Sunday, March 30, 2014


 is back by popular demand!

Do I hear a a chorus of "Woooot wooot!" out there?

Are you all doing the happy dance??

Yep. I thought so!

Due to hit the stands in May, 
this always-inspiring magazine boasts high quality paper and printing along with
144 pages of beautifully photographed stories and 9 fabulous homes from coast to coast and Canada.

Since I am your official tour guide,
want to take a peek inside....?

I want this blue door and green cabinet ~
and maybe the sofa.

Yes. Definitely the sofa.

just sayin'...

Sorry. Ok.  Back to our tour.

In this issue you will...

 fall under some prairie magic...

tag along on a spring time picnic...

meet some pioneer dreamers...

sigh over luscious blue...

 peek inside the pantry...

delight in sweet decor...

embark on a trip to the Louisana lowlands...

visit a ranch style home full of farmhouse charm...

take a walk through a vintage masterpiece...

get swept into a lovely New England home...

embrace some homespun Canadian sweetness...

and discover how Appalachia met California.

And there's even MORE prairie love to see inside!'s the scoop.

Quantities are LIMITED,
 so order quickly!

The next issue be published based on the sales of THIS issue. 
That's right, ladies.
If there aren't enough copies ordered online or purchased in stores, 
there may not be another PRAIRIE STYLE magazine.

So, order more than one!
Order a few and gift your friends!
Let's support Fifi and PRAIRIE STYLE magazine in any way we can!

Here's the link to place your orders:
Single orders are $9.99.   

Bulk orders are 10 copies or more and are $4.99 each. under the bulk orders tab.

Now, scoot!
 Go and order your copies right now! 

~  Eucharisteo  ~ 

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  1. Oh I must get two at least so we can have more !!! I am sure it's as fabulous as the last.Thx for the heads up

  2. LOVE this magazine and am so happy it's back!
    Hoping Mary Ellen will order some for the shop...I know I'll be getting a copy (or two)!!

  3. Major drooling going on here!!! Of course, I need to order this magazine. Thanks for the heads up!
    Mary Alice

  4. Hi sweetie pie... where did you get your copy already???... I have already pre~ordered mine... I ordered three of them... two for moi, and one that I will be sending Trish who won my giveaway of it a bit ago... I cannot WAIT to get my copy!... this has got to be my fav magazine of all, and of course darling Fifi makes it all so beautiful... oh, and I'll take one Ralph Lauren, s'il vous plaît .... tee hee hee... talk about easy on the eyes!... and I would love any of those beautiful rooms myself... I was hoping your farmhouse was in there too... it should be!... I remember what adorable Fifi said when her book Romantic Prairie Style was coming out... something to the effect of the more copies people buy, the more tuna her kitties get... okay... let's get those kitties some more tuna!... love you!... xoxo Moi

  5. Hey. My neighbor, Ralph, made this issue ~ he doesn't know who I am, but oh how we know who he is! :)

    Gorgeous issue. I'm on my way to order it.

    See ya, Laurie, and THANK YOU so much for the tour.

  6. Hi Laurie,
    I havé béen asked to post as well, come visit when you see my post, photos are different. Now what about that dark stone tile floor with the white sofas, and that Chest of Drawers turned butcher block preparation top. I am soooooo inspired by that piece. can't wait for my copies.


  7. What a lovely magazine, I have never heard of it before. This copy looks just beautiful. I'll have to check it out! :)

  8. gorgeous!--this is for me! thanks for sharing with us, laurie!

  9. Laurie,
    I am so going to purchase a copy! Beautiful.

  10. Oh, so inspiring! I can´t believe, that we don´t have this magazine in our country :-( Our magazines mix all styles to one and mostly they are about modern living, than Prairie or Vintage. I´m so thankful, for Bloglandia and beautiful blogs like your, sweetie! Have a nice days, hugs to you! Xx

  11. What a great looking magazine. Stunning pics. Not sure what part of Michigan you are in, but I lived in Flint for a couple years. I would love for you to share at the Bacon Time linky, if you have not already.

  12. Oh my I love the look of that mag !! Don't think it will be available over here though bah humbug etc ! I do have the book Prairie Style though which I love ! Gail x

  13. I was so thrilled to see this post from you, too, Laurie! Fifi is certainly getting the word out and it is a great word - ROMANTIC PRAIRIE'S BACK! You can definitely hear a woot woot from me loud and clear!

  14. What a beautiful magazine, thanks for the share, so happy I discovered your blog

  15. Laurie there are always so many great ideas, I cannot wait to get the issue!

    2014 Artists Series

  16. on my way to order a copy now ♥ Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop ♥

  17. i wasn't familiar with this and it looks like a magazine I would love. Thanks for introducing me to it and thanks for participating in the Thursday Blog Hop!

  18. Hello dearest!! How wonderful!!! How have you been? I hope you have been doing great and I love that this magazine is back! I have only the very first issue, would be lovely to have more. Dear, thanks for sharing with the link with us. Have a wonderful day! Love ~ Vanessa

  19. I've never seen this magazine; it mustn't be available in Australia! It looks divine!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  20. Eucharisteo, Laurie!
    My word for this season, perhaps year, is Thanks. The Noun.
    Gratitude surely begets joy, doesn't it?!
    Beautiful magazine, and I'm really loving the previous post too!

  21. Beautiful inspiration Laurie-love the magazine !!!! Have a nice weekend !
    xoxo Vicky

  22. The magazine looks gorgeous, and so inspirational!!
    LOVE the beautiful blues.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  23. Looks like a great magazine! Thanks for linking up with Take it on Tuesday! See you next time! ;)

  24. What an adorable magazine! So many great ideas!!!
    what you want it to say
    It was so fun to see this linked up at our party. Thanks much!! :)
    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  25. Looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  26. I can't believe how many of your blog posts i've missed! I didn't know about this! Are they out on the store shelves now! I want one!



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