Sunday, November 21, 2010

~ Part 2: The Loo ~

Good morning, my fellow bloggettes!

Before I share my latest project, I wanted you to know how much I deeply appreciated 
all of your sweet comments after my post on how Heaven's Walk got it's name.  Your encouraging statements and wonderfully touching stories about the furbabies who you love and care for melted my soul.
We are blessed that they have left paw prints on our hearts!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The refloofing and refluffing has continued into my loo.
The main floor loo.
The loo that our guests use.

I adore this room 
because of the high ceilings 
the glazing technique the previous owners did on them.
I'm in love with the floor to ceiling beadboard
that is painted creamy white.
I'd have my entire house done in beadboard and/or horizontal wall planking
if were up to me.

(But then I'd end up just spending my days walking around 
and sighing
and I wouldn't get a thing accomplished.)

What I've never understood, though, is why the previous owners
(who were 75 years old btw)
hung THIS on the ceiling....

Yes, friends -
that's Lady Godiva....
in all of her stunningly naked glory.

I know - I know -
I know what you're thinking.....
but, I just don't have an answer for you.

But we've kept her up there.
She's quite the conversation piece.

Ok......refocus people!  

Back to soaring ceilings
shimmering glaze work over creamy white paint
a boatload of beadwork
buckets of lavender
vintage brown cheese box
a beloved French tote bag
and fluffy white towels.

Here's the BEFORE ~

and the AFTER.

I bought the bucket for $1 at my friend's antique shop.
I used it for a "pickin' pot" this summer in the veggie garden.

When I was Hobby Lobby the other day, I literally cleaned out their inventory of lavender 
(which was still 50% off).

(Yes....that was me behind the armload of purple, screaming like a little girl 
as I skipped my way out to the car...)

The lavender even found it's way into my favorite French tote
purchased from Tracey at French Larkspur.

Vintage bottles were a Hobby Lobby find for a mere $2.
Vintage cheese box was found for a song on Etsy.
Believe it or not, I found this French soap at a local grocery store!

Someday, I would like to put wood floors in this room to tie in with the rest of the original oak flooring in the house. 
(I haven't a clue why they installed a bathroom
...really? )

Anyway, so there you have it.

A simple pre-holiday French farmhouse loo
done for a song and a dance.

"Refloofing: Part 2 - The Loo" is officially completed!

Onward to Part 3...

{ Hugs }

~ laurie

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  1. Looks lovely. How funny to hang that picture on the ceiling. Have you checked to make sure its not covering a hole or something? I've always loved that picture though...there is much emotion in it for me.

  2. That seems a little strange to me, as I've never seen or heard of that before. Kind of a cool thing though, especially wondering why. :) I love the new BR color! Thanks for your visit and nice comment. I wish you could come go for a walk with me too. That would be very nice.

  3. I love it! Come finish mine for us. We are about fried!


  4. It look's so amazing and the light fixture is a cool find....Tallulah's

  5. Lovely!!!!!!!!!!! The picture....hmmm. that really is different. What a mysterious story must be behind that, Or maybe underneath it!!

  6. I love your french farmhouse bathroom Laurie...especially all your decorative touches! We have beadboard in our bathroom too but I want it! ~Deb~

  7. O Laurie.what a beautiful change !! i love little and also so so great effect !! the white towels !! and the lavender......really great job !! lovely week....warm hugs from me Ria....

  8. Laurie, I'm in love with your "loo"! Simplicity is the most beautiful thing isn't it? Thanks for sharing:)

  9. Such a pretty frenchy bath. Ooh lala, I think it is gorgeous. Great touches!

  10. Aaah! It's gorgeous! And ypu are moving at a worrying speed throughout your whole house!!

    What is that picture there for? I have a few ideas but wouldn't like to lower the tone of your lovely blog!!!


  11. WOW! Laurie-It looks absolutely beautiful! I LOVE it! I'll lay you odds that when you take that picture down there is a ceiling vent under there that they removed the plate on. Do you have a switch that doesn't "do" anything? A lot of old bathrooms had those.

    I love the lavender-the bathroom looks very YOU now! Is that the tub I am using when I come visit...unless, of course, I bring the which case I will have my own little tub to soak my tootsies in...believe me that's about the only part of me that is going to fit in there.

    It is adorable!!! What is part #3? Huh? xxoo Diana

  12. ps...meant to tell you- I LOVE your new header!;>)

  13. Everything looks beautiful girly! You know I'm drooling over that floor-to-ceiling bead board... sigh... :)
    I see your fabulous tote, too... looks gorgeous! Mine came in the mail a few days ago... love it!
    I'm just gonna leave the Lady Godiva alone... lol!! ;-)
    Jo :)

  14. Looks so beautiful! Loving the beadboard!!

  15. it looks so pretty... as for the picture on the ceiling... weird!!!! ;) LOL

  16. Ok, that picture on the ceiling is quite something!! :) Your bathroom is so beautiful! I could spend all day in there and feel so relaxed and refreshed!! Love your touches my dear!! I would also like to see you skipping to your car caring the lavender! :)

  17. I'm so jealous-our bathroom needs redone BAD! I've got a clawfoot tub that's been sitting in the barn for several, I mean several years-how funny about the picture on the ceiling!

  18. I love your bathroom! Oh it is so sweet, before and after! YOU'RE the one who caused the lavender shortage! Hahaha. It looks so good in your bucket. Love that beadboard! I love your built in cabinet and the hardware and I could so soak in that tub until I wrinkled up like a prune.
    Lady Godiva on the ceiling is a new one- but at least it wasn't a mirror!
    I always wanted to put a noise thing on my cabinet doors so I would know if my guest where looking into my cabinets- LOL. You know- like the cookie jars that talk to you when you open the lid.
    I hope you enjoy your pretty little get away. It's so well done.
    Hugs- Tete

  19. Gorgeous bathroom. I love that table that your bucket is sitting on also. That picture on the ceiling is sort of freaking me out though. Considering it was old people that lived there I don't want to start thinking of why they wanted it in the bathroom. Wrinkled body parts come to mind.

  20. Oh Laurie,
    I love it! Smaller bathrooms are really the best. It took my a while to get used to here, but they're just so cozy. Love what you've done with yours and all the great finds and great deals too. I have one of those totes from Tracey, haven't filled mine up yet though... think I will run downstairs and get it. I love that you've filled yours with lavender, it looks so pretty that way.

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving, Laurie!

  21. What a perfectly country loo...I love it!

  22. Your vintage bathroom is gorgeous!!! Love that claw foot tub and bead board!
    ~ Julie

  23. Laurie, as the previous owner of your house, I thought I would enlighten you on the loo. The painting of Lady Gadiva was put up there just so the men of the family and friends would have something to entertain them as they stood taking care of business. I was only 62 at the time not 75. Still young enough to enjoy the fun part of life. I do love what you have done with the house. I could enjoy that wonderful old house the way you have it as I did the way I had it. Life is wonderful with so many thoughts and delights in the eyes of the beholder. Much love to you and keep posting. I look forward to them. Jan


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