Monday, May 31, 2010

The Sound of Music

Good morning, heavenly friends!

I made a date with Murphy this morning.

Murphy's Oil Soap, that is.

 I love cleaning with that stuff.  Don't you? The smell is almost intoxicating to me. I have used it for years. The house always smells so warm, comforting and inviting afterward. Especially in the winter when the windows are always closed and the scent lingers for almost a week at a time. There's just something about that smell. Heavenly. I've always wondered why they've never made a scented candle from it....

(Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Call me crazy. Now you know that I don't have both oars in the water....)

But, as I was cleaning and mopping away - moving things out of the way to get waaay back in those nooks and crannies, 
I kept noticing the things in the house that I find myself swooning over - again and again. Things that I've placed around the house that mean a lot to hubby and me, that carry a boatload of memories.  Things that I'm so happy I discovered, uncovered, dug out, bargained over, bartered with....

...or stole.

(just kidding! don't get your knickers in a knot.)

But here they are --- a few of my favorite things at Heaven's Walk... 

(I do believe I hear Julie Andrews singing in the background.  lol!)

My vintage rockers on the deck...

....all my fav colors in one pillow next to my pale sea green linen pillow shams  
(not to mention the perfect pattern combo)...

...Yankee Candle in "Sun and Sand"... (seriously, it does smell like sun and sand!)

...a picture painted by my father years ago and I've treasured ever since...

...Ile De Tahiti coconut-vanilla lotion...

...a piece of driftwood twisted in all the right places picked up on an island in Florida...

...a small wire basket filled with shells next to an antique aqua Ball jar...

...our bed - simply dressed for summer...

...drifting off to sleep with an ocean-scented candle bowl filled with shells on the nightstand... summer pillow shams on the bed...(just plain yummy)

...a seashell doorstop...

...starfish on the pie safe hung with a piece of twine...
(thank you, Sarah at abeachcottage, for that charming idea!) 

...and JOY...

I'd love to hear what some of your favorite things are! 

"...I suddenly remember my favorite things....and then I don't feel soooo bad!"  lol!

Peace and joy to you at your little slice of heaven,

~ laurie


  1. Hi Laurie,
    I found you through Tia over at Cottage By The Sea. I ADORE Murphy's Oil soap too. I have used it for years and years and years. People will come into the house and ask what that fresh, clean smell is...and it has to be the Murphys. Well, either that or my just-washed hair.'s the Murphys.
    I see that you live in Michigan. UP or Lower Peninsula? I live on Green Bay but for several years we lived along Lake Michigan. I do miss it-it always felt like the ocean to me.
    I read back a couple of your posts..I, too, use the little "twinkle" lights. Have never used them in lanterns though-what an enchanting idea. Anyway, I am signing up as a follower- I am a "beach-side-loving-lady" too. and me and of wine and we'd have to raise our hands to get a turn to talk...this I know is true! Diana

  2. LOVE your post today Laurie! You have so many nice things, and you put them together so well.
    Yep...Murphy and me go way back.

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