Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Healing Gift

they play a huge part in our life.

They conjure up memories of people, places, and things in our past.
 They embrace us, emotionally heal us, bring us joy.
They are part of what defines us.
A part of who we are.

The saltiness of the ocean brings me back to vacations at the beach.
The earthy freshness of cut grass reminds me of my dad teaching me how to mow the lawn when I was a young girl.
The scent of lilacs makes me feel my mom's warm embrace.
The popcorn smell of my Maizie's furry feet makes me smile.

Scents were one of the reasons why my curiosity got the best of me, when at the gentle nudging of a couple close girlfriends, I ordered some essential oils to try.

I couldn't wait to start diffusing and filling my home with beautiful fragrances that were more clean and natural than the chemical filled plug-ins that I had been using for years.

But then.....
I started reading.

A lot.

The more I read about the oils and the more testimonies I heard about their healing properties, 
the more intrigued and committed I became.

Was it just my boho-hippy soul that was being awaken?

It was deeper than that.
 It was a calling to my spiritual heart.
It was a spiritual re-awakening.

I bought an essential oils reference book.
I also bought a book called "Healing Oils of the Bible".
I found myself soaking up every bit of information in them that I could.

As I began reading and learning and educating myself, something turned in my soul.
I realized that as each oil drop soaked into my skin and sank into my cells,
they contained life force and energy that can indeed bring healing.

They were a healing gift from God.

"When God created the plants by his speaking voice, he imbued them with his Word and his intelligence.  This includes the  oils of the plants which he intended, from their very creation, to become our medicines when we need healing.  This is what is so special about essential oils.  They contain power from God's Word.  Essential oils are divinely ordained as medicines for God's children and are meant to be used with God's guidance, accompanied by prayer."
 ~excerpt from "Healing Oils of the Bible" by David Stewart

Now, I've always been a bit of a slacker when starting my day out with prayer.
The best time for me to pray is when I'm driving someplace because it's just God and me in the car.
I can talk with him endlessly there.

Or when in church because I'm in his house....his sanctuary...
and I feel his Presence and reverence so tangibly there.

But applying these oils every morning upon rising
seem to bring me into instant communication with Him.
The scents remind me of him somehow.
I feel him.
I smell his comforting Goodness.
I feel grounded and focused and close to him ~
and at this point in my life, I desperately need that.

When I catch the scents on me during the day,
I'm instantly brought back into his Presence.
I actually find myself praying more,
whispering names of people who need him and his healing touch;
lifting up my worries and fears to him;
thanking him in endless gratitude for the blessings he's poured over me.
I feel blessed in a way I can't even describe.

The media brings us news of viruses and epidemics circling the globe and entering our lives at an alarming rate. It's a frightening realization how fragile we humans are.

So, in response....I oil and diffuse.
Not only in an attempt to bring myself closer to God than ever before where I feel safe and secure ~
but to fill my body with clean, natural, immune boosting strength
to ward off the evils of the world around me. 
I use his oils to protect.

"...Their fruit will be for meat and their leaves for healing..."
~Ezekiel 47:12

Every day begins with Joy spread over my heart.


Valor is swiped at the back of my neck.
EndoFlex stroked on my throat.
Thieves rolled on my feet.
PanAway for any pains.
Lavender to soothe and calm.
Patchouli on my wrists...just because my boho heart loves the scent.

 I keep Lemon, Tangerine, Peppermint, and Ocotea
in a jar in my pantry to drip into my glasses of water during the day.

Thieves is diffused throughout our bedroom each night to clean the air of germs.
It was tested to contain potent antimicrobial properties and can kill 99.96% of airborne bacteria.

 "When we use antibiotics to overcome a bacterial infection, we are left in a weakened state.  Our immune systems have been compromised. Until we can re-establish a new culture of friendly bacteria into our bodies, we are more susceptible to to the next illness that might come along. When we use oils to fight bad bacteria, our systems come out stronger. Our immune systems have been strengthened. Our beneficial bacteria have been untouched. We are better able to deal with the next barrage of disease-causing germs that come along."
~ excerpt from "Healing Oils of the Bible"

I quickly learned this while watching my mother fight off C-Diff more than once this past winter.  Each round of antibiotics weakened her system, and C-Diff would return to badger her frail body time and time again.
I wish I had known about these healing oils back in January.

God's healing gift supports us in so many ways.

As fighters against unfriendly microbes
As balancers of bodily functions
As raisers of our bodily frequencies
As antioxidants that purify our systems
As clearers of negative emotional baggage
As uplifters of our spiritual awareness

"The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations."
~Revelation 22:2

I am a believer.
In God and in the Trinity.
I also believe in his healing oils that he gifted to us as "a fragrant offering", as "an acceptable gift", and as "pleasing to Him".  

I read that there are over 900 references of essential oils in the Bible.
The three wise men brought frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus,
and myrrh was one of the first and last oils received by Christ.
Mary and Joseph would have known that frankincense oil was good for anything from cuts and bruises to the common cold. They would use it through Jesus' infancy to help protect him and keep him strong and healthy.
 "Oil of joy", "oil of gladness", and "ointments rejoice the heart" are all referenced in the Bible 
in books like Psalms, Proverbs, Isaiah, Hebrews, Mark, and James.

"Precious treasure and oil remain in the house of the wise."
~Proverbs 21:20
The ancient people of the Holy Land understood this quite well. They used aromatic oils to maintain wellness, for physical healing, to enhance their spirituality in worship, for emotional cleansing, and for purification from sin.

And in peace, joy, and gratitude ~
 I accept this healing gift,

and will do the same.

~  Eucharisteo  ~

Contact me if you're interested in learning more about these life changing oils!

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  1. Starting to learn so much about this! Thanks so much Laurie for sharing!

  2. Bonjour chère amie,

    J'ai beaucoup apprécié ce joli billet et tout comme vous à vos débuts, je me sens attirée par les huiles essentielles et tout ce qui peut nous éviter de prendre des remèdes chimiques.
    En ce moment j'ai pris froid (le rhume automnal !) et bien je me suis soignée avec des infusions de vinaigre de cidre / citron / ail / miel.
    Même pour mon dalmatien j'utilise les plantes. Pour valoriser son immunité je lui ajoute dans sa nourriture de l'Echinacéa qui est aussi parfait pour nous les humains.

    Gros bisous ☼

  3. This post is thought provoking and now I want to buy the book you quote. Your home must smell divine, plus the healing properties of the oils, and how it leads you to prayer.

  4. Laurie, I continue to remember you in my prayers. I have found my days always go better when I begin it with prayer. Doesn't have to be long or complicated.. Just a sincere thank you often is enough. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Very good to learn! Thank you for sharing!

    I wish you love, good health and joy all the days of your life.



  6. Very much enjoyed this informative post. I have never been able to stand those plug in scents..but I do use melts that are probably not much better. I used to keep lavender and rose by my bed and every night would sniff it before going to sleep. I do miss that. What brand do you use? Where do you get them?

  7. Hi Laurie, Lovely post. I love essentials oils too and have lavender in my aromatherapy pot right now in my studio. It just gives the whole room a peaceful scent. I hope you enjoy good health and clarity with your oils.
    Have a great weekend filled with blessings.

  8. Hi Laurie, I've used pure essential oils for over 30 years and make all my own body products with them, no chemical anywhere on me or in the house, and also diffuse them in the house and spray every single day. Today I made my own clay alkaline toothpaste with peppermint and oregano. These oils surely are Gods' best most fragrant airborne medicine.....think of pine trees and how pure the forests are. I love that you discovered them and Young Living's oils are considered some of the best. I just wish they were more affordable, but they do have beautiful blends. Lovely post. blessings, Lady

  9. Beautiful post... as always you touch the heart with your words...
    I am fascinated by the oils. You make them sound wonderful. I'm so tempted to try some. I like your little diffuser, it's really pretty, and that's what i have my eye on.


  10. So happy you are enjoying the oils, Laurie. I haven't ever used oils as such but certainly love fragrance of all kinds. Susan

  11. I love aromatherapy and it really does relax you will definitely be checking out the book visiting from freedom fridays have a great weekend

  12. I love using essential oils. It's great to have healing naturally. Prayer is the answer to so many things...I just stated my bible study classes and am learning so much. Your gift of words, are ever so beautiful, like you. Even though I have never "met" you I do feel you soul and spirit. I have not seen that revelations pretty. Take care, you heart is mending, but it will always be a little broken, how could it not be with such loses. We are related in being "orphans" and I feel you pain since I have experienced it myself.

  13. What a beautiful, beautiful post and I truly believe every word. Where did you find these particular oils. More info please!

  14. I love using essential oils, but would love to learn more about what the Bible says about them. They smell lovely, and I often mix them for use as body oils. Lovely post.

  15. Laurie, I am so glad that the oils have had a beautiful and healing effect on you! I know so many people that love them. I myself am not able to use them. For some reason scents anymore cause my eyes to burn. It's not the smell that bothers me, but they cause my eyes to burn. I have to use everything unscented now days and can no longer wear perfume. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. Laurie, I think of you often and hope that you are well. This is a very illuminating post. I never thought of oils like this before. Please send more information my have my email. And what is that BEAUTIFUL lavender rose I always see in your home ???


  17. i am loving essential oils at the moment. my favorite is a blend called 'stress management' from lotus touch. it has orange, lavender, ylang ylang...and i love that you included that scripture from revelation which sort of blew my mind last spring during bible study of revelation. i want those healing leaves now! ha! hugs.

  18. Hi Laurie , oh I love essential oils and yes they sure do work on so many different levels favourite books on the subject are written by Valerie Ann Worwood... they truly are a gift and I'm so glad you have discovered them ...sending you peace and love....Gail x

  19. I can completely attest that there essential oils do help - wonderful post, I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  20. I am a believer in essential oils. I use lavender each night for a good night's sleep.

  21. I was just introduced to these yesterday by my niece. They smell amazing don't they. Thanks for sharing!

  22. I love lavender oil and I use it every day to keep me happy, love if you share this at my party /
    thanks Maria

  23. What an interesting and beautiful post! I really like it...
    Have a lovely weekend!

  24. Hi Laurie, I'm your latest email subscriber; came over from Nana Diana's and so glad I did. I love your blog and can't wait to get to know you. I have just recently gotten into oil essences and trying to learn more-so I will have to check the book out on oils of the bible. I've used Metaluca oil for over 20 yrs on and off.Thank you for sharing your wisdom here. I also love Ann Voskamp and her blog.
    Blessings, Noreen

  25. I bought some essential oils through Spark and still need to learn how to use them better. They smell wonderful though! Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!
    Blessings, Deborah

  26. Hi Laurie,
    The beauty in Essential oils add a sense of comforting peace. I use organic essential oils here in my home, my daughter suffers migraines and great relief comes from the concocted oils we mix up.

    This is a beautiful post.


  27. What a great post, stimulating for the mind, body and soul! I love the oils, but never knew of their ties to the bible, or of their many healing properties. I will refer back to this and read it again and again. Thanks so much for spreading His love AND healing gifts.
    Big hugs,

  28. I need to get this book. It looks really interesting. Thanks so much for sharing with Adorned From Above's Link Party. We hope to see you at tonight's party.

  29. Thanks for stopping by a few weeks ago at my Fabulous Friday Party and it was really nice to meet you here at the party! Hope you had a great Halloween. Beautiful blog you have
    Stop by this Friday for another Party Thanks Maria

  30. I've heard so many good things about these oils but have never tried them. Looks like something I might have to look into more. Sounds very intriguing! I'm glad they are helping you.


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