Thursday, June 28, 2012

Captured Treasures


My radar was finely tuned to only certain items that whispered tousled, romantic, rustic elegance. Wandering the aisles at the antique market last Sunday under a hot and hazy sky that threatened rain at any given moment, I was continuing my attempt to be very selective about what I place in Heaven's Walk.

My first purchase was an Italian tole candlestick in a lovely olive green.
It had potential.
And it reminded me of the beautiful tole candlesticks that Rachel has in her beautiful new home that I've been coveting for a long time.

After a quick session with some spray paint...
it became a pure white piece of sculptural beauty

that found a home in the guest bedroom.

One of two new vintage glass lamps (a $3 steal) now graces the nightstand next to a small, pink mercury votive.

In the master bedroom,
 dreams of ballerinas dance quietly.

I couldn't pass up these vintage roses surrounded by a worn and chipped frame,

and hung them on the wall next to our bed.

Across the room, replacing the ladder,
is a vintage sconce with the most beautiful patina.
I nabbed it for $8.
It was missing a few bits and pieces,
but after being adorned with a little bling from my stash,
and awaiting a new candle sleeve...

she rests in a quiet corner above pink crochet and ruffles.

I fell in love with the roses on this sweet little mustache cup,

and the petite floral china that now sweetens up the kitchen table.

Romantic vintage treasures that captured my heart
and found a home here at Heaven's Walk.

~ Blessings ~

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  1. they captured MY heart as well! swoon-worthy finds (at swoon-worthy prices as well!) oh my...i can't pick a favorite! but I MUST say...i can not BELIEVE the transformation of the Italian tole candlestick. wow...LOVE!

  2. I love all of your new treasures. Your home is decorated so lovely!


  3. Beautiful vintage treasures! Love the painted candlestick!
    I collect and LOVE vintage linens and rose china! It's fun to mix and match. My favorite.... are those ballet slippers!
    Your photos are gorgeous! I had to take a second look!
    Will visit again soon.
    The Porcelain Rose

  4. Your room is lovely. Roses are my favorite. . .Great job!

  5. It alll is so so so beautiful !!! from

  6. Gorgeous candlestick and I love, love, love the ballerina shoes on the armoire.

  7. such lovely, lovely finds! i love just love toleware too. that sconce is so gorgeous! all looks so very pretty in your home :)

  8. So many lovely, sweet finds. You have impeccable taste for just the right accessories!
    Mary Alice

  9. I love that ruffled blue piece in your armoire, Laurie! With the ballet slippers hanging near by it is a very soft and romantic look. Love the sconce.

  10. The candle stick is much better white and the little rose painting is so cute.


  11. Beautiful, serene, classic. Now I feel like heading out to a few thrift stores. The pink floral china caught my eye.
    All the pink touches are lovely. And I don't really do pink! So, wow.

  12. This is a gorgeous post. I found it to be so peaceful. I love teacups I have a collection from my granmother, my mother and my own.


  13. Everything is so pretty and feminine and romantic. Love that simple old sconce.

  14. Hi Laurie...Loved all your vintage treasures. WOW! You really snagged some good ones. I recently came across a candle/vases centerpiece and will be posting on it soon. I also revamped! Take care. Susan

  15. Laurie,
    So many beautiful finds!Love that sweet roses portrait.And that mercury glass too.

  16. Laurie, Every thing is looking so sweet. I liked the candlestick both ways :):) The lamp was a great buy. Smiles, Susie

  17. I just love everything!! It's so gorgeous!Your bedroom is so pretty, and romantic.I love all the beautiful things you bought.


  18. I love your purchases, Laurie. Simple elegance. Your fine tuning is working. My focus has narrowed as well.

  19. Wow laurie, wish i could go shopping with you!! you found some gorgeous things, cant decide what I like the most! love the sconces!!!
    Laura xxx

  20. Love all the stuff you found--that rose thing painted white looks great! That framed rose print is beautiful too.

  21. Looks like you had a great day finding just the right things. I love everything. That was a great idea to spray that tole candleholder white. It's so elegant now.

  22. Love everything!!! I just found some dishes with roses on them, too!!
    It all looks perfect at Heaven's Walk, Laurie.
    The candlestick is perfect.

  23. Love your finds, Laurie! And that big comfy chair must be one of your favorite places!! Just lovely!!
    Hugs to you, sweetie!

  24. Yes, you were finely tuned to seek out such special treasures. All are so lovely: the lamp and candlestick are standouts!

    Thank you for the "welcome back". And thank you for sharing this lovely post at Potpourri Friday!

  25. These are all pretty stuff!! I love the green candle holder :)

  26. Well, it LOOKS gorgeous, Laurie. Love the little rose painting and the candle holder once you painted it white. Ummmm...mustache cup? Does Rog know that you are shaving?:>) xo Diana

  27. Oh so gorgeous Laurie, everything you found fits perfectly in your beautiful home!!
    I love the vintage scounce, and the price of $8 was fabulous!
    Hope you have a wonderful Friday.

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    I liked your blog and I personally invite you to join - The World's Free Collectors Zone.
    We will also be happy to cooperate with your blog such as adding its link to our site.
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  29. sweet candle holder, laurie:) the whole room is oozes charm, --i esp. love the patina on the wall sconce--great find! happy weekend!

  30. Please don't ever invite me to your home. 'Cause I wouldn't leave that room. Then you'd have to call the cops, I would have a record and would no longer be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a secret agent. You would feel bad and I would be sad. Hmm, where did I leave those meds...? :)

  31. Hi Laurie,
    Your spaces are all so lovely and serene - cozy and yet never cluttered. LOVE the sconce!

  32. What pretty romantic finds, Laurie. They all look perfect in your home.

  33. Everything is so lovely!!! Love the ballet slippers, your picture reminde3d me that I have my daughters ballet slippers packed away and I should bring them out and display them! Enjoyed my visit!!!

  34. Your home is absolutely beautiful! You have such a good eye for transforming things. I guess with leaves people thought that green was the way to go, but you made it so lovely. I love that sconce too! Thank you so much for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!!!

  35. Laurie,
    Lovely finds on a budget! I, too, like the challenge and "the thrill of the hunt" at the local Antique Mall! This post reminds me that I'm long over~due the indulgence of a day trip to seek out new treasures! I, too, have a collection of rose your newest print in the bedroom!

  36. Your new treasures are happy that you captured them...they fit perfectly in your beautiful home!

  37. I love the photo with the ballet slippers. Everything is beautiful as always.


  38. *Sigh* It makes me want to grab a good book and a glass of iced tea and kick off my shoes and spend a lazy afternoon there!

    Thanks for the inspiration today!

  39. Your photos are simply stunning!
    Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  40. Hi Laurie ~~ Everything is so stunning and beautiful. You are talented indeed.

    God Bless You,
    Pearl 13.1

  41. Sigh.... everything is so pretty at your house. Those are wonderful finds... it seems everything you touch becomes more beautiful. Those ballet slippers hanging from the armoire are a work of art...


  42. Laurie, it's like a piece of Heaven coming to your blog! It's so serene and beautiful! I love it! Your treasures are truly that-amazing! I love the candlestick! The shaving mug, ballet slippers and china pieces are wonderful!

  43. Laurie, everything is so tranquil and peaceful looking. I love all of the vintage treasures you brought to Heavens Walk. You have such an eye for just the right things to bring home. Great job and I love your bedroom. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  44. Such a gorgeous, beautiful, relaxing room. I love what you did with the candle holders, and the whole room is lovely.

  45. Hi Laurie~so funny I posted about Italian Tole this week also~I love all your new treasures and I can't believe those prices~I need to start shopping in Michigan!
    Have a wonderful week, xokathee

  46. Lovely, lovely, lovely - we have to be careful about what comes into our homes...our lives. Spray paint helps!! Love your post!!


  47. Everything looks so lovely!! Thanks for sharing at Romance on a dime!

  48. Beautiful! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  49. Laurie,

    Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Fourth!


  50. Hello Laurie, Your finds are gorgeous! We do have to look beyond the surface of the things we see and imagine their potential! I just love it all - especially the sweet ballerina slippers! Oh, and the rose painting - gorgeous! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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