Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tallboy in the Guest Room

After a new vintagey blue storage cabinet made her home in my studio recently...

I shook hands with a new guy living in the guest room.

He's tall and stately and masculine and oh so handsome.

The best part is that he was free.
Given to me by my beautiful, thoughtful niece.

He's definitely an older gent,
full of chips and marks and scratches and stains.
He's been around the block a few times.
But nothing that a little swipe of paint can't handle.

He even offers a sectioned drawer for socks.
What a guy.

He will receive a new coat of paint soon,
and I'll once again pull out the Crackle Tex
to age him a little more.

The current chips will be candle waxed so that they'll still be there when I distress it.
And I'm still deciding whether to paint the pulls or not.

Yes, he's a big gent,
and he takes up a bit more space than what I had anticipated.
But he is the perfect HIS to the HERS dresser across the room.

They make a sweet pair, don't they?

Speaking of pairs....
I have two dream catchers for sale.

I created this one with Rachel Ashwell's beautiful 'Overdyed Somerset' fabric.

And this one with white 'Somerset'.

Both are available to purchase.

~  Eucharisteo  ~

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  1. Aaaaaah so beautiful!! What a pretty tallboy! Love the little chips and dings, they add a lot of charm to it. Lovely room... dreamy... love the curtains hanging one on each rod. Peaceful... Would love to be a guest. :) Have a wonderful day, dear! xoxo Vanessa

  2. I love that you appreciate the older gentleman.

    I can't wait to see how you finish it.

  3. Laurie,
    Seriously? Free, tall and handsome??? OH, how lucky you are to have such a sweet niece. I see romance with your other dresser piece and I'm looking forward to his new beauty treatment! Enjoy the creative remake you will so beautifully do.

  4. i like him and his hardware too. there is just nothing like honoring something shabbylike and bringing it back to life.



  5. Love the tallboy. I am going in search for one in a couple of months for my guest/sewing room. Love your room and the dreamcatchers are so pretty.

  6. Dear Laurie you have created such lovely environment in your home--light and peacefulness....true signs of what a woman holds inside her... always a pleasure coming here


  7. I love the his and hers dressers. What a sweet room! The closet barn door is awesome! Your dreamcatchers are so beautiful--I so need to make one for myself. :)

  8. You must have a thing for older men, dearie.....good looking older men.
    I see some familiar looking RA pillow shams on the bed. My bed loves wearing the rose shams too. The reverse side has been showing here lately.
    can't wait to see the tall boy with the new paint job.

  9. Oh the new Mr. looks grand in his new spot ! I say no to painting the pulls, just me though. Always love your Dream Catchers the overdyed is my fav.~Blessings Sweet Lady

  10. ♥...Happy Valentine's Day ....♥...Love / Liefs♥♥♥ !!!

  11. He's a handsome guy and the dream catchers are lovely.

  12. He is definitely a keeper. And free? You LUCKY, LUCKY girl! :)
    Happy Valentine's Day, Laurie!

  13. Oh sweetie... I LOVE the new man in your life!... what a treasure... and free to boot!... can't wait to see your magic touch on him... oooh, I do hope you leave those fabulous pulls like they are though... too gorgeous to paint!... xoxo Julie Marie PS Your new dream catchers are beautiful... sigh...

  14. I love your old gent of furniture. We have a tallboy in our master that will be getting some paint treatment when we finish our room. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  15. Beautiful cabinet,your home is so dreamy place !!!! Pretty dreamcatchers-always love Somerset fabric-the white is so so pretty!!!
    Husg dear!xoxo

  16. This room is gorgeous with a lot of light in this room. Gorgeous pieces.


  17. He truly is a handsome one Laurie. A keeper for sure. I absolutely LOVE that room! SO pretty!
    Your dream catchers are always the prettiest!
    sending loving hugs for LOVE-DAY!...

  18. He is such a lovely old gentleman. Can't wait to see him spruced up. xo Laura

  19. I see you've been playing cupid in the guest room...they do make a perfect pair!

  20. Beautiful, and I love the dream catchers too! Have a great weekend! Dee :)

  21. love sandi's comment! the whole room is so charming, laurie, and he's not only handsome, i see glorious storage, too:)

  22. Laurie,
    Oh, dear friend...I do believe I saw your gent "wink" at the lovely lady across the way.
    I agree, a new coat of paint would truly, make him a quite proper "gent", indeed!!!
    What a thoughtful gift!
    Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  23. What a perfect pair Laurie. I personally would leave the pulls as they are to retain some originality in this older gent. Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  24. Pięknie u Ciebie:))
    Życzę miłego dnia!!
    Kasia, Rustykalny Dom

  25. They do make a perfect pair~ the room looks lovely!

    Do you think we will be out in our gardens soon ~ we are getting a snow storm right now though.


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  27. What a gorgeous 'catch'! I'm in love with this whole room :)

  28. Definitely a great looking pair ;)
    Love the whole room - so romantic and pretty. Hugs from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  29. What a beautiful couple. You inspired me to paint an odd cabinet in a soft blue and it turned out great. Thanks for all the inspiration. Come over to see the Blue Skies cabinet if you have the time.

  30. What a great piece Laurie! Your niece is so sweet. They make a happy couple. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  31. How pretty they both are...sorry the gent is 'handsome'. Gorgeous work. Love from Mimi

  32. HIs twin brother lives with me ( actually so does his wife and small baby ) - can't wait to see his makeover !!!

  33. Oh my what a gorgeous piece, love it and your room is stunning. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  34. Hi Laurie, Your guest room is gorgeous and so inviting. Your guests will want to stay forever. Love your tall boy and the beautiful way it fits so perfect in the room with the perfect mate.
    Love your pretty dream catchers too.

    I have been missing receiving your follow by email posts. Not seen any for so long so I signed up again. I sure did not forget you my dear. Just thought you did not have any new posts. I am so sorry and will catch up now.

    Have a blessed day.

  35. What a charming room!! And such pretty pictures!! Have a wonderful day!

  36. Oh i love your new dresser. I was just thinking how much i like the dark handles with the white paint when you said you weren't sure whether to paint them or not! Your house is so completely charming, every part of it, and your dream catchers are divine.


  37. Hi Laurie ...not surprised you fell in love with him ...totally irresistible ! your boudoir looks so inviting ...thanks for your lovely comments on my blog ...have a lovely weekend...Gail x

  38. Free rocks! But I don't know...I kinda like it the way it is. I am sure that a coat or two of paint will make that guy look fabulous, but it is pretty special the way it is now! Have fun with your makeover.

    Thanks for linking up to our Twirl and Take a Bow Party. Hope to see you again this Tuesday!

  39. Love your new gentleman! He's a beauty and makes the perfect color. If he were mine, I would not paint the hardware. Lovely like it is and gives it a nice contrast. Anxious to see it when you've added your touch to it.

  40. Your bedroom is so romantic and full of inspirational ideas!
    Really everything beautiful!!

  41. He's got class! Very beautiful!
    How thoughtful of your niece to think of you!
    They are a sweet pair ;)

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  42. I love this post so much! One of my favorite! I love your guest room, I really want to be your guest! :) It is very wonderful and dreamy place. Bed looks so cozy!!! And the somerset dreamcatcher is amazing, it´s my favorite fabric by RA... Oh, how I adore your style! You are so inspiring for me, hugs to you sweetie!

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