Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Place That Beckons

At the beach, life is different. 
Time doesn't move hour to hour but mood to moment. 
We live by currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun. 
~ Unknown

We are bidding adieu to the bitterly cold, snowy winter.
Not sorry at all to see it in our rear view mirror.
We are packing up our Maizie Grace and escaping someplace warm and happy and comforting.
Someplace that continually beckons our hearts and calls to our souls.
A place that heals.
A place where we feel God's presence in an incredibly tangible way.

We are bagging up our sadness and stress
and dumping it in the trash can on our way out the door.

We are going to quickly adapt to becoming lazy beach bums
with sunburned noses and tangled beach hair;
squinty tan lines around our eyes,
and peeling shoulders;
wearing a fragrance of salty air and suntan oil.

We are going to spend hours gazing at the rolling waves;
doing absolutely nothing but
listen to the tinkling of the shells being pulled back into the ocean
watch sandpipers scurry up and down the beach
drink too many Angry Orchards
read piles of books
walk miles along the coast
watch Maizie explore and discover sandy treasures
 chill out with tanned feet propped up on a porch railing
watch a sherbet colored sun kiss turquoise waves.

We will not think of returning;
only focusing on the present moment with toes sunk deep in the warm, shell strewn sand
with clacking palm trees overhead.

We will tilt our heads together in love.
Walk hand in hand through the surf.
Heave deep sighs of relief.
Relax. Unwind.
Hug, smile, and hug again.

We are going to regroup.
Remember what it's like to laugh again.

Lift our faces to the warmth of God's never failing love...
appreciate how blessed we truly are...
and savor every single moment He gives us.

~  Eucharisteo  ~

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  1. Have a wonderful time my friend. You and your husband deserve some relaxation and tranquility <3

  2. Have a wonderful time Laurie. These photos I remember well from the last time you went...they are breathtaking and your words give them depth, heart, soul. I am so happy you get to go again. Drink it all in deeply, I know you will. I will look forward to the beauty you behold and share with us. Bless you dear friend. xo

  3. Have a beautiful time my sweet friend... you so deserve a lovely getaway like this, and I am so happy little Maizie is going along this time... I saw a quote this reminds me of... "today I am going to do nothing, then rest afterwards"... love you!... xoxo... Moi

  4. Don't you wish you could inhale the images until the sights and smells and sounds were seared into your brain and you could bring them our again and again to relive. But then maybe its best we are forced to live in the present and never revisit the past for better or worse.

  5. Hope your vacation is relaxing and healing, just as you planned :) HUGS

  6. God Bless and Keep Safe. I feel you my friend. You are truly on the right path in this journey. Rejoice!

  7. Laurie,
    Your words are beautiful and your photography stunning. Soak in the sun and blissfully relax.

  8. I love the beach! There is nothing that is so relaxing than sitting n the warm sun on a beach listening to the waves come in.

  9. Have a beautifully blessed time!

  10. Your beloved Sanibel!!! I hope you have the most wonderful and relaxing time sweet Laurie. I hope you feel close to your mom and dad, I'm sure they'll be right there with you in spirit and giving you comfort. Have a safe trip xoxoxo

  11. oh, what a lovely place to soothe the soul ! I hope you have a beautiful time out of the snow and slush. And look at all those seashells! Oh my gosh! I'd spend hours walking along the shore with buckets collecting all those pretties! My favorite thing to do at the beach. Hope you'll show some pictures of Maizie on vacation! What does she think of all that water ? :-) Sunny beaches to you. **** Patty

  12. It sounds absolutely wonderful. Enjoy, dear Laurie.

  13. It looks amazing. I hope yu have a wonderful time. xo Laura

  14. Love this post! We try to go to the Islands every two years and love spending time there. Hubby would live there if we could. SO go, rest, refresh, play, laugh, sleep, read and be blessed. Hopefully, you will still post on the goodness of the sea.
    Hugs, Noreen

  15. Hope you have a peaceful and relaxing time..sometimes you need to take a break to heal the heart and nourish the soul....sending love and hugs....Gail x

  16. Laurie, you so desrve some sun. Hold hands, shoulder the sun in long walks and take in Gods beauty.
    So enjoy seeing your ocean view from here, you must share more when you get back home.

    You my dear bless us all with your beautiful posted words.
    See you soon, enjoy the warmth of his love.


  17. enjoy your time in the sun, laurie! love the beach pics!

  18. Sounds like a little bit of heaven on earth Laurie! Hope you are having a wonderful time!! Hubby and I always take a little escape to someplace warm in the winter. Not as fabulous as a beach this year, but still a nice get away. Love the photos and I just have to ask, is that sea shelled covered beach where you are at? I have never seen a sight quite like that! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. I agree Laurie! Savoring every moment! Thanks for sharing at HSH!

  20. Laurie, Have a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying each other. The beach is a perfect place! Love your gorgeous photos!

  21. Laurie,
    Dealing with my own grief at the loss of my Father, our last parent. . .
    I had missed some of your post, just now I read, "The Love That Breaks a Heart".
    I understand why you are at the beach.
    Take the time you need, dear friend.
    Praying that you return refreshed and renewed.

  22. Enjoy your time at the ocean. It's my favorite place in the world to calm my soul. We've walked a similar journey this year. This kind of grief is not what I expected it to be, but I am so thankful that God is walking our family through it. May He bless your time together there.

  23. God bless you, dear one. I think of you and keep you in prayer regularly.

  24. Miss you! I think of you OFTEN, Laurie. Know that you are in my prayers.

  25. Your words grow ever beautiful in grace. God bless you, and enjoy your time at the beach.
    Big hugs,

  26. yes, Yes, YES! Winter almost killed me and am SO very happy to see the end, well mostly the end, of winter. I'm headed to Cherry Grove SC, soon and am going to plonk my self on the beach and breath deeply. I might read, but might not; I might listen to music, but probably won't. I just want to beeeeeeee.
    Now, having read Carol's words...please accept my condolences. Grief is a horribly necessary journey we are bid to take. Dave, my beloved husband, died in 11/11 and I believe grief "Takes As Long As It Takes". There's no rushing through, going around, forgetting, pretending and should one try, the price paid at a later time may be overwhelming. For the after, when you're able, visit for information on making life preparations now to make it easier on those left behind. The more we can prepare now, the more we can focus on healing later. In my experience, focusing on healing is full time but God is gracious, kind and merciful; He'll see us through, always turn to Him.

  27. Missing you my dear,
    Hope your day's are filled with inspiration, dreams, and health.


  28. Laurie this was such beautiful post. I just found your blog and it is indeed lovely. Jo


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