Saturday, October 1, 2011

Autumn's Arrival

Autumn has arrived at Heaven's Walk
with falling jeweled toned leaves,
falling temperatures,
and, of course....falling rain.

Just a tease of what is yet to come, I'm sure.
We're in Michigan after all.

But after a solid week of cold, miserable, blustery rains,
we were blessed by the weak warmth of sunshine today
and the promise of a week ahead of Indian Summer
with not a drop of rain predicted.


The sky is once again azure blue,
creating a gorgeous backdrop to the colorful trees outside my windows.
The winds have calmed from hurricane force,
and it's nice not to hear pelting rain on the rooftop.

So, since I was cooped up inside for the past seven days,
and since there is always something to here in this old farmhouse,
I tackled the disaster (that...ummm... I created) in my basement.

Now....I must tell you
that an area like this anywhere in my house


No place to walk.
No place to work!

(and no...I am not a hoarder...)

There were a handful of things that needed some ASCP love
so that I could get them back to Doster Emporium to sell.
So, I dove right in.

A couple of stools that were originally ugly blue with tweed cushions
repainted, stenciled, and reupholstered
with drop cloth...

This sweet door was a treasure I brought home from the antique market.  I fell for the awesome patina.    Can you blame me...?  You'll see it later in this post, so keep reading.  The awesome desk behind the door is my next project.

A vintage wooden frame
swiped with three neutral colors...

ASCP colors:  Country Grey, Old White, Paris Grey, and Dark wax

A sweet little plant stand...

ASCP colors:  Old White, Paris Grey, Clear wax

A primitive wooden shelf...

ASCP colors:  Country Grey

A fancy little shelf....

[errrmmmm....sorry for the blur....] ASCP colors: Paris Grey, Old White, Country Grey, Dark wax

and a boring bench/table turned into a lovely thing
with a little French script...

ASCP color: Country Grey, Clear Wax.  (See the 'before' in the 2nd photo.)

While all that paint was drying in the basement,
I did some autumnal floofing in the kitchen and living room ~
keeping everything very neutral and serene.

I want to bring in as much Jeanne d'Arc influence into my home as I possibly can.

Vintage desk lamp, wicker cloche, square galvanized pots:  Allegan Antique Market

Hobby Lobby orange pumpkins painted white.

Vintage books: Allegan Antique Market

Faux myrtle tree from Arcadia Silk Co. which I plunked into one of the galvanized pots and covered with moss.

Sign I made from an old piece of decking.

Here's that sweet door!

Alabaster lamp and old cement pot:  Allegan Antique Market

Vintage light fixture plate I turned into a candle holder:  Allegan Antique Market


I need to get outside and brave the cold temps
to store away the deck furniture,
clean out the pots of annuals,
empty the pond, vacuum it out, and refill it,

and of course,
 start blowing leaves...

my most favorite thing in the whole wide world.

[insert sarcasm, rolling eyes, and gagging here]

Maybe I'll pretend it's too cold
and just stay inside 

to do some more floofing....

{ Hugs }

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  1. Love all your new projects! At least you are getting something done...unlike here.
    If you wait long enough on those leaves, the snow will cover them up and you won't have to see them again until spring.

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww....silence.......breathes......
    what a beautiful things !!!..that sign .....grace is enough...i love it !!!....can you send it to Holand please? ??????????????????? and kisses for a happy

  3. Great project makeovers. Gorgeous photos too.

  4. Yes, it will be nice to have a week in Michigan with no rain. I was lucky and did my morning walk everyday before the rain hit. Love all the white pumpkins they are beautiful and fit in great with your style. The door is fabulous, great find.

  5. Love your mantle and that door is so awesome! If I found a door like that I would freak out and embarass my kids:)

  6. I love all your textures and whites! I'm moving in that direction as well...

  7. The door is quite a find. May I ask what
    ASCP colors stands for?

  8. H Laurie, I love everything, that door is just downright yummy! xoxo

  9. The door is just wonderful. I really love your dining area. So perfect in all of its neutrals!

  10. Your decorating style sure makes me miss my beach house. Love, love, love the white pumpkins! K

  11. Loving all of your fall floofing! Simple and serene and lovely...

  12. Oh this is all so lovely!!!!
    Beautiful transformation on that it!
    And the that you painted them white!!
    Oh you've been busy and the results are so gorgeous!!
    You make me giggle!!

    Deborah xoxo

  13. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love it all. You have such a nice decor. BTW, I have areas like that drive me insane too.

  14. Everything looks beautiful Laurie~ I LOVE the faded floral book! xoxo Rachel

  15. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE that door too!! I want all of those things in my house! Every. Single. One. :) The mantle with the window pane, frames and pumkin? Wonderful! Great job! Thanks again for the inspiration. Have a great weekend! xo, Reannah

  16. Simply gorgeous ! Very Jeanne d'Arc too I say ...thanks for including paint colours...the door is soooo desirable and fits right in behind your little table...honestly I'm not jealous...much ...haha...thanks for the inspiration.
    Gail xxx

  17. Laurie sei troppo simpatica! Sento che, se almeno vivessimo nello stesso continente, saremmo sicuramente grandi amiche! Stesse passioni! Stesso modo di vedere le cose!
    Mi fa impazzire la tua bench/table (cioè il tuo tavolino piccolo) Ma qui la scritta bellissima l'hai fatta a mano???
    Sei grandiosa! Sempre!
    Un abbraccio!

  18. Okay, I'm tired just reading've been so busy!! Everything looks so good, Laurie. Your dining and living rooms looks very Jeanne d'Arc. Love that door :)

  19. i really like your decor. drew me in with that awesome wicker cloche(i had my fingers crossed it wasn't a one of but alas all good things are) and wow that door. patina abounds.
    awesome. your latest follower.

  20. Your photos are beautiful Laurie! You sure got a lot done...hope that bug bites me soon! ha!

  21. Wow Laurie! You've been busy creating some beautiful transformations! Just love them all, but the grace is enough sign from are good!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  22. Hello beautiful sis!!! Look at all your treasures!! Alright there are few things in here that I don't remember you getting in Allegan, did you slip those past me? :) All you floofing looks so pretty and how in the world do you work in your basement girlie!!!!??? :) Do you paint suspended from the ceiling? LOL!! Love how the stools came out and I love love that little door of yours, so perfect!
    Have a wonderful evening!!
    Smugs to you!!

  23. So much beauty here Laurie!
    Love the door...
    Love the way the sun is shining in that room...
    Love the trapped pumpkin (hee hee)...
    I just love it all!

  24. I am right along with ya sista! Doin' alot of winterizing here :(
    I so LOVE your beautiful Floofing!!! So calm...don't be surprised if I show up on your doorstep someday for a piece of serenity! LOL

    Also, think of me when you are all a-leaf blowin', cause it's my oh-so-favorita thing to do as well. *whooo*

  25. You got right in and conquered some amazing projects Laurie. Way to go girl!!!!

  26. It all looks really pretty. I really like the plant stand and the bench!

  27. I am in a mess at our home and along way from getting it to look better, but we are redecorating and that is my excuse. Love your pictures.

  28. I vote for fluffing too - forget blowing leaves! If I lived in your gorgeous house with all your gorgeousness re-done stuff, I'm not sure I'd ever go outside :) Girl! Love it all! Thanks for sharing.

    Mary @ Redo 101

  29. Umm...did i just hear Indian Summer? Believe me you wouldn't want that.

    Beautiful house and photos :)

  30. Oh my, your home is beautiful! Love, love that door and the grace is enough sign on that perfectly chippy board. I ESPECIALLY love that picture of your looks VERY familiar, so glad I'm not alone :) Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  31. Wow.... everything looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the photos.


  32. Wow you got a lot done and they all look so beautiful. I love the elegant simplicity of your home. I'm a new follower!

  33. Oh my, your home looks beautiful! I love the old door and the dining area.

  34. Oh how lovely... Your home IS peaceful and serene... I could move right on in. :-)

    Warm blessings,

  35. Laurie,
    Love your style. So pretty and cozy @ the dame time!!

  36. That door is to die the white pumpkins!


  37. love love loving that door, laurie! what gorgeous images you've shared. hope you'll enter my giveaway:


  38. Simply beautiful! Love the old door!

  39. I love this post! Everything about it! And, I feel great that I just recently bought a galvanized pot extremely similar to yours (which has a pressed pattern in it) to use as a garbage can under my white vanity table in the bedroom!

    wendy (HerBallisticGarden)

  40. Hello! Thanks for sharing a thought. You have beautiful posts here and gorgeous pets! And about GIMP, it is a software for digital graphics like like Photoshop but free.


  41. Oh- I missed this post when we were traveling along. Love it all, my sweet friend. Do you know that you are an artist in your own right? You really have a good eye for things...maybe it has been developed with all that SloppyDog/SappyCat you've been drinking! (you didn't really think I was going to make nice for the whole comment, didya?;>) xo Diana

  42. I didn't remember I'd been here before until I got here! I love your style, Laurie!
    Thanks for coming over to Revisionary Life, and for taking time to leave a sweet comment!

  43. your new old pieces
    are looking lovely in
    their new coats of paint

    and your home
    gussied up for autumn
    is truly delightful

    thanks for sharing at fridays unfolded!


  44. A beautiful post! You are certainly getting the "Jeanne d' Arc" look! That's my favorite look as well. I love the vintage desk lamp and found one just like it a few weeks ago at Sweet Salvage in Phoenix but haven't found the right spot for it yet. Wish I had a mantel. Thanks for your sweet comment. I don't think the husbands will ever know!!

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Your projects are all wonderful and I think you are reaching your goal of Jeanne d'Arc influence in your home!

    Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday. I appreciation your participation!

  47. Your home is so lovely, Laurie...I love your beautiful fall decorations!

  48. Beautiful projects! I love how you used the Beautiful door, and the stool with the french script, love it! I'm a first time visitor for Funky Junks, Saturday Night Special

  49. Very Pretty~~I love your charming vintage door~~!
    Have a blessed weekend..thank you for stopping by my blog too!

    Kay Ellen

  50. All your projects turned out fabulous, love them all! Your door is amazing, I also have a thing for doors and have 4. Can't seem to resist them or vintage windows. Your rooms are fantastically beautiful!

  51. Oh, Laurie,
    I am in love with that door...and that shelf with the little pumpkins on it. What pretty things you collect! Thank you for linking up with Home Sweet Home!

  52. GORGEOUS French script bench...swoon...

  53. JAK'S memoryfactoryOctober 25, 2011 at 10:44 AM

    Oh I really love the windows, I tried to find some like this for YEARS!! Well, I hope I will find them some day here in Germany...
    lovely, lovely decorated!


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