Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day Trip for Heaven's Walk

Good morning, sweet friends!

Heaven's Walk took a day trip during the weekend.  After church on Sunday morning, we packed a cooler, stuffed beach towels in our beach bag...

...and off we went.

Our local lake is large and beautiful, boasting 99 miles of shoreline
and up to 60 feet deep in some places. The water is always so clear and beautiful.

Homes dotting the shore are an interesting mix of three story mansions
landscaped to the hilt...

to large, historical homes
(this one being one of my favs because it sits right at water's edge and is painted a beautiful, faded sea green)...

to small, quaint, cozy cottages tucked in the trees
(like this one we've always had our eye on for our future beach cottage).

We actually tiptoed around this little treasure one day last summer, knowing that no one lived there.  We sighed and moaned as we peered in the old windows, picturing ourselves tearing down this wall, expanding that room, creating a open-air porch, sanding the original wood flooring, adding beachy white cabinets in kitchen surrounding a marble top island.... (sigh!)

We met the elderly owner one afternoon that same summer. He was a sweet old man spending his years happily in Arizona.  He actually invited us in and took us through the main floor of the house.  Ooohhh!  We loved it!  We could imagine ourselves living in that quaint little beach cottage...so we gave him our name and phone number and left with our fingers crossed. He said that he would "add our name to the list".

Ummmm.....THAT didn't sound very promising.  But we can still hope....

But back to our lake trip....
Quirky boathouses set proudly out in front of these lake cottages - each one built with it's own personality matching the house it guards.

This home sets majestically on the original stonework foundation. Just beautiful!

And then there's Al Capone's house (remember the mobster from years ago?) with the 'Crow's Nest' overlooking it's property.  Al's bodyguards used to live in the Crow's Nest to keep an eye out for trespassers. Lots of stories full of mystery and intrigue surround this historical home.

 And no one can pass by Bay Pointe Inn that nestles regally on the south shore of the lake, without a long gaze.  It's relatively new, the old, original inn being torn down which broke the heart of many local people.  It was just another slice of history to unfortunately disappear from this lake...

But everyone you know can be found at South Shore stores, where you can dock your boat to grab pizza, lattes, ice cream, or various sundries.

We beached the boat for a while at a small, quiet beach so that hubby could do a little fly fishing which he loves to do - and I love watching him.  There's something so elegant and calming about fly fishing...

After catching and releasing a few fish, we continued to motor by another favorite cottage of ours. It is a new home, but built with the wonderful old architectural details that many new homes now lack.

Beautiful farmhouse style home in a beautiful setting... 

Graceful sailboats silently floated by...

....followed by even more graceful swans....

We finally turned our sunburned faces toward home.

Always great to spend a day on the water in the warm sunshine spiffing up your tan and getting your vitamin D therapy...

but always soooo good to be back home again...

Here's to a day of vitamin D therapy for you!

{{ Hugs }} to you!

~ laurie


  1. Thank you for taking me on a lake tour with you Laurie. Very peaceful and relaxing. Can't wait for this weekend when I can do the same with my hubby.

  2. What a wonderful day! The homes each had their own character. I enjoyed the boat ride!!


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