Thursday, June 24, 2010

BlueMan Joins the Group

'Morning, everyone!

Hey, do you remember this little guy who visited Heaven's Walk a couple weeks ago?
The sweet little guy that was so contentedly snoozing on the front porch steps?

Well, he's a gray tree frog (Google's a wonderful thing!) --- and a permanent resident now.

Little BlueMan (don't ask me why he acquired that name, but he just did) was making a huge  racket the other evening during happy hour on the deck. His 'deet-deet-deet-deet-deet-deet-deet!' sound was unlike any other frog-type language we'd ever heard. It was incredibly loud to be coming out of such a small body.
I decided to go poking around to see exactly where he was hiding.

With wine in hand, I moseyed around the side of the house following his call with my ever-so-sharp hearing and came to a halt at the front porch.  I looked high and low. No BlueMan.  Of course, he stopped the noise making knowing I was close by.

He probably smelled the wine in my hand...

I patiently waited a few seconds, and sure enough....he started again!

This is where I found him....

In the bottom of the sap bucket under a pot of lavender.

I left him to his business, and returned to the deck to report to hubby that the mystery was solved.

Not ten minutes later, our attention was drawn to a wayward raccoon in the yard back by the barn.  As we dealt that that little invader 
(no, we didn't shoot him - just shooed him back into the woods with the golf cart and a rake....but that's a whole 'nother story), 
we returned to the deck to hear BlueMan VERY CLOSE BY!


He was somewhere right next to us....but we couldn't figure out where.

Out came the binoculars and I started scanning the area.  

This is where I found him...

Now, if you look very closely, he's that little blob of blue, sitting on his bum on that metal bracket, facing UP the chimney.

What??!! How did he get there so fast?!

We were totally amazed.  Now, I know what you're thinking and no...

#1 - We were not crazy.
#2 - There were not two of them. 
#3 - We were not all.

We went inside to reload refill our glasses,  
(stop thinking what you're thinking) 
came back out and....

you guessed it.....

he was making noise from down by the pond.

What in the world??!!

So I whipped out my trusty camera to nab another photo op.

Now, you've gotta know that it's dusk by this time.  It's getting dark.  Picture me down on my knees with my nose practically in the pond searching for this little noise maker.

Sure enough.   There he was.

Just 'deet-deet-deet-deet-deet-deet-deet'ing away next to the waterfall.

By this time, I was honestly beginning to look for a miniature Superman cape on this little guy, and it wasn't due to the abundance of wine, either.
We hadn't the foggiest how he moved so quickly from place to place.

How DID he do that?!

So, BlueMan has joined ranks with Larry, Daryl & Darryl and between them all they create quite a ruckus here at Heaven's Walk during the evenings.

I always wonder, though, where BlueMan will show up - 
like under our bedroom window last night.

Hubby was most delighted.

 Until next time!

~ laurie


  1. Hi sis! I'm anxious to meet Blueman on Saturday. He must stash his cape nearby to be flying around your yard like that....
    How much wine did you drink????

  2. LOL! Not quite enough to actually SEE him fly....Maybe we should try it this weekend? hehehe!

    xoxo laurie

  3. Are you SURE it's the same frog? LOL I think you ought to change his name to Magic Man! Do you suppose he paid the raccoon to create a diversion so you wouldn't actually see him move? Love your stories, Laurie!

  4. LOL! Diana - I burst out laughing when I pictured the raccoon and BlueMan in cahoots with each other to psych hubby and I out!! LOL! Thanks for the laugh today! xoxo

  5. I had to laugh about the pond part...Sounds like something we would be doing.

  6. How fun to chase frogs/frog around. Happy hour at your place sounds like a blast. I used to spend my summer's when I was a kid, on a wilderness ranch in Idaho, on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. There were frogs galore and their sounds are still some of my favorite memories. I used to catch them from the creek and make little cardboard houses out of cardboard and play house with them. After they had just too much fun, I let them back in the creek. I'll bet BlueMan has a family out there somewhere!


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