Friday, March 21, 2014

Season of Grace

Month three.
 Cold, snowy evenings



give way to sun filled mornings and dripping icicles.

A new season.

A season for her to count whispered blessings.

And it was in this attitude of gratitude that she could feel the grace of it:
Yesterday … was our Lord’s grace.
Tomorrow… is our Lord willing.
Today… is our Lord’s gift —
which is why everyone, everywhere, calls right now the present.
 ~ Ann Voskamp

♥ Watching the first robin hopping through melting snow under brilliant blue skies.

♥ Hearing the pond bubbling happily and free of ice.

♥ Feeling weak-kneed, joyous gratitude for a clear MRI.

♥ Loving her messy, sunny studio.

♥ Grateful for a very large dream catcher order
for a sweet shop in North Carolina.

♥ Fingering soft fabric and yarns between her fingers.
Thinking back over the past six months.

♥ Playing with colorfully happy beads
while embracing a happy heart.

Her creation of a new Boho-prairie girl dream catcher.

Buying fresh roses for vases around the house.
Feeling so blessed.

Accepting humbled grace to see her gardens featured in a magazine.

You breathe different in a room when you know it’s not about the good you can accomplish but about the grace you can accept.
You breathe different through a season when you begin it by breathing in grace — 
when you begin it in a place just to be real. 
Only then can we begin to be changed this season into the realest versions of Grace Himself.
~Ann Voskamp

She smiles.
Breathes deeply.
Inhales peace.
Exhales joy.
Feeling blessed.

"...God is the strength of my heart
and my portion forever.”
Psalm 72

~  Eucharisteo  ~

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  1. Rejoicing with you, Laurie. So grateful for His mercies and answers to prayer.

  2. sending my love, so glad you have continued good news. I just read your last post on the barn...she looks beautiful, loving that perfect sign! Congratulations too, for the feature, I'll have to locate it!

  3. Dear Laurie,
    all the best for your and sunny days to melt the snow!

  4. Grace and beauty is bestowed upon you, prayers and blessings answered; the melting of snow filled land as your grounds peak through greeting you with a new season.
    Such wonderful news with your MRI being clear, and a barn gets a new lease on life, heavens walk is heavenly with or without a messy studio :)
    Congrats on the garden feature, (magazine) and congrats on that big dream catcher order.... Your hard work and passion for creating is favored.

    Beautiful quotes.


  5. Good news Laurie, love your new dream catcher.

  6. Good news Laurie, love your new dream catcher.

  7. That was beautiful - I believe those who experience the longest winters appreciate the warmer temperatures the most. Awesome Blessings! What magazine featured your gardens that's neat! -Carole

  8. Amen. Deep gratitude for His infinite mercies and abundant Grace.Giving thanks for your results and praying for my cousin Brenda.

  9. Beautiful post, Laurie! You just added sunshine to my day!

  10. So blessed happy for you, Laurie!
    Happy spring!

  11. I read this... and celebrate your joy and gratitude with you. Life is good, Laurie.

  12. I read this... and celebrate your joy and gratitude with you. Life is good, Laurie!

  13. Laurie I am grateful for hearing this news once again about your MRI.I have been keeping you in my prayers.What a gift you have for making those beautiful dream catchers <3 Congratulations on your feature,I bet you cannot wait to get back outdoors for a little gardening.We enjoyed a beautiful day here yesterday and it is back in to the 30's until the end of next week.

  14. Hi sweet friend,looove your workspace-its so beautiful space !!!!!!!! Your dreamcatcher is amazing-all !!!
    Have a nice day!!! Hugs!

  15. Hello sweetie... once again, I am so happy your MRI came back all fine... and yes indeed, you have so many wonderful things to be grateful for and I share in your joy... love your messy sunshiny studio and all of your stunning new dreamcatchers... I sent you an email last night asking how they were coming along... and I have looked at your beautiful feature in my garden magazine over and over again... congratulations to you!... so happy your snow is melting and Spring is making her way into Michigan for you... we have both been each others biggest supporters during this long, cold harsh winter as we each waited for an end in sight... at last it is here and your descriptions are truly beautiful... you and I are truly Summer girls!... love you sweet sister... xoxo Julie Marie

  16. wow I understand exactly how you feel, you are truly blessed, and congratulations on your order for making more dream nice.

  17. Oh Laurie,
    Such a beautiful post, but the best part was the MRI results. My Robin too has returned, yes after a horrid winter of waiting for Spring it is about to arrive.
    Sending blessings and happiness to you sweet one,

  18. Oh, this post touched near and dear! I first am just so very happy for you to get the good report from the MRI. I bought your magazine from Amazon, and simply fell in love with your pretty gardens! I also just adore the pretty Bojo wind and dream catchers you create. They are gorgeous! I love that you infuse them with your happy thoughts... And prayers. I'm with you on the joy of finding a Spring and robins waiting in the wings of this longer than usual, deep, cold winter. Hugs

  19. sweet post, laurie:) it's truly wonderful when life hits a comfortable balance-enjoy it all! mri results-priceless!

  20. WOW....your home is SO beautiful and Shabby Chic Prairie inspirational and magical I love Heavens Walk:)

  21. It's all good things, Laurie. Thank you so much for sharing these good events with us, especially regarding your health. All joyful occurrences just in time for. Spring! Hugs...Fay

  22. Such a beautiful post! I loved seeing your pond this time of year. Congrats on being featured in a magazine and congrats on being healthy again! It's good to be grateful for what you have and you have a lot to be grateful for.

  23. Laurie,
    What a joy to see your snow piles succom to the earth's needed moisture.
    The pond's awakening refreshing your inner spirit as does the living waters.
    Embrace the change in Seasons.
    Continued $uccess with your creative endeavors.
    Sping awakens new opportunities for both of us, dear friend!

  24. Lovely post as always, my dear friend! I love your home, you know it :-) Workspace looks absolutely inspiring! I adore your gorgeous dream catchers!!! I hope that warm and fresh spring weather will come soon to beautiful Heaven´s walk. Hugs to you, sweetie! Xx

  25. Lovely post as always, my dear friend! I love your home, you know it :-) Workspace looks absolutely inspiring! I adore your gorgeous dream catchers!!! I hope that warm and fresh spring weather will come soon to beautiful Heaven´s walk. Hugs to you, sweetie! Xx

  26. I am so happy to hear about your MRI results.....congrats on being such a beautiful person, who creates beautiful wind chimes, tilts gardens that spark the hearts of others, who write like the angels of heaven and who loves our lord with the greatest of passions. I am so glad to be "friends".

  27. Fabulously beautiful!!! And praise the Lord for a wonderful MRI result. Dear, although he have not met in person yet, I do feel like we have been friends for so long.... It's a blessing to get to know you! Congratulations on the magazine featuring. Thinking of you, and your family. Everything that the Lord gives to us has an intention to draw us even closer to Him. Dear, you're wonderful! Love xoxo Vanessa

  28. So happy to see so many blessings in your life, Laurie. You are so very deserving. xo Laura

  29. Such a lovely, grateful post, Laurie! So happy for your wonderful MRI news and congratulations for the magazine feature!

  30. Laurie, So happy for you and the good news. Your life is truly blessed. Love all your beautiful photos and seeing your creative dream catchers makes me smile. Happy Spring!

  31. So much to be thankful for. This is a blessed season. Continued blessings to a beautiful lady.

  32. Laurie, you are blessed wirh beauty, a gorgeous home, an incredible talent for style and design and amazing poetic talents! God bless you and I am so happy to see that you are on a "high road" to good health!

  33. What wonderful news - a clear MRI, a new order for dream catchers, and a robin braving the melting snow. Love Boho prairie girl!

  34. Hi Laurie, Thank God for your wonderful MRI report. This is such good news and a blessing. So many things to be thankful for each and everyday. Congrats on the mag feature. I just picked it up and it is beautiful. I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful gardens in my home state of Michigan.
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment. I'll be back home soon.

    Have a great week and sending hugs your way.

  35. Congratulations on your gardens being featured. I am also so glad you had good news with your Mir.

  36. How I love your spirit of optimism and gratitude, Laurie. So much good news! So many wonderful blessings from the angels! Life is good. Deeply happy for you. Susan

  37. Most definitely one breaths differently and more deeply when one accepts Grace into our lives. My gosh I have not been on your blog in a long time (took a hiatus from Linen & Verbena) but so glad that you are still the gentle soul I remember. Look forward to reading more.

  38. Wow... i feel like i just went on a beautiful journey of gratitude, creativity, and spirit... How magical and amazing is that...


  39. So thankful for your good report...and also thankful for these beautiful photos....just so soothing to scroll through them..
    Thanks for sharing w/ Twirl and Take a Bow~ ox

  40. feeling your joy sharing your joy and rejoicing in all of the good things happening for you. xo Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo

  41. Lovely news about a lovely person! Have a very blessed week, Laurie!

  42. Life is good Laurie. I feel so very blessed also. I bought the magazine and loved reading all about you my friend! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Congrats on the order and the good news!

  43. I am so happy and relieved to hear the good news Laurie! I have a very close friend whose news was not good and my heart is heavy for her, but I know God's grace is sufficient (so does she). She is already praising the Lord for what he is going to do in her through this coming trial. Blessings to you!

  44. My dear friend Laurie, brought tears to my eyes. I have delighted in sharing with you for a while - following and prayng with you on your journey - so delighted for your good medical report - and for the blessings coming your way - I am delighted to share your post will be featured in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  45. Congrats on the MRI news and the magazine!!!
    This would be terrific on my blog hop. Would you please come join the party?
    Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop
    Thanks much!! :)
    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique


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