Friday, May 7, 2010

A Vintage Wardrobe Comes Home

Good morning, everyone!

On one of my bi-weekly jaunts to my friend's antique shop (which is situated waaay too close to my house to be safe for my finances, if you know what I mean), I was just poking around.  Not really looking for anything in particular.  There was always something new to discover there - furniture, glassware, linens, wicker pieces.  G made it a habit to attend as many antique and flea markets she possibly could to bring back vintage treasures to her shop (just for me, of course! wink*).

As I wandered out back the buildings along the drive, my eyes were drawn to a shadow deep in one corner.  I stepped around some tables and chairs, lamps and baskets was face to face with my new love.

I felt like hugging it.

There stood, in all of her worn, vintagey glory, was an antique wardrobe cabinet. Perfect to house the television set in our living room.

But would it fit?  We didn't have the largest living room around, ya know....

I stood there like a complete moron (glad that there was no one else out there), frozen in time, trying to picture this beautiful creature painted a creamy white (or was it calling out for a soft color?), standing in my living room.

I walked around it.  Touched it.  Stroked the worn, cracked wood, and wondered who the woman was who once owned it ages ago.  I swung open the doors with incredible filigree work on them.  Pulled the drawers open and shut.  Oooh'd and ahhhh'd over the original wooden casters on her feet and her shapely legs.  I shut the doors and marched back inside the shop to plunk down my money.

She was mine.

Hubby and I managed to get her safely into my SUV and unloaded in our garage on the big blue tarp that would be the mainstay for a couple weeks while I tenderly restored this wonderful treasure.  I sanded and glued and sanded some more.  Hubby reconstructed the interior for me - dismantling the drawers and creating one deep shelf to hold the TV.  I painted on a coat of primer.  She was now ready for a dress of paint.

A trip to the hardware store to collect paint chips later - I decided on a soft semi-gloss pistachio green (a soothing sea green!) by Benjamin Moore called "Sweet Caroline."  I like to use oil based paint on furniture. It doesn't seem to leave as many brush marks and give a nice, smooth finish.

After the two coats of paint were dry (I could barely contain my excitement!), we manhandling her into the living room through the front door moving her to the corner I had planned for her.

Nope.  Didn't like it there.  The doors wouldn't open all the way, so we took them off.

Nope.  Didn't like at all.  We moved her to another corner.  Nope. Didn't work there either.

After much eye rolling from Hubby and smirks back at him from me, we finally decided that there was only one place she was going to be happy.  Right next to the front door.  Yes!  She fit perfectly.


We set the television inside and hooked it up.  I shut her doors and we both stood back in the doorway of the living a couple of morons.

We smiled.  We were both in love.

Now, as we close things up every evening and Hubby heads up to bed after turning off the TV,I close her doors with a quiet 'click' - shutting out the world of technology and bringing our living room back to the 1890's.

Love that feeling.

And I still wonder who the woman was who owned her before --- and if she's smiling down on me from above, happy knowing that her beloved cabinet is being loved once more.....


Have a blessed day!

~ Laurie


  1. Love this post Laurie! You have a way of drawing someone in to the story with you. The treasure looks wonderful..especially with the sailboat on it!

  2. Thanks,sis! There's just something about taking pictures that makes me start thinking of a storyline.....What's up with THAT? LOL!

  3. Love it, love it!! There is a good reason to get a flat screen- it will fit in a hideaway cupboard. At present our big box sits at the side of the piano and we wheel it out when we want to use it.

  4. This turned out so pretty. I love it with the boat on top too! She looks like she fits perfectly in your house.


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