Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Faux Folk Bed

Our guest bedroom has gone through multiple changes during the past eight years we've lived in this old farmhouse.
If you don't know me at all,
I enjoy switching things up once in a while.
{Ok...ok...MORE than once in a while.}

When we moved here in March 2006, the room started off looking like this.
Sweet and cottagey.

 A Simply Shabby Chic duvet and crisp white cotton sheets on the dark Jenny Lind bed
next to a wicker trunk, wicker rocker, and wicker lamp.
A sisal rug covered the painted wood floor.

As my SSC obsession collection grew,
the look changed
with pink floral drapes,
an elegant linen dust ruffle,
vintage botanical rose prints,
antique brass sconce,
a couple of my dream catchers,
and the addition of a flea market Turkish rug layered on top of the sisal rug.
Much more of a shabby chic style.

During the summer months,
I wanted a clean, airy look.
So most of the florals were switched
for a white linen duvet topped with a RASCC petticoat sham.
Simple shabby chic elegance.

But something kept bugging me.
This bedroom is very tiny as is the rule with many old farmhouses.
Despite the fact that the windows are large which makes it a very bright room during the morning hours, 
I constantly struggled with wanting it to feel more spacious.

It was time to declutter and simplify even more.

First thing to do was to deconstruct the vintage wooden box spring that we purchased at an auction back in 1984.
I wanted a "folk bed" feeling that Rachel Ashwell made popular.
 She created this by placing two single mattresses on pallets.

Photo: Rachel Ashwell

But I was working with a standard size bed....for now.
{I am currently on the lookout for two twin vintage wooden box springs - or twin sized pallets.}
I really want the bed to eventually look like this.
Two twin mattresses on top of pallets with casters.
A little shabby chic bohemian feeling.

Photo: Rachel Ashwell

This is the look I hope to eventually achieve.
These are the folk beds that my incredibly creative friend, Tausha has in her beautiful barn room.

Talk about boho prairie love.....

Photo: Tausha, Simply Me blog.

I should have taken photos so that you could see how old our box spring really is ~
with coir-like material and cotton stuffing covering the top and rusty looking springs.
Very very old.
It was still solid as a rock though, so I ripped off the material and stuffing and took it down to the bare bones.
The only thing left on it was the wood and springs.
After a good vacuuming and cleaning,
I spread an old quilt and fitted sheet on top of it, 
and laid the mattress back on the box springs.
The dismantled Jenny Lind frame was hauled up to the attic to be stored.

I dressed the bed simply.
A couple of SSC pink ruffled quilts,
my favorite petticoat pillow shams,
a flea market needlepoint pillow.
It immediately felt more casual.
Less dressed.

I immediately loved not seeing a traditional head and foot board on the bed.
It had taken up "visual" space.
That is what had been bugging me all along.

The mirrors that were stacked and leaning on the dresser were stored away as well,
leaving the top free of clutter.
I placed a simple mercury lamp and clear vase filled with pink roses there instead.

I removed the room sized sisal rug and stored that away as well, 
leaving the painted floor bare with the exception of a different Turkish rug
(one with more pink tones in it) ~
because there's nothing better than feeling bare wood floors beneath your feet.

The room felt larger. Airier. Cleaner.
Less fussy.

You can see how my husband and I build the barn door style closet doors here.

An old feather ticking pillow was tossed on top of a rolled up vintage striped quilt.

A cool spring breeze blew in the windows while I played with the pillows and quilts.

It was all I could do to not to plop down in the middle of that bed and revel in the clean simplicity of the room.

Though the changes were small,
the feeling is big...
and I'm loving it for now...

...until I find a couple of twin wood box springs (or pallets)...
which will mean a bit more tweaking, of course.


A sweet package was waiting for me when I got home the other day.
This is what was inside.

A beautiful Shantyjack created by my kind and thoughtful Texan friend, Sherry Hicks from
Shantygirl blog.
Sherry is well known nationwide for her version of beautiful Union Jack throws made with shabby chic and prairie fabrics.
She calls hers "Shantyjacks".
She sewed mine using fabrics from Rachel Ashwell and Cabbages & Roses
layered on a cloud of gorgeous white linen.

She used the pink floral Cabbages & Roses fabric
to commemorate my breast cancer scare during this past winter.

I just adore it.

Thank you, sweet friend.
Your work is utterly amazing,
your thoughtfulness so appreciated,
and your friendship...
a true blessing.
God bless you!

~  Eucharisteo  ~

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  1. Oh my...who wouldn't want to be a guest in that lovely room? Light and airy, but soft and cozy looking...sigh. The "shantyjack" is simply gorgeous.

  2. I love the barn door closet, that is really great! Your room looks very nice. I find l need less and less "bits" aswell, fresh and airy. Very pretty Union Jack quilt too. Blessings, Pam xx

  3. Well done it's so delicately sweet. Love it

  4. Up late working on some shabby birds for my etsy, and some more wire crowns and decided to check out some blogs, Laurie about the twin bed idea, love, love, love it. Now as for the flats! Better idea for you, look at the R/A photo they look to be 2x4's on their side cut to the length of a twin, you could place a 2x4 cut to the width of the mattress and steal screw the support piece holding all the other boards together and then the industrial wheels could be screwed in on each ends, the wheels can be the locking wheels so not to get any rolling of the bed or beds out of place, and unlock when you need to move them about.
    Home Depot will cut all the boards to length and the width pieces for the ends and then all you need to do is get that fabulous husband of yours to screw them together and then white wash the wood and you are set to go!
    This is something I have been wanting to do, and using 2x4's would give the platforms more strength and less crackling to the weeker flats. I have been wanting to do this for a T.V room, for a daybed sofa and a sale ping space for company.
    Love all the changes to your guest room, loving the look it has now best!!

    Talk to you soon,

  5. Wow!! Laurie! Your room turned out fantastic! You do have a nice touch to create a wonderful prairie shabby chic look. By switching the original bed for a folk one made such a difference! The room looks airy, fresh and peaceful. Dreamy! Enjoy your new room! Have a wonderful day! Love, Vanessa

  6. I really love this look and the Shantyjack is perfect.

  7. Wow and WOW again, Laurie! I've always loved RA's style, and you have helped me see how to achieve it. So light and airy... I could just float away. :)
    Have a beautiful day!

  8. Hi sweetie... oh my goodness, I want to be your guest in that room!... it looks stunning sweet seeing your barn doors on your closet again, and that bed!... I could so just lay down there and smoosh into the mattress and daydream for hours... your shantyjack is gorgeous!... such beautiful fabric she used and I love the pinks in it... I would not change one more thing in there... I think the look you have now is just perfect for your gracious old farmhouse... the photos of the gentle Spring breeze blowing the curtains in makes me sigh... xoxo... Julie Marie

  9. Your guest room looks gorgeous Laurie! So bright and cheerful! I've been wanting to do the same thing bed-wise in our guest room too. I thought about pallets but then got a bit freaked out when I read the wood isn't treated and can have bugs in it. I want something I can have as a sofa but then pull together as a double bed when needed. I have a link to a blog I found where the lady did something interesting. I'll look for it and email it to you!

  10. Hi Laurie, your room is gorgeous and the shantyjack gift is perfect. How beautiful a friend to create this for you and it holds such meaning of comfort! Such a calm and peaceful room to receive guests. When can I visit?? LOL Have fun decorating and hunting for the perfect treasures. You put everything to best use and the look is perfect!!
    Have a great week.
    Hugs and Blessings!!

  11. Honestly, I like all of the looks in your guest bedroom! I liked the Jenny Lind bed too, but can see it painted white. how sweet is that Union Jack quilt!
    Have a good week....

  12. Love the bed without the formal head and footboard!! Thanks so much for the sweet words so glad that you like your gift! Have a great week and I hope that you find the twin beds that you are looking for I too would love to recreate the rachel ashwell inspired look in my playroom when farmhouse is finished so useful for naps, game playing, Tv watching and guest sleepovers Love all the stages your room has went through but the more casual version is my favorite

  13. Hi Laurie, I would like to be your guest for a few minutes:D
    Love your time-changes...all are perfert! Sherry make great job again,his work is amazing.
    Big windows are sooo charming and amazing.
    Have a nice day xo Vlaďka

  14. Your bedroom turned out really cute, but I had to laugh...I've been forced, for reasons too complicated to explain here, to sleep on a futon for the past three years and would give anything for a "real" bed. The grass is always greener...

  15. You probably don't want to hear this (or perhaps it will make you smile).....but I think your room as it is now and has been in the past is prettier than Rachels....MUCH prettier!

  16. oh myyyyyyy. way to add to the beauty of the bedroom, laurie! you're a superstar. and this shantyjack is utterly charming. i must see more of her work! thank you for sharing all this lovely.


  17. Laurie, what a beautiful peaceful room. Love what you achieved!!


  18. No matter what you do, this room always looks so pretty and cozy, Laurie :)

  19. Wow removing the footboard really opened up the it!

  20. Laurie,
    Your barn doors, W-O-W love them. Isn't it fun to continually work on our evolving design styles? I am loving your Boho Prairie and your future plans. I always find inspiration from a visit to your blog, thank you.

  21. your shantyjack is perfect for your pretty, new look, laurie! i love the pallet beds, too:) your guests won't want to leave:) have a great week!

  22. Laurie,
    The Guest Room freshening is totally you!!!
    I adore the subtle hues of pink!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  23. Oh my I love those barn doors, I can relate to the evolving design. The charmer is transitioning back to cottage charm. In small rooms, I can relate, something as simple as removing the footboard really opened the space. When we installed our cottage railing I push it back just 4 inches and it made a huge difference. I love our style and your lovely farmhouse. Maybe one day I'll met you at the flea market, I looked it up its a little over 2 hours, and I do love a flea market. Know of any other great ones?

  24. It's been fun looking at the evolution of your style Laurie!
    The beautiful shantyjack is the sweetest icing on the room as it is now ~ although I can't wait to see the next phase, you are so talented!

  25. Looks very beautiful now dear,love your "cozy place" and all the pillows and yes-Sherry's Shantyjack-she is amazing!!! Have a beautiful day!!!xoxo

  26. Oooh-la-la! So shabby chic and gorgeous as always. And WHAT?! That union jack quilt is a complete covet worthy item! Goal accomplished. *cha-ching!* ;)

  27. I love this room! I love the crisp, clean, peaceful-ness of it. Looks like the perfect place for summer naps with those windows open.

  28. I love your style! I think your guestroom is charming. Love the new shantyjack you received. It's perfect on the bed!

  29. Beautiful! I love the changes!

  30. love these bright and pretty pictures!

  31. So sweet and pretty...thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop...the guestroom is so inviting.

  32. Yes, Laurie....nothing like the feel of wood floors under bare feet!
    The room is lovely, restful, simple, beautiful. As it should be!

  33. The room is so comfy and I love the soft colors and worn fabrics! Feels like home!

  34. So pretty Laurie - those pinks are just gorgeous - and that Union Jack throw is the perfect touch for the room
    Aren't bloggers amazing?

  35. Honestly, what a beautiful, beautiful room and photos. You rock, Laurie! Thank you for sharing these at the Fine Craft Guild. You clearly got the knack for taking photos!

  36. Your less is so much more! Delicious changes.

  37. Oh wow Laurie it looks fantastique ! mind you I love all the images of the bedroom through it's different stages I might not be able to choose my favourite look ....can I just have them all ??
    have a nice weekend...Gail x

  38. I could really get cozy in that room. The Shantyjack throw is gorgeous, and happens to go perfectly, she nailed the colors of your room.

  39. Your room has been beautiful at each stage. Love the Shantyjack! Once my daughter leaves home for keeps (still back and forth from college at this point), I plan to turn her room back into a guest room (which will still be hers when she comes home of course). I also envisioned two twin beds in an L configuration as it is a tiny room and the big bed just seems to fill up the whole space.

  40. What a gorgeous space! I'll get my bags packed...and be right there! Lovely! ~Tammy

  41. Beautiful room and I love seeing the subtle changes. Wonderful gift from a dear friend as well! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  42. So cozy! Thanks for joining us at Home Sweet Garden!!

  43. We love the rooms. Thanks so much for Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party.
    Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly

  44. Every look was lovely, Cindy - I'm fascinated with what you're hoping to achieve and can't wait to see what you do! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  45. That looks so light and airy. It would be a perfect place for a restful sleep. Thanks for sharing!

  46. I love this room no matter what you do with it! It has so much charm and I loved every one of the stages it has gone through. Your style is so lovely my friend.

  47. Love all the new changes, Laurie!! Isn't it nice to have the windows open again? :)

  48. Hello!
    I am so enjoying looking around at your beautiful blog home!
    I really so love the way you have the 'guest' room. I have the very same Jenny-Lind bed! :) Mine at this time is painted white :) It's had a few different colors... (you can re-late)
    I am blessed to stop over and will come again!

  49. Hope all is well?
    Looking forward to seeing all you have been creating or up to!



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