Sunday, October 31, 2010

~ Perching in My Soul ~

 Good morning, everyone!

Do you know Carole at Maynard Greenhouse?
She owns a wonderful garden center and gift shop in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. of those special little shops out east.
The ones you can lose yourself in for an entire day.

Well, I was searching for the perfect little bird for my vintage birdcage that stands in the corner of my kitchen. 
I couldn't find one I liked anywhere. 
They were either too plain, too glittery, or too colorful.

When Carole mentioned that she had some hand carved wood ones in her shop, she emailed me a couple photos
and I knew that one of those darling little creatures had come and live with me.
So, she happily sent one out.

It arrived in the mail beautifully wrapped along with a sweet note on a vintage card.

And this little wisp of a bird,
so beautifully carved by someones hands
was laying inside.

The workmanship was stunning. 
To think that someone took hours scraping and chipping at a tender block of wood to create her was amazing to me.
Such patience....

That little bird has chosen her shelter.  
Above it are the stars and the deep heaven of the worlds.
Yet she is rocking herself to sleep without caring for tomorrow's lodging,
calmly clinging to her little twig,
and leaving God to think for her.
-Martin Luther

She is adorable sitting in her new home, 
in the corner of the kitchen,
warm and safe,
silently watching the world go by
without a care in the world.

If you're looking for a sweet little bird for your vintage birdcage, check with Carole. 
She has a few more who need homes! 

Hope is the thing with feathers
that perches in the soul
and sings the tune without the words
and never sleeps at all.
-Emily Dickenson

{ Hugs and hope }!

~ laurie

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  1. What a beautiful little bird and she has found the perfect home! :) My grandpa carved little birds like that as well as ducks and owls and things. It was so amazing to watch him take a block of wood and make something so small and beautiful out of it. Thank you for sharing your perfect little bird and for bringing back wonderful memories for me with your sweet words.

  2. That little bird is just perfect! I think it will be quite happy living with such a sweet lady.

  3. How sweet is that!! Such work was done!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Laurie, what a cute little birdie for your lovely vintage bird cage!
    Your new header looks gorgeous!! I'll email you about how to make it a little bigger.
    Hope you had a Happy Halloween!!
    Hugs ~ Jo

  5. It's adorable Laurie...and so was the gift wrapping! Have a great Monday! ~Deb~

  6. How sweet. Your little bird is adorable and looks so happy in it's new home!

  7. Love the bird. I love all things to do with birds and fowl. "feathering the nest". :-)
    Thanks for sharing your treasure that adds new fluff and feather to your kitchen! Enjoyed reading Emily Dickenson's quote. One of my favorites! Love your pups.:-)

  8. Thanks for the tip. We recently picked up an old bird

  9. It is so delicate...just beautiful.

  10. Oh Laurie, how sweet! And ~ love your new header!!

  11. Hi Sweetpea! I love your little bird! She looks perfectly content to live in her new home. I wonder if she's related to mine..the little wooden finch that was in one of the cages I found at the vintage shop up here!?
    Your dining room looks so cozy and inviting Laurie....reminds me of the weekends spent at your lovely home.
    Love ya.

  12. Hi there Laurie, what a gorgeous, cute little bird! I love it, and it has a lovely new home with you! Hope you are well sweet girl!
    hugs, Laura c xxx

  13. hello laurie. what a lovely post and your little birdie is amazing. isn't it fun to receive a package with so much thought put into it?



  14. Your carved bird is just perfect in his new home. What a lovely addition to your birdcage and kitchen!

  15. I love to decorate with birds. I love how delicate that one looks and how perfect it is for your birdcage!

  16. Oh Laurie I was just coming over to see your latest post and saw this one of the little bird. It looks so good in your vintage birdcage and your photos are so ethereal.
    He's found a happy home with you and your family. I'm touched that you would mention me and say such lovely things.
    Hope you had a fun Halloween!

    big hugs,

  17. Hi Laurie,
    What a beautiful little bird!! It's just perfect!
    I'm so glad you found your way to my blog so I could find yours, it's just wonderful!! Thanks so much for becoming a new follower, it is a pleasure to meet you!
    Have a great night.

  18. Oh, Laurie - I just love your new bird friend! I did a post on several shops in Old Saybrook, CT last year - what a charming place to visit! I will have to check out Carole's site!... Donna

  19. She actually looks happy!
    I just found your blog...


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