Sunday, November 14, 2010

~ Refloofing: Kitchen - Part 1 ~

Bonjour, ma jolies!

If you read my last post, you know that I've been busily


and slacking no more.

Well, maybe just not as much....

I very much needed to make some changes in my house.
Small, affordable changes that would make a big, beautiful impact.
I very much wanted to feel like I'm living in a francais du ferme (French farmhouse) close to the sea.
Oui, etre intime!
The very first thing I did was change out out the striped, summery, beachy looking rugs for indoor/outdoor sisal rugs in a warm caramel color. They instantly provided a calm atmosphere to the room. Two new farmhouse lights, one over the kitchen table and one over the sink (that hubby so kindly hung last week after days of nagging by his loving wife) were the next additions.  I purchased them with my CSN gift certificate I won from Jo's (at Secret Garden Cottage) giveaway quite a while ago.  I was in such merchandise overload upon my first visit there, it took me this long to decide how to spend it!
(Thanks again, Jo!  xoxo)

So, following Jo's suggestions from her sweet email as closely as I could  
(see my post from November 12),
I tackled the kitchen first ~
  1. Removed the large mirror over the buffet table and placed the vintage gray shutters from the living room on top of the table. (I know - sounds weird and I thought that Jo was off her rocker, but wait til you see...)
  2.  Removed most of the bottles of flavored olive oils from the counter keeping only the ones used on a consistent basis.
  3. Added white ironstone pitcher filled with our wood cooking utensils next to a cute little vase with herb sprigs in it.
  4. Removed wood block knife set from counter (which hubby won't dare whine about - especially after I inform him what bacteria carriers they are!) and placed constantly used ones in a nearby drawer.
  5. Removed framed beach-chaise picture which will be replaced with a vintage wire hook rack (that I am actually making!) where some sweet things will hang from twine.
  6. Added AWESOME faux lavender discovered at "my second home" (Hobby Lobby) to French body pitcher. (You won't believe how realistic this stuff looks!)
  7. Added white ironstone bowl filled with green apples on buffet table next to the vintage scale.
  8. Removed valances from windows - which instantly brightened the room and emphasized our tall ceilings.                   wanted to see photos?
All righty then!

Here are a few BEFORES ~

Okay.....but no wow factor.

And here are the AFTERS ~

(Looking forward to hanging some vintage pages, seasonal decor or something from those shutters...Oh, and the brown pillows will eventually be grain sack pillows with a soft caramel stripe in them - which will just scream French farmhouse!)

(Should I move the shutters together.....?)

(Does this look real or what....?)

(Purchased the cute hanging soap dish at Farmhouse Wares,)

(I still may distress that little buffet table - or replace it with a vintage one.)

Small changes? 
Big impact? 

What did I learn from Jo?

1.  Don't be afraid to declutter and put things out of sight that aren't used frequently.
Less is more.
2.  Don't be afraid to just move things around from room to room.  I never would have thought to put those shutters on TOP of that buffet table, but it works.
3.  Use color-unified textures to create a serene feeling in a room.
4.  Look around your house to repurpose things you already have - and use them in a room that you wouldn't normally use or see them in.
(No, that does NOT mean that you put your clawfoot bathtub in the middle of the kitchen....unless you have some very friendly friends who aren't shy...)
5.  Be sure to incorporate nature into your home in some way.  It keeps things real!

As I continue to refluff, be sure to stay tuned for "Refloofing: Bathroom - Part 2".

Have you refloofed a room recently?

I'm joining Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday!

{ Etreinte } { Hugs }

~ laurie


  1. Your kitchen look's beautiful! I also luv the shutters they are a great find. Thank's for sharing....Julian

  2. Laurie, Your kitchen looks fantastic...And I do love the shutters. You could put some hooks on them. The lavender DOES look real. wow. Love the blue chair! :-) Thanks for sharing all the pretties in your house.

  3. Laurie looks great !!! you did a good job !!!....happy new week Ria...........

  4. Those small touches make a really big difference. I'm LOVING those shutters, Laurie. What a beautiful colour. They look brilliant on that table.

    You have your very own French farmhouse now!!


  5. Loving your Kitchen redo...very lovely. You mentioned about moving the shutters together - why dont you hang your sheet music inbetween? You could tea stain some for an aged look and hang them overlapping on the wall...just a though. Looks great though and you are right, the Lavender looks real!
    Ness xx

  6. looks grand love the Lavender i must look for some and the shutters..yes i would move them close together...or find a old window and place over table then shutters, hmmm liking that idea love your new lights i was just looking at them last night.

  7. It looks beautiful Laurie! I love the shutters there! It really adds height and color there. You can out something in between them or move them together and hang a a sheet music wreath too, so many things!! The Lavender looks so real, love it! What a cozy little kitchen! I can't wait to see your bathroom!!

  8. Your kitchen looks beautiful!! I love the lavender.


  9. it's beautiful laurie. i love the changes.



  10. Your changes look FABULOUS! I love that you did this very inexpensively. My personal favourite part ~ those gorgeous gray shutters! They bring height to your room! Wonderful makeover!!! xox

  11. I love the changes!!! It always feels SO good to get things done around the house that you have been wanting to do. Love those shutters! They look so nice how tall they are.

    xoxo Heather

  12. Ok- I didn't think you could make it better- but I love it! I love the new lights and rugs- the shutters- the whole thing is so stinkin cute!
    Enjoy the peace it offers and keep warm- Tete

  13. Your kitchen looks great! Love the chairs..., and the shutters seem to be made for that space!!!

  14. Simply gorgeous and oh so warming and french! I just love the colors and charming feel it has! Great job, missy!
    Hugs to you!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  15. I love your kitchen! The shutters are great.Enjoy the changes.


  16. Those shutters look great on the table Laurie! Everything looks wonderful!

  17. Great job girl! Everything looks beautiful! I LOVE those shutters... the color and patina are gorgeous!! I LOVE the vignette on the plate with the decanters and pitchers, too... B-E-A-utiful Laurie!
    I had a lot of fun decorating with you my friend... thanks for the invite!
    Jo :)

  18. you're right! WOW! I love what the shutters do there! they def bring the eye up & the color is soothing. Laurie, thank-you so much for posting before & after & teaching us how to make changes in our homes. so fun! xo

  19. Laurie- Kudos girl! It looks wonderful. It was cute as all get-out before too...but this is very clean and fresh looking. I love the shutters on the table. Did you try them together see how they would look? I love, love, love those shutters...and your light is great. I can almost smell that lavender. I can't wait to see your bathroom! Hugs-Diana

  20. I think your kitchen looks completely fabulous!! Love it:) The before and the after!!!

  21. I love your Kitchen!! I really agree with your less is best and I love the simplicity mixed with elegance! You have a very nice site and I will come back and check out your past posts, thanks so much for stopping by my place and your very kinds words!

  22. Your kitchen looks wonderful, your refloofing made something that looked wonderful even more beautiful! I love the shutters and your new soap dish! And less is definitely more!

    Kat :)

  23. Laurie, I love your refloofing - I love the lamps, the rugs, the shutters, and yes, the lavender looks fantastic! You have such a beautiful kitchen. I think I could spend the whole day in there if it were mine! haha... Donna


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