Friday, December 3, 2010

~ porch decor and tag love ~

good day, lovlies!

the huge blue totes and tubs have been shoved
back into the cold attic
amongst the garage sale items
hunting clothes
old rugs
and unused lamps

and a warm, cozy christmas feel has arrived
here at heaven's walk

i know that i've been teasing you
with christmas love
little by little
treasure by treasure
room by room's been kinda fun

(for me anyway)


i wandered around the house 
with my camera today
thinking of you of course...

i spent some time on the front porch
giving it a holiday make-over by
hanging the front door wreath
created with pine, fir, magnolia leaves, holly berries, and service berries

i think it still needs a nice big burlap bow...don't you?

and the door definitely needs a coat of some type of color...? advice, anyone...?

i took one of the cast iron urns from it's summer location by the side door
filled it full of pine, fir, and berries
and set it next to the front door

i decided to keep the wicker furniture on the porch this year 
instead of storing it in the barn


because....I missed seeing it out there last year

i'm weird like that

i tied a grain sack pillow securely to the bench
don't want to lose it in these Michigan winter winds!

and made an arrangement for the
flea market vintage wooden table

an old lantern inside of a vintage tin bowl
is surrounded with more pine and berries

i love peeking out the front windows and seeing an inviting vignette out there
...cold as it is...

i think i'm going to look for a woolly blanket to lay on the bench
and then hope that the little red squirrel
living in our pear tree
who has acquired a bad habit 
of chewing on any fabric i put on the porch
will have other things on his mind to occupy him

(like the walnuts, acorns, birdseed, and suet feeders 
that you have at your disposal, you little stinker!) for another peek at a bit more decor

these cute little handmade clay tags
were made by ness
at marleyandlockyer
on etsy

i love them!

i found myself sashaying around the house
in my flip flops -

(that yes
i wear inside all winter long)

hanging bits of love
here and there

tying them to various treasures
with twine

to the slowly shaking head of hubby
who obviously thought I had finally lost my sanity

now tell me
would you not be sashaying over these little darlings, too?

well, sane or not ~
one can never have too much love hanging about the house, can one...?
....or too many balsam fir candles
wafting their luscious scent
throughout a christmas house...

making one insane sashaying gal deliriously happy

{ love and hugs }


(Linking to Between Naps on the Porch for a holiday met monday
and Faded Charm for white wednesday!)


  1. Happy Holidays Laurie
    I love all of your decorations you have done!! Seeing the snow makes me miss my hometown of Traverse City. It is so pretty there!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!


  2. Well, when I hear the word sashay I always think of a hula dancer with a long skirt swinging back and forth. 'Course in MI that long grass skirt would be covering up a pair of long thermal underwear. Tell you wear your bikini under your clothes (just wondering as you seem to have beach wear on your feet...and you know how you are about Sanibel).

    I love your front porch. I have to get some stuff done around here too this weekend. I can almost smell that candle burning when I look at your picture of it. AND I LOVE those I LOVE YOU tags...SOOO cute! Hugs- Diana

  3. Your porch looks so festive! I love the pretty urn filled with greenery and the cute pillow on your wicker loveseat. On the very rare warm days you have a place to sit and enjoy winter!

    I love the little tags...did you get more than one? They are so cute...I should check out the link. I love shopping Etsy and I am still looking for more little odds and ends.

    Hope you have plans for a wonderful weekend! :-)


  4. Your wreath is so pretty...and I don't know about the door because I like it just the way it is. You know I wanted to paint mine 'Sea Salt' which is a shade of white. But it never happened and now with hubby laid off work again, we just don't know what will happen. Praying we get to remain in our dream home but never know. So all projects are off for a while. Like painting the kitchen cabinets white! Anywho...I do I do I do like all your Christmas decor!!!!! it is perfect in it's french simplicity. I can imagine looking out at your white wicker set and smiling too. Wish I could join you there for a hot cup of tea. Merry merry to you dear friend. ox`kerrie

    PS can you email me your addie so I can send you a Sea Cottage Christmas card. My email is on my studio blog. thanks. ox

  5. Hey there Laurie - love your blogs new look! It looks wonderful. Your photos are lovely. Cant wait to see more!!!

  6. Hi there~ Such lovely inspiration and photos! Your front door with the wreath looks beautiful (kinda like it white) and I love those big urns with the holiday touches~ everything is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  7. You did such a nice job with your decor! LOVE those tags!! I love the porch decor too!!
    p.s. the way you write your blog is so cute, you can really hear your "voice"! ;-) You're a great writer!

  8. Laurie...what a nice and beautiful post full of christmas decorations ..............lovely weekend love Ria....

  9. I love all your outside decorating!! The wreath is so pretty.


  10. Your porch looks so welcoming with your little greenery touches-my favorite kind-natural!

  11. You can sashay anywhere you want my dear, especially in your flip flops! :) You are the cutest! I love, love, love you front porch!! You may find me one morning sitting there and enjoying your vignette! I am having table envy right now! Great find!!! Love those little tags! You are such a wonderful wife putting little love notes around the house for you hubby! He make shake his head, but inside he is loving it and loving you!!!

    Have a wonderfully warm weekend my lovely! Love the snow in your pics too! ;)

  12. Beautiful Christmas decorations, Laurie! your front porch looks so inviting... love it! Things are looking very festive at your house girly!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Jo :)

  13. Oh wow, your porch looks totally beautiful!!! I love it all...and love the precious! All your decorations are beautiful, indeed!

  14. Hey sista of mine! Came over to see your home in all it's holiday glory. Everything looks wonderful, Laurie.
    You have such a peaceful setting there at your French farmhouse.
    Love ya.

  15. I knew I could count on you to share a little of your snowy Christmas cheer. I love that the wicker furniture is still on the porch. I think it still has that warm cozy look and would make me happy, just looking out the window at it. I can feel the warmth and love coming from your home. Thanks for sharing it.

  16. Just lovely holiday decor and relaxing Christmas music too! Happy Holidays, Laurie!

  17. Your porch is beautiful and so inviting. I'd love to sit there with you and have a chat :-)

  18. Everything is so wintery and beautiful! Such a pretty front porch. I just purchased a tutorial on how to make those sweet little clay tags and hope to give it ago in the new year. I just adore them. "Sashaying around the house..." Ha! That made me giggle just picturing you with a handful of these little lovlies, sashaying around.

    Love ya,

  19. laurie, it looks positively charming.



  20. I agree with Shelley...positively charming!

    Do you at least wear cute terry cloth flip flops in the winter?!!

  21. Your porch decor is gorgeous! I love it all. Those tags are super cute as well. I love things like that, that you want to use everywhere and they look great everywhere!

  22. I love everything you have done! So pretty. And, yes, I would be hanging those everywhere. Spread the love...

  23. How pretty and inviting. I love those little tags too, they are such a nice little touch...I should try making some :)

  24. Love all your decorating!! So festive and happy:)

  25. I love all your enchanted pics. with snow. Lovely! Hugs, Liz

  26. happy to have found your blog... wishing you a blessed holiday season xx

  27. Laurie really lovely and I love your thoughts with the images!

    Do come and enter my giveaway from Fifi Flowers $200 value!


    Art by Karena

  28. I love the lantern arrangement! I love Christmas fragrance candles too. Great photographs!

  29. Your porch looks so inviting. I love that you tied your pillow to the bench. That lantern and bowl make a pretty winter arrangement. I started on my porch and then moved to indoor decor so I have to get back out there and finish it up. Except now it's 30 degrees colder than the day I started decorating outside. Brrr.

  30. Such a gorgeous porch!
    This is my first visit to your blog and it's beautiful!
    Take care

  31. Your blog is delightful Laurie! I am so glad that you stopped by to visit me. Ness' tags look so lovely and I would also just hang them everywhere if I owned them. xx

  32. I had to come by and tell you how much I love how you've decorated your the pages of JDL. Just stunning and love the enlarge photos....they really show off every gorgeous detail.


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