Monday, November 1, 2010

~ Love Lavender.....? ~

Did you hear the news?

My sweet, sweet friend, Jo at Secret Garden Cottage, is having a fabulous giveaway!

See all of those yummy lavender treasures on that chair?
They could be yours!
They're all from Maria's new shop at Dreamy Whites,
which will be hopefully opening in December!

So...what are you still doing here?

Hurry right over to Jo's blog right now ~


give her a hug for me, will you?  :)

(Thanks, Jo!!)


  1. Hmmm...knowing you and how much you love Lavender...I am surprised you even told anyone else about the give away...because I KNOW you want to win them for yourself. I suppose if I sign up AND win..I will have to forward everything to you because you told me about it...uh-huh...I know how your little game works, kiddo! Hugs- Diana

  2. You're such a sweetie, Laurie! Thanks so much for posting about my giveaway... that was quick!! Your such a good blogger friend... here's a BIG HUG right back to you!!
    Jo :)

  3. What a great giveaway! I also love Jo's blog. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I'm also doing a CSN giveaway if you want to sign up :)
    ~ Julie

  4. Hello thank you for join in my give away...nice blog you have !!...i do not see you as a follower something goes wrong??..........happy day..........warm hugs and love Ria....

  5. thanks for the tip!!

  6. I love your blog. Thank you for sharing, it has given me so much pleasure this morning.
    Annemarie Catania


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