Friday, November 12, 2010

~ Slacker and a Second Home ~

1.  Yup, that's me.
2.  Just call me slacker
3.  because I have.
4.  Been slacking, that is.
5.  I admit it.
6.  But for a good reason!
7.  I've been popping in and out of your beautiful homes
8.  stealing ideas
9.  because I needed some inspiration
10. because I'm bored with my house right now
11.  and it needed some refluffing and refloofing
12. and I didn't know where to start.

13. So I whined and cried
14. and threw myself at my friend Jo's feet from Secret Garden Cottage
15. begging her for guidance and advice in making my home look more like hers

Jo's incredible kitchen

16. and making her promise to be brutally honest with me.

17. I emailed her photos of my unhappy, unfluffed, unfloofed house
18. and waited for her to lay her expert eyes across them and spew her decorating wisdom.

19. She happily did.

20. After reading, rereading, and again rereading her critique and ideas
21.  I immediately threw my laptop down and started tossing things around the ktichen

My unfloofed kitchen... need of floofing (but WITH a new farm light over the table!)

22. in a good way, mind you......not at Jo.
23. I was still tossing at 12:30am
24. when I noticed another email from my head-stylist
25. asking if I was still talking to her or not.

26. Oops.
27. In my juvenile anxiousness to instantly make the changes she so sweetly suggested
28. I forgot to drop her an email and thank her.

27. Slacker.

28. After making the proper amends with her, I finally headed to bed
29. only to be up 7 hours later raring to go to make a trip to

30. which can now be defined as my new second home
31.  because I'll be spending a whole lot of time there, you see,
32. due to the fact that they carry everything under the sun for a house in need of refloofing.

33. So if you don't see various sundry items being tossed out of my windows
34. and I don't answer my phone
35. you'll know that I'm at 

36. loading my cart carts with treasures tagged with little stickers that say 50% OFF.
37. Oh yeah, baby.
38. This slacker won't be home for a while.....
39. and she might be a great BIG slacker for a few more days
40. before she reveals the changes she's made thanks to her super-duper stylist friend, Jo.

{ Hugs }

~ laurie slacker



  1. Oh...the anxiety is gonna kill me! Geez...I can't know how this kind of thing just gets me all stirred up. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? HURRY UP-OKAY?!?! Please tell me you are NOT moving the bathtub (that Debbie has so generously agreed to share with me) into the kitchen. (I'm a little shy) Hugs, girly-girl~ Diana

  2. How cute it this post. I love it. AND I love Jo's I cant wait to see what you are putting together. I am trying to get some of her style into my house too!!!

  3. Well, I just love your kitchen and dining area. But I will look forward to your fluffing too! Have fun. ox

  4. You are not a slacker, you are just deep in thought! And your home is beautiful! I do however, LOVE the new light!! Where did you find it? I also love Hobby Lobby, when they start calling you by name, then you know it is time to get out! :) Have fun and I can't wait to see what you have been doing my friend!!

  5. LOL!! Well... this was a surprise my friend! You crack me up so much, Laurie!
    I agree with the other ladies... your kitchen is fabulous! Look at all of that gorgeous woodwork and those cabinets... sigh... and the beautiful pie safe with all those French pitchers on it... sigh...
    You just fluff away... take all the time you need... LOL... look forward to seeing all of your changes sweets!
    Jo :)

  6. Dear slacker,
    I so love your kitchen the way it is- I can't imagine it getting any better...
    but I still can't wait to see what you come up with, and don't forget to pack a lunch and some energy bars for that shopping trip...
    And grab a pair of gloves so you don't get calouses on those pretty hands from steering all those carts.
    Hugs and have a ball- Tete

  7. I think Jo is incredibly talented too, and such a sweetie. I'd be up late moving things around just like you :-) This was such a cute post! I sure wish we had a Hobby Lobby around. It sounds like a wonderful store.

  8. Jo is the best designer i can !! hahahahha!! i like her style...i can't wait to see your kitchen finished!!! ...but it looks great nom !! what is wrong ??.........happy weekend Ria...

  9. You are so funny! Your home always looks lovely! But it is fun to do something new!

  10. You crack me up! You home is AMMMMMMMAZING! Not a slacker in my eyes! FAB!


  11. Laurie, you are so funny! I can't WAIT to see what you got at Hobby Lobby and what you have planned. And I am just totally jealous of both yours and Jo's kitchens... OMG... gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!!!!... Donna

  12. Dear Slacker ~ You now sound so motivated ... can't wait to see what you have in store!

  13. Slacker? Looks like you'll be doing everything but slacking. I can't wait to see your fluffed up digs and I'm very impatient so HURRY. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby round here so I could push a cart around and be a slacker. Sounds like a fun place but not as fun as your blog. I'll be back to see your do over!

  14. I look forward to seeing your new fluffed kitchen, and what you get a Holly Lobby. We don't have one of those here. Have fun shopping.
    ~ Julie

  15. can't wait to see Laurie! Jo's home is so beautiful... you asked advice from the right gal! ;)

  16. Well, don't be painting your ceiling. I love that ceiling. Have fun with the rest though, although I don't think you need to fluff or floof a thing.

  17. wow, what a great post & resulting thread! LOVE your kitchen, esp. the french doors & ceiling. You are so fun, & you have such loving & generous friends! carry on sister. bless you, have fun, & I too will be anxiously awaiting more pics. xo


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