Friday, September 6, 2013

Stolen Moments

It's been a very busy couple of weeks here at Heaven's Walk.

~ I had very successful sale at my booth over Labor Day weekend.

~ My husband and I finished up tomato season with the last session of canning our "world famous" salsa
(over 300 jars total).

~ One corner of my basement was reorganized by demolishing an old, dilapidated cupboard 
and replacing it with some new shelving units.

~ And I filled dream catcher and wooden oversize faux rosary orders for some of my new customers.

I had the opportunity to create a new style dream catcher for Peggy who wanted a pink one with roses.
They added such a sweet, feminine touch.

My sweet "prairie sister", Julie, requested a dream catcher with a vintage,
tea-stained look.
I dyed some fabric, and as I wrapped and tied it on,
mixing it with natural wood beads and shells,
visions of endless, windswept sand dunes in the first whispers of autumn came to mind.
"Windswept" was born.

After all the selling, demolishing, canning, and creating...
I needed to kick back and chill for a while.

So, I spent a couple hours playing in my studio,
just appreciating the space where I create.

I haven't decided which room this charming little vintage lamp will end up in.
Maybe the guest room.
It found it's way home with me from the antique market last month.
After a little rewiring, it works like a charm.

I also played around with making a miniature faux rosary
with wood and glass beads after a request from a good friend.

I found a few stolen moments to sink into the pages of my new Rachel Ashwell's
Couture Prairie & Flea Market Treasures.
The entire book is amazing.
Big, bold, beautiful photographs fill each page.
It's so inspiring that I want to recreate each and every room in this old farmhouse.

It will certainly be a huge source of reference for me while continuing with the
shabby prairie boho chic look Heaven's Walk has embraced.

I feel the sudden need to wallpaper a room....

I'll just add it to my never ending "to-do" list.

~  Blessings  ~

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  1. Every time I see your blog you inspire me to redecorate, change something. Beautiful blog you have Laurie! Sounds like you have been busy. Beautiful pink dream catcher and wow 300 jars of salsa!

  2. Looking good, Laurie. Looks like you got lots done and I am so glad that your sale was successful. Nice to have things GONE, isn't it? I am glad you got all that canning done. Are you making wine this year?

    I need to look for RA's book. I have a Barnes & Noble card burning a hole in my pocket- xo Diana

  3. Oh, Laurie, its so great that you had a great show with your dream catchers.
    As for the 300 jars of salsa, what will you do with all of them? Perhaps you will be inspired to open a shabby boho chic taco stand :)

    Your style has madè this full circle in major beauty....I am looking forward to what the holidays months bring you and all it will inspire.
    I have been working on little alters, old, crusty wall papered walls giving them this look of drawing you into see more of them close up. They are almost like my mini theatres, but, a special box fitting for jeanne d' arc style.
    It's so much fun sharing new pieces and ideas that inspire others.
    So looking forward to the holidays T your home and what you inspire.

    Beautiful weekend to you.


  4. Ooh I look forward to reading R.A"s new prairie book. I pre- ordered but haven't received mine yet. When did you get yours? Everything is beAutiful. Will you really eat Ll that salsa???

  5. It does sound like you have been very busy. WOW 300 jars of salsa, that is alot. Your dreamcatchers are so beautiful.

  6. I love Peggy's dream catcher with the roses. I am a rose fan. It is a beautiful
    dream catcher.

  7. You are simply crazy cray cray as my girls would say! Lol Not sure you ever sleep but I love all your doings.I think I need a lrg Rosary maybe we can work a trade if you still want stars or union jack :) or I can just buy one too!

    Loving the new RA Book myself can't get enough! So love the Prairie Style myself I need my own Prairie in Oregon :)

  8. OH, i didnt realise the book was out Laurie... i must must geta copy!!! just going to have a look on the book depository site... and yes, to wallpaper!! ive been looking for a few months for something suitable, but its hard getting enough rolls of vintage paper to cover full walls!!! thanks for your visit today. its always a pleasure!!! Your salsa just sounds delicious!!! I really love tomato salsa i have to say!!! have a truly fabulous weekend!!! Hugs to you! xxxx

  9. Love your new dream catchers, Laurie, especially the windswept one. Can't wait to see the new RA book. xo Laura

  10. Hi dear friend ♥
    Your all work is amazing,love the small rosary-so sweet and cute!!!And wow-you have new RA book,I preordered it in our country, but not yet :-( I look forwad in new book-new inspiration!!!
    Have a nice day's from you and your family!!!Hugs♥

  11. Hello sweet Prairie sister... thanks for showing my new baby "Windswept" and I love my mama "Windswept" as well!... they are sooo beautiful, you chose just the perfect mix of everything for them, and your description of how you named them is so beautiful... your photos always make me sigh... your farmhouse is just so dreamy... I love the Rose painting on your old barn door where you create... inspiring... your special place is so serene and calming... no wonder all of your treasures are so soothing as well... as you know, I am totally immersed in Rachel's book as well... one day, I am planning on meeting up with you at "The Prairie"... wouldn't that be so much fun!... love you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  12. PS LOVE the dreamcatcher with Roses!... I feel another order coming up soon... xoxo Moi

  13. I love your dream catchers Laurie! I've just started making some but can't get them as pretty as yours and Tausha's:( I added small roses to one of mine but I love your bigger ones!

    Thank you for all your beauty and inspiration!

  14. One day I am going to get one of these dream catchers. Every time I think this is the month something comes up. The kids need something, a bill shows up, my hours are shortened at work, etc. Dont give up on me as I have it on my list of wants, its on the top. I love them. I also want that book too!!!

  15. lovely dream catchers, laurie, and they look so great hanging on the old farm door. o.k. HOW many jars of salsa! good grief, it took a LOT of maters for that much salsa...i like mine hot and spicy, thank you very much (in case you were wondering he he).
    happy weekend to you!
    p.s. for some reason your first image is not showing up?

  16. You have been so busy I am so happy that you are able to share your catchers and rosaries with the world, it is fun to have a craft/business where you can stay clean and stay in the house.....when I paint I daydream sometimes of having curled hair clean 300 cans of salsa earns you a medal!! Bet it is wonderful do you go through that many cans in a year? Bet between gifting and eating you are out before next summer. Love that your sale was a success for you and your pictures are all amazing, thanks for sharing my friend!

  17. THREE HUNDRED jars of salsa????!! How many tomato plants did you grow?
    Canning is one of my favorite pastimes!

  18. Thank you Laurie,
    You are way to kind with your words, although I will except them.
    The lamp shade was so unbelievably easy! Cut, wash, dry, no ironing so the wrinkles stay and tack stitch here and there leaving the back overlap a good inch or so like a hospital grown, done and ready for a beautiful glow of white.
    I love it's mopey-ness! And if need be when it gets dusty I will fill the tub with soapy water and dip a few times and rinse the hang dry.

    Love all you inspire, I went to our Barns and Noble books and they have not even heard of the new R/A book.
    I will have to order to online, how did you get yours?


  19. Laurie,
    So~o~o very glad you had such a successful $ale, dear friend!
    Love the new dreamcatchers and the rosary!
    But more than all of this, I'm gald you had those stolen moments to relax
    and gain more inspiration for the journey ahead!!!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  20. Beautiful dream catcher Laurie! WOW 300 jars....holy cow! I just canned my first tomatoes this year and I am doing more this week...only 24 and I thought that was allot!
    I need to check out her new book! Looks like lots of beautiful inspiration!

  21. I just saw her new book at Books-A-Million... I didn't realize she had a new one out and was pleased to sit down and peruse it! You're right... a great inspirational book to own! My goodness, you put me to shame with all that boundless energy! I love the new soft, shell pink dream catcher. Just wonderful! Now... do take some time for yourself and relax on that front porch of yours and enjoy these last warm days of summer. You deserve it!!

  22. Loving your new dream catchers, especially the pink with the roses!
    You have been such a busy bee, but that's the smart thing to do before the winter sets in. Keep creating!

  23. Hi. I was stopping by in hopes of getting some help on a Martha Stewart Contest....I've been nominated and I was trying to get Votes...if you have time I would love to see you come by my blog, vote and also enter in a giveaway for your support!! Your able to vote 6 times in a row daily until Sept. 13th!! I would appreciate it so very much!! Thanks so much!

  24. Oh, what beautiful dream catchers you have created! And what lovely pictures you have shared with us! I'm a follower; so glad I stopped by for a visit. ~Zuni

  25. Oh, what beautiful dream catchers you have created! And what lovely pictures you have shared with us! I'm a follower; so glad I stopped by for a visit. ~Zuni

  26. Oh how I love me some Rachel Ashwell Laurie. She has been an inspiration to me since her first book came out years ago. You have been a very busy girl---WOW 300 jars of salsa. Yum...the way Dale and I go through salsa I can see how it is done though. I used to can it when the children were all home, but have now gotten quite lazy :))))
    Have a beautiful week Laurie!!!

  27. Laurie,
    your pictures are soo shabby. Love all the colors at your home.
    New RA book is amazing !!!

  28. Hi, my dear friend! I love your dreamcathers, your work si perfect. And your table on last photos, too - the colour is amazing. I´m looking forward to my RA´s book, she should arrive soon. I can´t wait! Have a great days, sweetie!!! Send hugs to you!!!

  29. Thoroughly enjoyed this post...from the two new dreamcatchers to the flowers peeking into the photos to the barn door photo backdrop to the peeks into the Rachel Ashwell magazine...


  30. There is just so much pretty here i don't know where to begin... oh my goodness your dream catchers are the prettiest i have seen, love love the over sized rosary, and i'm soooo curious about your world famous salsa! You've been so busy! I bet it helps that you love your little creating space too... smile...


  31. Laurie,

    Your images are so peaceful. I didn't realize you're making the faux rosaries and selling them too. I'll be placing my order in the next few weeks. Glad to hear that your sale was successful. I'm not surprised. I just took the Home Goods style quiz and I have a bit of boho with new country style. I'm leaning towards a calmer color palette too. I feel like I've stepped into Heaven everytime I stop by for a visit. It's been hot and humid on my side of the state. How is the weather over there in your gogeous country home?

  32. Such beautiful, dreamy images. I love the pink dream catcher! I am your newest follower. Stop by for a visit sometime.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  33. It must feel great to have all that salsa put up.
    Your dream catchers are just as pretty as ever. So glad you are doing so well with them.
    Good to hear the sale went must feel pretty happy about that.
    I am anxious to get the new RA book. Jim is dreading it, however. lol
    Big hugs to you, and Rog.

  34. It must feel great to have all that salsa put up.
    Your dream catchers are just as pretty as ever. So glad you are doing so well with them.
    Good to hear the sale went must feel pretty happy about that.
    I am anxious to get the new RA book. Jim is dreading it, however. lol
    Big hugs to you, and Rog.

  35. Laurie, You are the most creative person and sooo busy too!! I love your new dream catchers.The pink one with roses and tea stained vintage one are gorgeous!! I bet your salsa is the best in Michigan! I have to run out and get Rachel's new book today.
    I have always loved her style, from the very beginning. I feel she started the vintage look with her furniture and beautiful fabrics. Love everything about her. Thanks so much for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays...


  36. wow how many cans ?? we freeze ours tomatoes after we have made them into ratatoille... oooh that new book sounds delightful .... something to look forward to for sure ...
    Gail x

  37. You are so creative and talented! I always feel inspired when I see you amazing creations! Lovely photos, too!

  38. You have outdone me I have not canned one thing this year. Last year I was the canning queen. Oh well I just can't do it all. Your sun catchers are made with love can see it in the details you incorporate.


  39. You sure have been busy! 300 jars of salsa! Wow! Sounds marvelous - love your dream catchers, so romantic - I'm liking wallpaper more lately...lovely post!

  40. We all need a bit of kicking back time Laurie. I just took a week off and went on a quilting retreat. We never have an idle moment, right? Especially not you if you canned 300 bottles of salsa, WOW! Love the dream catcher with roses. Still wanting one in a bit. thanks for sharing with SYC.


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