Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kitchen Sideboard

As much as I flipped head over heels when I discovered a frantel for my kitchen a few years ago
at the antique market
and still love it dearly to this day
and will never ever get rid of it...

I heard the angels singing again when I walked past this sweet shabby chic sideboard
at the antique market last month.

[cue chorus......

Doing a quick double-take
while backing up as fast as my feet could take me without tripping and falling flat on my bum ~

I walked up to her,
stroked her smooth painted surface,
pulled her drawers open and shut,
peeked inside her cupboard doors,
and admired her curvy legs.

I felt my eyes glaze over...

and I sighed.

There was a lot of space for dishes, and linens, and silverware, and candles.
She was beautifully worn all in the right places.
She was equipped with all four of her original casters.

I knew she was coming home with me.

After chewing the vendor down to an amount that was much easier to swallow,
I couldn't wait to get home to see how this sweet sideboard looked in my kitchen
topped with flowers and paintings and pretty blue goblets.

A few Italian Florentine floral pieces I bought for $4 each
found their way into the vignette.

Another vintage find was this benediction which now rests on the mantel above our bed.

Back to sighing over the sideboard...

splashed with morning sunlight.

I had some rose prints left over that hadn't been pinned up yet,
and after looking at that big blank wall behind the sideboard,
I thought I'd try something.

"Oh....yes," my heart whispered.

And I sighed again.

~  Blessings  ~

[I am currently working on a project that I think you may like to participate in!
Should be ready in about a week.
Stay tuned!]

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  1. Soooo dreamy sweetie... I just LOVE your new sideboard and all of your treasures on it... the photo with the sunlight coming in on it is my favorite... and your rose prints on the wall behind it... sigh... xoxo... Julie Marie

  2. loving the sideboard!! The rose prints are beautiful hanging there it is all so pretty

  3. Great piece, Laurie. The finishing touch with the prints? Perfect.

  4. I'd be sighing too...she's a beauty Laurie!
    Spacious too~a place for your treasures.
    And the prints are gorgeous!
    ~Sigh~ ;)
    Hugs xo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  5. I love old sideboards. Wish I had one. There is one I fell in love with long ago and waiting for another to come along. I love them painted white. Shows the details so much more. LOVE yours. Enjoy.

  6. Bonjour,

    Parfois dans la vie nous prenons la décision d'un achat et celui-ci s'avère être un excellent choix.
    Votre buffet est intemporel et très joli.

    Gros bisous et merci pour vos belles photos.

  7. Oh Laurie, that sideboard is a beautiful addition to your dining area! It will be such a great storage and display piece. I once bought an antique sideboard at an auction. You would've wondered what I was thinking if you would've saw it since it looked so terrible...turquoise covered with decals. I could see how pretty it was underneath it all though, so I painted it white and put it for sale in my shop and it sold right away. It seems hard to find such pretty pieces...enjoy yours :)

  8. What a lovely find! It's perfect for your home!

  9. the sweet rose prints look great about your newest love, laurie:) have a great day!

  10. Laurie, the sideboard is wonderful and the rose paintings are perfect with it. The tall cabinet is lovely too. Great treasures!

  11. Perfect and oh so Lovely!!! I would have had a hard time walking away from that sideboard too. I just love the beauty in the styling of your charming home!
    Mary Alice

  12. Just beautiful! I love, love, love painted white furniture!

  13. What a great find!!! (you've just given me my new favorite word ... "frantel" ... it's so perfectly expressive.)

  14. Oh yes, Laurie, that is a great find! I can understand why it made your heart flutter. It was definitely meant to go home with you. I love the rose prints on the wall above, too.

  15. ...a lovely piece that spoke to you and now you have made it your own dear Laurie, in the beautiful morning light!
    ~ and lol!..."frantel" it! ~ what a perfect way to describe a faux mantel!
    xo, Rosemary

  16. That sideboard is a beautiful find!

  17. Laurie, I love it all. There was no way you could have left that sideboard behind. Absolute perfection. xo Laura

  18. I could not leave that sideboard in the store either. It is beautiful. Also love the benediction. Blessings

  19. It's just beautiful Laurie!
    My girlfriend (whose house burnt down last xmas eve) just picked one up for her new house that is finally, finally under construction!

  20. Altho, the sideboard is perfectly beautiful, I liked the benediction.

  21. Beautiful and oh the rose pictures are wonderful too.

  22. Laurie this is a fantastic piece to hold all your goodies. Love the vignette too.


  23. Okay, I've got it all planned out now. After spending several hours in your bathtub, with lit candles and wine, I'm heading down to your kitchen to sit at that gorgeous table, followed by more wine with some French bread and Brie:) Gorgeous!!!

  24. Did you notice that you are featured this week on our blog !??????

  25. So beautiful in your kitchen. Love it all.

    Hugs from here

  26. The sideboard is perfect there and I love the rose paintings also. I was catching up with you and am so happy that your test turned out better then you feared. You write so well that I was am always right there with you. I have a friend who just went through a very similar situation with a similar outcome. Wishing you the best of health in the future.
    Look forward to your new project!

  27. Beautiful... and I know that feeling of running your hand back and forth over the smooth surface! I'm right there with you on that one! You did a wonderful job of accessorizing it and the the rose paintings truly complete the look you were after! So was this found at Allegan? I am hoping I get there at least once before the season ends. If not, there is always next year!

  28. Sometimes there is an instant connection to a piece of furniture that speaks to you. You styled it beautifully.

  29. Such a pretty piece :) A wonderful find:)

  30. Oh sweetie I often hear that same choir of angels when I'm out shopping...they must follow us both around! lol! Sighing over all those roses ascending above your gorgeous sideboard. WOW. xoxo

  31. Your styling is perfect Laurie, and the sideboard is a great find. I love the way you decorate that room, so peaceful.



  32. Love it! It's perfect beside your table and I love the flower pictures you've added. I bet you like the added storage it provdies too.

  33. Itvs just so beautiful Laurie,
    I had à réally neat buffet that I should have never gotten rid of that would have painted up so beautifully...
    But, sometimes you get rid of pieces for new ones to move in. Glad to here you will be hanging onto that fire place mantle piece they are harder to find in fact I have been looking for the right one myself, I love yours and would never get rid of it.
    Love how all your beauty is making a connection with one another.

    Such an inspiring home.


  34. What a beautiful sideboard and such lovely staging.

  35. Laurie, you are one lucky girl! The sideboard is beautiful, and the paintings are just
    fabulous there. Perfect addition to the room.

  36. I love it!! That is so beautiful...I would have been tripping to!

    Penny @

  37. You have just the right touch. She is a beauty and I'm sure very at home, at your home!

  38. Love the where did the mantel go? Also you were spot on with adding the rose prints. Simply divine!

  39. Oh she is simply beautiful Laurie!!! What a find for sure and she looks like she has always belonged right there in your kitchen.

    I always enjoy my visits you have a way with your words. Blessings xoxo

  40. Oh Laurie, she is a beaut! I think I would not have been able to resist her either. She looks perfect in your home and the roses are the perfect touch. Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  41. It is gorgeous, Laurie! LOVE the purchase and your sweet dining area.

  42. Hi Laurie, just hopping by to let you know that I will be featuring you at SYC this week.

  43. Oh, she is marvelous, Laurie - she looks just at home in your lovely kitchen! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  44. I understand, there's something perfect about a white sideboard. their captivating, and you wonder what you ever did in your life before you met them... It looks beautiful, great find, Laurie!!!

  45. She is definitely a beauty Laurie and a perfect match for Heaven's Walk. Enjoy her ♥
    I'll be featuring this little charmer at Shabbilicious Friday later today.

  46. Beautiful sideboard, in fact a beautiful room it is in also.. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  47. I had a hard time focusing on your cabinet when all I wanted to do was look at that lovely room with the shutters on the window!

  48. It's a beautiful sideboard. We are painting our vintage sideboard in ASCP french linen with a pure white wash for our sitting room near the farmhouse table. Prayers for your up coming surgery. So much to be thankful for. xo

  49. love what you wrote about your sideboard soo , lovely <3


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