Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~ Changing Seasons... ~

Happy White Wednesday to you!

For some reason, this past week, I've found myself walking around the house removing color from some of the rooms. 

Out went the aqua and pink
and in went soft gray, brown, neutrals, and of course - more white.

Maybe those pretty pastel colors represent spring and summer to me.
Maybe it's my way of bringing autumn inside for the season.
Or maybe it's because we're losing 20 minutes of daylight this next week here in Michigan.
I feel a desperate need to keep the brightness throughout my home during the long, cold, dark days ahead.

Hubby brought this sweet French inspired lamp home to me from a summer garage sale he stopped at.  It was a $3 bargain.
I think he's learning to have the eye for sweet treasures!

It was originally painted with flowers and had gold handles and base.
A couple coats of Heirloom White brought out it's sweet, curvy lines.

The Hanson scale in the kitchen was brought up from the bottom shelf of the buffet table and placed on top.

The little aqua lantern that hung here in my loo all summer was replaced by an IKEA pitcher...

...and the seashells in a old wooden bowl will stay throughout the season, garnished with a twig of white berries perhaps.

This beautiful vintage paper box was nabbed at the last antique market I went to in September.
It sits on top of an antique blanket chest that came home with us from an antique shop along the coast in Kennebunkport, Maine while attending a friend's wedding there many years ago.
I'm loving the warmth of the dark wood against the white linen duvet cover...

You will not find any bright crayon colors here at Heaven's Walk.
Even when decorating for Christmas, white will remain, with only silver and pale green being introduced into the decor.

"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat,
and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."
~Genesis 8:22  

Bright { hugs } to you this beautiful day....

~ laurie


  1. Again, beautiful vignettes. You have a peaceful way of decorating. I would have the urge to splat a huge splash of color to the white, which is exactly what I have done for the season but, your decor always calms and soothes. I love the antique blanket chest though. Really nice piece!

  2. Love your transitions...always beautiful!
    Hugs- Tete

  3. Like a breath of fresh air...love the lamp and at $3.00 it was such a steal!


  4. Oh I luv the base of the white lamp and also the primative box is a great find. Thanks for sharing....Julian

  5. Dear Laurie: Our days are getting shorter here in Ontario as well and the temperature is rapidly dropping. We try to hold onto any natural light we can during the coming months. Your whites are all so lovely and hubby did GREAT with your sweet lamp find! Wishing you a wonderful day!

  6. I know what you mean about the darkness in the winter months-our house feels like a cocoon. Most of my inside is decorated with dark antiques and we have a porch on the front and back which makes it feel even darker. Pretty post today!

  7. Oh Laurie...so lovely!! I would love to visit your home!

  8. Beautiful pieces Laurie!! I love the paper box that you got at the market! The lamp that your hubby picked up is perfect, how thoughtful is he!!! I am leaning more towards the lighter colors as well, pretty soon the sun will hide its lovely face for a while and I need something to brighten up my life!

  9. I'm loving all of your subtle fall color, miss Laurie! That vintage Hansen scale and wooden crate are fantastic!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday my friend!
    Hugs ~ Jo

  10. The colors are just lovely. I'm definitely more drawn to browns, neutrals, whites than pastel greens, blues... these do feel light and summery. Oh, those long cold days. Wish I could escape!

  11. I love how even when your are changing for the season you are staying with the lovely soft subtle colors. It works so beautifully. I adore the wooden box you brought home from Maine. I am also staying with the subtle colors because the days are so short in winter and the lighter shades help us extend our brighter moods. Very lovely post.

  12. Hi. I'm glad you've added New England to your bucket list. It is beautiful! You'll have to come check out the whites in New England I posted for white wednesday. Love your whites in your decor. So pretty!
    ~ Julie

  13. I really love all of your whites, Laurie1 Your lamp is gorgeous, hubby sure has a good eye for a bargain! I reluctantly put most of my sea shells away yesterday, and am gradually replacing them with fall decor. I don't like the shorter days here, either! :)

  14. What Beautiful Vignettes & Photos for this White Wednesday.... Thanks for sharing

  15. Oh, Laurie, I am so with you on lightening and brightening the house now that the darker, shorter days are ahead (not to mention the nasty cold weather)... I love that your hubby got you a lamp and it looks just beautiful painted white. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my recent STRESS post. I hope you have a beautiful weekend!... Donna

  16. Beautiful post and gorgeous pics today my sweet soul sista!
    I just finished posting about my lack of motivation to put out anymore fall decorations. I'm happy with what I've done so far, but doubt anything more will be added.
    Smooches going out to you!

  17. Laurie your new touches look fantastic!!! LOVE what you are doing! Happy Autumn!

    Big hugs ~

    :) T

  18. Hi Laurie, thank you for the nice compliments, I love the white mums too! And was so surprised to see them. They're usually in orange. Your post is stunning, I love , love the vintage box in wood. All of your vinettes are stunning, thanks again, tami

  19. Love your picts, Laurie! So-o peaceful. We have some of the same tastes in decorating....I am all about seashells! Thank you for your kind comments when visiting my blog.

  20. There is something about the dark rustic wood against the white I love it! love that paper box !

  21. I'm loving all your whites, and I so understand the need to embrace light as the sun fades. I have a tough time in winter. I'm glad you found me. I look forward to following you too!

  22. Hi Laurie... Beautiful, I am with you I want more white in the winter to brighten the world:-) Love the first photo of the hydrangeas... gorgeous!! I also love that you have recruited the husband to stop at garage sales!!! My husband likes to go with me, but for him to bring goodies home... would be amazing:-))
    Have a great day!

  23. Hey there Laurie! I'm back... just had to get me another looksy at that gorgeous vintage paper box! Oh yes, and that vintage scale... oooh la la... love them!
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit today my friend and your sweet comment about my home. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend girly, girl!!
    Hugs ~ Jo

  24. Dear Laurie...I love white, too, especially during the dark, winter months.

    Thank you SO MUCH for coming over to my blog and commenting tonight. It meant a lot to me. I love when you visit. Susan

  25. Hi laurie, What a beautiful lamp! $3.00. Wow your husband has good taste!All your whites are beautiful.....Kathy

  26. Beautiful vignettes, Laurie!
    Everything is so calm and lovely.


  27. Thank you for stopping by my blog! We too are loosing too much daylight here in ND! It has been very warm this week...but we know what is coming. Uffda! You have a lovely blog...great lamp! I need to remove stuff from my rooms...color or not, the junk has taken over. Probably a good thing garage sale season is ending here.

  28. my first visit, just beautiful. Charmaine

  29. Beautiful vignette. I noticed your scale and love it! I just purchased a vintage one with a turquoise face for my kitchen and I love it. Now, I'm seeing scales everywhere. Funny how that happens sometimes.



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