Monday, October 10, 2011

Prince Charming, shaky knees, and peanut butter paint


I know you all don't want to hear this.

But I have been 


(My excuse for not getting back to reply to all of your lovely comments.)
Autumn always brings a truckload of outside chores that need to be accomplished
before the cold weather sets in.

And with the absolutely picture perfect Indian Summer weather we've been having for the past couple of weeks,
I've been able to accomplish a lot.

Needless to say....

I. am. exhausted.

Birdhouse clean-up duty was first on my list.
When I climbed up on the ladder with my trusty bend-nose pliers
to pull out the old nest from my favorite birdhouse along the woods,
this little guy popped out.
Prince Charming in disguise! 

He was clearly perturbed that I would have the gumption to wake him from his beauty sleep,
and slowly climbed out onto the side of the house using his sticky little toes to hang on.
He eventually made like a tightrope walker and traveled up a nearby branch 
to watch me finish my job.  

What a show-off....

Then it was on to painting the railing on the "widow's walk" above our front porch.

NOT my idea of a good time,
but it had to be done.

I had procrastinated long enough.
Like four years.
See how high up that baby is...?
My knees shake when I climb a 6' ladder.

Nine long, backbreaking hours later, I climbed back through the bedroom window
(the one on the left - which is the only way access to the walk).
The railing looked so much better.
Almost like new!
(However, don't bother asking me to paint that railing ever again.
A new PVC railing will be installed next time.)
Next on the agenda was painting the floor of that widow's walk.
(Another project I had been procrastinating on.
Like...ummmm... four years....)
The seamed metal roof was showing signs of rust.
So, Hubby gave me some special metal/tar paint he had stored in the barn.
Back out through the bedroom window I went.

I tell was like painting with peanut butter.

Thick (really thick) and gooey.
Difficult to spread.
A great workout for my arms, though.

Reaching for the 18" of roof that extended out past the railing was a real trick,
but after dragging myself back inside 4 hours later ~
another project was completed!
After waterproofing the back deck with my neighbor's help today,
Chore #4 - completed!
Oh, and see that huge, old maple tree on the left side of the porch?
That's coming down (finally!) the first part of November.
(i.e. - less leaves to blow...)

I think I need a vacation....
Oh, and I never showed you what I purchased at the last couple of antique markets I went to!
How about some tri-fold shabby shutters in need of a good cleaning and painting (after somebody obviously had a hayday with a paintball gun....)?

How about a beautifully restored vintage rotary telephone that works!

I've been yearning for one of these for many years.
It's the type that I grew up with as a child.
I adore dialing it and the sound it makes as the dial goes around.  :)
(Yeah...I'm easily entertained.)
Oh, and you should have seen Hubby the first time that sweet thing rang one morning.
I had to pry him off the ceiling fan.

Good night, all!
I'm off to bed to rest these weary bones...

{ Tired Hugs }

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  1. The frog is so cute, I just love him (or her). It sounds like you need a rest from all that work. I'm sure it is so rewarding to mark it off your to do list. The rail looks great. Love where you placed the shutter screen:)

  2. Wow Laurie, you climb up on ladders to paint outdoors? I am impressed. I barely can climb a step stool, without a paintbrush. xo

  3. Hi Laurie!! You have been busy gal! And hats off to you for painting that railing!! You go girl!! Your home is sooo pretty!!

    And that frog...tooo funny! That photo is now on one of my Pinterest boards!!

    Hugs to you and wishes for a great week!!

  4. Oh I remember those phones. I used to play with it when I was small. I miss that dialers.

    And you have a beautiful house :)


  5. You have more energy than I have on my best day! What a big job. It's a good feeling to know it;s done though, Isn't it?! Love the shot of your's very pretty!

    That frog is SO cute. I once cleaned out one of my birdhouses and a swarm of bees came buzzing out. It scared the pants off me. Be careful getting your face close to may not be Prince Charming in there!! ;-D


  6. Laurie- What did you do with all your spare time then? I mean~surely those few little "things to do" didn't take more than a day? Bwhahahaha...

    Isn't it fun to get all that stuff done and out of the way? I have been working on my garage projects today and will get some more done tomorrow, I hope...and then...some of the stuff I am just going to donate because I can't get it done before winter sets in.

    Love your shutters-they painted up beautifully. You have inspired me to paint our top railing outside the bayside door before Fall is done. or...YOU could come and do it for me? Just a thought!

    Hope you had a big ole dose of SappyKat/WimpyDog before you tottered off to bed! xo Diana

  7. It sure makes you feel good when you get those "been on the list too long" chores done, don't it? We always seem to have lots of things to get done before the snow flies too, but it's mainly leaf removal. Love the Shabby shutters and we also have a phone like yours. My daughter liked to play with it a few years ago. She got a kick out of it!

  8. Love the frog! Glad you are getting your outdoor chores done before winter sets in. I know exactly how you feel, we are doing the same around here.

    Thanks so much for linking up! xoxo, Clydia

  9. I want the phone!!!! You are so lucky that it works. Can't believe it works. We just discontinued our house phone service because we only use cell phones and weve been paying $40/mos for a phone service we never ever use. We don't even have a phone plugged into the wall. What a waste of money heh? Your home is so dreamy. I bet Fifi will pay you a visit one of these days to photograph it. I could never do all that work you did. I'm afraid of hts.! take care of yourself.

  10. i love that phone. when i was a little girl my parents had this vintage phone back then... and now it is really vintage. your pictures brought me back to my little girl days. & my son loved the pictures of the frog.

  11. What an entertaining post! Loved every word and all the delightful pictures... especially of "Prince Charming" Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to share with us!

  12. Laurie
    I love the phone I have one but it is pink, love the black. Awww and the froggy LOL Super glad you completed your projects, feels good!!


  13. Everything looks wonderful, sis! The shutters look great in front of the chimney!
    I love the pics of Prince Charming...did he try to kiss you?
    You must feel so good about getting that railing done.

  14. Oh my gosh, I think I would of been up the tree when that frog popped out. LOL. But it does always feel so good to get those things done. I do hope you got some rest from all that work.

  15. Now, that's how to get things done. Need you here when you are finished there.
    Love your prince, have a few myself and they do get a little cranky when you invade their space.
    I need to clean out the bird houses here.
    That aluminum paint goes on much easier with a cheap broom. Just pour, sweep it around and you are done. Be careful around the edges, it doesn't come off.
    You are going to miss the shade of that ole tree there, but if it were to come down in a storm in the middle of the night, it wouldn't be good.
    Love the shutters.
    So, what else are you going to get yourself into? Can't wait to see.

  16. Cute post Laurie!! Goodness that porch would be a lot of work to paint-but what a beautiful home you have!! LOVE the Porch and LOVE Prince Charming!! Soo cute!!! Thanks for your comment on my post today too :) Hugs, Courtney

  17. O work to hard darling......hahahah!! that frog is amazing !! also your painting work!! from

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  19. That little tree frog is adorable ... hanging out in the bird house like that!

    Girl, you should slow down because you're giving the rest of us a bad name. What if our husbands read this and expected US to accomplish as much as you have? How would your conscience rest knowing that you started something like that?

    There's just something about warm fall weather that gets our gears going, and a bit of panic, but the feeling of accomplishment is priceless. YOUR accomplishments are amazing ... and you are too!

  20. Che bella la tua casa Laurie, è la tipica casa americana! Sai che anche io ho un telefono come quello, funzionante... ma ci metto talmente tanto a comporre il numero che uso sempre il cordless! Comunque sono oggetti bellissimi e fanno arredamento!

  21. Your home is so beautiful Laurie. I have so much I need to paint outside too...our home is starting to look like the The Addams family lives

  22. You would be surprised how many people in blogland are cutting down their trees because they are tired of raking leaves and all i can think of is 'are you serious people'.....Is it a strong , healthy tree? Think what that old tree has been thru and survived? The storms, drought and still it stands and all you have to do is blow its leaves away in the fall........i don't get it ......i would love a tree like that.....Is it in danger of falling on your house? Ofcourse there are always reasons to have to cut it down...disease etc....but a huge old tree like that is incredible and getting rarer all the time. Please think twice...Hugs! deb

  23. That little guy made me laugh out loud! I know how ya feel on getting the outside work done while the weather is cooperating. I have been at it for 3 days now and am so stiff and sore.

  24. Oh my, you have been busy Laurie! After reading this, I feel like I have to go out and finish some chores. Kudos to you for painting that high railing on the widow's walk (which is gorgeous, as is your amazing house)!
    Love that shutter, too.
    You've inspired me...I'm off to work!
    - Susan

  25. I just saw your post on Three Mango Seeds. What a great blog you have!! Can't wait to read your future posts! I am your newest follower; and I hope you will follow back! Many blessings to you!!

  26. Ok...feeling very guilty now about all the things that need to be done around here! Prince Charming is cute!

  27. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD after reading about "prying" your husband off the ceiling fan. Really struck me!
    How funny the frog was in the birdhouse!
    Loved the post.


  28. You're one heck of a gal Laurie; teetering on a ladder, painting the roof, my goodness woman! You do need a vacation and time to enjoy your cool new vintage finds. p.s. the frog was the perfect addition to this post, well...him and envisioning your husband's reaction to your new phone ringing

  29. Love the phone! Almost bought one yesterday at the antique market...only a tall one! Fun! All your hard work paid looks gorgeous!

  30. Looking good, I love your home! And prince charming is simple charming!

    Visiting from Coastal Charm.

  31. Hi!! Just found your blog this morning. Cannot wait to peruse and see what you've done with that magical house!!! I absolutely adore older homes and barns. I photograph them!!

  32. Prince Charming! ha ha!

    I have a rotary-dial phone in my home. It's a little newer model but you can definitely hear the phone ring! Too bad it's mostly charity-solicitors making the calls.

  33. What a charming post, Laurie. Love the frog; Prince Charming! The shutters look great and I love your home, the phone, all of it! Take care.


  34. aw what a cute little frog...and you are very brave going up ladders...they always make my knees knock ..but you've done a sterling's a nice feeling to get things painted and tucked in before the bad weather sets in....lovin them shutters mmmm x
    Gail x

  35. Oh what a cute little froggy....I don't think we have one like that here in Louisiana. We have reneck frogs. Love the shutter idea, and cute phone. IF you get a chance stop in at my blog...From my little corner of the world", blessings.

  36. your home is so sweet! I love the front porch with the swing! I've been very busy outside tending to the garden & planting bulbs... fall 'tis the time to get it done before chill arrives. I am dreading Jan & Feb.. just dreading it. thanks for the sweet comment - yep, my daughter looks just like how I looked at that age.. thankfully, she got my hubby's long eye lashes! :-)

  37. Wow, you are one busy will be so glad, when it gets cold outside, that you have all this behind you. :)) A beautiful, olden house.

  38. i'm still snickering
    at the last line about the phone ringing a little


    those bad boys do let you know
    when someone is calling you!

    and your home is looking lovely
    with it's freshly fluffed face

    you've certainly been busy

    thanks for sharing at fridays unfolded.


  39. Wow, Laurie! You have got a lot accomplished!!! Everything looks wonderful. How cute to have a frog in your bird house :). Love your louver doors; I almost bought a similar one this week, and love, love that old phone!!
    Great treasures and inspiration!
    Have a great day!
    ~ Julie
    p.s. Are you doing another vendor show? I'm working on one Nov. 19.

  40. You have been a busy girl with all you fluffing! Why, you have probably taken off your shoes and started dancing on the table again! ;)

    Everything is looking great and what a terrific find in the phone! I would love to have one!

    I am delighted that you shared this post at Potpourri Friday! You participation is appreciated!

  41. Oh my grandma had a phone just like that. I so wished I had asked for that when I was asked what I would like from her house.

    I too have been so enjoying this Indian summer. We live in northern Michigan near Lake Huron, out in the country with flower beds surrounding the house and a huge garden...I love it, but it is always so much work in the spring and the fall!

  42. loving your photography of the vintage phone, laurie! love!


  43. That frog is so cute, I have big collection of frog photographs. It sounds like you need a rest from all that work. I'm sure it is so rewarding to mark it off your to do list. The rail looks great.

  44. Hi Laurie, it sounds like you have been a very busy girl but at least you got a lot of your chores accomplished. I found and am now following you through My Romantic Home and will visit often. Please drop by my blog and perhaps you will follow me also. I would love that. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Chris

  45. That frog is so funny! It all looks great! Thank you for joining me for the HSH Fall Open House!


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