Friday, June 10, 2011

Through the lens.....

Summer has finally and gratefully arrived here in Michigan!
We waited so long for her arrival.
She's come in like a lion.....

in heat!

We had another 92 degree day
with 73% humidity.

But you won't hear me complaining.
No, ma'am.

I spent the morning taking my sweet little 16 year old Sophie to the vet
to have a lump checked on her leg.

I had prayed over her very early this morning 
when I woke to find her in her usual spot ~
curled up against my chest.

(This is her "secret" sleeping spot.
She thinks no one can see her there....)

My prayers were answered with the diagnosis of a simple cyst.
Thank you, Lord!

The rest of the day was spent paying bills,
doing some paperwork for hubby,
and doing laundry....
grateful for the air conditioning.  

Before I headed outside to water my pots of heat-stressed flowers,
I grabbed my camera to share with you
what I see through the lens
at Heaven's Walk
on a beautiful summer day.

The first thing that greets my eyes every morning when I come down the stairs?

Sunlight spilling into the kitchen and filling it with light.

See that big frame on the side table?  It will soon be turned into a chalkboard.

The view from the French doors in our kitchen.

What I'm reading....when there's time.

Hubby's sister, brother-in-law, daughter, and a good friend
helped hubby and I at our lake house recently.
We worked for about 5 hours
cutting down trees,
pruning bushes,
cleaning ponds,
and doing some major landscape de-cluttering.

We have yearly renters right now,
but desperately want to sell it next spring.
It's almost like a monkey on our backs, you know?
The extra insurance, extra taxes, extra upkeep....
just too stressful.

Our timing was off when it came to trying to sell it four years ago...
right before the economy slid downhill.

So, we had to rent it out to help make ends meet.

View from the private road.

We lived in this house for 25 years and loved every minute of it.

View from the gazebo on the water side of the house.

So, if you know of anyone looking for a wonderful home on a lake
at a reasonable price...just holler.
I plan on dedicating an entire post about our lake house in the near future.

I decided to bring home my beloved, sturdy old potting bench that resided all these years
beneath the porch of the "shed" on our lot next to the lake house.

It needs a little TLC
(ok....alot of TLC) -
a good washing and
maybe a slap or two of white paint to protect it from the weather

and a few vintage clay pots to fill the shelf below and make it look pretty.

After we unloaded it,
I walked around the yard at Heaven's Walk
feeling grateful for this big, old farmhouse
settled in the middle of flowers, trees, and meadows...

I keep the vintage white wicker rockers covered until we have guests to help preserve them.

'Zehpirine Drouhin' is happily blooming.

feeling God's presence surround me...

in every tiny detail.
Robin, bluebird, and wren babies have all been raised at Heaven's Walk.
We also rescued an old birdhouse,
that's obviously seen better days ~
but still has the potential for more happy feathered families.

My sweet, departed mother-in-law used to serve her famous homemade biscuits in this old tin bowl.

"Enjoy stillness and quiet.
Appreciate His created beauty.
There is loveliness all around.
Choose to see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it.
Open your eyes to wonder.
Then create.
Make your own kind of beauty."

And I did.....

all through the lens of my camera.

What touched your heart through the lens today?

{ Hugs }

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  1. I love your home! I love your garden! Everything is so picture perfect but also feels so much like a home.

    Have a wonderfully happy and safe weekend.

  2. I love coming to your blog and seeing the beautiful posts. So glad to hear about Sophie and that it was not too serious. I just love your home that you will be selling soon. My Hubby and I are going to look for a home near a lake when he retires, but that will not be for another 10 years, that is if the economy ever gets better.

  3. Oh Laurie...what a beautiful post your house and garden are amazing so so beautiful...i really like what i see .....have a nice lovely weekend...enjoy the summer here

  4. Just HEAVENLY Laurie...yes, that sums it up!!!

  5. Hi Laurie,

    Your home is lovely and the gardens are thriving with the damp spring you have had. We have had a damp spring as well and another overcast day today. But this weather is good for the gardens!

    Thank you for your visit!!
    The spirea do smell so nice!

    May I ask you what is the lavender/blue flower? A vine? The picture before the robins nest in the spruce...
    All the Best,

  6. Your pics are just so lovely. I am envious of all the beautiful flowers...I guess I just don't put in enough time on my yard... someday.. : )
    & your kitchen looks so peaceful & inviting.

    (we bought a lake house this week in NW Mi. we are excited... it will be our new weekend place : )

  7. I'm in love with your blog, house and garden. I just moved to rural Missouri from the suburbs. Loving it. I just did a small post on my vegetable garden and my new house. Check it out. -LIZ

  8. Hi Laurie...I have to say that your home and gardens are quite literally heaven on earth. How lovely. It's hard to narrow down a favorite...but I'm going to have to go with the potting bench. I have wanted one for years but don't really have the perfect place. I'm going to have to think about that one again. Your peonies are stunning by the way. Have a restful weekend...~Ann

  9. That was a beautiful tour, Laurie. Your home and gardens are so gorgeous. I love all your flowers. I need to do a little sprucing up of my flower beds they're looking rather sad. I understand how you feel about your lake house too, I feel the same way about mine, like its draining us.

    I'm so glad your kitty is okay. At first I couldn't figure out where she was hiding in that one photo :)

  10. Wow!! your house is going to end up in a magazine yet!!!
    Your gardens are just heavenly, sis!
    Still lovin' that lake house of yours too.
    No wonder you are so happy with your's truly beautiful.
    Love you.

  11. Wow - Heaven's Walk looks so beautiful in the Spring. I just love it so much. And the vibrant green grass...and all the!!!

    And I can't wait to see more of your lake house. I know the feeling about the economy and real estate...but hang in there - I looks so nice I am sure someone will buy it. Thank goodness for Sophie - I am so glad that sweet precious calico is doing just fine. What a relief. Have a great weekend.

  12. Laurie I have serious Garden envy!! Your home and gardens are just beautiful. Love the potting bench as well. Thanks for the tour!

  13. Hi Laurie!;) Your home is gorgeous!
    thanks so much for your kind words about my decor. I purchased the french zinc pots at the White Flower Farmhouse website. The blog is Have a wonderful day~Hugs, Rachel

  14. I've so enjoyed strolling around with you today always make me feel so welcome!

  15. Oh my, it truly is a 'heaven's walk' while seeing your beloved home & garden through your lens. Thank you for sharing this beauty!
    Best of luck on selling your lake house. I'm sure an appreciate buyer will come along.
    Wish it could be me!
    - Susan

  16. Laurie, thank you for visiting my blog and your compliment warmed my heart! The light in the first picture of the kitchen table is amazing. The blue of the chairs looks ethereal! Heaven's Walk looks like a dream home-it must be to give up lakeside. I'm a new follower!

  17. Laurie-First off I am so glad that Sophie is okay and it is just a cyst. I haven't been able to bear the thought of getting another kitty since we lost Misty.

    Your place is so beautiful. I love your gardens and know how much work you have put into them. I still have not tackled our front garden..with working and gkids I have not made the time. I may even get out there and tackle it for a while this evening. I NEED to do it.

    I can just picture you and the oldboy sitting there having a glass of CRAZYCAT in the evenings!

    I hope you can sell your lake home in the Spring. We have decided to wait one more year before we put our place on the market too. Sales are horrible all over.

    Have a wonderful weekend...Hugs and love from your WI friend - Diana

  18. Hi Laurie...So happy kitty was okay. Loved the tour. You are a blessed, lucky woman! Loved the purple flowers...are they salvia? Everything looks absolutely beautiful. Susan

  19. Can I just say I LOVE your home...oh, and can I come for a visit? :)

  20. Your home is just breathtaking and is definitely
    a Heavens Walk.
    Glad kitty is ok.

  21. I love your home. Gorgeous, breath taking. Umm...can I come visit? seems dreamy. haha
    You asked about getting Cricut and if it is a good ivestment. YEs, absolutley. I use mine all the time and for everything. making cards, crafts and stenciling. I cut out my own vinyl. So worth the money.
    I think when I am stressed about something, I am going to stop by your blog and just look at your pictures. So relaxing, Wish I was there.

  22. You have such a beautiful home my friend, I loved seeing it through your eyes. :)
    Sophie makes me giggle, what a beauty and so cute that she hides under your covers like that. I am so glad that everything went well for her.
    I wish I could take that lake house off your hands and I hope that you are able to sell it soon. :)
    Hugs to you sweetie and only two more weeks!!

  23. Oh my Laurie your garden is gorgeous. I can see you really enjoy it.


  24. Hi Laurie..loving your pics. I have just taken some photos of my poincianna tree in flower..a beautiful winter bloomer!

  25. Hi Laurie!
    Your home and garden is SOO beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful comment you left me! :) I am so just getting started on my place, so that was very encouraging! I just filled up the bath tub with very hot water with the drop cloth slipcover, added a whole (yup!) small bottle of good old Clorox bleach & let it sit for 5 hours.. washed & did it again a couple days later, only I let it soak just 3 hours.. probably could've gone longer with that. I have to tell you how much I adore your profile photo.. you look a lot like my idol since I was a child - Olivia Newton-John - especially in the cheeks! You know I named my daughter after her. ;) I met ONJ in 1998, too!


  26. Hi Laurie,
    It truly does not get anymore beautifull then this :) You are so blessed to have Heaven all around you!

    I visit you and leave feeling full with love you show to all!

    Thank you my sweet perfect friend who encourages ones artful creations, you really make a big impack on the blog world, and always adding beauty in our hearts and lives :)

    I know I need to get over here more often, I have been crazy busy with my daughters schooling and her needs, I am working on getting my etsy full of unique salvage treasures, and my shop space, along with my clients who always need something :)
    Have to keep up with the economy staying a step ahead of it.

    I am blessed when you stop over leaving a comment to cheer on your way out!

    I am truly inspired by you!

  27. Your peaceful home is an inspiration to us all.
    Joyce M

  28. Beautiful set of photos... I enjoyed every one of them. Thank you.

    Rainey @ The Project Table

  29. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, Laurie. What a beautiful home you have and the care and attention to detail shows. Your peonies are lovely and the roses too. What a beautiful property. I hope you are able to sell your lake house. I can imagine the extra maintenance and costs are a burden in this economy. Have a blessed day.

  30. Beautiful pics and yo have such a wonderful home. Thanks again for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  31. Hi Laurie - I'm so happy to see glimpses of your life and home through your lens. You take such wonderful photos!

    Also, wanted to let you know that you won my giveaway so when you have time, email me your mailing address.

  32. your home is so lovely and welcoming. I just love your garden photos. I read Silver Boat and enjoyed it very much.

  33. It is always so beautiful here. Loved the tour today. We have rental property draining us. I do understand! I think many do. So glad the kitty is going to be okay. That picture with just the tail is absolutely precious.

  34. Oh Laurie,
    Your blog IS pure heaven!! WOW! And I hope your little kitty will be feeling better!!

  35. Hi Laurie, I am so glad that your Sophie is fine. She is a real cutie. Your farmhouse is gorgeous and I love your kitchen table. the blue and white in that room is so soft and lovely. Thanks for all the gorgeous pics of your beautiful roses. Such wonderful eye candy.

  36. Hi Laurie,
    Wow it is all so gorgeous here!! You are right we sahre the same gardeners heart, love all the colors!! Your house is gorgeous!
    I am so glad Sophie is well, I am sure that is a huge relief!!!
    I am also glad to know the Zeph rose will kick in one day, it has been slow to take hold. My pups are Italian Greyhounds (just like the big greyhounds but toy size) the pups are 7 lbs, I have four grown boys too:-))

  37. what a very lovely home and garden you have, such beautiful roses x

  38. Laurie, your gardens are just gorgeous....I am so envious. If I lived there I would never want to just seems so peaceful and serene. And Sophie is just adorable!
    Marianne :)

  39. Your farmhosue and garden are stunning...I hope you have a beautiful weekend Lauire!

  40. Oh truly have one of the most beautiful landscapes ever! When is Country Living coming by for a photo shoot??? :)
    I think I just did walk in heaven...thanks for sharing all your lovely photos!

  41. So pretty, everything is just so perfect :) You have a lovely world xx

  42. Oh, I love your garden! Such beautiful pictures.

  43. Oh, I love your garden! Such beautiful pictures.

  44. Everything about your home and garden really is like walking around heaven ( I would imagine). Thanks so much for the lovely photo tour - so dreamy and delightful.


  45. Hi Sis...I just came over to see all of your pretty flowers again. I LOVE coming here and walking through your yard.
    Love ya.

  46. Lovely! Both homes! I think your humidity must be good for your flowers-how lush everything is-here my flowers straggle along! Glad your kitty is ok too!


  47. Your cat is adorable. I love the picture of her with just her tail sticking out from under the covers. You have a beautiful house and garden. I love the look of your kitchen.

  48. So many beautiful pictures for us to admire. (I had to make sure I was one the same post :-) Your cat is precious and your gardens are wonderful!!!

  49. Thanks for linking this to Home Sweet Home!

  50. What a charming home you have & the gardens are gorgeous! so glad you shared at Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoox, tracie

  51. Thanks for the sweet comment in my blog. Btw, I'm admiring all your creativity here. Can you please share them with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. Hope to see you there at the party :)

    Btw, I also have a party called Market Your Biz & Giveaways every Tuesday. Please feel free to link up your etsy and giveaways :)

  52. Got up feeling a little funky this morning and then I saw your post....filled me with peace walking around your yard and home.


  53. Absolutely gorgeous post!! I adore this Laurie and your home is sooo charming amidst your gorgeous gardens and yard!! Hugs, Courtney


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