Friday, October 21, 2011

A Bluebird in a Myrtle Tree

I'll bet you're singing a Christmas song in your head now, aren't you?

Well, this title was better than the one I originally thought of:
"Bird in My Belfry"
( comments from the peanut gallery,
thank you very much).

Anyway, Rosemary at Ozma of Odds once again,
in her fairytale-like way,
had me falling head over heels for another beautiful project of hers. 
(I truly think we're kindred spirits. I love everything that she creates.)

She recently posted that in many of the photos in the Jeanne d'Arc magazines,
there was some type of topiary.

source: Pinterest

Small, tall, round, thin.
Oh, so very French.

source: Pinterest

It got me gazing around the rooms in this old JDA-inspired farmhouse.

It was lacking in greenery.
There was no topiary.

I made a quick trip to Michael's.

(I swear I could spend all day pushing my cart around in that store.
On second thought...
I think I could just live there and craft all day...)

I didn't make my topiary as beautifully lacy and glittery as Rosemary's,

source: Ozma of Odds

but after loosely following her tutorial
I'm loving my rustic little olive tree topiary.

It fits perfectly with my rustic French country farmhouse style.

While on my new greenery kick,
I did discover a couple of charming myrtle topiaries on Ebay.
One for the frantle in a little galvanized pot....

and one for the bedroom,

where I added a sweet little bluebird.

I love opening my eyes to see this every morning...

Almost feels like I'm waking up in a French bed & breakfast...

source: myfrenchcountryhome


{ Hugs }

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  1. Lovely photos and very pretty. I have two faux olive topiaries in storage in the basement (minus the olives that I took off). I may just have to bring them out. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. the olive topiary is perfect at the end of the cabinet. But, the one in your bedroom with the little bird is beautiful. Enjoyed browsing tonight at your beautiful blog - love your pictures.

  3. Hey..didn't you have a couple of topiary's on the kitchen sill this summer? The ones from the market?
    I LOVE the one in the bedroom with the bird...way too cool!

  4. Well, now that is a cute job of it...but I still think the title should have been BATS in The BELFRY! Or...Tips of Topiaries...or Birds In Bedrooms...should I go on?

    It adds a nice little bit of the comfort of home to your place, Laurie. I love the one in your kitchen. One night you will be sitting there sipping your CrazyDog/HuntingCat and you will think you are seeing real olives and eat the branches bare. That is what drinking THAT STUFF will do to you!

    I'll watch for you in Michaels! xo Diana

  5. Your topiary turned out great, I love the buckets they are in. The added bird is such a cute touch:)

  6. I love all of the topiaries. Sorry...spell check is telling me that is the wrong way to spell it! Love the one in your kitchen especially although the one with the bluebird is so very sweet!! I may have to get/make a few! lol!

    Have a great weekend, Laurie!


  7. Those look great, Laurie. I really love the olive topiary at the end of the cabinet. It feels very European :)

  8. Hi Laurie! All of your topiaries are sooo charming! And so is Rosemary's!! I love that they aren't overdone. Just fabulous in their simplicity!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. I love the idea of olive plant topiary! Thanks for sharing!
    The photos look dreamy.


  10. Loving your photos Laurie !! your rooms really look soooo French and beautiful and the word frantle hehehe yep I like it...gave me a good giggle. Have a great weekend !
    Gail x

  11. Artificial greens are right up my alley, and I love your olive topiary ... I may be making a trip to Michael's myself later. I had no idea there were imitation olives in the floral department. I'm usually too busy looking at the roses, of course.

    I love your house.

  12. Your rooms do look so pretty! I think I might be inspired to try and make an olive topiary for myself. I had seen the lovely ones Rosemary did but hers seemed like a lot of work! lol

  13. How nice to wake up to this sweet topiary and blue bird! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Laurie!

  14. Thanks for providing me with my dose of morning inspiration Laurie! That little birdie is just the sweetest touch and I adore those topiaries in the galvanized pots and soaking up all that JDA-inspired loveliness. xo ~Lili

  15. Dear Laura, I absolutely love your topiaries. I am going to make one for myself. I love getting inspired by all you lovely blog ladies. Smiles, Susie

  16. Hey there you!! I LOVE your topiaries! I am a topiary girl- going to have to keep my eye out for one like it! The bird is perfect in your bedroom one too- so cute!! I am always so inspired at Rosemary's blog too! :)

  17. They look great darling...i like the little bird.....enjoy a happy from

  18. Your topiaries turned out beautifully! My favorite is the olive plant. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments. I've enjoyed browsing yours. Following you now! :)

  19. They add romance! Your home is already beautiful, but the topiaries are so sweet!

  20. Looks great! Olive plants seem to have such a nice balance about them.

  21. Laurie, I love your topiaries and the rustic and galvanized buckets they are in. They look perfect in your French Country House.


  22. How pretty! Love that you added the little bird!

  23. Love your topiary, Lauren. The birdie is a great touch. I always love visiting Rosemary's (Ozma of Odds) blog. In addition to her inspiring photos and designs, she has a great name. lol

  24. Beautiful topiaries, Laurie! Your home is so lovely.

  25. They look beautiful my dear! I love where you placed them and that little bluebird is so sweet. :)
    Have a beautiful day!

  26. I love Rosemary's blog too... but I must say, you did a fabulous job on your topiaries. I feel a trip to Michaels coming on... ":o) Thank you so much for sharing!

  27. These are awesome!! I have GOT to try this project too. My heavens, your blog is so full of so much goodness, I have to try everything. You inspire me!!


    PS - I think I'm going to have to create a new Pinterest board and call it "Heaven's Walk Inspired Projects"

  28. Love the topiaries Laurie! As another Michigander living in an old Farmhouse....looks like another project I need to add to my list! You give me a lot of ideas and inspiration! Love your blog!

  29. I really want one of those topiaries, your say you got some on ebay? Do they ship live plants, I didn't know that? Love the olive one. Thanks for stopping by.

  30. Ooh-la-la Ma-ma, now I want me an olive tree! So chic ;)Thanks for the comment on my blog, I need a good laugh! HAHAHA!

  31. how sweet are those little trees of yours. love!

  32. Love the olive tree. Texture, color, height whats not to love right.

  33. That is just perfect! I so need to branch out (lol) and add more greenery in the house than I currently have. Thank you for the visit and the sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse! It means the world. And, yes, Camille keeps me on my toes. Hope you have a grand day. Toodles, Kathryn

  34. ...Laurie ~ you crack me up! ~ and yes, we are kindred spirits
    (do you live anywhere close to Ohio, i'll be moving there shortly ~ lol!!)
    i too, could live at Michael's, or at least come up with even more projects if i lived there for even just a week:)
    Adore how your topiary's turned out, one for every room! (told you it was addicting!)
    thank you for the shout out.
    xo, Rosemary

  35. As usual, I love everything you did. :)

  36. Very lovely!! I love the bluebird in the topiary! Perfect!

  37. I've noticed the same thing, and have topiary envy. Yours turned out beautifully! The photo of your bedroom windows took my breath away!

  38. Those are sweet! The little bird is a really cute touch. I love your photos, soft and sweet and so easy on the eyes!

  39. The olive tree fits perfectly! Love how greenery warms up the place, great choice!

  40. I really love your topiaries! those are beautiful and very JDL! Love that you can DYI them too!

  41. thanks a whole lot for adding another project to my never ending 'to do' list. :) Your photos are gorgeous and I love your containers!! Just wondering: why is it easier and faster to add a comment if my email address is on my profile? I am confused about that. xoxo Have a super wonderful weekend.

  42. I love your little Olive Tree! How sweet! I feel inspired to make a topiary for my home now. :)

  43. Your tree looks terrific and the little bird is such a sweet touch! I went to Michaels after branches too, but the didn't have any. Maybe Rosemary has tons of readers in my area that rushed out and bought them up! I like Jacqueline's comment about topiary envy! I have it too, so it must be "catching".

    I am delighted that you linked to Potpourri Friday! Many thanks!

  44. Topiaries are always so special to me. When our infant son died from SIDS we had 2 topiaries made with rosemary, white daises and blue & yellow flowers...they were absolutely beautiful.

    I also love to have a topiary out on the patio.

    Your photos are gorgeous and thanks for visiting my blog.


  45. I love the little bird!
    It was the perfect finishing touch! :)


  46. They are wonderful Laurie! Thank you for linking up with Home Sweet Home!


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