Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Giveaway at Heaven's Walk!


Because you 









and because over 300 of you now follow my humble little blog,

I want to give something back to you ~



I'm having a

Giveaway at Heaven's Walk!


You heard right!

I poked around in my kitchke closet...

You know,

the closet where one keeps all of one's treasures
that one buys during the year

(and then doesn't ever use....)?

The closet where if one opens it too quickly
all the treasures come tumbling out onto one's head?

The one that should have a warning sign posted on the door?

The one closet that we really can't live without?

The one closet that we have whether we like it or not?

Yeah, that one.

(I know you have one *wink*)

Well....I've got some fabulous little treasures

just for you, my friends!

*  *  *  * * * *  * * * * *  *  * 

The "Beach Blue Giveaway"  ~

a jar of beautiful sea glass
Yankee Candle 'Beach-Walk' scented votive candles
a blue ceramic waterlily votive
and a handmade wooden shorebird

all gathered up in a sweet little wicker basket

And the second giveaway

Yup ~~ you heard right again ~~

there's a second giveaway!

The "Shabby Pink Giveaway" ~

two pink floral ruffled euro shams
a sweet little embossed pink glass jar
and a vintage pale pink rosette iron hook
snuggled into a darling wicker basket.

Oh, and I'll include two of my clay tags, too.

For a chance to win one of these two giveaways,
here's all you have to do...*

  1.  Become a follower and leave a comment that you are.
  2.  If you're already a follower, let me know that you are. 
  3. Answer this question:
"Which Heaven's Walk post is your favorite and why?"

If you want an extra chance to win...

4.  Post this giveaway on your blog with a link back.

(Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.)
    (Remember to include your email address in one of your comments
    if you don't have it posted in your profile so that i can notify you.)

    My sweet hubby will gleefully draw two winner's names
    on Friday, May 6!

    So thank you...

    for being a friend

    for caring

    and just for being you...

    you're awesome

      {{ blessings and two big hugs to you! }}

    *(you need to have a United States address for me to ship to)

    Linking to the parties located at the lower right of my sidebar!
    Just click on the buttons - and have a great time!


    1. What a sweet giveaway! Both!!!! You are too generous. Congratulations on all of your followers, you deserve every one of them.

      All of your posts are great, but the one that touched me most was when Debbie went into the hospital. You made sure we all knew where to send cards and kept us updated. You are a true friend with a big heart!


    2. Hi Laurie!

      What an amazing giveaway! I just became a follower so i'll have to say this is my favorite post!! lOL! Thank you for giving us a chance to win ! Hugs ! Deb

    3. Oh Laurie, I love everything about your beach blue giveaway!!! And I'm a follower. Will post this on my coastal weekend mix for sure... and come back!

    4. What a delightful give-away....
      Both are fun & sweet...
      (already a follower : )

    5. O no......only for the states ???...so sad for me.......hmmmmmmmmmm.....xxx....Ria....

    6. I am your newest follower. Gia 2366@gmail.com

    7. One my my favorite posts is your description of water aerobics - I still giggle when I think about you at your class. Love your giveaways - quite appropriate as I am re-doing the bathroom with a seaside look and, of course, my grandaughter's room can never have enough pink. Hope I win. Gia2366@gmail.com

    8. What a gorgeous and generous giveaway! I am already a follower of your blog:)

    9. A favorite post...hmmmm...you have a lovely post from Christmas that shows your bedroom and it looks lovely!

    10. Yep, I have one of those too.

      Would love to win your giveaway. Thanks for the chance.


    11. What a wonderful giveaway sweetie!! I love all of your treasures. :)
      I am a happy friend and follower. :)

    12. My favorite post is the I believe the first post that I commented on, but not sure. It was the bat one!! I was laughing so hard and I loved how you told the story! It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!! ;)

    13. Thank you Laurie for your friendship. It is what I value most. I love that sea glass but really am not commenting to enter the giveaway. I have won several giveaways this year and I would rather give another lovely lady a chance. ox I will blog about your giveaway to let others know. Sweet sea kisses to you my friend. ox

    14. Great giveaway Laurie...You already know I love you and your sweet blog!

    15. Love so many of your posts, but your Beach Breathing post really touched my heart!

    16. Have your giveaway on my sidebar!!!

    17. thx for your visit, Laurie! your blog is lovely, and i'll be back soon. giveaway! giveaway! how generous!


    18. Oh you know I want to win those clay tags you made...so much lovelier than my attempt!!! :)

    19. Hi Laurie, I'm already a follower, becaue I love your blog. But to be honest, it's not just your blog, it's more to do with you. Your fun vibrant personality shines through in all your posts. I think it's why I love the post where you were getting ready for your vacation and you showed your new swimsuit and flip flops in a pretty bright color, which if anyone reads your blog knows, it reflects your personality to a t.
      I love that you're sort of Beachy Cottage. I would love to win one of your pretty clay tags. I think they're awesome, xxx tami

    20. Laurie- if I ever win a give away, this is the one I really would love- the first one!
      You have picked out some really wonderful things!
      Well, you know I'm a follower! I think my favorite post of yours is when you told us about Debbie- because you weren't giving up on her. Your love for her showed in every word you typed and your faith in God kept you from being bitter towards him. You were willing to accept His decision, but you weren't rolling over without a fight. That you came to us and begged for her to be better and for us to pray for her healing. Because that's what best friends do. They love and they fight. My second favorite post was the 2 of you on the beach, smiling in the sunshine. Triumphant. Proof that prayer works and that God is merciful. You are an awesome best friend and Debbie is lucky to have you.
      All your posts are great, but those I will always remember.
      Hugs- Tete

    21. Lovely Giveaway. I am a follower. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas.

    22. These giveaways are amazing!! I'm a new follower, hope I win!!

    23. Hi Sweet Laurie,
      The tip that Yvonne helped me with was resizing my pics to get a nice XXL photo - you just resize in your editing program & then in blogger select the "original" size option to resize the photo. Love your clay tags, especially the "merci' one - so cute!
      :) Lara

    24. What a fabulous giveaway - Congrats on all your followers.

      I LOVE the beach blue prizes, they are beautiful. I'm a follower of yours :O) Hope you have a lovely week.

    25. I looove sweet giveaways!I am a follower and I love the blue beach set it would great for my wine and relax nights.*sigh* My favorite post I think would be "playing with clay" Why you ask ?! Well its really wonderful to see other woman enjoy lil things that make them happy(I mean you even did that dance lol!) Have a great rest-of the week~Meme

    26. Hi Laurie!

      What a special giveaway! Congrats on your following. You know I love your blog.

      I have a couple favorite posts, but loved the one where you talked about joining a water aerobics class. I couldn't stop laughing at your experience. I like how you share your heart :)

    27. Lovely giveaways! Thanks so much for adding your link and joining in the party at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays :)

    28. I just found your blog and what a wonderful one you have. What a very nice giveaway too. Please enter my name.

    29. I added your giveaway button to my blog.

    30. I love your post Crystals and Clothespins. I just love drying my clothes outside and it brought back memories of My Mom who also loved doing it.

    31. I will most definitely follow your blogs thanks to Sally Lee by the sea for sharing the link I was reading Sanibel memories & Beach breathing and it took me back a few weeks ago to our visit to the Island we celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary there which we too love and try to get back to every year ooxxo:-)

    32. Hi Laurie!

      What a fun giveaway!
      I think one of my favorite posts of yours is when you shared your time with Debbie while on vacation. I know how much it meant to you!

      I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!

    33. Oh, so glad I found your blog today of all days!!!! The Shabby Pink version is my fav...love that sweet covered glass jar :)

      Thanks for the chance!

      xx Cat brideblu

    34. Two beautiful giveaways, so pretty! I'd be so happy with either one! I've been a happy follower for a while:)

    35. I am a new follower and I love your blog. If I were to win I would like the second one. I love them both, but I would love some of your neat tags.


    36. Hi Laurie,
      I just found your blog the other day and read every post. I loved them all, but especially the ones "Honey did we bring the U-Haul". You are so funny. I found your site from "My Romantic Home" and was so glad I did. You are a wonderful story teller! Thanks for all the sharing. I don't have a blog but I know it has to be alot of work! I love your little clay tags, well and all your pretty things. Oh and all the great pictures! Keep up the good work!

    37. I am following you as of today...what a heavenly giveaway♥

    38. Hi Laurie-Listen, girl, don't sign me up I have won too many give aways this year already and I'm feeling freakishly guilty! That being said...I think my favorite post(s) are the ones where you share your heart and your love of God and family....and friends. I am blessed to call you a friend and to have met Debbie through you...oh yeah...I found that crazy Tete chick through you too!

      I am at a medical conference with the hubster this week and SOMEONE forgot to put the mouse in with this stinking OLD (older than yours even;>) laptop...and I can hardly make it work...so you know I love ya if I'm here! I'll be around more come Sunday! xxoo Diana

    39. What a sweet give-away!!! I love your blog!! I think you are such a kind person and I always apprecite your kind words on my blog!!!!
      and guess what else....I'm having a give-away on my blog too!! Stop on over if you have a minute:)

    40. So excited to have found you and your blog. Such a great giveaway. Thank you.

    41. Such a wonderful giveaway Laurie!! Im already a follower of course!!
      And I would LOVE to have you over for coffee!;) Hugs,Rachel

      French Farmhouse 425

    42. Sweet lady, you make it easy to be your friend. :) tootie_sanibel@embarqmail.com

    43. Hey, Laurie! Thanks so much for coming to visit crazy Baby once again! What beautiful items you have grouped together for your giveaways! And yes, I have a closet just like the one you described! hahaha... Donna

    44. So Cute!!! My dream is to one day live by the ocean!!

    45. Hello Laurie...I love all of your posts but for my fave, I'll pick March 16, when you were away, and you sent us coconut scented kisses! And I loved seeing the water and the pink and green beach chairs. Of course, I really wishes I WERE there! ha! Take care and keep up the wonderful work on your sweet blog. Susan

    46. p.s. Whoops. Forgot to say I am a Follower. Plus, I love Yankee candles and that sweet birdie. By the way, I recently did a post on the Yankee Candle Factory in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. Did you catch that, by chance? Take care, Laurie. You are always so sweet and kind. Susan

    47. Hi Laurie! Of course you know I'm a follower. My favorite post would have to be the aerobics one or hearing about your trip to Florida.

      Hugs ♥ Tricia

    48. Hey Laurie, I am a happy follower!

    49. Hi Laurie, Congrats on your 300++ followers! I'm already a follower :)!
      Thanks for the great giveaway!
      ~ Julie

    50. following....love the beach breathing post!

    51. Blogged your giveaway:


    52. What pretty giveaways!! Congrats on all the followers, it's fun to see your follower # increase. Pretty blog. My name is Laurie, too. :-)

    53. I am a new follower! How lovely to be greeted with such beautiful music. And an awesome giveaway to boot! So nice of you to share from your "closet"!

    54. I just went an linked to your blog rom my blog! Good luck to everyone!

    55. You, my friend, are a very popular girl and what a sweet way to celebrate! Yes, I have a closet like that but only half of the things in there are things I bought. The other half, embarrassingly enough were gifts to be re-gifted. LOL ... Love, love the beach blue goodies.

    56. Having just become a follower I was roaming around your blog...and down at the bottom there is the section "You Might Also Like" and I see a picture of a little girls on the beach playing in the sand so I clicked on it. So right now I would have to say that my favorite post is that one. What a way you have with words. I was transported to your summers on the beach with your grandparents. I could picture the bed and a little girl all snuggled up under the quilt totally exhausted fro a day of running on the beach.. I so love the idea of bringing your beloved beach memories into your country farm house...and of course the perfect name for you home "Heaven's Walk"

      Thank you for taking me on a journey with you!

    57. I just became a follower!!!
      love that basket of blue!
      warmest sandy hugs..

    58. I'm a new follower! I saw your giveaway mentioned on Completely coastal! I love everything beachy! Thanks! ♥

    59. I love the post about the family that sailed...and wrote the book, Sailing Faith. But any of your posts about the ocean..especially with photos of the ocean would be my favorite! Hugs! ♥

    60. What a lovely, lovely giveaway and we are happy followers here! :-) Thanks for linking up to Inspiration Friday!

    61. Darling giveaways, Laurie. Congratulations on reaching 300 followers (now 325)! It's hard to choose a favorite post because you write so beautifully but I'm going with the painting about dog heaven (I can't remember the name). That post had me sobbing & really touched my heart. Posted your giveaways in my sidebar, sweet friend.

    62. I follow you and always will... :)

      My favorite post of yours (hard to pick) was when you shared about your sister's health. We can only know to pray when our friends share with us their most heavy of burdens...

      Love to you...you inspire us all.


    63. I am a follower and my favorite post is Beach Breathing, because I was right there with you - totally getting the writing on scraps and talking to God.

    64. Wonderful giveaway! Lovely of you. I am a follower. Congrats on your followers. Thanks for linking it up!

    65. lovely blog! i love the beach too! i live in huntington beach,ca. love everything by yankee candle...would love to win! ellenfryer@yahoo.com

    66. Just began following your blog, love the beach giveaway. If I win I would have to get you to send it to my good friend, Kathy. They introduced us to Tybee Island, and I've been in love ever since.

    67. All is lovely....but I would be thrilled to just have those tags! I like those.

      As for the closet full of stuff one buys and fills with those little gifts we find along the way. I store them in old suitcases. Round ones especially....but your right they are stacked and then I just never open them...oh and there is a closet floor that is a danger zone.

    68. Greetings... i blog hopped into your blog and love it!! Your contest offer is so kind! Looking forward to many visits here.


    69. your post called 'the house that love built' is my favorite.... as I too am a pet lover!


    70. your link/button will be the first one on my brand new blog.... yes after years of a website i am venturing into having a blog...lol.


    71. oh yes, I am a follower of your lovely blog.


    72. Oh my what a lovely and generous giveaway. I am a happy follower. My favorite post?....http://heavens-walk.blogspot.com/2011/04/beach-breathing.html
      Hugs! Oh and your giveaway will be added to my blogs giveaway page :-)

    73. What a wonderful giveaway Laurie!! You are such a sweetie~ I love your blog and of course am a happy follower :) Thanks for sharing this at my party this week :)

    74. Hi Laurie! What a sweet giveaway, I love your tags!
      Which is a favorite post?...that's such a hard question because they are all so beautiful!! Okay...your prayers for Debbie~ those posts gave me goosebumps, your writing was so uplifting and heartwarming:)
      big hugs,

    75. Hello Lovely Laura, I had to think about my favourite post of yours... but you know, (of course I like all of them!) but Sailing Faith I really loved as it was the one that also made me think of my husband, and our future (that maybe one day we will sail... somewhere!) But then, I also loved the post you did on your thanksgiving family get together.. Will definently add a link... sorry i have taken so long to get to this, was meaning to do it long ago, school holidays here and I have been kind of busy!! Hugs and best wishes to you sweetie... (and what a gorgeous and generous giveaway... would just love to win!!! but good luck to everyone!!
      Laura xxxx

    76. All of your posts are wonderful but I really like your recent post about Sanibel. I too have wonderful memories of the island.

    77. From what I see all your posts must be super!
      But this one caught my eye because you gave thanks to your followers uniquely. I am a follower now. Keep up the great work! ...and lovely giveaway too.

      Queen Bee Cottage

    78. Beautiful giveaway. Toss me in your hat.

    79. This is my first visit to your blog - found you through Dwellings - The Heart of Your Home! Can't wait to check it all out! I'm a follower now!

    80. Just found your beautiful blog! I'm your newest follower. After browsing around, I'd have to say that "Beach Breathing" is my favorite post. You really captured the essence in your wonderful writing. I could feel myself there, one of my favorite places to be!

    81. Hey Sweet sister of mine! Your give away is fantastic! My favorite posts are all the ones with ME in them!!LOL. seriously...I'm not here to enter the give away..just here to say I love ya.
      Have fun with this!
      Hugs, and smooches.

    82. I am a new follower of your blog, i found you through your giveaway! So my favorite post would be this one!! Because it's such a Sweet giveaway! Susan purrpage3 at verizon dot net

    83. I posted your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog too! Susan purrpage3 at verizon dot net

    84. Congrats on 300 and now more:)
      Have a great weekend!

    85. What a brilliant give-away....
      Both are fun & sweet..too much lovely work.

      Send gifts to Pakistan From UK

    86. This is the first time I have been on your site and I found it to be very enjoyable.


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