Friday, June 17, 2011

Befores & Afters

The weather was so utterly summer-perfect here
a few days ago
that I took advantage of it ~

(bright, sunny, good-hair days have that affect on me)

plunking peonies in all sorts of pitchers
all around the house...

and filling the rooms with their sweet scent.

I also completed some projects I had on the back burner for a while.

Remember that old potting bench that I took home from our lake house 
so that I could make use of her here at the farmhouse?

This is what the old girl looked like for many years.
Poor thing.

Dressed in a new coat of white paint,
she's gracing the gardens in the back yard
and happily living the farm life now!

She's feeling much younger and prettier now.

We placed her next to the kennel
where I can talk to Maizie while I'm potting and crafting.

Project #1 ~ Completed!

On to Project #2...

Remember that tri-fold door that I nabbed at the Allegan Flea Market last summer
when Debbie and her hubby came down for a weekend
and we seemingly stuffed the entire market into the back of my SUV?

(We swore we could hear the back bumper dragging all the way home...)

This is what the door looked like when I brought it home.
(Debbie bought the twin.)

Pretty....but the curtains didn't do much for me.
They had a strange, old, yellowy cast to them,

and someone had used a heavy hand with the
antiquing glaze on the doors.

This is what it looked like dressed for Christmas
after I spray painted it with "Heirloom White"
and removed the curtains.

{Boxwood wreaths:  Farmhouse Wares}

But it just needed.....something...
something more.

Erin first blogged about "rustifying" chicken wire
with spray paint.
(I think it was Erin.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong!)

She used Rustoleum Multi-Colored Texture spray paint
in 'Autumn Brown'.

I decided that I needed a little rusty goodness in the living room.

It was an easy project.

Well....sort of.
I measured the openings in the doors.
Cut the chicken wire,
and spray painted it.

( you realize how hard it is to paint chicken wire?
Do you realize how much spray paint goes through the chicken wire?
Do you know that I now have really pretty rust-colored grass outside hubby's tool room?
Did you assume that I received more eye-rolling?
You'd be correct in that assumption.)

Anyway, after using three cans of paint,
I grunted and groaned and pulled and hauled those doors,
which are quite heavy and unwieldy I might add,
into the kitchen and laid them out on the floor.

{Yes, I would love to have wood floors in here because I don't like tile floors...}

Staple gun in hand,
I stapled away.

Then I grunted and groaned and pulled and hauled those doors
back into the living room

(miraculously without punching any holes in ceiling or walls),

stepped back


So much better!

It will give me a place to clip some old black and white photos of 
friends and family with some favorite vintage clothespins
that my friend, Amy at All Things Home, gave me.

Did I tell you how much I love that 'Autumn Brown' paint....?

Project #2 ~ Completed!

Project #3 ~ waiting in the wings.

Don't go far. 

I'm on a roll!

{ Hugs }

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  1. Wow, Laurie. Great job. The doors look great! You did well. Susan

  2. Hi Laurie,
    What a great makeover on the screen! I love the chicken wire, good choice...
    I'm in Love with your Pink Peonies!
    They look beautiful...
    All the Best,

  3. Love the peonies...and looks like your on a roll with projects. I remember when you bought the doors. Have a great weekend!!

  4. This whole post is eye candy! Oh I love the peonies, my favorite! I love the doors, the chicken wire is the perfect choice!

  5. WEll, I hope you don't roll down the hill out front and hurt yourself! You GO girl! Love your peonies that you have placed around the house...and really like the chicken wire. I suppose the neighbors are wondering why their chickens are running willy-nilly all over the yard and wondering who tore up their coop? That's okay-- just ply them with FatDog/DirtyBird wine and they will be as happy as clams! xo Diana

  6. Hi Laurie..I love what you have done with both pieces! Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Hi Laurie great that white pots bench...i really like...the three fold doors i like the most how you buy them sorry....but i think what you have done it is your style !!....lovely love

  8. Love the potting bench and the chicken wire on the dividers. Your peonies are beautiful too.

    Have a good weekend,


  9. Good for you for getting so much accomplished! You have a beautiful home. It is so serene. I have enjoyed my visit here today. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  10. Super cool! I used to use 3 colors to rust things, but that crazy old Walmart changed the primer color on me. It used to be a rusty red, then I used brown and black. Grab 2 and start spraying at the same time. Then switch one hand for another color and keep going until it looks right. Now they only have gray primer and it's not that great anymore. I could take a plastic pot and make it look like rusted iron.
    Love the chicken wire. I had bi-fold racks I made in the living room floor for my booths years ago and put chicekn wire in them. Love the look.
    You can also thumb tack a lace panel behind it and it looks cool.
    Eye rolling happened here this week, too.
    So, what else are you up to?
    Hugs- Tete

  11. Your peopnies are just beautiful! Don't you love the fragerance they bring into your home?

    Loving both your project makeovers and can't wait to see the third:-)

    Enjoy your warm summer days.


  12. I love what you did with the doors. Your photos and the peonies are beautiful.

  13. Wooaaa! those dividers look wonderful!!!!
    Love the chicken wire on them!
    That potting bench is huge! I have a feeling we'll be shopping for goodies to put on it next weekend.
    Getting excited!!!!

  14. Your doors look fantastic with the chicken wire. I love using chicken wire on projects like that. Can't wait to see what you hang up there.

    Also love your bench and I'm sure it loves living at the beautiful farmhouse.

    Thanks for the sweet shout out, my sweet friend.

  15. I can almost small your peonies from here, Laurie! They are just gorgeous! And wow, you sure have been busy with your makeovers! I love your potting bench redo, so much better now that it's "creamy dreamy white", as I like to call it:) And your doors are amazing! That Erin has all kinds of wonderful ideas, doesn't she? Even more amazing is that you didn't cut yourself on that chicken wire!! Oh, I love your idea of clipping old photos to the wire, that was one of the first things that came into my mind!!

  16. Love the chicken wire in the panels Laurie! have inspired me to get going this week on some projects! Hmmm...that could include my tan though!!

  17. Nice whites! The screens look terrific.

  18. The chicken wire doors are AMAZING!!!!! And I love the vintage soda crate! Coming over from Met Monday and a happy new follower!


  19. The peonies are just gorgeous. Love the screen too. First time to your blog, I'll have to bookmark and look around more often!
    Dropping by from Met Monday. I hope you'll come see the safari nursery.


  20. Love the chicken wire!!! I didn't know about the paint trick. Your peonies are beautiful!!!
    Have a beautiful week!!!

  21. Love the screen with the chicken wire...fantastic!

  22. I adore the chicken wire on there. Thought I loved the wreaths, but the chicken wire blows it away. Next time you paint chicken wire you'll have to buy a case of spray paint.

  23. Love the chicken wire! I would still add the little wreaths back... or not... either way... It turned out darling!


  24. Love all your pics and projects -- those tri-fold doors turned out fantastic!! Your peonies are gorgeous! I only have the white ones and I definitely want to plant some of the darker colors. Thanks for sharing all your hard work!

  25. Oh, those peonies are heavenly...they must make your house smell incredibe! Love the projects,esp the folding doors... you tell a good story!

  26. Love the all white look.. I to am from Mich. where are you at?

  27. Hi Laurie, Love your chix wire doors! Great job! and your potting bench. I just cut some pink peonies yesterday . . . love them too!
    Have a great day!
    ~ Julie

  28. Oh Laurie, everthing looks so good! Of course, I'm in love with the peonies, since they're one of my favorites. I think I might have to go over to my neighbors house today and talk her out of a few since hers are blooming :)

    LOVE your doors with the chicken wire too. That sure turned out cute. Can't wait to see project number three!

  29. Oh my goodness Laurie...where do I start with the super praises you deserve dear lady!!! You never seize to amaze me with your talent and perseverance. I love love love the screen transformation...totally brilliant. I may have to steal that idea from you (haha!).


  30. I thought the doors looked great as they were...that was UNTIL I saw how you transformed them!

  31. Love the chicken wire! That heirloom white freshens everything so nicely.

  32. oh, I love all you photos!!! that screen is gorgeous!!!!!

  33. I'm loving your farmhouse style! That potting bench looks wonderful painted white! (I thot the before looked pretty good too1) Wonderful screen! Wish it was mine!

  34. I just love your big ol' potting's so great! And your screen looks so good with the chicken wire...yep...I do believe your on a roll ;o)

  35. I love your blog and just became a new follower. Despite the trouble with the chicken wire, I LOVE your doors. And yes, any woman who has a man in the house has been subject to THE look that says your insame when you come up with these new projects. The hard workd was worth it for this project.

  36. What!! So THAT is where all the good things went last year from the flea market!! ;) I am in for a treat this Sunday watching the two of you stuff and shove treasures in the truck. :) I love your projects, they both turned out beautiful. I like how you left the potting bench legs the wood color and the chicken wire looks so pretty on the doors. You are so creative and I am now passing on the Energizer Bunny label to you my dear. :)
    Love your peonies as well, so cheery and so pretty. :)


  37. Wow you are going gang busters with your projects!! Love the bench redo and the divider doors. I would love to find a neat set like this!

  38. Lovely peonies, they look so charming. And you did a wonderful job with the trifold. Love how it looks.

  39. Love the screen! Everything is so fresh and clean and airy!

  40. Love all of your projects and the screen is by far my fave! I am also loving your peonies!!! Those are most favorite flowers of all time!

  41. Totally AWESOME! LOVE IT! ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! What a difference.

    You rock beautiful lady.


  42. YOur projects are wonderful! Each one has a french and airy feel.
    When you are done your list you can you come to my house and help me with mine?
    What a nice inspirational stop!

  43. those flowers are so pretty they almost don't look real. love your project. so charming:) you are on a roll.

  44. Thanks for your nice comment. Love your blog. I am a new follower.

  45. Really enjoyed seeing your creative charm come to life in your story and photos...those blooms are really something pretty! xoxo, traciie

  46. Laurie, you really are on a roll! First of all, I love the pictures of all your peonies in white pitchers around your house. There are really no flowers as beautiful as peonies, in my opinion. Your potting bench looks so good with the white top and the weathered wood legs. I also love your screen makeover with the chicken wire. You have been busy!


  47. Your peonies are gorgeous! Also, love the potting bench with a coat of white. Doesn't it come in handy? Mine is outside the kitchen door.

  48. Oh, Lauri! I can so see why you call this Heaven's Walk! Romance. Character. Beauty. Love it!! I'll be back! blessings ~ Tanna

  49. Laurie what delicious photos of the peonies! Also I'm a huge potting bench fan, I love old fashioned benches such as yours, it looks wonderful and just imagine all the creativity happening from now on with it. The tri folds look great too, those make nice stand in headboards for beds too if you tire of them in the living room, although I can't imagine you will. xxx

  50. Hi Laurie, I featured your post on my top ten this week at Boogieboard Cottage. I loved it, thank you for linking it! Have a great week, Mary :O)

  51. Ha, Laurie, you ARE on a roll! Fabulous job with the screen and the potter's bench. So creative! Hope you're having a delightful week.

  52. Hi Laurie, Thanks for stopping by oneshabbychick and leaving your lovely comment! I enjoyed checking out your before & afters... isn't it so satisfying to transform something good into something great?! Nice job! Happy Summer to you! ~ osc

  53. wow ~ i love both of your project!!! peonies are sooo pretty ~ love them!!

    just wanted to stop by and say thanks for commenting on our porch swing makeover ~ i really appreciate it!! the kind of paint sprayer we use is a graco spray station. it took a LOT of practice before it looked good, but still ended up saving time. the difficulties were probably because of the type of paint we used....customer service was very helpful!

  54. I luv the peonies in your post. They are very beautiful. And your potting bench turened out amazing. Have a good day....Julian

  55. First of you animals! Let's just get that out of the way before we start on everything else :). Great pictures and love everything you did!

  56. WAY TO GO CHICk-A-DEE!! First of all, my featured post was a potting table. #1 thing in common. #2 I have chicken wire in the back I'm ACHING to use on something like this! I've been wanting to do bi-fold for some time now. thanks for the inspiration! Can't wait to see what else you have going. WOOT WOOT!!

  57. Love the new look! It is amazing what some white paint can do! Everything looks great - and enjoy seeing your Peonies!
    Have a great week,

  58. I like the chicken wire much better ~ you did a wonderful job!

  59. Your flowers are just lovely--I have a soft spot for peonies! Love your screen makeover. The chicken wire is perfect. The hanging wreaths for Christmas were SO cute, though!

  60. Beautiful peonies, a favourite of mine and your doors look so good and add a touch of France to the room :) x

    oh and to answer your question, mine is French Lavender but English Lavender is best for drying.. Deb x

  61. Hi Laurie!! Oh my goodness your photos are absolutely gorgeous!! I adore your pink peonies~ how delightful and love the chicken wire door screen! Can't wait to see what else you have been up to! :) Hugs, Courtney

  62. Your peonies are so beautiful, love the pink. I think your doors turned out perfect.The chicken wire looks great on them .I am new to your blog, I love the name.
    Blessings, Sheila

  63. Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's! Must be the week for peonies!!!! that pink is so gorgeous! xoxo, tracie

  64. Beautiful transformation.... I simply loved how gorgeous the door looks with those chicken wire and the effect it creates! Your whole house looks so soothing and elegant with the whites and the pops of pinks and blues and even your garden from your previous post is so beautiful... especially your rose arbor and your perennial border...beautiful! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by. Loved reading your sweet comment. Have a wonderful weekend!~Poppy

  65. Great use of chicken wire. It will be so fun decorating throughout the year. I love the potting table. I've been looking for one myself at home. The one at work has such a mish mash of stuff on it. I wish I could pretty it up but its mostly functional.
    Always fun to visit you Laurie!!!


  66. Love the idea of the doors and old photos hung on it! and the bench.. I may just have to recreate one on my farm!!! I have fallen in love with it!

  67. Yes, yes! I was saying chicken wire and then I scrolled down and you did it! Fantastic! Love how they turned out. Thanks for linking it up to Home Sweet Home!

  68. Wow! You created a lot of beautiful things, the chicken wire is just the *perfect* touch!

    And isn't it just *amazing* what a little white paint can do? (o;


  69. What a transformation. It looks so pretty. Heirloom White is a favorite of mine too. I can't imagine painting chicken wire. I think wicker is difficult to paint! ox

  70. I am loving those doors and I also love your tile floor. Our back porch is tiled and it is my favorite floor in the whole house. Although...I am getting very close to ripping up the carpet in our bedroom and painting the floor white. I should do that to surprise hubby!! ROFL!!


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