Friday, December 6, 2013

Hairnets and Cocktails

Surgery day for my mini-lumpectomy came and went like a foggy, blur.
I was strangely calm right up to the moment we walked into the surgical center,
when little butterflies started fluttering in my stomach.
I know that the feeling of peace had everything to do with all of the prayers being whispered on my behalf.
Thank you all SO much!  
You never quite realize how much being prayed for makes such a big difference,
until you are the one being prayed for.
Believe me...
it makes all the difference in the world.

My sweet, supportive husband was by my side every minute.
We actually laughed our way through my change of "attire" in preparation for the operating room.
After pulling on a strange, hugely oversize, hospital gown 
which despite it's size, 
turned out to be quite the cat's meow because it was plugged in to a sort of hose that swathed my body 
in warm, comforting air.
Kind of like being inside a nice, warm balloon. 
The nurses kept telling me that the gown wasn't oversized.
I was just tiny.

I'll take that.

And then...
and then...
I was given a hairnet.


A hairnet?
Nobody told me about any hairnets.

This girl doesn't wear hats much less hairnets.
Good gravy.  
My hair was going to be a disaster the rest of the day.
Oh sweet vanity.

It took me 15 minutes trying to figure out how to stuff all my hair inside of it
and still look presentable.

Presentable for whom, you may ask?

I don't know.
The cute anesthesiologist?

I became quite popular for the next hour with one nurse starting an antibiotic IV,
another taking my vitals,
and yet another asking me numerous medical history questions.
Everyone was amazed that I had never had any surgeries
"for someone my age".

Thank you very much.

At least you consider me "tiny".

A visit from the anesthesiologist,
the surgeon's assistant,
and finally the anesthesiologist's nurse who started my "nether-world cocktail"
which whirled me off to sweet la-la land...

*  *  *  *  * *  *

Ninety minutes later in real time,
[two minutes in "nether-world" time]
I was rolled back into my room.
My chest wrapped tightly like a stuffed sausage. 

I turned to my husband and said,
"Wow, was that ever a great nap. They need to market that stuff."

We celebrated the moment with cocktails of ice water
and crackers with cheese.

So romantic.
Especially with that fashionable hairnet still on my head.

Wobbling my way into my clothes while clinging to my husband's arm,
I was then escorted like royalty in a wheelchair to the back door

[probably because my hair looked like heck and they didn't want me going out the front door]

where they loaded me up into our SUV and we thankfully headed for home sweet home.

Tucked onto my love seat with a thick pink throw and a green smoothie nearby,
I sunk back into a deep sleep...

happily hairnet-less.

~  Eucharisteo  ~

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  1. Oh sweetie... you look absolutely beautiful and yes, tiny!... and I am so happy everything turned out okay and you were calm...wish I looked like that when I went into surgery those two times!... I had never had surgery before either... "at my age"... hee hee hee... that gown is actually cuter than the ones I had... I love the little paw on it!... now you can relax, get feeling better now that this is over, and really enjoy the holidays... you are truly an amazing lady... such an inspiration to all of us... sending lots of love and healing prayers... your Rog is an angel too!... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  2. So happy this is over, and on with the good health restored! Rest up, Laurie, and take it easy for a while. xo

  3. All behind you now! Ready to enjoy this beautiful holy season! So glad you are doing well. Hugs!

  4. Oh you are tiny and very brave to be so calm right up til the butterflies appeared. Take good sweet care of yourself. I hope your health is great now.

  5. Hi Laurie...So glad that's over for you. Amen! Glad all is well. This is such a busy time of year, isn't it? Take care. Susan

  6. So glad you can laugh your way through it, Laurie, but I just hope everything is okay. Btw you do look tiny in that lovely attire ans I'm sure you rocked the hairnet......just sayin!

    Take care, my friend:-)


  7. You look so cute. Glad this experience is just in the memory book now. Take care!

  8. Laurie, you'd be adorable in any outfit! I'm so glad you have that over with, and can relax for Christmas!
    sending lot's of hugs and love

  9. Well you sure are a teenie tiny cute thing! So happy it went well. I have never had surgery or an IV either...I chose NOT to have an IV during all four of my babies births which made the Doctor on call mad. Take it easy, watch some favorite Christmas movies and keep drinking your green smoothies. Love those! xxo

  10. So happy to read you like that with such distance about yourself ! When I opened your page, I thought looking at the picture it was an advertisement with a cute sexy (tiny of course) nurse for surgical clothes ! Wow you're so beautiful ! And I believe with you that prayers from everywhere and ourselves make the difference !
    Many xoxo from France


  11. Sei stata bravissima!Tanti auguri e cose belle!Rosetta

  12. Same-day surgery really confuses me. This used to be something that required at least a two-day hospital stay. Now, one is packaged up and poured into your waiting transportation almost as soon as possible. On the plus side, home is best and hospitals suck.

    Your hairnet experience mirrored my own when I had Lasik years ago. Hairnet? You've got to be kidding. Fine! I'll wear it, but I won't like it.

    Glad to hear that this is behind you.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  13. Oh Laurie you make even scary times so funny and sweet. I enjoyed this post so much knowing it is all behind you and you are now home all snuggled in and cozy! xoxo

  14. It awesome that you can have fun with what can be a scary experience. You are too cute!! :)

  15. The power of prayer is AMAZING ! I am so happy, relieved and proud of how gracious you' have shown through all of this! Now just BREATHE, REST, and continue on this path Our Lord has given you.
    Hugs my dear,

    ~ Steph

  16. Oh Laurie, I love your sweet spirit and humor in the midst of this process. I had a small surgical procedure this week, so I know exactly what you're saying about the sleeping drug!! I told my husband I'd like some of that when I can't sleep at night. :-))
    I bet you were their most adorable and lovely patient they had all week!!
    Mary Alice

  17. You look beautiful in your big hospital gown! I'm glad you made it through and can put it behind you now. I had to go for an abdominal ultrasound 5 years ago, the tech kept checking my wristband then she said "Is the info. on this correct?", I checked it and said yes, that's moi...she said "I thought they'd put the wrong band on you because no way would I believe you were 40"...made my day!!!

    Get lots of rest and let your hubby spoil you:) Hugs!

  18. Laurie your such an adorable kind soul who could not adore you! I am so happy for you that this is all behind you now and you can relax, heal and move forward.Continued Blessings sent your way! Hugs Sweet Friend :)

  19. Blessing to you! Thanks for sharing your story along the way!

  20. Well you look so adorable in them hospital clothes girl... that is all that matters!!! haha Get plenty of rest !!!

  21. Glad that went well and you are beautiful - with or without the hairnet. Blessings

  22. great post, and you are a tiny bundle of cuteness, laurie! rest up now, and enjoy this wonderful holiday season:)

  23. As she wrote my best blogging friend of Michaela -You is really angel Laurie ♥ You're so amazing,strong and have so many beliefs,very much admire you!!!Your words read was beautiful-all the time,I felt all that you and the thought was there with you!!!
    Send you more love ♥♥♥

  24. You may start a new fashion look good even in a hospital gown! Glad the surgery is over! XO

  25. Laurie dear you are so beautiful and yes tiny , truly an angel love your word and poet passion that you have in your mind and heart so happy your home resting <3

  26. praying that you will heal quickly and enjoy this wonderful Holiday!!!

  27. I'm so glad all went well, my friend. You rocked that gown, btw. lol

  28. It is such a feeling of helplessness when you go to the hospital. When I had surgery 23 years ago I didn't even want to get out of the car. I'm so glad you have come through your procedure just fine and I pray for a full recovery.

  29. Laurie,
    Run the race that lies before you, dear one!!!
    My prayers are for continued healing and renewed health!!!
    Bless your sweet husband...making you laugh before you headed into surgery!!!
    Pamper yourself.

  30. I love your optimism and sweet spirit, Laurie. Now, let the healing begin!
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones,

  31. It's over! Hip, Hip, Hurray! Praying for quick recovery and no more health scares!

  32. Smiling and laughing and being positive makes all the difference!
    God Bless!

  33. Love your attitude Laurie...and I know that you probably never looked more beautiful to your honey than that day!! I've been there!

  34. Praying it all works out great, and adding look beautiful, young and tiny.!!!! dang girl
    I hope this is the very last of the medical issues you have to deal with at least for a very very long time

  35. Hello dear,
    Wishing you a quick recovery in time for the holidays! You still look fab in the gown! Have a lovely rest xox

  36. You could never look anything but adorable, sweet friend. So happy you have that behind you. xo Laura

  37. You look beautiful even in that hospital gown! You are so blessed to have a wonderful and supportive husband.Keeping you in my prayers sweet friend!

  38. So glad that is over and you are able to enjoy Christmas and relax. Have a great week Laurie!

  39. Awwwwwwwwww....!!! I must have missed a post, I didn't know this was right on the horizon. You are sooooo freakin cute. I love the photo of you... and a hair net, ye gads! but i'm sure you conquered it you are so adorable... Thank the lord that is over, and i'm sorry i missed sending you prayers, but i'm glad i didn't know enough to worry... big kisses brave girl


  40. You are a tiny little thing and darling inside and out! So glad that adventure is over for you. Praying for a speedy recovery and no more ever ever ever again in Jesus name! Hugs Becky

  41. I agree with you....they should sell that stuff!

    Gloria in Virginia :-)

    Get well!

  42. Happy it is all behind you now and you can enjoy being back in your beautiful home again.
    Take care,
    p.s if I had hair as pretty as yours I wouldn't want to cover it either!

  43. Laurie, I came over to visit you back from my blog and I sure am glad I did! Your blog is beautiful and encouraging. I'm so glad you are ok!

  44. you're funny no matter what, and THAT is the blessing.....''great nap'' yes, lolol that ''stuff'' is amazing. Prayers work, yes, you will continue to feel them. Glad its all over. blessings, lady

  45. Hi Laurie! I've been stopping by but haven't commented in a while. I'd like to say that I've kept you in my prayers and am glad to see your sweet spirit just as bright! You're such a dear to so many and I'm happy to hear you're on the road to recovery. Wishing you a most joyous Christmas! xo, Jacqueline

  46. Oh Laurie, how wonderful that you can make lumpectomy surgery sound so amusing. I chuckled several times, especially at the hairnet reference. I'm so happy that this is over with for you, and you are resting soundly at home. Gotta love those 'cocktails'. I'll pray that you're healing well and cozying up this Christmas, my friend.

  47. I'm so glad that everything went well for you, prayer can move mountains!
    You look adorable, even in a hair net. Blessings to you.

  48. Look at your cute little self rocking that hospital gown! I don't know what that nurse was drinking, but 29 is not too old too never have had any surgeries ;) I hope you are feeling much better now and all that is behind you. Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


  49. What an experience….so glad it all turned out o.k. Keeping you in my prayers -I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  50. Hi Laurie,
    You have lots of prayers headed your way still. You seem to have handled this experience with the same grace that we see on your blog everyday. Sorry about the at your age comment, but at least they said you were tiny. I love that.
    Praying for fast healing.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above


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