Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cultivating Moments

Her words crushed.
Hitting hard and sinking deep.
Stealing joy.

Breathing in surprise,
I exhale unwanted anger.

Staring at blurred letters.

"Strike back," Blackness screamed, demanded.

I instinctively wanted to.

"Turn inward," Soul whispered gently.

I reluctantly balked.

This world.
So hard and rough.
I wanted no more of it's darkness and biting ways.
No more of it's beating me down.

I said, "I can not figure things out."
God whispered, "I will direct your steps."

I said, "I can not manage."
God whispered, "I will supply all your needs."

I said, "I am frustrated."
God whispered, "Cast all your cares on ME."

He humbles me.

Quote from book by Rachel Ashwell

Resting in faith.
Relaxing in His Presence.

My heart moves toward Him,
in sync with His steps,
 embracing His love.

"What if the art we make – whether the work of our hands, the words of our mouth, the simple movement towards others in our ordinary days – 
what if these are the ways Jesus wants to show Himself to a weary world?
What if the art we make and live is a daily grace God has in mind for someone else?
And our way of living art is one of the million little ways God wants to show himself in the world?"
~ author unknown

No thinking.
No wondering.
No imagining.
No obsessing.
No apologies for being me.
I will make art
and live gracefully.
Not asking for nor expecting recognition or praise.
Shutting out the loudness of the world.
Inviting in the quietness of the Holy Spirit.

My heart...and my blog...will continue to be a garden where faith is grown.
A place to continue to cultivate friendships.
A place to gather words...

and to spread His Word.

East garden 2013

"You are exactly where you are supposed to be.
If you are happy...revel in it.
Appreciate the moment.
If you are unhappy...take note.
Try to figure out what you are supposed to be learning from this moment.
For each and every moment woven together over time
is your life.
Each moment matters.
Each moment has something beautiful to teach us."
~ Simple Daisy

~ Eucharisteo ~

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  1. Your post is beautiful. Your blog is always a place for me to come and feel calm and happy. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Life is hard , but God is good! Hugs dear friend!!

  3. Your faith is strong and I am inspired by you and HIM....sorry for your struggle, Laurie....but sounds like you have worked it out with Grace. You have expressed yourself so very we'll and I can relate....
    God Bless,

  4. Faith is a wonderful thing ... they say that can move mountains ..... love is the greatest feeling can accomplish everything .... The love and faith in something " more" is our every inhale and exhale the past .... there , the future has not yet arrived , the only thing we have is this moment - now ........
    Your blog was for me and will always be a beautiful place Laurie, something " noble ", proceed as yet, what are you doing is beautiful !!!!!!!
    Kisses from me....Vicky !!!

  5. Beautiful words for an especially beautiful Sunday. Thank you for sharing your lovely words with us, always such a joy to be here, on your blog, your thoughts inspire me always;-) xo

  6. Laurie,
    Very powerful words from your artistic poetic heart, your style is always a welcome sight to enjoy and reflect on. Lots to think about and I will be back to visit this post again.
    Be happy, be well.

  7. What a beautiful and faith full post. You turned in the right direction. toward Him, when you were attacked, which is what I always try to do. Try. And I am pleased when I succeed.

  8. Oh Laurie I love that Humility quote from Rachel Ashwell's book. I was going to include it in my next most too. Is that okay? I already had taken photos of it too, to share. It is a quote to live by as Rachel wrote. Peace to you. xxo

  9. Beautiful written my dear friend... as always... handling a troubling situation with beauty and grace... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Oh Laurie, those are such beautiful words. My husband and I had a "situation" with some family members after we moved here in 2012 and it hurt so deeply but I did what you did and made a conscious decision not to let hatred and anger invade my soul. Thank you for this sweet Laurie!!!

  11. Laurie,
    You have a beautiful and sweet heart. I appreciate you.
    And your home tour on Jennifer's blog was lovely, too....just like you.

  12. I love you Laurie. I know you will find comfort in His promises and love. God bless you dear.

  13. Hello Laurie...That was a most beautiful post. Honestly, it was definitely the most meaningful one I have read today, for sure.

    So glad you turned toward the light. He is always our rescuer, soother, comforter and Father. Susan

  14. Beautifully written; gorgeous images. Inspiring. Words to live by. I hope my blog is a little like yours and representing the holy spirit in us.

  15. Hi dear Laurie, how wonderful! I could feel in my heart all these words... I felt it spoke directly to me when you say "no thinking, no wondering..... you're exactly where you are supposed to be". Thank you dear for sharing this beautiful thought. I hope you had a lovely weekend! Love ~ Vanessa

  16. Laurie ~ I'm so sorry you are hurting right now. People can be so cruel sometimes. Thank you for sharing your blog and beautiful creations with us. I appreciate you! xoxo

  17. Laurie, You are like a Sweet Angel full of love and creativity and this hurts my heart that someone would want to be unkind to you.You have such a precious soul I simply can not imagine such a thing.

    The only thing I can say is some people are unkind to others to make themselves feel better as they are hurting as well.You are a Child of God and trust in him so I know you will let this go and move forward.

    Please know you are so very loved and adored.Hugs Sweetie !!! Many Blessings

  18. Your post was answer to a prayer, His love shines through and has left me in awe. God bless you and keep you in perfect peace in this difficult world. Hugs Pam

  19. The better way when something (somebody) hurt us so deeply is to accept at once that situation (as you do) and to ask "what can I do with all that now ? Nietzche said "Whatever does not kill me makes me stronger"... God is such a big helper.
    Many many kisses

  20. Wow Laurie I am so sorry that something was written that made you feel this way however, by that being written it inspired you to share this blessing that so many of us needed to read for our own comfort as well. God has a beautiful way to share when he works through you and your words and your art. Thoughts are with you hoping that the holy spirit does wonders for you today as I know you are so in tune with that still small voice

  21. Hi Laurie, what a beautiful post. Your words so heartfelt and true. I have come to this place many years ago too. Lovely quote from RA's book. I read it many times over.
    May God always give you comfort in being beautiful you!!
    Have a blessed day sweet friend.

  22. So sorry to hear your going through a " rough patch " right now. With your strong faith in Christ, this too will pass and you will have learned something from it. Thank you for sharing, we all go through similar experiences and its very comforting to know we can reach out to others in out time of need. I'm always here if you need me.
    God bless your big heart.
    XO~ Steph

  23. sending extra reserves of strength and what the heck, a pair of wings to fly you far away from the hurt.


  24. Amen !! God is great !!.....always trust in hard your life is love !

  25. hugs to you, laurie! lovely post, just sad you had a reason to write it:(

  26. God is good, all the time. Don't let anyone steal your joy. Hugs.

  27. What a beautiful as always post from you. God truly has been good to you, he gave your the gift of beautiful words, kind, gentle and oh so inspiring words. Your heart...and your blog...will continue to be a garden where faith is grown and one which inspires our love in our Lord and Savior. I am so glad I "met" you.

  28. I could feel every word you wrote, Laurie. So many will be blessed by your example of yielding to the holy spirit!

  29. I have stopped to rest here. So many soul touching words written and inspired by the sweetness of His Spirit and the truth of His word rings true yet again. 2 Cor 3-5 Comfort to comfort others which the words you have written have clearly done for myself and others today. As one wrote you found grace, and that grace was multiplied to us as well. Much love to you my friend. You are in my prayers. Becky

  30. Dear Laurie,

    Sometimes a person has been put in front of me (I do not believe it is by chance), and at first I do not understand why, especially when what they say is hurtful. But with time, there is always an answer.

    Do they have a message (gift) for me that I need to hear? Sometimes, yes. So I learn from the experience, grow a little, and appreciate their gift.

    But sometimes it is that in responding back to them, I have a message (or gift) for them.

    I believe we are all here to help one another along the way. Please protect your heart, hang on to your joy, and continue to share your love. You are a messenger - and your message is love.

    Sending hugs,

  31. Beautifully written and so inspiring. Thank you.

  32. Hi sweetie... just stopped back in to look at your previous post and your shutters once more... and drool over that first photo of flowers!... can you email me the name of those china dishes in that photo?... I am in LOVE with those and want to try to find me some... those colors all together are soooo gorgeous!... xoxoxo Moi

  33. Laurie what a beautiful post and beautiful words.Thank you for sharing your faith and inspiration <3

  34. Laurie, You are an amazing writer. Thank you so much for this post.

  35. Thank you so much for this lovely post - the words and sentiment were exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my life..

  36. Your post was just what I needed today. As I walk closer on the path of God's plan for me I wonder how to celebrate my faith and share my work and you said it perfectly, thank you.


  37. Aw lovely post Laurie (mind you I felt so sorry for that little bird getting rained on in that photo !!)
    Easter blessings...Gail x

  38. What a Beautiful and Profound Post! Words and Sentiment worth taking to Heart and Remembering. Happy Easter... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  39. I always leave here with my heart filled with joy. Thank you dear Laurie. You have a beautiful soul.


  40. Hi Laurie, God is so much bigger then mans junk, bring it on Jesus giving it to him to care for. hurt, pain, or sorrow is cared for through him. I love that saying dont let anyone steal your joy, I can hear Joel Osteen minister to the vast to not let the evil or the enemy steal your joy. This was beautifully written and quoted, I pray that all your efforts in all you do and all you encourage are blessed with many. Your steadfast walk into faith shows us to stand in faith by example.

    Inspiring, and keep doing Gods beautiful work by never giving in or up on what you believe in. Keep creating your beauty.
    Thank you Laurie, for taking the time to visit me, I took the time to stop and rest in your gardens of beauty.

    Lots of love,

    Happy Easter Little lamb.


  41. Wow... I am awed by your ability to handle something mean and hurtful with such grace. When i feel an injustice and get angry, i want to hold onto that anger until i find a place in my brain that will allow myself to move through it. It is really really really hard not to react. But you're so wise not to. In fact i'm mad right now that someone treated you badly. I want to kick their butt! Ooops... not very wise of me, oh well... you are so precious, no one is allowed to mess with you in my book!



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