I like the idea of putting the mason jars inside the basket. But, then again, you could consider the empty basket as a piece of "sculpture". In that case, I would put the baskets at the end of a row of books---like bookends, kinda'? I'm sure you'll play around and find the perfect arrangement. Thanks for visiting my blog.I'm going to read thru your previous posts, now!

  9. LOVE the baskets Laurie!!! I filled mine with linens, and love the way it looks. I like the globe and starfish in yours. Your jars look so pretty with the flowers. Whatever way you end up arranging things, it will look fabulous!

  10. I like NanaDiana's chippy window thought and then maybe add a piece of white ironstone in front of it. A soup toureen or pitcher maybe. I think the ironstone pieces would work well with blue mason jars and wire baskets.

  11. Ok, now that I have looked around your blog I saw a vintage enamelware pitcher in your June 18th post (with cherries in a bowl next to it). What about that with cream colored hydrangeas in it - placed between the baskets.

    Ok, back to my own blog now. I am going to become a new follower of your blog now that I found it. I like your style.

  12. Love the baskets! I see why you had to have them. I'm one who likes to make most decor have a purpose. I don't have space in the cottage for things to just sit and look pretty. Everybody has to work around here! Sooo, I'd take those cute wire baskets, fold hand towels, beach towels (if they're big enough) or linens, then roll and place in the baskets. I'd put the baskets, or at least one of them on its side to showcase the rolls of towels. Oh, and I guess I'd put them in the bathroom or laundry room. Otherwise, I'd put the glass jars in them, and keep them on the book shelves where they would look great while waiting for someone to come share iced tea or lemonade. Then you could get the baskets down and carry them out with the jars to use for refreshments. I told ya I'm a double up and use em kinda gal. The baskets actually look beautiful all on their own as do the jars. The colors and textures and reflection of color is very organic and beautiful for 'stand alone' items. Bet you're sorry you asked now.


  14. Hmmm Tia...I think maybe we did ourselves in and that invitation we had for sharing some FatDog/MadCat (nah..that's not right either,is it?)Anyway...I'm thinking our invitation to share in that little winefest has probably been rescinded! lol Maybe we should just keep our ideas to ourselves next time-lol Diana

  15. LOL! Never, Diana! lol! You both (and anyone else for that matter...) is always welcome here for some FAT CAT/HAPPY DOG wine! You goofball! You're a hoot, girl!

    No, I've just been very busy the past 2 days painting some things (*wink) that I'll be showing you later! hehehe!

    I have read and treasure each one of the comments that were left. They were all so good and helped me envision the changes that must be made to my poor bookcase. Just haven't had time to play around with them all yet....but am looking forward to it! :) And then I'll share that with you'all too!



    PS Your glass of wine is waiting.....

  16. Oh...if only....Please tell me there is a cool breeze blowing there...too hot here to even drink a glass of wine..Just dropped the 3 mini-misses off and taking a quick computer break before I GET AT IT..Lordy, it never ends, does it? ..Love you, sweet lady...Diana

  17. There's just a tiny breeze, and it is a tad cooler now, Diana. Hope it is by you, too!

    I just put a lot of ice in my wine (yeah, yeah, I know that's a no-no but I like it!), and save the rest of the ice for my toes!

    Love ya too, D!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  18. I love the baskets but the jars are to low. Try replacing one of them with a taller one and fill it one quarter full of beans with a white shell inside it. I don't care for the pink flowers. I think an off white flower of the same variety. Just a thought. Jan P.

  19. Jan - you should see the study now. It's all so very different! lol! I think I change the vignettes in there about twice per season. :) Thanks for your great advice, though!


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