Sunday, March 2, 2014

The PJ Barista

As I sat here clicking away on my new computer

(which I am loving, by the way,
 because it's so clean and shiny and the keys seem to bounce under my flying fingers),

I realized that my week away from Facebook and blogging...
although a wee bit uncomfortable at times...
was really quite therapeutic.

While watching more and more snow fall outside my windows,
I sorted through the growing pile of magazines in the basket next to the loveseat,
tackled a bit more spring cleaning,
made another dream catcher,
 had a new crown put on one of my molars,
baked more Donut muffins,
and I watched the renovation of our barn.
[Yes, more about that next week.] 

Funny how those muffins disappeared so quickly....?

But they went so well with all of the coffee we've been drinking.
Lots of really delicious coffee.

Now, first off, let me say this:
  I normally do not participate in any reviews or sponsorships or anything like that here.
My blog is about life at Heaven's Walk.

But when I was contacted and asked to review the
I couldn't resist.

Coffee is an important part of life here in this old farmhouse.
It's a staple.
We love the smell of it.
We love the taste of it.
My husband and I both start each day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.
He drinks it while watching the morning news.
I sip it as I put on my make-up and do my hair.
His is strong and black with just a touch of cream.
Mine is sweetly flavored like a latte or cappucino.
(Yes, I'm a flavored coffee-lover.)

We drink it in the morning.
We carry mugs of it while running errands in town.
We buy cups of specialty coffee at The Missions Cafe at church. 
I may even have a cup in the afternoon.
And during cool nights on the back porch,
there is nothing better than cupping your hands around a mug of hot, rich coffee
while watching deer wander through the property as the moon comes up.
(Kahlua or Bailey's Irish Cream may play a small part in this event also.)

Our current coffee pot has much to be desired.
It seems like no matter what brand or type I bring home,
it makes lousy coffee.
I hear my husband mumbling and grumbling about how slow it is and how the coffee tastes like something from the bottom of a pond.
I have to agree
(which is probably why I dump so much creamer in mine).

We love it!

The Verismo arrived with a little Welcome Packet and numerous coffee pods.

I ordered my Verismo in the Champagne color. It's available in black and red, also.

I was also given a box of coffee pods in the House Blend.

I could hardly wait to try it out! 

It was so easy to use.  
I just filled the one liter water tank,
plugged it in,
dropped in my pod,
and pushed the buttons.
It can make espresso or coffee, and even has a function that internally whips the milk for
fancier drinks like an Americano or my favorite creamy latte.
And because all of these drinks are made with the pods,
there is no guesswork.

Easy on the brain...right?
Which is nice for those of us who don't like to think too much in the morning ~
as we wait impatiently in our pjs for the coffeemaker to drip,
and drip...and drip...and drip.

 The aroma was instantly fabulous,
and I was holding that fresh cup of coffee within seconds!

Oh...and just for this prairie girl who is a tad bit OCD?
It's simple to clean with an integrated rinse feature
and a built in pod removal system that stores up to 10 pods for disposal.
Very cool.

Let me tell you...
the coffee tastes like heaven on earth.
Like you just stepped into a Starbucks cafe.
Rich and robust and vibrant.
Just like an original Starbucks.
They offer seasonal flavors during the year, too.

Do you realize what that means, my friends??

I'll be able to have my all-time favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte
while standing in the kitchen
 in my pjs.

Yeah.....I like that.
A lot.

Life is good here in this old house ~
with my our new favorite coffee system.

The drawbacks, you ask?
If we'd change one thing, we would lower the price of a box of pods...
(and maybe offer the Verismo in a creamy white color?)

Oh, and thank you, Staples!
I have acquired a new name.

"The PJ Barista".

~  Euchariesteo  ~

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Disclosure: I was given this Verismo Coffee System from Staples and a box of House Blend coffee pods to review. 
All opinions are 100% mine.
Thank you, Staples!


  1. mmmmmm. it smells lovely right through the screen, laurie.


  2. Laurie,
    I adore Starbucks Veranda Blonde in my Kerig, my husband is all about enjoying French press coffee which is truly my favorite when we are both having coffee. My brother a couple of years ago spent hundreds on a Cona which is a vacumn process and great theatre for when you have company. But honestly Laurie ... You go girl, getting this Starbucks and pods free but I'm thinking, yeah pretty convinced I'll be buying one in Champagne color very soon.
    Can't wait to see your new renovations, but hey Laurie... Pretty, pretty please share your donut muffins recipe!
    Another snow fall tonight into tomorrow, yikes 8-10 inches in Philly. Seriously so ready for Spring!

  3. Yum, I can smell the coffee from here! My oldest son works at Starbucks, he gets a lb. of free coffee (or tea) per week so I'll have to ask him if pods are included in that deal!

    I did FB for about 6 months, it wasn't my thing so I closed it down but Kyran and I just joined Instagram which I love! All the pics but none of the FB drama:)

    I can't wait to see your barn, I'm sure it'll be spectacular!!!

  4. How wonderful Laurie! Missed you thou! :) I can't wait to hear more about your barn renovation... one of my dreams is to have a white barn... Wish you a peaceful rest of Sunday and a week full of blessings! xoxo Vanessa

  5. Sometimes we need a little break from blogging, and such. Looks like your time off was very productive. Mmmmmm, coffee, and, muffins. Still planning that visit.

  6. Oh my gosh, those muffins look delish!... I want one right now with a big cup of that coffee!... glad you love your new coffeemaker... I start my day (early as you saw in my post) with a big cup of coffee... coffee just seems to relax me, no matter what time of day... I love now that it is getting nice enough here to take my morning cup out on the porch... your vintage rose china plates look so gorgeous all stacked up!... and how nice you got a brand new computer... life in your farmhouse sounds so sweet... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Coffee get my engine started every morning. It's been that way since I was in my teens. Until single-serving coffee systems, we have a Keurig, I thought the best coffee invention was the pause and pour feature ... remember having to wait till the whole pot finished dripping before you could pour a cup? Torture, I tell you!

    I second the request ... muffin recipe, please.

    Your barn renovation sounds exciting! We did our barn shortly after we moved here, and it is now straight and strong and ready to go for another hundred years.

  8. Wish I had the counterspace for a 3rd coffee maker! I do buy Starbucks K-cups. And you are right, the pods, K-cups need to be cheaper. xo

  9. That is so awesome Laurie! I do not drink coffee but hubby and all for of my kids devour it! And Starbucks it is because we get it for free from both our daughters who are baristas. My youngest is training to be a coffee master right now. My hubby did some reno work for a Sur La Table where he became friends with the manager and now gets items for free. So we have a fancy Breville coffee maker to brew our starbucks beans in. I drink the tazo tea that Starbucks sells. I think they even have pods for the tea too. Love the champagne color. So happy you got some good coffee now!!!

  10. How fun, Laurie. I can almost smell the coffee. xo Laura

  11. Enjoyed this post--now I want this coffee system!

  12. Another coffee lover here! I like mine hot with a good splash of cream. Since we bought our Kuerig I have to say I'm not to patient about waiting on a cafe of joe to brew..aren't we spoiled!

    What did we do before the social media revolution? It's amazing how much time it takes up in our lives.

  13. This has so many great features, Laurie, especially for storing those pods. I really don't like the canisters they have and even with a large basket or glass container, they don't hold many pods.

    We bought our Kuerig back when they first came out. The pods weren't even sold in grocery stores then. We had the single cup here in the city and the large at the lake. I told hubby they weren't right for us, we sip several cups in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. And we have a wonderful Bunn coffee maker that makes coffee in the time it takes you to turn the dishwasher on! But...I decided to bring out the old Kuerig I had stored away recently. I see the pods in the grocery store and even though they are more expensive, it really is premium coffee. And I love a cup of tea in the evening and I feel like a caveman making it in a kettle. I am going to keep a look out for this one and when it goes on sale, maybe splurge!! Thanks for the share!

    I was going to email you. I brought Country Style Gardens last week and there you were. I also saw some other bloggers I know of, Honest to God, Laurie, you had the prettiest gardens in the whole magazine. And your sweet personalty and gentle sense of humor came right through. I think you should expect a call from BH&G!!


  14. So do you get to keep this beauty free of charge ??? I am looking for a new Coffee Machine myself.My Mom owns a Keurig and we love it down at the beach.Drip coffee just isn't the same I must agree.I hate the waste of the pods and cost too.Though I must admit these kind of machines make the very best perfect cup of Coffee.I will be sure to go check this lovely one out.
    You were missed happy to have you back !

  15. Hi Dear,
    enjoy your coffee and your delicious muffins - they look hmmm hmmm great!
    A relaxing day

  16. I love good coffee thanks for the post. Love your dream catchers they are beautiful, just had to tell you.Smile!

  17. Hi Laurie, Oh how wonderful and perfect a hot cup of coffee is in the early morning hours or anytime for that matter. Your new coffee maker is fabulous in the champagne color. Sounds like a great system too. Your muffins look so scrumptious and the perfect compliment to the coffee. I am a flavored coffee girl also. French Vanilla is my favorite.
    Sounds like you are enjoying your new computer. I also have a new computer and love it for art and more with a touch screen.
    Love your beautiful pics. So nice you took a week break. We all need this from time to time and the energy spent in other directions is so therapeutic like you say.
    Have a special week, stay warm and be blessed.

  18. The sound of that machines sounds like a good idea. I'm currently using via to get my coffee kick. I might have to look into this. thanks for sharing always enjoy your posts -Carole at Garden Up green

  19. Yummy and beautiful!
    So happy you are enjoying it!
    I have the Keurig machine...bought it four years ago for my birthday. Lol
    Love it too! I use it everyday and save on buying coffee from shops.
    I bought the filter and I buy coffee in the can and put it in my filter cup!
    Love, love, love!
    I'll think I'll pour...I mean let my machine pour me another cup right now!
    Hugs sweet lady!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  20. Sweet! I'll be right over in my mis-matched pjs. :)

    I love that it's so simple to make a good cuppa. I'm still using my little French press. Some mornings, I'm too sleepy to be able to figure out how to use it - haha.

    Pretty photos & roses, Laurie. Have a happy one.

  21. great review, laurie:) i think i need to find the magazine jane mentioned--would love to see your garden write up! have a great week!

  22. There is nothing like a good cup of coffee. By the way I Love your dream catchers they are beautiful.

  23. There is nothing like a great cup of coffee. By the way I love your dream catchers they are beautiful.

  24. Wowwww like your new coffee machine.....we always drink Illy coffee and we like that...enjoy a happy week Ria...x !

  25. Great review. Nothing against the coffee maker but I would use other pods besides Starbucks-it doesn't have enough caffeine in it for me. I like the coffee maker very much.

  26. I havé the William Sonoma maker, and love this sweet size on the Starbucks, yes Laurie a creamy white one would suit all our needs :)
    As for your Internet break, I am sure it was a welcomed feeling when it's forced on you, yet being able to not feel guilty that your not keeping up with all of us is also refreshing. I can see that with your break you did not lose your blogging touch and you came back stronger then ever.
    Love your write up on the coffee/maker and I think you should go into commercial advertising its your calling with all that you so cleverly write about....Plus it draws us in and we are all convinced we need one too!

    Love the calm of the table dressed with your beauty, it really feels like Romantic Pairie Style here.

    Stop by to see what i created from two cast offs...

  27. Well how cool is that! I am not a coffee drinker (I'm a tea freak!), but it certainly looks wonderful! Good for you guys on your new toy!

  28. Looks yummy,but I dont love coffe,I'm tea woman :-))) My husband love cofee!!!
    Enjoy your day.Hugs!!!

  29. Loved this post and sent it to my daughter to read, and she loved it too, cause you are describing our family with the coffee...
    and she and I were just talking about that last Thursday night when she was here, so I died laughing when I read this............My hubby loves coffee and has turned us all into coffee lovers, the first thing he says when
    the kids come over is wants some coffee, and now the first thing our adult kids say when we go to their
    homes is you want some coffee...........cracks me up!!

    That is quite a snazzy coffee maker you have there, and know you will enjoy it. Now that was a great
    offer from staples. Have to say I was surprised it was from staples of all

    Blessings, Nellie

  30. you filled your bloggy break with lots of awesome ( except for the crown, giggle) I think my hubby would like that coffee machine. Big hugs and happy you are back. Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop ♥

  31. Hi Laurie,
    Returning... to let you know i picked up Country Style gardening magazine lat night, and your homes garden with the red barn off to the side is breathtakingly romantic in all is English country side glory.
    It's amazing grace is a garden home to love, I am sure spring is a joyous time for you when the snows are gone and the blooming takes place. To look forward to your garden is a heavens walk.

    I loved seeing Na da farms garden featured as well. You my friend are in beautiful company in this issue of Country Style Gardening magazine.

    It was a whole other side to the world of chic and shabby to live with
    Beauty is all around you.


    Darn that spell check...

  32. We do not have a Starbucks around here...thank goodness. I'd probably be broke buying coffee! I have one of those slow coffee makers that I wait bleary eyed each morning in my PJ's to finish spitting out my wake-up juice.

    Can't wait to see what is going on with the barn! Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week! ~Deborah

  33. Good grief, Laurie, your photos are just gorgeous! Not that I'm not impressed by the Starbucks contraption, but your photographs with all the gorgeous light...stunning! And your header. Just lovely.

  34. P.S. I'm your newest follower via GFC and Feedly! xo

  35. Oh yum...we love coffee at our house. And even better, is when someone (ok-me) bakes some goodies to with it! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  36. Hello my sweetie! So pretty and yummy photos :) I love muffins and coffee, too! Coffee is a part from my morning ritual and whipped cream on the top has to be! :) Love your roses, it´s perfect pink color. Enjoy your weekend, xoxo

  37. Hello my sweetie! So pretty and yummy photos :) I love muffins and coffee, too! Coffee is a part from my morning ritual and whipped cream on the top has to be! :) Love your roses, it´s perfect pink color. Enjoy your weekend, xoxo

  38. Haha! Coffee, pj's, trying to survive this Michigan winter, all my favorite things, those muffin's look amazing too!

  39. This looks wonderful - so happy for you and your new computer - I love mine! I drink coffee just as much - this looks amazing - I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  40. Laurie, the coffee and muffins look so good! I love having my coffee in the morning too. I usually make a latte on my Jura Capresso. Looks like you'll be having all those wonderful flavors Starbucks has. I'm jealous!!
    Your flowers are beautiful too!

  41. Yummy addition to the countertop.

  42. Looks like you made good use of your blogging down time Laurie. I know it is hard to do, but we all need a break from the blog routine occasionally. Loved your review too. xxx

  43. Sounds yummy! We splurged and bought a Premium Keurig machine last month and have going through pods like crazy. I've been buying them at a great price at Costco. Our machine came with a filter so that we can also use our own coffee or tea. Check to see if your Starbuck machine has an option like that for your model. I've been enjoying brewing Starbucks in my machine too. I love pumpkin latte.

  44. Love your post about your barn renovation... and although I love a cup of coffee in the morning I am sad that so many people are being lured into these waste producing coffee machines. I'd rather just tip my grinds into the compost bucket when I'm done (either by drip or french press) than add all those pods to landfill each week.

  45. Loved reading your post about the restoration of your old barn, your photos and journaling are worth reading. I enjoy a cup of coffee every morning, I am a latte girl, I heat a third of a mug of milk in the microwave and I use either a single cup drip filter or french press to brew a log black and add it to the hot milk, then toss the grinds into the compost bucket when I'm done. I'm disappointed that so many people are being lured to the pod type machines for convenience sake forgetting about the waste they are producing for landfill each week. Coffee grinds work well in the compost mix and help to nourish the earth.


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