Monday, January 10, 2011

~ in His grip ~

When our faith is strong,
we believe the everything that happens is part of some vast plan
for cosmic good.

But then there are times when we wrestle with God.

We ask the hard questions ~
sometimes repeatedly.

There aren't always answers

but out of that wrestling
comes blessings.

Beautiful memories
deeper relationships
thanksgiving for what has been
insight into what is yet to be.

None of this makes the hurt go away.

But it can temper it to the point where living can continue;
where the work that God continues to put before us can get done.

Our Debbie is wrestling with God right now.

I know I am wrestling with God right now.

And you may be wrestling with God right now, too.

But it also means that we are all firmly in his grip.

God's is the hand that holds on - even when we don't.

Or can't.

I am holding fast to that promise for Debbie...

"Peace I leave with you,
my peace I give unto you.

Not as the world giveth,
give I unto you.

Let not your heart be troubled,
neither let it be afraid."
~John 14:27

He gives the deep
tranquil peace,
the inward quiet of acceptance;

the mind stayed on God ready for anything
because anchored on His eternal Reality -
indifferent to its own risks,
comforts or achievements,
sunk in the great movement of His life.

"Do not be anxious about anything
but in everything by prayer and petition
with thanksgiving
present your requests to God

And the peace of God
which transcends all understanding
will guard your hearts and your minds
in Christ Jesus."
~Philippians 4:4-9

Dear God,

Let your hand of loving calm be upon Debbie,
bringing rest and peace into her mind and body. 
Bring to her remembrance the skills of her physician and his attendants, 
who have been prepared through the years by the gift of your Spirit.

Help her to recall the history of your grace in her life -- 
all the trials and dangers, both seen and unseen, 
from which you have been her Rescuer through the years.

Enable her to know you now,
for you have been trustworthy in all your doings. 
Take away all anxiety from her and those who love her.

Lord, look upon her with eyes of mercy.
May your healing hand rest upon her.
May your lifegiving powers flow into every cell of her body
and into the depths of her soul;
restoring her to wholeness and strength
for service in your Kingdom. 

This I pray in Jesus precious name,

{ grateful hugs }


  1. Such a beautiful moving post. I need to keep your wise words and God's scriptures with me during times of struggle. Thank you. :)

  2. Debbie has been in My Thoughts & Prayers all day today, I will continue Praying for tomorrow for the Surgery, Asking for Wisdom & Skill for the Surgeons, Comfort for Her Family & A Overwhelming sense of Peace & Calm for Debbie. Dear Lord, We come before You with Our Dear Friend Debbie, We ask You for a Complete Healing, God is Great & Able ~

  3. Dear Laurie...That was a very moving and poignant post and it was such perfect timing for happenings in my own life. I do not know Debbie but I certainly wish her well. Knowing we are all in His gentle, loving care is reassuring. No matter what happens, He is our heavenly Father who knows every hair on our heads. It's good to rest quietly and safely in His loving arms. He will turn all things to good, in His time.

    Laurie, your photos and the music added to the beauty of this very special post. Susan

  4. I have not stopped thinking of nor praying for your dear Sister Debbie, since I read your post about her illness. I'll pray for her surgery tomorrow to be completed with ease and success. xox

  5. This is a beautiful post. I am hoping all goes well tomorrow. I am thinking of her.

  6. Praying with you, for Debbie....
    Please keep us posted as to how it goes tomorrow.

  7. Beautiful post Laurie, I'll be thinking of Debbie tomorrow and praying, praying for her.
    God bless you.

  8. Amen. Beautiful, beautiful post my sweet friend. Your words and prayer touch my heart and soul and I know that Debbie feels them as well. Prayers are being said and He is listening. May He hold you in His arms as well my friend.


  9. Beautiful words of hope! She is in God's hands and there is no safer place to be. I will continue, as I have, to pray for her. Praying for you too. Keep us posted, Laurie!


  10. Beautiful words, prayers and pictures Laurie! Continuing to pray for Debbie, you and your families!

  11. I am agreeing with you for everything you prayed. In His name, Amen.

  12. Praying for Debbie's heart to be at peace that she might recline in God's protective and surrounding palm. Things have been cast into her life that have changed her whole view of her world...but nothing has changed for God's view. It is all in His plan, for He saw it coming before it was revealed to her, and He sees it finishing up and moving her right along His path of love and tender mercy for Her, before she will. He has woven her story and will continue to oversee it so amazingly, I know this...because she is HIS daughter. Prayers....for you too! Hugs...

  13. Oh Sweetie, at least while you're wrestling with GOD you are hanging on with both hands. You know He knows best. I have been praying for a complete healing and believing that that will come, but some how, some way we are all called home. Cancer has a way of stealing so much, yet giving so much as it goes along. It gives time knowing the end here is coming. Time to hug, to love and make things right. Time for those we love to say good bye and to get ready for the days ahead.
    We can't control our trails and tribulaions- but we are in control on how we handle them. My mother in law went out shouting GLORY all the way, and when her time came, surounded by her family, she said good bye to every single one and then looked up and said- I see Jesus- and she raised her hand and left with him. She died of ovarian cancer at 52 and Christ took her home.
    Hugs and Prayers- Tete

  14. amen.

    This is beautiful beautiful. The music from the Mission so perfect. You have captured the comfort of His faithfulness here. Psalm 27.

  15. What a beautiful and moving post Laurie. We have to trust in God's plan. Best wishes and blessings to you and Debbie ♥

  16. Laurie,
    What a sweet post for Debbie.
    Since I found the blogging world in October I have found nothing but sweet, caring, loving people.
    I too am praying for the outcome to be nothing but good news for Debbie and her family.
    Thank you!
    Suzann xoxoxo

  17. Laurie,
    Hold on tight because He never let's go.
    Prayers coming from NC.

  18. Oh Laurie, God does have everything in control and I will be praying for Debbie and for those around her, for peace for Debbie, for strength for her and those around her and for healing. Thank you for sharing. xx

  19. lovely post!

    God bless,
    d from homehaven

  20. this is just beautiful...i am sending prayers for debbie.......

  21. Amen !....praying with you for Ria....

  22. What can I say that hasn't been said? I have tears in my heart after reading this...tears that I am shedding for Debbie, for her family, for life's injustices. God bless and keep our Debbie safe and strong. Thank you, Laurie- xxoo Diana

  23. Sweet Laurie, my thoughts and prayers are there right alongside yours for Debbie! I'm wishing her and her family strength through this whole ordeal.

  24. What a beautiful and wonderfully moving post. I am praying for Debbie today and hoping all is going well.

  25. Such a beautiful post Laurie. I too have been praying for your sister since I read of her illness in your last post. I will pray for her surgery to be successful. Sending hugs and positive energy! xokathee

  26. What a sweet post. Praying for Debbie and her family.God does have control of everything that comes our way and he is looking after Debbie.
    prayers and hugs, Annette

  27. Praying for Debbie. God is in control, and I hold on to that.

  28. What an amazing post....both photos and words. Really makes you stop and think. My prayers are with Debbie andthanks for keeping us informed.

    Take care,


  29. Hi Laurie. Your Friend no doubt is grateful to have someone so sweet as you not only during this tough time but in her life from day to day. Keeping you both in my thoughts, and sending warm hugs your way.
    Also I wanted to thank you for the support you have shown to my me personally. To take the time as you do supporting us little bloggers is so sweet. xoxo tami

  30. Laurie,
    What a sweet presence permeates your words, pictures and your blog. The peace and presence of God reside here. I will be praying for Debbie.


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