Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sailing Faith

I had planned on writing a different post for this week.
One on a completely different subject....

But after seeing a friend of mine in church today,
God nudged me to write this one instead.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Remember the book I mentioned that hubby and I read while
spending our vacation on the beach?

It was written by a friend of ours, Gregg Granger.

We've known Gregg and his family for many years.
They are long-standing members of  

When we heard that Gregg was taking his family on a two year journey 
aboard a 56 foot sailboat named Faith of Holland to circumnavigate the world,
(that actually ended up being a four year adventure 
sailing 36,000 nautical miles around the world),
we didn't know what to think.

"Good for you!"  
"How exciting!" 
"Is he nuts...?" 
"Sure hope he writes a book!" 
"We're going to definitely have to pray for them..."

But after reading about their experiences aboard Faith of Holland
as they traveled around the world
meeting people from all walks of life and
diving into the various cultures headfirst,
we were amazed, speechless, and in awe of this 
special family that God indeed kept safe in his embrace.

As Gregg writes in the prologue, the reaction that the family received upon 
sharing the news of their plan was,
"You're going to a lot of places where they don't value human life like we do."

But having more than the faith of a mustard seed,
Gregg loaded up his wife, two teen-age daughters,
and his five-year-old son in 2003,
spent one week aboard a charter in Florida learning how to sail,
and then waved goodbye to the Unites States,
firm in the knowledge that God was protecting them all the way.

The Grangers on Faith

Their journey was about more than travel and culture.
It was about relationships.
Relationships with God, each other, other people on similar journeys,
and with the people in the 38 countries they visited.
They witnessed about the power of God's love 
all the way around the world
and touched a lot of lives while doing just that.

Teaching school in Saumlaki.

Faith docked for repairs with the workmen who repaired her.

Faith heeling on passage to Sudan.

By God's infinite grace, 
they survived malaria, broken bones, vicious storms,
and other incredible struggles.

But they also experienced the incredible vastness
of God's mighty hand in creation.

The Grangers at the pyramids.

Relying on the ocean for food.

Sailing past the Rock of Gilbraltar.

Taking a break on passage.

As Tom Rademacher (newspaper columnist and author) wrote,
"....{Gregg} and his family embrace a fascinating planet,
one port at a time......Sailing Faith: The Long Way Home will have you
reconsidering....what precious moments each of us have left
for chasing dreams."

In his book, "Gregg sought to demonstrate that the world
and people everywhere are wonderful gifts from our Creator,
to be explored and marvelled at."

I tell you,
this book is a must-read.

You will never look at the world the same way again...

I promise.

{ Faith-ful hugs }

{You may order "Sailing Faith: The Long Way Home" from Gregg's website.
You can also visit for more information
and photographs from the Granger's journey.

Free free to contact Gregg directly with comments, 
suggestions, or inquiries at}

I am not receiving any payment nor acknowledgement for this post.
I just needed to share with you how fantastic this book really is! 

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful, faith-inspiring book!! Just the kind I love to read :-)

    I just added you to my sidebar. Coming here is like a breath of fresh air Laurie :-)

  2. What a fantastic journey they must have had. Thanks for posting all about it. I will put it on my wish list- Mother's Day is just around the corner!
    Have a fun week- Tete

  3. Thankyou Laurie for sharing such a wonderful story and book with us. I hope they know what a truly lovely friend they have?!!If my husband was here I would share it with him as sailing around the world is something I am so sure he would looove to do one day. Me... hmm, not so sure. But I will look out for the book in bookstores (although, not sure if they have it in this country?)
    Hope you are having a very fine weekend!! Lots of love and hugs, Laura xxx

  4. Wow! What an amazing journey! And such gorgeous photos. And here I thought we were crazy to drive our motor home cross country! Well, God protected us, even thru some pretty tough driving conditions! So glad this family had such an incredible experience!

  5. That is absolutely faith to have had only a week of lessons before embarking on such an adventure....

  6. Hi Laurie!

    Hope you're having a good Palm Sunday! I can't believe what this family did. Looks like a wonderful read and inspiring story. I'm going to check out the website.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I'm still covered in paint, haha!

  7. Yowsers, Laurie. What an adventure that family had. Sounds like quite a read (the book). Thanks for sharing the great photos, too. Susan

  8. I have been 'wowed' a lot tonight, but this is really WOW!! What an incredible journey, I got goosebumps just reading your post, I can't imagine what the book would do. What a beautiful family and I can only say that that must have been THE journey of a lifetime. Thank you for sharing this Laurie.

  9. Wow. Oh I would love to share such an experience with my children. (I just looked above and Michelle said "wow!" too. I guess that's the only way to put it!) I was choking up through the entire post. How awesome for Greg, his wife, and these children to experience the message of love, family, God, and humanity first hand. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  10. Laurie- What a beautiful, inspired know that you were prompted to write it...and I know that someone is going to pick that book up, read it and it will forever alter the course of their life. That's the way God works...through a girl with a "beach read"~;>)

    I will definitely be purchasing this for MyHero for Father's Day (if I can wait that long to give it to him). Love to you, sweet friend- Diana

  11. This is my kind of read. I love when families do this. I really wanted our family to go to Africa and live in a hut when we were younger. I know it would have been an amazing life experience.

  12. What an amazing experience for Gregg and his family! Thank you for sharing this with us!

    Kat :)

  13. How amazing...thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  14. My uncle and his family did something similar and I always thought it sounded so "romantic" sailing around the world. Unfortunately my uncle wasn't also spreading the gospel. Thanks Laurie for the book recommendation!

  15. Wow! What an amazing experience. Just imagine how that would change a child's outlook on life. Thanks for sharing this with us Laurie :)


  16. It sounds like such an inspirational book, Laurie. I can't even imagine embarking on such a journey. Thank you for sharing their amazing story and a link to the book.

    And yes, our kitties are quite spoiled, aren't they? haha ... Donna

  17. This is a lovely post. I can totally relate to the story of your friends. My husband would love to do the same thing. Me I'm not so sure. I'd be happier on land I think.

    Thanks for sharing
    Best Carolyn

  18. Love this post. What an interesting story. This journey must have taken an incredible amount of courage and perseverance. What an awesome experience. I wonder how they educated their children during this trip? Other than life exeriences which s quite an education itself. . I guess I will have to read the book!! Thank you for sharing!

  19. What an amazing adventure! That must have been such a wonderful learning experience for them.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment about my pizza stone table :)


  20. Laurie ~ So LOVE this story (thanks for sharing) and I'm going to get this book! It DOES look like a 'must-read'!

  21. Wow..., and thanks for sharing this!! With a journey like this you definitely expose yourself..., and have to grow strong in faith.

  22. Laurie
    Thank you soooo very much for sharing!!!
    What faith to behold!
    Trusting in the Lord to see them through, a wittness to faith above and beyond!
    I will have to read it :)

  23. What a journey...will have to read the book soon. Thanks for sharing!

    Gracie's Cottage

  24. Such a wonderful post~;) Great photos too~ Very inspiring~ Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  25. What an incredible journey... will put this one on my "to read" list.

  26. Wow truly inspiring! Wonderful ministry!
    I will find the book.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Happy outdoor.


  27. What a lovely post! Thanks for linking it up at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays!

  28. What an incredible story!! and lovely pictures to go with it as well!

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