Friday, June 24, 2011

Ladder Love

Old ladders inside a house.


What's UP with that?

(no pun intended)

When I saw my first one out in blogland this past winter,
I really loved the whole idea.
I knew that one would eventually have to come to live with me.

There was just something deliciously French, rustic, and farmhousey about the whole look.
Perfect for Heaven's Walk.

I had no idea where it would go,
what I would hang on it,
or where I would even find one.

But find one - I did.

Driving through a local town one autumn afternoon,
I passed by one of my favorite little antique shops.

Whipping my head over my shoulder as I drove by....
(it automatically does that when traveling by antique shops)

what do my wandering eyes did appear
but a handful of ladders
looking quite dear!

I stomped on the brakes, did a U-y into a parking spot,
and practically fell out of my SUV in my race to get to them
before someone else did
(although there was no one else in the place).

Unfortunately, that sweet ladder hung out in my garage all winter long.
I had grand ideas of painting and distressing it
and wanted to wait until spring to tackle that job outside
instead of flinging white paint all over the basement.

(I have never claimed to be neat painter...)

When I pulled it out of the corner of the garage a month ago
and gave it a good bath,
I wondered what it would look like in it's natural work-worn beauty.

(Ummm....more like I was too lazy to paint all those rungs....)

So, I hauled it upstairs 

(without knocking out any windows much to my relief)

and wandered from room to room
looking for the perfect corner for it.


After sticking my head into the linen closet
sending sheets and pillow cases flying
and toilet paper rolling down the hall,
I found the perfect treasure to hang on it.

A vintage crocheted edged pillow slip found at the Allegan Flea Market last year.

I think I'm in ladder-love.....

and am ignoring the man sleeping beside me who keeps asking,
"Why is there an old ladder in our bedroom...?"

Speaking of Allegan Flea Market,
there's been a little more floofing going on inside Heaven's Walk, too.

{Vintage looking wine carrier and bottles:  TJ Maxx}

{Vintage mini-birdbath: Antique shop in Florida}

We're having company very soon,
so the guest room has been primped and fluffed in preparation.

{I'll be looking for a new bench or table to replace that wicker chest at the foot of the bed, and maybe a new lamp...}

Debbie and her hubby are coming for the weekend
and we're hitting the Allegan Flea Market.
Woot woot!

And this time is going to be even more special
because we're going to meet our very first, very special, and very loved blog-friend ~
Michelle from Emerald Cove!

{Insert scream here}

If you haven't visited Debbie's or Michelle's blogs yet,
take a few minutes to stop in and say hi.
 If you love seaside inspired homes,
you will love your visit there.

And don't worry...

I'll have a bunch of photos for you from our crazy, flea market adventure.

Watch out Allegan! 
Here we come!

{ Hugs }

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  1. OK I have to laugh at your ladder story because check out my ladder story... and yes, there is a skeptical husband involved as well....
    Have a good evening!

  2. Love your old ladder. And the laddie sleeping beside you can't quite figure it out, huh? Imagine that! What do guys know anyway?

    On another note I am sooo jealous that you girls are all going together!!! I soo wanted to go..maybe later this summer or this Fall. Save some chat for me, will ya?

    Have fun...I know you will! xo Diana

  3. Oh, I'm feeling the ladder love too! It is perfectly shabby, no need to paint at all. I love its' final resting place with the found linens. I had to chuckle at your husband's reaction - mind would be the same!
    - Susan

  4. Oh, there's some ladder love over here in Oz too! I think the ladder looks perfect there with your georgeous cloth hanging over it and it's naturally paint enhanced patina.

  5. Mmmm I'm in ladder love too. That looks great in your bedroom, Laurie! I love your guest room too...what a perfect, cozy spot you've created there.

    I don't know Debbie, but I know Michelle and I'm so jealous that you get to meet her...she's such a sweetheart. Wish I could come ♥

  6. Love your ladder!! I had to giggle about your hubby asking why there was a ladder in the bedroom. I have a small one in my living room, but would love to find a bigger one. Hope you girls have alot of fun at the flea market!!

  7. Oh I love your ladder, Laurie! It looks great in your room. It adds such texture to the light colors. Great find!
    Becky C

  8. Love the ladder! It is in perfect condition! Looks great! I hope you have a great weekend with your guest -

  9. Of course you've gotta know I love the ladder! The pillowcase is the perfect touch. Love every picture I've ever seen of you house peaceful.
    Meant to reply about your comment on my blog about praying scripture. One way is simply look up the topic you want to pray about in For example, I used to struggle with feeling like something bad was going to happen, now I pray each day Prov. 15:15 "I will not give in to fear or evil foreboding, but I will have a glad heart resulting in a continual feast regardless of circumstances." I also use the book Prayers that Avail Much by Germaine Copeland. She's complied verses on many different topics...3 volumes worth, but now they have it all in one book.
    Sorry for the looonnng comment. Have fun with Debbie and Michele!

  10. Love it. I'm glad you left the paint on it. It gives it a nice patina. The pillow case is very pretty.

  11. love the ladder!! hubby's reaction is funny. MY ladder is at the end of a hallway, and i am just waiting for hubby to knock it over and then exclaim, "how long has that been there?". men.

    have fun with your bloggy friends and say "hi" to michelle for me.


  12. Your ladder is beautiful in the naturally found patinca! looks perfect in your room.

  13. I love your ladder and your beautiful pillow slip, it looks perfect right there in that corner!
    I hope you are enjoying yourselves today and hopefully you called ahead to Allegan to warn them!!! :D
    Can't wait for tomorrow!!!!

  14. Your ladder looks as though it was made for this spot. I like them in their natural state, don't you? Also, a very inviting guest bedroom indeed!

    Enjoy your weekend.


  15. i love the ladder and think you did the right thing leaving it in it's natural state. have fun meeting your new blog friend, i've had the pleasure of meeting several this year and it's been fabulous!



  16. Love this ladder Laurie! Your guest room is lovely too!

  17. Hi Laurie,
    I'm here from Michelle's to check out your blog and to wish you three a lovely day at the market today! Lovely ideas calming on a Sunday morning :)

  18. The ladder is awesome! I am your newest follower. Found you through my dear friend Michelle. I hope you all have a blast! Love your blog! I am at if you would like to say hi. Have a great day!


  19. Hi!I just love your ladder, just yesterday I posted about ideas for my bathroom and one of them was a ladder as a towel bar!!!! I need a ladder too!!!LOL Oh, and just tall hubby the ladder is by the window in case of fire!!! (I can't say that about my bathroom, there is no window!) LOL I know you will have a terrfic time at the flea market (I am so jealous!) with Debbie and Michelle, I don't know Debbie but Michelle is an absolute sweetheart! Have a Fantastic Flea Day!!!


  20. Love your blog!!! thanks for stop by and for your lovely comments!!!

  21. Oooh, your ladder looks simply beautiful. I really like the look of them too - I can totally see why you were seduced by the idea!! Well done for finding it!

    And how awesome that you're going to meet Michelle and Debbie! I'm jealous!!


  22. Ok girl friend, I too am in ladder love! I have my grandfathers and it was way to tall for inside the home, it has crusty old paint on it from the studios set designs and when he passed away no one saw vission in it but me! I hauled it home and there it lays on the side of the house :(

    I so need to get out there and cut it down to a much better size and bring it in to enjoy the memories it holds. (grandfather) was an art producer for (Paramount Studios Movie Production)
    That piece has been on many of famous movie sets and locations. I guess it is time to go ahead and cut it to size, you inspire me!!

    PS....Your guest will love your B&B

  23. Debbie and Michelle...all in one day! If I didn't like you so much I'd be jealous! Have lots and lots of fun...and please give Michelle a hug for me...she holds a special place in my heart!

  24. Love your ladder!!! Ya'll have FUN...look forward to pictures! :)

  25. Laurie I just came over from Michelle's. So happy you all were able to get together, I will look forward to the pics you have. What is better than meeting up with blog friends!

    Art by Karena

    I have a New, very fashionable Giveaway on my site! Come and enter!

  26. I love your ladder! It's gorgeous and a wonderful idea to hang vintage linens on. I too, had a big chuckle over your hubby wondering what the heck its purpose was...too funny. I've puzzled my husband more than once with some of my purchases:)

  27. I am in ladder love too! YOur choice is perfect as is the vintage pillowcase. Very french and etherial! Breathtaking!

  28. I want to stay in your guest room! It is so cottagie in all that white. Your ladder looks like it has been there forever. I just have to tell you how pretty you are!!!! I saw you on Michelle's blog and you are beautiful Laurie. Has your hair looks so long. Loved your outfit and white flip flops. too cute. ox

  29. Hi Laurie, thank you for visiting my blog. Lime wash is a watered down version of lime paint. This is a home made paint made with lime (naturally) water and casein or latex. Loads of recipes if you Google it. We use it and vary the pigments to obtain the colours we want. We live in an old limestone farmhouse and this type of paint allows the walls to breathe. It can be used inside and outside. We have also used limeplaster on the walls where it was crumbling off. Big job but getting there. Your home is just beautiful....I'm a little envious.

  30. Love this!!! Looks so peaceful. Beautiful!


    Pls visit me

  31. come I didn't notice this ladder in there?! Probably because we were searching for the phone cord.
    This really looks nice, Laurie. Too bad I didn't see it while there.duh.
    LOVE it!!!

  32. Woah. This post reminded me how much I love old ladders and how badly I want one for myself! Thanks for the new obessession :) It looks great!

  33. Hi Laurie, I love your ladder, and you found the perfect place for it! And the vintage linen makes it even better! Your guest room is lovely . . . would love to stay there.
    Beautiful decorating, Laurie!
    I have a ladder I'm also planning to bring inside lol.
    ~ Julie

  34. I just love your old ladder (and your funny story too)! It looks perfect where you have it! I think I may just want to go shopping with you one day! LOL :)

  35. Beautiful pictures!! Ahhhhh.........

  36. Totally LOVIN' that ladder...but then I see EVERYONE DOES!

    You are soooo talented my friend.

    Love, Rebecca

  37. Hi Laurie~
    I read about your visit with Michelle on her blog-- and then today I saw your post at White Wednesday... I don't know why, but I decided to click on Michelles link to go to her blog from yours and the link you have posted isn't to her blog it is to some other blog...just letting you know.

    By the way-- the pictures of your ladder and bedroom are lovely,
    nice to meet you and jealous you got to meet Michelle!

  38. Glad you joined the indoor ladder club! Aren't they fun?

  39. I love your ladder!And the pillow case is dreamy and really goes well with the whole look. I wanted to let you know that I featured it this week on my Top Ten Fav Picks. Have a great weekend, Mary :O)

  40. Ohh my goodness!! I adore your ladder Laurie!! How absolutely sweet and charming! You and Debbie meeting up with Michelle sounds like soooo much fun!! Can't wait to hear all about it!! Take lots of pics! Thanks for sharing at my party sweet friend! :)

  41. Your ladder is perfect just the way it is. Have a wonderful weekend.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  42. Uhhhh! I WANT I WANT!! That ladder is the most wonderful thing EVER. Thanks for sharing your sheer TREASURES! *wink* & a "WOOT"

  43. Deb is a sweetheart and I enjoyed reading about your adventures at the flea market. I'm following along now, too. Your ladder is perfect! I found a step ladder this weekend with great galvanized metal accents but not a spot of paint on it. I'm going to keep looking for a perfectly chippy one too.


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