Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ballerina skirts and lady slippers

Good morning, my Heaven's Walk friends ~

Do you remember as a child proudly announcing to your parents what you wanted to be when you grew up?  Teacher?  Chef?  Artist?

My dream was always to be a ballerina. I was mesmorized by the beautiful white flowing skirts that billowed and floated as the dancers leaped and twirled across the smooth wood floor, landing ever so lightly and without a sound. Their pirouettes and releves left me breathless.  Even the sound of the words that described their movements were beautiful to me.  Jette', adagio, arabesque, battement.  Sweet and feminine and romantic. I wanted their toned, shapely bodies.  Their perfectly arched necks and feminine hand movements right down to their fingertips.

(sigh!) Oh yes, I wanted to be a ballerina.

Today as I walked through my garden to gather some blooms for Heaven's Walk, I caught my white peonies pirouetting in the sun. Their pure white petals were large and silky and swayed in the breeze. Ballerina skirts...

I wanted to shrink myself down so that I could pull one of those flirty skirts over my hips and pirouette with them.

Their fragrance was intoxicating. They beckoned me.

I left them to dance their dance above their leaves of green.

As I rounded the corner of the garden, the Lady Slippers were hearing the garden music, too.  They were all lined up in perfect formation complete with their rose colored bell-shaped skirts and petite white slippers.They were dancing with the catmint.

They danced and whirled for me.

And I smiled.

Garden music heard by my ears only.  A private ballet witnessed by me alone.

No, my dream never did come true. But that little ballerina still lives inside of me, you know. Twirling on my toes in the sunshine with my head thrown back and my arms out wide.

And I am just as happy to be blessed with a ballet in my garden -
It's enough for me....

...for now...

Keep dancing.....

~ Laurie


  1. Oh Laurie...I'm telling should write a book. You're words are captivating! LUV the pics of your flowers! Beautiful!!

  2. Awwwww.....thanks, sis! :) XOXOXO


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