Tuesday, December 7, 2010

~ winter whites... ~

good morning, all of you decorating divas ~

on this very cold, semi-sunny, partly cloudy day
while the shore along lake michigan continued to get pounded by snow
measured in feet
and inland
we received nothing but a few floating flakes of white ~

i spent the early morning doing laundry,
the late morning writing Christmas cards,
and the afternoon clicking away with my camera
so that i could share more holiday whites
with you

so grab your cup of java
a mug of hot cocoa
or your fav cup of tea
put your feet up
and enjoy some winter whites

here's some Christmas love
just for you.....

i kept the fireplace decor
and a little rustic
with boughs of cedar, service berry, and pine cones 

an old found nest filled with faux robin's eggs
brings more nature inside

i love collecting nests 
and using them both inside and out
all year long

sweet, innocent
and very spiritual to me

one of my favorite new clay tags hangs from a chippy candlestick
that i nabbed at hobby lobby this fall

it looked so old and so vintage - i just had to bring it home

(one of my many winter craft projects is to learn how to make those adorable clay tags and sell them at a local antique shop)

a very realistic faux (yup, faux) three foot tree was plunked into a pickin' pot,
set next to the fireplace...

...and strung with tiny white lights

in the kitchen
the french body pitchers are in a holiday mood
amidst frosty white pine boughs
atop the pie safe

a tiny grapevine wreath wrapped in a white pine bough hangs from
a hook rack
that i made last month
from a piece of discarded vintage wood
from our barn

a quick coat of paint
a quick distressing with some sandpaper and
a couple ebay vintage wire hooks -

and i did a little snoopy happy dance when i hung it up

(considering i couldn't figure out how to 'unlock' the circular saw in hubby's tool room
and ended up sawing this baby with a wood hand saw...
which i would highly recommend as a very conducive bicep workout)

a tiny golden european tree found a home on the kitchen window sill
wrapped in a burlap coat and
soaking up the meager winter sunshine

a second three foot faux tree was plopped into a white enamel farm bucket
and nestled next to the buffet table

(i like plunking and plopping ~ 
it goes hand in hand with fluffing and floofing)

a cedar bough encircles the new farmhouse light in the foyer

simple, rustic, french farmhouse whites
embrace Heaven's Walk
in a warm Christmas hug

that i share with you

my friends.....

{ holiday hugs }

~ laurie

(my little starfish-wreath has been featured
over at completely coastal! (thanks, maya!)
and at french country cottage! (thanks, courtney!)

(linking with french country cottage for feathered nest friday!)


  1. Laurie, it is all so pretty and serene. Those trees look so realistic. I really like that hook rack. I love those old wire hooks. Remind me of my childhood home.

  2. It all looks gorgeous. Especially that farmhouse light fixture. I want one! You've really made your place very festive in a simple, unique way!
    Becky C

  3. It's so serene and beautiful! I love the French Pitchers in a row! I love all of it!

    I'm your newest follower!


  4. OMGoodness, I did not know you had the cutest white fireplace!! :) All your little touches of greenery and natural elements look very sweet, Laurie. And I heart your little love you tag~ so cute! I didn't know MI is getting lots of snow.. the snow has ceased down here in IL.. but it is bitter cold. T/C!
    Lara xx

  5. Very pretty and actually charming--love it all.

  6. all your plunking and plopping is all so light and lovely!! very pretty......
    all the best,

  7. Everything is so pretty... love the mantel, and the look of the birds nest mixed with the greenery and the berries! Your little tree's are adorable, I especially love the european tree!!!
    Blessings~~ Daphne

  8. I am loving all of your greenery, Laurie, faux and not faux...you could have fooled me! Everything looks so festive and has such a great 'farmhouse' feel to it. Simple and fresh. Will you come and do my house? ;-D


  9. I love the simplicity in your decorating and the greens always add so much charm duringthe holidays.

    Take care,


  10. It's all so prefect!
    Wow, and I cannot believe that that is a faux tree. Incredible!

    Have a wonderful week!

  11. It's just lovely Laurie!! I wish we had a hobby lobby around these parts! ;-) And the white "berry" garland is really cool. Thanks for sharing and I hope your flakes add up to a foot very soon! ;-)

  12. Very pretty Laurie! I love it all...the french pitchers and the nest especially :)

  13. I'm liking the tree plunking in pots and had to chuckle about the lock on the circular saw. I highly recommend getting a small little table saw just flip the switch.

  14. Everything is beautifully done. Thanks so much for sharing all the love and all the beauty.

  15. Your house looks so fresh and clean and those evergreens really stand out-love it!

  16. Everything looks so pretty!!All the whites and greens are so beautiful.


  17. I love all your style! It looks wonderful.


  18. Sweet Laurie- It looks beautiful. Everything is so sweet and serene looking..(you would have to close your eyes at the riot of color at my house this year with grandkids involved). I love all you have done and it is hard to believe that is a little faux tree-it is very realistic looking.

    So~ What time will the hot buttered rum be ready? Just so I know what time to leave here to get there on time;>) xxoo- Diana

  19. So lovely! Its refreshing to see natural surfaces instead of plastic, overdecorated baubles (tho i do love sparkle...) the juniper berries are esp pretty!

  20. Oh your plunking and plopping and poofing and floofing are just amazing my dear friend!! Your home looks so beautiful with all the greenery and white!! Your mantel is just gorgeous and I bet it is so cozy at night!! If I can dig my way out I am coming over to cocoa!!!! :)

  21. Looking at your pictures and beautiful words seems to calm me. Your photos are like a fairy tale winter wonderland.

  22. Thanks so much Laurie for the mention!! I'm loving, loving your trees in buckets!!! Your hole theme is so beautiful and light!

  23. Oh, Laurie..., and you're on my blogroll now too -thanks!

  24. Laurie, your Christmas decor is lovely! I just got caught up on your blog. You've been busy! Love your kitchen and bathroom and your photography is gorgeous!
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
    ~ Julie

  25. Laurie I love all the new additions. :)

  26. Hi Laurie, thank you for the lovely comment on my tea tin, you're too sweet! I simply adore your little clay tag attached to your pretty candle stick. I have two candle sticks chippy and old on my coffee table. The fact it says "love you" is just so charming. I love all your ideas, well done, tami

  27. Absolutely beautiful:))
    Greetings from Europe, Biljana

  28. Love your winter whites Laurie! Gave me some new gorgeous images for when I am dreaming of a white Christmas!!

  29. I love the way you have decked the halls in your home, Laurie! Everything looks so beautiful! Love the little tree with the lights in the galvanized bucket... so pretty! I love that hook rack that you made, too, my friend... very cool!
    Wishing you a great day girly!!
    Jo :)

  30. Oh wow Laurie!! Your home looks absolutely beautiful!!! LOVE your Christmas touches..so serene and pretty~*~HUGS, Rachel

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  31. Oh I love it! Just my style, you've done a lovely job. I'm a new follower!

  32. Oh gosh Laurie, just read your comment! Thank you so much! I'm so greatful for Michelle too she's been a real blessing!

  33. Hi sista of mine! Your house looks so serene in the French-white you've so lovingly put together for the holdiday season. I bet you and Rog love sitting in the living room all cozy and snuggled together on the sofa, with candles burning, and trees lit up....mmmmmm.

  34. Wow, your house is gorgeous all done up in white for the holidays! There are so many beautiful elements, and I love how you've combined fresh greens with all of your white! Where did you find that wonderful faux tree, I love it!

    Kat :)

  35. I love how you decorated....wanna come decorate mine. I literally have 2 wreaths hanging for decorations...that's it...talk about keepin' it simple...lol.

  36. it all looks so darn beautiful... and your photos incredible. :)

  37. Everything is fabulous. I just love your style. Simply Lovely!

  38. Aaaaah, Laurie. You have a such a good eye for this look. It's all finished so beautifully.


  39. Oh Laurie- this is just gorgeous! I love this whole post! Everything looks so serene and beautiful- The whites, the darling trees and the natural elements... just gorgeous! Well done! Thank you for sharing this at my party!

  40. Thanks for sharing your wonderful decor, it is lovely. Love your mantle, I also went for a simpler mantle look this year and it feels very Christmasy!
    Thanks for visiting!

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