Sunday, January 23, 2011

~ flip flops, frozen yogurt, and a typhoon ~

you're thinking
"what in the world do all of these things have to do with each other?"

here's a hint...

and another hint...

one more...

why did i pack these things in my beach bag?

('s not for some tropical vacation)

but it's as close as i'm going to get to one for a while!

i'm spending three afternoons a week here.

google image

well....not exactly THERE ~

more like here...

google image

i'm taking water aerobics classes at a local school!

when i walked in to the class


(because my friend did NOT show up....
and you know who you are..................



the warm humid air hit me like a summer embrace.

the smiles from the 10 other people in class warmed me even more.
(i should'ave known better...)

after sliding in to the 90 degree water
(which was seriously delicious)

i was passed around from person to person
like some novelty item
as they introduced themselves to me.
yes....i was ONE of the youngest students in the class
(not the ONLY one, i'll have you know!)
and i was immediately warned that they were NOT going allow me in the pool
if i was skinnier than they were

SO THERE.....!

then i caught the winking, side glances, and elbow jabs,
and laughter erupted from all of them
like a bunch of adolescent troublemakers.

you know the type ~ 

the ones that always end up in the back of the classroom
disrupting everything the instructor is trying to teach?

there i was
smack dab in the middle of them all.

what in the dilly did i get myself in to....???

i was quickly warned by connie, who is a pastor's wife,
to keep my distance from larry,
who evidently was either an undertaker
or just had a severely demented sense of humor.

i couldn't really tell which 
as he proudly informed me 
that he drove a hearse with a coffin in the back
that had some type of body laying in it
and when he stepped on the brakes 
the eyes lit up out the back window.

hmmmm.....i'm going for demented here.....

"BUT....", he added, holding his finger high above the pool and the water dripping from his full white beard,
"i make a killin' off of the frozen yogurt that i sell out of the casket!"

(thanks for the warning, connie.) 

linda chimed in and told me to watch out for virginia
who was a total workout fiend
and had a tendency to not watch where she was going

(as the tiny white-haired wonder practically drowned me 
as she typhooned her way across the pool.....


so, while the teacher was making us do this

punches, kicks, swirls, and jabs

and ALOT of this

jogging....and no, that is not larry next to me...

no, no, no!! 
none that THAT!!!

are you kidding me???

(we're not THAT good....yet.)

wednesday IS "noodle" day, however

"...a much more intense workout..."
from what corina told me

MORE intense?????
oh boy.....

so after an hour and a half of
and steering clear of typhoon virginia

i crawled out of the pool
dragged myself to the locker room

(as i heard larry bellow to me "so how much yogurt do you want..???")

hauled myself to the car
and once home
collapsed on the sofa

all because i want to morph into this

by march.....


(and i'll pass on the yogurt, larry...

unless of course, it's fat free/sugar free.....)


  1. I LOVE IT!!! I am so happy that you are going and it looks like it is going to be a hoot!!! Gotta love Larry!!! :)

  2. You Go Girl! If I would put a bathing suit on (can't find one that I look decent in)I would love to do this, seriously! Best type of exercise if you ask me. all over full body workout. I can tell this will be fun to hear about. And ummmm...
    Larry.... Is.....Scary!!! Take your hubby one time and let him stare at Larry for a while. lol!!! unspoken message! Have a great time! Kudos! Hugs to you Laurie.

  3. too funny! i was sure you were coming to florida!



  4. Too funny - wish there were a pool near me - I'd love this - well some of it :)
    Happy Week,

  5. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious! Great post - sounds like you are going to be having a lot of FUN in the class as well as getting a good workout!!... Donna

  6. LOL, Laurie! Don't you love feeling like a kid?! I took a water aerobics class and it was a lot harder than I thought. Silly me, thought it would be a piece of cake. Ummmm... NO! Good luck to you! I hope you enjoy it! Fun post!


  7. Good for you!! I have never tried water aerobics...but I hear that it really helps you tone. You will have to tell me if you end up liking it.

  8. I have heard water aerobics is one of the best workouts you can get...finding a bathing suit I like is one for me! How fun though...I love swimming pools, I'm a little afraid of the ocean. I hope you have the body of your dreams when your classes are over and good for you for thinking so far ahead of summer!!


  9. This was a great read, Laurie! My son recently ended his indoor lessons and I tell ya, I miss walking in and feeling that humid, warm air. Even the chlorine smell is invigorating amidst one of the coldest winters yet. Sounds like you will have a blast, get into great shape, and be thoroughly entertained by Larry. Ha! As I sit and type this, I am listening to Canon on your play was my wedding song. I hired a string quartet to play it as I walked the aisle. Almost tear up every time I hear it! I know I say this all the time, but you write SO well! Hugs to you. Have a happy week.

  10. Laurie, you are going to LOVE that class. every single time I go, I feel great. Going to start up again myself come February. Have FUN! Susan

  11. Tee Hee ... Oh, sounds like so much fun! What will you have to share after noodle day! xox

  12. Oh Laurie- what a fun class! Just sitting in the warm, moist air would be wonderful. Just floating around would do my joints and muscles some good!
    Old ladies can be a handful, they have had years of experience! Larry sounds like "one of those". LOL
    Don't forget the before and after photos!
    Hugs- Tete

  13. This is so funny! Hope you keep having fun!

    Come by my blog tonight for a giveaway I am hosting.

    Still praying for Deb.

    Blessings to you...Amy

  14. Too funny. You need the Esther Williams flowered swim cap. Looking forward to an update from Noodle Wednesday.

    Take good care,


  15. Hhaahahahahh!! o Laurie...i must laugh about your lovely funny post today !!! good luck girl !! go for it !! high five !! you can do this !! lovely

  16. Oh Laurie! What a funny post. It sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun in that class. I think I'd stay away from Larry too :)

  17. Oh Laurie I would so go with you (I so need to)!! You are witty and pretty!!

  18. Thanks for the giggles Laurie! Sounds like you have a fun workout class :) And a big kudos to you for going alone - its hard to get self-motivated sometimes ;)
    I like personally like Larry..... I wanna be carefree and fun like him when I get older. Why not? :) And hey, you need to divulge in some yogurt. It could be worse - at least he doesnt sell ice would all be in big trouble!


  19. Too funny Laurie. You are so brave I would never even attempt anything like this!

    good luck

  20. Laurie- I am proud of you girl...just plain put yourself in the midst of some new "friends" when your partner deserted It is always hard to get out there and do something new isn't it? That is why I haven't tried naked water skiing yet..well, that and I don't like to put my face underwater...seriously...even to rinse my Guess water exercise might not work for me.

    So, did you go home an drink a quart of BillyBob'sMadDogBadCat? just askin....Hugs- Diana

  21. I just discovered your lovely blog. I'm just new into blogging & have just finished off my own blog on fashion & interior design.
    I had a lot of fun putting it together. I would love your feedback on it if you've got a spare minute.

  22. Laurie, how fun! Good for you, and it's the perfect time to take the class. I have a pool and one summer got up each morning and did my own little water aerobics and enjoyed it so much. Wonderful read, so funny :))) xoxo tami

  23. Laurie, what a fun class of people! Sounds like they made you feel comfortable from the beginning.
    You have such a fun way of putting everything. Hope all is well. Praying for your sis.
    ~ Julie

  24. Thats fantastic Laurie!!! though, An hour and a half!!!?? eek, thats a very long workout! Keep it up, i wish i had your motivation!!
    laura xx

  25. Love it Laurie! Good for you for getting out there...that's what I should be doing! Hope your sis is doing well. ~Deb~

  26. LOL I cant stop laughing! Hahaha I can just hear the gossip and smell that chlorine. You tickle me, girl!


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